One of MAD Lions owners tweets saying Elyoya and Kaiser are trying to carry the team, and that he doesn't think Carzzy has the necessary level for the team

One of MAD Lions owners tweets saying Elyoya and Kaiser are trying to carry the team, and that he doesn't think Carzzy has the necessary level for the team


Why are org owners in esports so weird man


When you’re rich and powerful you tend to become surrounded by yes men and think everything you say or do is awesome and right. Then you post something online and get a wake up call from people that don’t give a fuck about your status.


The people I work for make eSports owners look like the inexperienced hacks they usually are. There's many industries with many yes men and women, like real estate, but they look like absolutely masterful business people compared to the moronic goons in eSports.


A lot of people in esporst got where they are by being early, being lucky and getting to know the right people before they blew up. It's normal in young industries that not everyone is quite qualified for their position.


Yep. This is all very true, so when people are surprised by it I don't get it. In very polished industries, this shit is considered a zoo.


Umm, do you know the shit the NFL is trying to bury right now? People in power tend to abuse it and think they're almighty, the end. In fact, all of human history shows us this. Nothing to do with the industry.


Usually happens where big money lies (big wigs who own sports teams, or other successful companies) or big money to be made. "New" big $ emerging industries (various, tech, game Devs) and now Esports. Especially in newer industries, you have a mishmash of actual talented niche experience ( eg org owners who built it from ground up) , and people with resources who basically bought their way in. Even talent needs resources to grow, and if you're not already rich, those with resources don't hold you to the same level. Basically top down governance Vs bottom up. Now that's not to say those with proper niche experience are always altruistic, as we seen before, that's definitely not the case. But it's definitely a juxtaposition between these two types that leads to stuff like this.


It's one of the details about the pro players themselves. The careers of most pros seems short because very few of the early ones are as skilled and disciplined as the later ones. They simply happen to have figured out special details about their game early one before said details become meta. Like wave control and freezing, pushing which is basic now but was novel back in Season 3. Or the Insec Lee Sin which wowed us in a pro game years ago but is something Silver players can perform.


That's also very true. We saw the same things happening in both csgo and rocket league, and soon valorant.


They became meta because they figured them out. Without those people it could easily take way longer before anyone would have figured it out. It takes amazing skill at a game to come up with a novelty that makes people play the game differently at the highest level.


Very true. It's not like the initial waves of pros aren't skilled. It's just that few of them last because they often have more incomplete and scatter shot skill sets. I do think some just age out, but I think once a pro scene "matures" the shelf life of a pro is longer than some think.


I mean Tom Brady is 44 and he's still smurfing in the NFL. I really doubt age is as much of a problem as its made out to be, although just motivation issues might be a bigger issue. Not in a negative sense, just that they have other things they want to do than play League, and after a point money stops being as motivating. DL and Bjergsen both retired, not because they were too old, but just because they wanted to.


Yah, I also think age is over rated in Esports and as you mentioned, it probably has more to do with priorities shifting. You have the fact that training is often 12-14 hours a day, 6-7 days a week. As players grow older, they get into relationships and they start thinking more about the rest of their lives. I think one of the big issues for League is the time investment per season. Even though Seasonal changes and every 2 week patches help keep the game fresh. It also means players can't as easily tap into years of experience. They have to constantly keep up with the meta.


I’m guessing its because esports is still very much a growing industry, and so it’s a lot more of a risky venture. So most of the more measured and successful business folks are traditionally more risk adverse, meaning they are way less likely to start an org and way more likely to invest in one as part of asset diversification (they can’t own a % without any major losses, if the org succeeds it’s a huge gain, if they lose then they have an entire portfolio of safer investments that mitigate overall risk). As the industry develops and non-endemic sponsors are willing to divert more of their ad budget you’ll see more traditional “owners”, but until then most of them are going to be typically younger/risk-seeking/former pros in their respective games, which means they will be typically less measured. Obviously there are exceptions to this rule, some owners are very professional (including ones that fit into the above categories) but my guess is that until the industry settles considerably we are going to have some less professional owners doing interesting things in public spaces.


