Sources: Perkz and Alphari would be considering options to play together in 2022. There are several interested teams, including Vitality

Sources: Perkz and Alphari would be considering options to play together in 2022. There are several interested teams, including Vitality


Would jack be willing to sell Perkz? Spicy offseason incoming


He's a ruthless businessman. He definitely should


Don't think Perkz is worth nearly as much now and certainly not many teams will be willing to pay big


I agree he's not worth that much. But if you can sell him for 1-3 million, and off-load that salary, it may be worth it


His value definitely tanked. 5 million dollar buyout and a 3 million dollar contract. Whatever he'll get for him will be low.


I mean if you look at Perkz performance overall he might have realized his prize was a bit too high and would want to save the sinking boat by getting as much money as he can before Perkz name were tarnished


I mean everyone including jack knew that he was hard overpaying. Jack will let him go but only if he gets a good trade for Perkz or maybe Perkz + other members of c9. Otherwise he will just keep him. He already knew he wasn’t going to roi on Perkz so all things considered the year went well for them.


The buyout was what's way too high. Dude payed 5m just to buy Perkz out of his contract. Than another 6m for 3 years salary. That's 7m spent the last year on Perkz while I think he could've had similar results with just 1m or something.


Price to performance I'm a much better deal, HMU if you need an Anivia onetrick, Jack


This is what I'm saying I can crank out mid diamond performances all day for a 50k salary whatsup LCS


He is so expensive that I feel Perkz might be putting a hole on C9’s finances.


they sold half of their team to cover the costs so there is no hole from the trade at all. also not everything is paid from the beginning. 4million or so are still left out from his 2years left.


If he can get him off C9's books absolutely. He hasn't even come close to being worth it for C9.


Yeah any of the top KR mids are much better at this Worlds showed, and would probably ask for a cheaper contract too If Jack has other options lined up it's absolutely worth it


Jack has said he would prefer European players over Korean players. Koreans require way too much infrastructure to support. They need to get a translator and the team would have communication problems. The only reason it worked in the past was because they had Repeared.


Reignover is pretty fluent in both languages Also Jack says many things, like how the team would stick together before better options showed up. Keeping Perkz over someone like Chovy(if it's possible) would be really silly imo. Jack wants to be the best and this feels like the best business decision


I think at one point he said "keep your hands off my son licorice" before shipping him off to FQ and promoting fudge. Not saying it was the wrong call, but Jack's exactly like double lift in that you should never listen to a word he says. With dlift it's because his opinions change with the direction of the breeze, with Jack it's because he's a businessman.


The Licorice situation was kinda unfortunate though. Iirc he said that Licorice would keep his spot before Riot said anything about OCE players becoming NA resident. I remember most people saying that Fudge and Licorice were basically similar players, the two differences being Fudge is a younger player (18 vs 23 at the time) but an import. If OCE players weren't resident, then Licorice in the team meant they could import a midlaner and that was his advantage. With OCE players being resident, not only he lose the advantage over a younger player with maybe a higher ceiling but he also becomes just a 1m+ dollars stack for Jack. Most owners would have probably done the exact same move if put in that situation.


They have reignover in the coaching staff and he was translating for Huni as they were playing together (and his english wasn't that good back then), I don't see why Reapered worked and Reignover couldn't.


DFM Aria is probably on like 1-2% of perkz salary considering LJL was widely seen as the worst region prior to this years MSI and probably one of the smallest (RIP OCE)


How many times will we have to hear about Vitality assembling super roster? It's turning into yearly meme.




Yes, Alphari-Trick-Perkz-Upset-Hyli was the rumored roster but apparently Alphari didnt want to play with Trick so he went to NA.


It was the other way around, Alphari wanted to play with Trick but VIT couldn't decide if they wanted Skeanz or Trick and Alphari 100% didn't want to play with Skeanz. Once TL invited Alphari to tour their facilities in LA, Alphari got nervous that the VIT super team might fall appart and that he would end up in another OG situation and having to play with Skeanz so he went with TL. I blame VIT for that since Trick is well respected by EU pros and if you have both Alphari and Perkz wanting to play with him over Skeanz then you should go for it.


Alphari never toured the LA facilities before signing. He went to TL's facility in the Netherlands, where they bootcamped for Worlds.


You are 100% right, I mistook their EU facilities for the LA facilities. My bad


Especially considering the old synergy Perkz and Trick had. They rejected a 4 time EU champion duo for fucking Skeanz.