He's not even *that* rich, man's is just an Spanish streamer. He's just a bigass clown.


Lol this isn't a rich vs poor people thing. It applies to everyone. Only difference is people pay attention to an org owner's tweet, and nobody gives af about edgy Timmy tweeting out to his 4 followers.


Ignorant comment, if org owners weren't like that, players would be out of a job, buddy. And probably paid minimum. 🤡


(this is copypasta, before /u/Shot-Mathematician58 gets 500 downvotes)


You saved him at least on my part.


Thanks for the heads up, never seen it before. What's the source?


https://twitter.com/TSMReginald/status/1362944918713294849 Context: Back when NA org owners wanted to remove the import rule, several players were against it, including some fans. It gave us some good tweets from Reginald, including Jack accusing one C9 fan of being racist (because he didn't want C9 to become a team "with a bunch of koreans")


Ah, turns out I had seen it before, just not remembered it. Good reference.


>Back when This is probably still the case


I think it’s a reference to Reginalds tweet to Vulcan a couple months ago


The hero


You saved my precious internet points, I tip my fedora to you good sir (or m'lady 😏)


They're pretty damn weird in real sports too, at least esports owners arent as obviously racist or sexist lol


or leaders of sovereign nations guilty of human rights abuses


or oligarchs linked to Putin


Probably best to pretend the whole M5 thing didn't happen either with them being connected (heavily) to a Russian mafia or something.


Wait what? Never heard this.


https://youtu.be/MuQV0pYUkJQ https://www.pcgamesn.com/leagueoflegends/former-moscow-5-owner-charged-largest-hacking-and-data-breach-scheme-ever-prosecuted-united-states Im old


My favorite part is the guy now lists himself on linkedin as "self-employed" as a "cyber threat intelligence analyst" during his prison sentence.


Now that's just clever branding


Looks like he then got a job at recorded future, which is legit, so it seem to have worked.


Man I’ve been watching league since S2 Worlds and I never knew this! Thanks for the info.


One of the reasons I stopped watching football


so glad we have 50+1 in the BL


Echo fox just erased lmao


well they are pretty much erased from my memory tbh, completely forgot about that whole thing.


yeah I'm just saying riot got what it wanted


And Renegades. At least in LoL.


Did we forget the whole Rick Fox thing?


Or Ocelote and LS


People really forgot how ocelote used to be (and still is) a jerk.


…used to be? He still is, G2 just won a lot so people take any criticism of him as “being jealous”


"Ocelote used to be a douchebag. He still is, but he used to be a douchebag, too." - Mitch Hedberg, probably


Still is, just makes funny videos and has likable players around him.


"used" to be topkek.


Winning an MSI makes people forget.


Most G2 fans are from 2019 so they don’t know what a dickhead Ocelote is


OG fans remember Ocelote as the dude who wore scarves on stage thinking he was an anime character. And him crying after the Peke backdoor.


What happened to it?


>Did we forget the whole Rick Fox thing? What happened here?


I mean you say that in a thread talking about a Spanish owner praising his Spanish jungler (who was running it), and wanting to replace his ADC with another Spanish player. It’s not racist but it certainly isn’t unbiased. Oh and he tweeted this before game 3 even started btw.


and carzzy wasn't even the problem is what's incredibly sad about this whole situation all i remember from the way mad plays is that they absolutely leave him to dry and he kinda does well regardless i felt like from the eyetest he looked good, only that he was usually outnumbered at the final moment (the 2v2 with humanoid getting caught that turned into a 1v3 where carzzy killed syndra and almost traded lee comes to mind) it's mind baffling that the owner doesn't even understand how his own team plays


The ironic thing is although he's technically the 2nd weakest player on the roster, he played the 2nd best this series, especially game 3(If that was the MF game)


I think the only reason game 3 was even close is because of him.


He made a dirty flash over the wall to take lee under bot tower and almost got the kill a few seconds later with the bounce, guy hyped me lot on that play.


eSports is full of young, awkward nerds. It's pretty cringe from ownership to players and everything in-between.