Trick also almost solo dragged a team kicking and screaming into relegation because he was just fucking dogshit... And that was more recent.


Trick wasn't the sole problem on that team and anything else is being seriously revisionism.


what? Vit was having doubts about Trick? lmao imagine the situation where u can get Alphari, Perkz, Hylli, Upset and u are no go because u have doubts about 1 player?? Fuck that, u take that risk. If he doesn't work out after a split just go "see, wanna try skeanz now?". Incredible


> Fuck that, u take that risk. Mate.. its millions upon millions of euros we're talking about here. Not FM22. You dont reason like that at that stage. Simple as. And as we've seen since, neither Trick or Skeanz were good enough and would have VERY likely resulted in a years of a massive money-sink. Come on.. be realistic and not "wow dope names and mid/jgl duo won half a decade a go so its obvious success now!"


Wait wait wait ​ VIT ​ Having bad management?! ​ IN LEC?! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO ​ That can't be right!


They seem to try that every year, not with good results.


Vitality from EU and EG from NA, we'll see which one eventually gets the super team with all their money.


One has the advantage to play on a better server and the ability to field 5 European players.


Imagine this Vitality roster: Alphari Selfmade Perkz Rekkles Treatz Hopium intensifies


Potential for a super team in EU is high if Perkz and Alphari want to return this year, you could have Rekkles, Crownshot, Carzzy or even Hans sama with Treatz, Mikyx or maybe Targamass.


Not crownshot. I like the man but he isn't a star player and he takes too many resources with an Alphari team. Ur gonna be perma weakside.


Why the fuck would they kick Labrov for Treatz lmfao


Labrov > Treatz


cumshot and lidler are nowhere near perkz alphari


Cumshot lmao. Cummies comet?


Lider was actually good in playoffs though. Crownshot was nonexistant. But ya Perkz is definitely an upgrade over him.


There was actually a roster coming in 2017 with Jensen and a "hyped import" on it . Afaik Yamatocannon decided to go with the Giants roster because he wanted rookies.


On esportmaniacos they said fnatic is interested too What the fuck.


Perkz is to Nisqy as Stanislaw is to Daps


love me a CSGO reference


Who is Tarik then?




I hope Fnatic gives this roster another chance. Adam did decent for a rookie, and they were the 2nd best LEC team last split. FNC's implosion at worlds just made the team look so much more worse than it actually is.


At the same time Alphari-Anyone-Perkz-Upset-Hyli sounds cracked. I'm more willing to believe perkz can find his mojo back in EU


From what it looks like Selfmade is staying on Vitality, So we could most likely see Alphari - Selfmade - Perkz - Carzzy - Mikyx potentially and coach would most likely be YamatoCannon


Yamato is under contract with Fnatic and ended his career with Vitality in the worst way possible (VIT decided to go with Duke very late in the off-season so Yamato couldn't join any team and got into casting), so I really can't see him returning to Vit.


And Yamato said the best players he ever coached are upset and hyli so there is no way he leaves them now considering these two together looked jacked.


I vaguely remember that Yamato somewhere said he won't go for Vitality ever again.


He talked about it in legends in action. He felt really wronged by their actions, so he's got a bit of a hate boner for them. Don't see it happening tbh


Oh God that sounds disgusting.


There are not enough resources in the rift to make alphari selfmade perkz work


In that dimension is this "most likely"?


I hear you and agree with you in sentiment, but: If we have the chance to have one of the two players in history to be worth it of the mantle of "western GOAT", and probably one of the best and most consistent european tops of all time, in the same team with the best botlane duo of 2020, I would sign without a shred of a doubt.


Agreed, I think Razork is a huge pickup (much better than a lot of people seem to realise) and I'd rather we invest in positional coaches for Adam and maybe even Nisqy. Adam has played only 1 split and he had Bwipo (the preacher of ditching lane to roam and tp away) as the guy giving him advice which I'm not convinced was a good thing (Bwipo has a lot of knowledge but his roaming plays weren't always a good thing), I'm sure with some more help Adam can come back hard for next season. The Fnatic implosion was Upset having a family tragedy and having to leave, and Bwipo not being able to handle feeling like his year was wasted after all that hard work. It seems like it had nothing to do with anyone else and Bwipo is leaving to return to the toplane for another team. It sucks but we were much better than we showed and this team with Yamato at the helm seem to genuinely like each other and have fun, keeping what you can seems like the most sensible move.


Agreed, but if Alphari is an option they'd be crazy not to take him. If not, I'd prefer they stuck with the roster and kept working on improving and building synergy.


I hope they keep adam, indifferent about nisqy. i think there is some potential in adam and getting rid of him after less than half a year would be waste. Nisqy is known quantity, it's unlikely he is gonna improve that much. He is good in eu, but is lacking internationally


Agreed, Adam in 3-4 months did really a lot considering how bad Fnatic was at the start of year. Deffo a keeper but Nisqy, I love him and he brings a lot but Fnatic feels sacked from mid against any pressuring midlaner that knows how to lane


I feel like we were seeing Bwipo tell Adam how to play.


Both are in teams and playing worlds, how did they talk about that? Poaching by Perkz like in G2? lol Edit: It seems that both teams allowed this, so strange taking into account that TL played groups a week ago and Perkz played quarters today.


Ever hear of the Blue Lagoon? It's a beautiful geothermal spa in Iceland. It's like a giant hot tub


No but I heard about the Blue Oyster


It's hard not to hear the music when you mention that name


♫ *Come on baby, don't fear the poacher* ♫


That's cult. I'm reasonable sure he meant [bar](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f77PLFRP3Ok).


For a second I thought you were talking about the movie Blue Lagoon...


I was thinking about goo lagoon from spongebob


Riot definitely missed out not doing Monte's giant hot tub idea


European Football players from different clubs talk to each other while on international duty. NBA players talk during the offseason or even during the season. I'm pretty sure League players can afford to tamper in the same way.


yeah, it's way harder to enforce poaching rules when it's the players "just chatting" with eachother.


I mean it's literally how *Perkz* tampered in the past


Esportmaniacos said some weeks ago that some EU players in NA didn't like the way teams work, and that they were looking to go back to LEC, so it's probably on their own initiative to look for a way out I found the show where they talked about it: [Esportmaníacos 1343](https://youtu.be/OieCeIoW7eo?t=862) \- October 7 because they upload the show on youtube the day after From Yuste: "I have been talking with people that know about signings, there are players that went to NA that want to come back as quickly as possible because no one there wants to work (in this case "work" means training, scrims, etc)" They keep talking after that about Alphari and the reason he was benched is because he is too sincere (in this case about work ethic, criticism and that NA teams are not used to it).


It seems that teams allowed this but it is so strange, Perkz has been playing worlds quarters TODAY. This has to be going on for some time, a week? 2 weeks? a month? Did Perkz said to Jack " Hey remember that you paid 5M for my buyout + a 6M contract? Well, after 1 year of only winning NA in spring i want to leave the team with Alphari, can i look for offers?" This situation is so strange


I mean, C9's run is over. Someone was probably waiting to publish this for when the run was ended


Nah. If Perkz leaves, Jack gets a lot of money back, and chooses a mid for Blaber. But if not Blaber is probably out, since Perkz-Blaber most times only seemed to work cause of individual skill.


the only teams that could pay his buyout+Alphari's buyout+ both salaries are from NA, and just a few (TSM, C9/TL buying the other piece EG?) All of this has to be like +10M.


You can also try for a trade. Like Trade Nisqy/Lider and a half/a third of the buy-out. Also Perkz and Alphari can say: I won't play if it's not with the other and you are forced to sell or pay an astronomical sum for a bench warmer.


They don't need to have the same buyout for the contract. In fact, they have to lower it because there's less time on it.


Bds could afford it, Vitality maybe (they wanted Perkz Alphari last year before Alphari went to NA)


BDS have already picked the direction they're going in, EU talent around Nuclearint. If we're hearing about Perkz and Alphari coming back I'm sure the owners have been spoken to by them.


vit and bds could definitely afford it. and if they dont like to play in na why would they want to stay there?


Because they signed 3 year contracts?


also who says they don't take a paycut to go back to LEC instead of wasting several years in NA? its not like they gonna be poor playing for 500k a year instead of a mil.


EU star players have historically always been willing to take hard paycuts and forgo the biggest NA offers if that's what getting together the best possible roster requires. Buyouts might be a problem, but I fully expect Alphari and Perkz to get paid half of what they are being paid in NA at the moment.