The issue with eSports in general is that people in eSports are no professionals. They are kids who went with the scene and it worked. They didn't study, they have no degrees. Most of them have never had a professional job before. Most people in eSports have no professional background, they just grew in eSports - look at every coach, owner or people on the management team.


Wouldn't say kids but often people who are seriously unqualified for the job often hobbyists. Just like every LoL Journalist is a guy who writes drama on twitter. Or how upper and middle management who don't know what LoL is even about. Coaching in LOL is big problem since you can't tell who is good and who isn't. Same with other jobs. People get hired, because they mentioned games, passion and videos in their job interview. Rest are hobbyists who are doing posts on their websites with little attention to skill.


By kids I was referring to kids growing up with the scene, quit school early and are now working for organisations. They are no kids anymore but most of these people didn't evolve into adulthood.


Some context for non spanish speaking people (not trying to excuse him, it is fucked up, just so you understand it more): The guy that said it is a former League of legends content creator ( he used to stream and create youtube videos with Araneae for example) that recently invested in the club, he still has the "streamer" mentallity, not the owner mentallity. So this ends up with him making the same jokes and comments that he usually doeswhile streaming. He streams in a really joking and honest way, saying his real opinions on topics and joking about everything, even fucked up things like some family members that died. The main problem is that he keeps acting in this way while being a owner and this is a really fucked up thing, for example, saying what he said about Carzzy.


It’s baffling none of the current team owners has come close to the level of respect and charisma of Rick Fox All of them just want to meme and upset the public


What the fuck is wrong with this guy lmao


Just a fucking idiot I guess. Carzzy played insane on the last day of groups, no way they'd be in quarters without him. "Ill even apologize." Wow so noble. What a fucking clown.


I don't get it at all either. Carzzy was honestly an absolutely amazing weak side today?? Him and Kaiser were the only players to not make massive mistakes.


I mean he leashed infernal while Canyon was 3 meters away and ready to smite. Imo that is a massive mistake but then, the whole team looked nervous which is understandable considering they where playing what is likely the best team in the world. Even at 100% there is no guarantee to beat damwon and calling a singular player out for what was a big team gap is stupid anyways


He picks on Carzzy but says nothing about Armint 11/10, wish I was this good at trolling


Eloya was literally hard griefing entire worlds but apparently he was carrying according to this guy like WTF???


I mean it shows that the owner really doesnt know anything about the game. Just like what carzzy said


Elyoya the guy who was like 70% of the reason they lost with a 10k gold lead. He sure was carrying, just not for MAD


Kaiser, sure, but Elyoya and Armut played like clowns in the midgame. Imagine being so strong on side lanes (Armut actually deleting DW players whenever he hits an EQ) but decide to play teamfights against Kennen


To be fair, theres absolutely no reason 0/6 -50cs kennen (or any champ) should be able, in any situation, to 1v9 a game. Absolutely disgusting. Even when mad would instantly flash out, the first tick of the kennen ulti was still doing like half the healthbar. All credit to khan for finding the angles though


Korean Kennens


>Eloya was literally hard griefing entire worlds Lets not exaggerate though just because he had a bad game 3


He knows nothing about the game, and was probably just looking at KDA, I presume.


i feel like it has a lot to do with flakked beeing from spain and him showing bias


When he played lol, he was main Shaco. That should explain.


I don’t get why you would publicly act like this. Doesn’t seem strategic at all.


Because he refused to renew his contract and you cant milk any money out of him anymore.


But current and future potential players will see this behaviour and thus think "This org is run by lunatics"- thus this may hurt them.


People have been saying this guy is just a small shareholder. If that's true, all MAD will have to do is distance themselves from this guy and they will be okay. If this guy is like big part of the org... oh boy


Mad is owned by a Toronto-based public eSports company primarily owned by big banks and The Weekend ...This guy is literally sub 1% ownership. I can't believe he actually has it in his bio...lol


Not to brag but uh, I own a single 3 cents share of Pepsi. I’m kinda a big deal


Ah, fellow co-owner of Pepsi here.