This was some weeks ago, before worlds started, I'll try to look for the show where they said it, they do it from Monday to Friday so it will take me a while. Also they probably were looking to it individually but heard the other was also wanting to go out and decided to talk, this doesn't mean they'll go to the same team just that they want out.


> because no one there wants to work (in this case "work" means training, scrims, etc)" I'm so tired of hearing this coming out of NA Orgs. People need to start naming names at this point.


In this case is clearly about Team Liquid and C9 to some extent if we can extrapolate the reason Alphari was benched to Zven, but yes, we can only assume what they mean by that be it some player, players, coaches etc.


I appreciate what these EU guys are doing. Unfortunately you can lead a horse to water but you can't force it to drink. We're going to continue shoving our fingers in our ears, yell "LALALALALA" while overpaying for outside talent and forcing them to play on vacation mode, then wonder why we're not winning worlds. We're weak, and I'm not just talking gameplay.


That is more. Perkz isnt only poaching other players, he is somehow poaching himself away. But seriously, if teams are interested, this would mean that C9 and TL allowed these talks, if I understand it correctly. Let me tell you. this vitality might flop, if it even happens. But a roster including Alphari, Selfmade and Perkz playing in EU sounds already like fire. Just get Carzzy next to Labrov and BAM, worlds semis at least, baby! Would be the craziest EU-roster move since 2019 G2 for me, and no matter the later results, I would love it.


actually if you want the scariest EU team you keep Bwipo jgl and bring Alphari/Perkz to Fnatic. Along with Upset and Hylissang this is such a dream team, although will never happen


I don't think FNC needs what Perkz brings. I would mich rather have Perkz and Alphari on Rogue


fnc and rge would both need upgrades as well as g2 right now. its funny how badly this year went for eu and suddenly every star player is in hot demand again.


Yeah it seems that teams allowed this but still seems so strange to let them leave after paying what you paid for them, specially the 5M buyout from perkz


Its not like Jack is gonna let him go for free, but also perkz signed a contract with extremely high salary. So if perkz wants to go LEC and isn't happy, C9 will pay a very high salary just to keep him for two more years and perkz might not necessarily be motivated to give it his all playing in LCS. So doesn't seem that strange to me.


People don't seem to understand that emotions come into this as much as the money, for the owners too. Is Perkz likely to give you a huge return on your investment if he hates being in NA and just wants to go home? Do you think Perkz gave 110% this year on C9? I think he definitely intended to, but hated being in NA and kinda gave up.


The posts on Reddit since the end of LEC summer suggest that at least Ocelote kicked off G2's offseason roster moves before Worlds even began.


thats in no way relevant to whats going on here? Surely you understand why yourself too?


Ocelote has been doing tryouts and managing HIS PLAYERS (and some poaching accusations) but there we are talking about two players from different teams under contract. I dont even know if it is even poaching? Because they dont do it for an org lol. So strange tbh, dont know if it is allowed or not tbh


How can there be so many comments in this thread that have both "Perkz has really fallen off, C9 should cut their losses" and "EU super team with Perkz?? HELL yeah!" just sentences apart.


NA perkz bad EU perkz good. Continent diff.


Apparently the case for every single player that ever returned to EU from NA


EU Perkz > NA Perkz I'm assuming the people who are calling Perkz trash is because he's playing in NA. Once he gets back to EU he'll be good again?


Just sounds like confirmation bias, but whatever lol


Yep, that is how we work


Lmao, LoL subreddit is just a bunch of extreme opinions, basically a coin flip on every comment. I guess that's what happens when you have Perkz's personality, you polarize everyone lol


the good old annual vitality superteam rumor :)


Wouldn’t Vitality have to buy out Alphari and Perkz’s contracts tho? I know that Vitality is pretty loaded currently but they’d probably have to pay $6m+ in contract buyouts alone just for two players.


They barely spent money in the last 3 years...


Nah their value must have decreased drastically


Doesnt change the value of their contracts right now tho


lmao Vitality's name appear in every single rumors I hope they eventually get a contender team


Inb4 the rumors fail again and they are stuck with cumshot for another year


Give us a super team so they can fail our expectations even more


Getting them both back would be **huge** for LEC.


VIT Alphari, SM, Perkz, Crownie/Rekkles, Labrov? Sounds pretty stacked to me if VIT can pull it off EDIT: Crownshot is currently contracted to the team, until 15th of November. Just saying he’s an option unless either him or Vitality choose to part ways once his contract expires.


Alphari/Selfmade/Perkz/Rekkles If this happens, I'm buying a hoodie or jersey day 1. I can only get so erect.


That team will either utterly dominate EU or spectacularly implode, no in-between.


not really, they can bend over half of LEC's middle/low teams in regular split by raw talent


honestly probably the latter, EU super teams basically never worked on their first split/year and the investment cost is so heavy the orgs almost never continue the experience further for real synergy to develop. G2 2019 is really *really* an exception (and it wasn't as much of a super team as say elementz or 2021 G2) thanks to caps being *that* good and perkz's flexibility to roleswap & leadership.


Perhaps Perkz can lead this group too, though it's definitely going to be harder than on G2 where he had a full year to gel with Wunder and Jankos. On paper the playstyles of Perkz, Selfmade and Alphari should work well together but only time will tell.


I'm buying one too, Neo is going to need to sell a few of those jerseys since that's probably 3 of the biggest buyouts ever.


no crownshot pls. he's fucking overrated


If I learned something over these past years is that the Vitality super team won’t happen.


Lmao imagine buying out Alphari and Perkz just to have Clownie as your ADC


If they buy them out, Crownie might be all they can afford lol


With Carzzy beeing a free agent, he would really want money if he dosn't try and get on that lineup even at a not too good salary. Like if it mashes well (which yes we know is no guarantee with super teams) that looks like a good team to win a few more LEC titles.


And Carzzy has also played with Labrov in BIG, so it makes sense.


God please stop with Crownshot, any team other than bottom tier LEC team shouldn't play him.


Those really shouldn't, either. Just look at how Beans did, then realize that EUM has multiple ADCs up to his level. No point in fielding a ADC who who cannot carry. If Crownie's shotcalling is amazing, move him to support.


You dont build one of the biggest superteam in western history with fucking crownshot as your adc haha


If they renew Crownshot, that org is doomed. Comp died for that adc...


> Vitality wouldn’t be the only organization interested in these two players. Some other European organization like Fnatic would be considering the option of acquiring both players, in addition to there being interest in other NA teams. So the future of many players remains uncertain. Alphari, ?, Perkz, Upset, Hyli could be interesting.


Razork is rumoured to be the new Fnatic jungler


Alphari Razork Perkz Upset Hilly


Into my veins, right into my fucking bloodstream




That's literally VIT 2020 rumoured, lmao


lets hope they go with a better jungler than skeanz


Trick was the rumoured one, with Perkz pushing for him.


Its going to be Selfmade 100%


SMM already re-signed with VIT, if its in FNC then it will be Razork(source: the sheep)


My only question is when? If both C9 and TL went to worlds, what kinda time did Perkz and Alphari have to discuss joining up during all this?


At the pool man, how'd ya miss that


Two pros, chilling in the hot tub. Five feet apart cause they’re not gay


Perkz has an inflatable pool that he is always takes with him.


They literally stayed in the same hotel IIRC.Or at least stayed in hotels that were near each other.They could definitely meet and talk,they didnt scrimmed non stop.


Perkz is legendary for luring players' into the hotel jacuzzis to steal their ~~innocence~~ contracts.


There are these things called phones that friends and acquaintances can use to talk to each other. They're also professional players of a game with a chat function. And they've stayed in the same hotel for the last month IIRC.


Well, Iceland happens to have one of the most famous pools in the world.


They were at the cocktail lounge during happy hour with Perkz's other boyfriends, Showmaker and Doinb


rule n 1 - don't build a superteam with rekkles, he is cursed


I choose to believe this despite having no proof of it


let's hope all those vitality rumours don't AGAIN end up going to shit


"Vitality wouldn’t be the only organization interested in these two players. Some other European organization like Fnatic would be considering the option of acquiring both players, in addition to there being interest in other NA teams. So the future of many players remains uncertain." Alphari-Razork/Bwipo-Perkz-Upset-Hyli is mind blowing squad


LEC-managment being like: So Alphari, Perkz (maybe more like Zven), Soaz, Cabochard, Visziscasi wanna come back. . . . I guess we expand the LEC to 12 teams now?!


Cabo actually smurfed the EUM like never seen before so i'm pretty sure he is still in peak form plus he only stopped playing competitively for like a year while the other stopped playing for way longer.


Not even 1 year, just a split lmao




Wont happen to fnatic Good things stopped happening to us in 2018 Dont trick me, Sam, dont do it.