Hell yeah brother


as a counter point, G2 seems to be doing fine


Also, imagine saying things like that after todays games, where Elyoya with Kaiser literally solo lost THE ONLY game they were somewhat close to winning. The engage at baron in game 2 was literally the reason why Damwon were able to turn the game around so easily. I genuinely wonder if he actively plays the game and at what level. I'd bet that if he does he's as good at it as he's at PR lmao


I missed most of the first game, since I was out on a walk with my father, but I was very excited to see the 2nd game. I sat there until that baron fight. The pain of it made me put it in the background and start a game myself.


Nah, MAD lost that game because they were clueless about how to advance their lead and the only thing they knew how to do was force barons. No single player is to blame for that.


Hes probably not staying and made it clear to them before so now hes acting like theyre better than him


2 domestic chips and a quarterfinals appearance in one year is not enough when you get gapped by the best team in the world apparently. You’re sitting there watching for a reason fuckwit


Actually funny because Revenant has never been good at LoL. He is one of those streamers who barely peaked diamond back in the day and he got semi famous because he uploaded daily videos. For some reason I met him back in the day in normals and he was a toxic flaming piece of shit in game.


Such a stupid thing to say, makes me think something has happened behind the scenes (likely Carzzy leaving) that has made him feel justified in being spiteful and plain out disrespectful towards him.


Makes me think if the whole carzzy being traded thing is real. The team environment does seem pretty good however and Mac seems like a great coach :/


If it wasn't true, now it probably is


This guy has 0 importance on the team... He is a youtuber and a minor shareholder. Puts a bit of money and promotes the brand. He also isn't a super big youtuber/streamer so probably didn't even put a lot of money


Carzzy is not being traded. His contract is expiring in 3 weeks. But I’m sure he is not re-signing with the team after this


Probably already has negotiated with a new team and left his esports equivalent of 2 weeks notice on the table


Armut tweeted after todays series he will miss playing with Carzzy. ​ At that point it wasn't sure whether he was memeing but this post here seems to indicate it was sincere.


His contract expires in November, so this is more likely just due to the fact that he hasn't re-signed yet and the owner is taking this a little personally since I think everyone else has re-signed. This is not to say that Carzzy wouldn't have re-signed, but maybe he wanted to see offers from other teams and get a better deal from MAD.


> This is not to say that Carzzy wouldn't have re-signed, but maybe he wanted to see offers from other teams and get a better deal from MAD. Yeah I'm pretty sure he's guaranteed to be leaving now lmao


https://twitter.com/armutlol/status/1452286942796726284?s=20 apparently armut also was waving to carzzy during their conference after the game today, so I'm fairly sure that plus this owner's attitude have sealed that carzzy will not be resigning with MAD.


i can assure you mac is an absolutely incredible coach. this dude is a gem


Nah, the guy is a streamer that invested recently (less than a year) in MAD lions and he just said his opinion on the roster like he usually talks about things in his stream but he doesnt realise that he now is a owner and his opinion is more important than before.


The spanish community has been hype about Flakked (the adc from mad lions in Superliga). I guess the org wants the spanish guy and this is why Carzzy wasn't sure about renewing with the team. Eloya was easy the worst player from Mad today.


I don’t know if Elyoya was the worst but it definitely didn’t look like he was carrying them. Taking all those kills in game 2 worked out about as well as expected at the time, every fight he just blew their gold lead engaging on a Leona


game 2 was not on elyoya alone, sure was suboptimal, that j4 had all the gold, but the bigger problem was khan ass-blasting them with kennen ult


game 2 was lost cause kaiser cant take exhaust vs kennen, if everytime kennen engaged he was exhaust the game was easily winnable


nah, armut was worse to me


objectively armut will always be the worst player, but elyoya underperformed below what MAD need him to be


Armut had 41% jp and did nothing with his lead. They based this series around counterpicking for Armut, ganking Armut, and Khan still shit on him in lane. Can't blame Elyoya for having his resources go onto that mess of a top lane performance.


Let's be honest, Elyoya would need to open the third eye or some shit like that to be up to the challenge of fighting DK (let's not talk about winning the match). I mean, this was his rookie year, probably the pressure of the challenge was too much for him.