Please come home Perkz/Alphari 🙏 Is this what the LCS crying/LEC smiling meant in the Wooloo puzzle?


I would bet that carzzy didnt sign with MAD yet because of this rumour and the possibility to join this 2 players on vitality


Bring them back to Europe! This could be an exciting and formidable solo lane duo


I'm so fucking ready for a reverse exodus and all th3 EU players coming back home!


Maniacos have been really iffy with their reliability since Bloop left. Buuuut the article said Fnatic would be considering making this move... I want this to be true, therefore I believe it.


They are reporting different things now, for example this rumour and the Dardoch rumours are not confirmed trades but the interest of the players to move from their team/region. This can still be and still not happen at the end of the off-season. I like this kind of information instead of only signed deals.


what happened to Bloop ?


He went to Dot Esports with Jacob Wolf


Got poached another loss to NA


> I want this to be true, therefore I believe it Sigma male mindset.


I would suck dick to have alphari and razork both in fnatic


Alphari-Razork-Perkz-Upset-Hily Yamato coach. *The* team.


Offseason is like ten times more fun than worlds and the splits lmao


Doesn't even surprise me the least Vitality is crazy rich..


Oh yes please, come home and save EU Prayge


Ocelote on the crackdown said that Vitality was in the bidding war for both of them before Alphari joined TL


i like perkz and alphari


C9 fans: Perkz does bad during summer PERKZ ACCOUNTABILITY!!!!!!! Gets outta groups $11 MILLION BABY PERKZ GOAT loses in quarters NOT WORTH THE MONEY SELL HIM


what the fuck, why would C9 let go of Perkz?


Because they weren't happy with what they saw after spending 11m? I love Perkz but it's clear that his play didn't come close to the price tag. Jack probably would be ok getting most of his money back if Vitality are willing to spend big on a buyout. There is a resident mid laner that's a free agent that would have no buyout...


According to Esportmaniacos Perkz wasn't happy with the team either, they said that some EU players were looking to go back to LEC some weeks ago, I assume those players were Alphari and Perkz Edit: [I made a comment with more info here](https://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/qfndy1/comment/hi0psby/?utm_source=reddit&utm_medium=web2x&context=3)


most of his money back? you think anyone will be even close to paying 5M for perkz? lol if he were to leave, it would be with a huge loss to C9, so you might as well keep him. it's not like he was single handedly dragging the team down, far from it actually


If I'm not mistaken the deal was 5M buyout and 3 years of 2M yearly salary, adding up to 11M. So far C9 spent 7M on Perkz, if they can sell him for 1.5M they 'only' spend half of what they were expecting. This calculation doesn't include costs of getting a new midlaner though.


Nah, that's sunken cost fallacy. The 5m is gone, no use crying over spilt milk. What you do now is all that matters. If you can find an alternative midlaner that is either better or cheaper & equally good, C9 should go for it unless they think Perkz is more valuable brand-wise.


What's the point of signing a multi year contract if after 1 year the players can say fuck you I'm out? I just want my team to stay together for longer than a year man it's so fucking frustrating (unless we get Perkz for ADC then i'll cum)


Multi year contracts are just a way for the org to get more money out of their players really. You can't force a player to stay if he wants to leave but if he is under contract at least you can sell him instead of watching him leave for free.


>Multi year contracts are just a way for the org to get more money out of their players really It's also a way for the player to make sure he will have money even if he plays badly. The player can basically hold an org hostage with their contract too (but the scene is so small that i don't think any player will pull a Gareth Bale on their contract)


Just the way E-sports rosters can be (specifically league). You do see outliers like Damwon who has kept the same roster for a while minus a piece here or there, but generally 2 years is maximum for most rosters.


> contract if after 1 year the players can say fuck you I'm out? It doesn't depend on the player but the org. Just look at how Uzi got stuck in contract hell or Licorice got shipped to FLY against his will.


Can someone help with my nosebleed?


Eyes eyes https://twitter.com/Alphari/status/1452607284169818122


Send them both back to Europe please


Alphari Selfmade Perkz ?? Labrov would actually be pretty sick. If they can get a good adc like Carzzy


Perkz bout to assemble a super team to beat Carlos and clap BDD at worlds next year.


Perkz just realized that Bjergsen is returning and wants to avoid being spanked by him for 2 splits 😎