Elyoya literally first time at worlds against probably the best jungler ever. It'd be hard for him to go even and he pretty much played way above his level esp in game 2. The fact that MAD even got so close is a testament to how well they were playing.


I don't understand the hype about Flakked, is he that good ? I mean no EUM appearance and there are a bunch of adc that i would put ahead of him


He is spanish, in a spanish org, in a spanish league. Same as French community overhyping Adam.


Well Adam have at least won LFL and EUM, Flakked is top 7 and 3 in LVP, i would understand the hype if he had win something or perform well on the european stage


i think he has potential to be a good lec player but it's not like he's an unbelievable talent. he does have a lot of fans (me among them) due to being funny on stream/twitter so i guess you could say he's overhyped haha.


The jungler is always gonna look like the worst player against Damwon. You're playing against the best jungler in the world that has better laners than you, it is easy to look useless as a jungler then.


yeah sure why not hard flame players who gave everything for your team


owner is just channeling his inner soloq like all of us do


https://twitter.com/BloopGG/status/1452402093487239169 he double downed lmfao, what an absolute clown


Damn, shit about to hit the fan


Rich, former owner of H2k >H2K probably had some of the most historically painful Bo5 losses in the history of league, but it never really occurred to me to go on twitter and hard flame my players. I guess that's why he has 2 LEC titles and I have 0. When even Rich goes after you, you know it's a -5 point 5 fucking k IQ Tweet.


damn how far the players' salaries have risen in only a few years


where does rich get off throwing shade lmao


Gotta love Rich, i guess he hitted his head so hard that he forgot 2018 at all Because it's true, he didnt flame the players on twitter, he flamed the communitty AND Riot on twitter...


Well yeah, but he didn't flame his team. And tbh, between flaming your team, riot or community I would say flaming the team is the worst of the 3.


Dude just dissed the current best mid laner of EU, the MVP of Spring Finals and the only player who performed today, all in three of them in one tweet.


Did a great job of convincing Carzzy to renew his contract at Mad...


You really think he‘d tweet that if carrzy didnt tell them he won’t renew?


yes, some of these owners are actually that dumb


humanoid was kind of a passenger for most of this worlds run, he was hyped even by koreans as being a top20 player at worlds and basically didn't do much. kaiser had terrible fucking games too, though the owner is probably MAD that carzzy didnt extend so he posted this rant tweet


Weirdly enough I thought he underperformed overall but at the same time was really important for MAD, especially in his LB and Ori games in groups


I feel like mid in general has been pretty boring this worlds though, except if there is a lb/syndra. Top seems to be where the action is at this year.


I may be incorrect but the amount of sidelane play this worlds has been insane. Mid feels untouched. You have T2s down on both lanes before mid T1 is touched lmfao.


Midlane turret is tough to crack without investing a lot and currently is not worth it compared to easy to take and insanely Gold laden t2 side turrets. T1 mid really only needs to be gone by the time you are posturing for baron


nah compared to last season this is midlane heaven worlds 2020 midlaners existed only to fucking follow their carry junglers and help them powerfarm and then throw some CC at drake fights i think the only big performance last year from a midlaner was Angel vs G2(Or TES?)? and then thats it, it's all nidalee and graves highlights


damn even with your own flair you're gonna forget caps sylas vs GenG nuking people with leona and ashe ults? I agree with most of your statement but caps popped off that series


I mean did you watch game 1? Is there really an excuse for ori to be sub 40% hp before lv 2 with all pots burned and still call yourself the best? NO junger interference either. Game 2 he got caught out at critical moments in a winning game. no clue about game 3 didn't bother to get disappointed again.


I don't think underperforming in a series against the best team in the world does mean he isn't the best EU mid laner anymore. Being best is relative after all, it's not about being flawless but being better than your peers and Humanoid has been better than other EU mid laners.


He's obviously only gassing up Elyoya because he's Spanish. He doesn't even watch the games if he thinks Elyoya played better than Armut throughout the tournament.


Flakked is also Spanish. That guy is pretty much some kind of Spanish chauvinist.


How is this still up is what I'm wondering, it's been like 6 to 7 hours


It's gone now


You can never really delete something on the internet. Theres a bunch of screenshots already.


Already deleted his tweet hahaha what a muppet of an owner


[Carzzy's mesured response.](https://twitter.com/Carzzylol/status/1452375163060752399) So yeah, let's play "Where is Carzzy going next" I guess. Thank god we're out of this boring Worlds and onto the real fun with the offseason roster changes


Added to the post!


/u/CaptainCaptainBain Can you also add that Revenant isn't the main owner of Mad Lions nad just a minor shareholder. I think a lot of people here are exaggerating the role of this guy when he is just a youtuber/streamer that owns a small part of the team and has 0 say in any decisions


>let's play "Where is Carzzy going next" I guess. G2. If he leaves, G2 100%.


While G2 seems logical, I would say G2 may try for Hans Sama first and primarily, because Hans Sama is better and if paired with the right crazy support I think would be a better investment. (No disrespect to Carzzy, he is a great player and one of the best botlaners in EU, but Hans Sama is just, in my and most of peoples opinions, THE best adc out there in EU)


This is what happens when big streamers become owners cuz of the money


Eh, not all of them. Some actually put time and money to protect us from daily life dangers such as blue light.




Can someone explain this? I have no clue about this story...


100t co owner launched a makeup line that was advertised to protect from blue light and got shit on by both scientists and the community


i just fucking died


i fucking cackled at this


I thought nothing this year will overcome Reginald and Jack "defences" of importing players from earlier this year. Congratulations this fool has done it


Tbf Jack's comment about fans being racist evause they wanted na players was the worst hands down


I don't know about that. Jack calling fans just blanket statement racist because they were against a full team of 5 Koreans being imported to replace an NA team (that was the context fucking lol of why Jack responded like that, literally the comment he responded to) is way worse.


I don't know man, that was pretty bad too. It seems like this guy is not really the owner, he just owns a small share of the team. Big difference when compared to people like Reginald or Jack.


If you've followed the Spanish scene for a while, you'd know Reve is not one to apologize from the heart. All I've seen from him has the "if you've misunderstood my tweet I'm sorry but it's your fault" subtext, which in my opinion is not the way to apologize. Aside from that, he's also very biased towards the SL team and while he's always had quite controversial opinions on different videogame topics, I think it's very fucked up to tweet this and point fingers. Doesn't matter if you're a co-owner or just a mere streamer, you don't need to drag a player in order to compliment another one. Also, I don't think he realises that this tweet doesn't make Elyoya or Flakked any favour. Not saying they're worse or better than Carzzy, but now people are talking about them (for better or for worse) and they didn't ask to be in the midst of the drama.


He's a massive douchebag and always has been. I'm just glad it is finally being showcased for everyone to see.


Why the fuck would you say something like this as an owner LMAO I've followed sports for years and have never heard something like this


He deleted the twit and "[apologized](https://twitter.com/G4G_Revenant/status/1452377672378724352)" saying that the thing he didn't want to do was to be disrespectful (lol). Anyway, this guy has always been kind of an idiot, so it's not surprise that he behaves like this. MAD is owned by several Youtubers who got rich super young and they are not people to whom I'd trust my org. And Carzzy is the face of the org, come on.


Juicy offseason drama, cant wait for more of it.


That tweet smells frustration bc Carzzy is leaving 🙂


[https://twitter.com/BloopGG/status/1452402093487239169](https://twitter.com/BloopGG/status/1452402093487239169) per bloop - jesus christ man


Doubling down after you already apologized. Interesting strategy.


Ofc it had to be revenant, guy's kind of an idiot


Feel like carzzy is so underrated..... He plays weakside constantly, has higher dpm and damage share than hans at worlds (doesn't tell the whole story but still), a consistent voice in comns, and seems to be a nice guy. I would like to see g2 give him a chance.


He is, it's mainly his below average laning that makes him look worse, he still has time to improve that (he's 19 yo).


Can we have, like, one normal owner in EU? No wonder players change orgs every year or leave to NA if they're all so fucking dumb.


Revenant isn't the CEO, he is just youtuber who is a minor shareholder of the team.


this fact needs to be way way higher up. everyone i've seen has refered to him as the main owner/ceo or something and i thought the same


Do you blame them? This Revenant dude needs to remove "Mad Lions - Owner" from this Twitter bio. That's all that people will check. Even if he is a part-owner, then he needs to change it to part-owner, not owner.


C9 Jack calling his own fans racist is even worse than this


The euw shaco main does it again baby.


wow the PR understander has logged the fuck on


How do you draw the conclusion that elyoya carried anything after today? Obviously only mentions elyoya and flakked cuz they are spanish


guess carzzy is gone? G2 Carzzy doesnt sound too hot to me but whatever


Underrated addition depending on what team you're trying to build. Costs a lot less than trying to hard force a buyout for millions, can get close to the same value assuming Carzzy get's better and the team works. His trajectory/stonks if you will, looks good imo.


And owners like Rick Fox got forced out of the scene. What a joke.


huh seems like people were not joking when they said esport team owners are unironically sharing ideas/opinions of this subreddit, tragic


Dunno man The immaturity of this scene really disappoints on a daily basis...


you really need to watch more real sports, im sure you will find all the team owners to be outstanding people that are by no means flawed at all /s


Yeah it is pretty dumb for him to say that. I think why he said it was because carzzy already is confirmed to leave (from armut’s tweet). So in his mind, he may think it’s ok to say that. Still a pretty dumb thing to say considering mad lost literally 6 hours ago and Elyoya had a really bad tournament.


> already is confirmed to leave (from armut’s tweet) That isn't confirmation at all about anything. But this owner tossing Carzzy under the bus for no reason does leave some credence to the idea he's gone.


It makes no sense that Carzzy would have made a deal with any team BEFORE their worlds run was over. I'm pretty sure the Armut tweet was just a meme cuz ppl were joking about Carzzy leaving for a while (Carlos tweeting, Bjergsen following Carzzy etc)


Really? Bc game 1 I saw every lane get clapped at least by minute 3 and top/mid before lv 2, deadass it was disgusting. All corrupting pots burned pre lv 2 mid and still sub 40% hp like what? No jungler interference either. Game 2 I saw Top and Jung trying to do shit plays in a winning game, throwing it at least 3 times. (I respect that aggression got them the lead to start but..) and mid threw at least once probably twice included in those 3 times. ADC didn't do bad. I feel this is the typical solo que experience of allies going harder than they should and deflecting on other people for not "stepping up". Like dude these are shit calls slow down, "naw imma keep running it down till you do something" mentality. Did not stick around for game 3 to watch w/e garbage disappointment that was bound to be. Edit: I mean look at this and tell me Humanoid did well. https://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/qf258s/showmaker_hitting_humanoid_with_every_skillshot/


Game 1 Carzzy also got ulted by MF and Kaiser missed on an ulting MF. That's legitimate cringe. Game 3 was also really, really bad from MAD jgler, you'd be glad to have skipped it lol.


you talking about when kaiser was leaving lane to roam with dk botlane right next to carzzy and letting him die? that was so damn stupid. I thought carzzy played decently considering the dude literally doesn't have a sup in his lane after 5 minutes most of the time.


Exactly. Carzzy having bad stats or whatever is literally just a consequence of Mad's playing style. Of course a weakside ADC is going to look carried, dude had to run off tower anytime Beryl was spotted or Canyon wanted to get Mad's blue. Same criticisms as Ghost last year. Also he still did good damage and got kills in game 3 enough to try and win the game.


this. imo carzzy was trying hard but the team never chose him to be the carry, it was all top side focus. what can a adc chosen to be weak side do if he has to give up on his waves gold and exp because the jungler is always top. when they realized that in the last game, where carzzy got feed and had more space, it was too late. and praising kaiser lol, i dont mean to flame the guy but the leona performance was pretty poor. someone already mentioned that he failed to save carzzy by missing the ult on the MF that was standing still in bullet time.