Alphari: 'NA currently is at a similar level to Europe if not better, Europe is not a particularly strong region at this event. I don't expect any of the European teams to make it out of groups.'

Alphari: 'NA currently is at a similar level to Europe if not better, Europe is not a particularly strong region at this event. I don't expect any of the European teams to make it out of groups.'


See what you did, MAD?


I'm pretty sure this was MAD Lions's plan all along. Now Alphari has just cursed our entire fucking region and given EU turbo week 2 buff.


NA didn't go 0-18 I'm pretty sure that means we get the trophy right?




Sleeper agent activated


Alphari continuing to choose violence I see.


Violence is not the answer it is the question and the answer is yes


He's right tho


Every year man


Probably the only time in the year where IZiaon takes aren't massively downvoted by LCS fans (aside from TL ones) lmaooo


He's amusing during worlds but yeah you're right about the rest of the year.




Bruh I'm laughing my ass off just thinking about Zven or other pros reading IZiaon takes and getting tilted


Not like Zven in particular needs help getting tilted.


Where? I would love to see it lmfao


Those doubters not taking the IZiaonpills


TL fans downvote him too


I feel like the only time since S2 where people didnt say that 'EU is weak this year' was 2019 lol


When will they learn.


LMAO how many times we have to teach you this lesson old man


Based IZiaon


you are easily the most annoying guy on this subreddit but i respect the passion


> you are easily the most annoying guy on this subreddit when Colton exists? (x) doubt


he can make the top 5 along with other fan favourites such as DeadNames, NamikazeEU and BenjenRyan also that guy who does LPL post match and says the exactly wrong thing about each and every game he does the post game thread for, he's a dark horse for least useful person on this sub


Haha it's hilarious how you immediately recognize those names. I never expected Izaion to be the alpha of that group


he forgot Rexsaur and everybodys favorite eboy Lt Kokoro


Rexsaur is a rising figure, now that DeadNames has either found therapy or quit the game he is taking the place of "guy who makes the most inane game balance threads" poster variant


rex and colton are the only people I actively recognise


BenjenRyan and NamikazeEU are mostly in the PMTs, especially LPL ones for Namikaze.


i feel a bit sad that i dont recognise those names actually


Rexsaur is an ADC (Mostly Jinx) main who complains any time ADCs aren't dominant in the meta. No idea who Kokoro is, though.


The opposite of Rexasaur, the dude that perma complains about marksmen.


the_d3cter or d3ntist whatever the hell that guys name is. is the worst.


Damn I visit league reddit daily and I only recognize Namikaze and Benjen


Namikaze, Benjen, Creepypilot, kokoro and that one so called challenger Kassadin main who complains about literallly everything


magehunter skaarsi or something


No Rexsaur in your top 5. I call bullshit on your list


Or papaya


Literally who?


When FNC_Luzh and Neville_Lynwood exist? WHEN BENJENRYAN EXISTS?




I mean Fnatic is imploding, Rogue is in the group of death and Mad Lions are asleep so i can sort of see it.


In the jungle, the quiet jungle mad lion sleeps tonight


NA’s hopes are a win away, a win away, a win away, a win away, a win away


A weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek two awaits!


This entire chain is blessed.


It's just day one, but if tomorrow's MAD doesn't show signs of life I'll be pretty disappointed. Rogue got the short stick in draft and Fnatic is in the air right now so it's a tough one for sure. Sigh.. I miss G2.


Mad is the only actual hope, if rogue had a better group they could have had a chance but not like this, and id be surprised if fnatic won more than a single game if even half of the rumours are true. This year looks bad which is a shame since all the Fnatic and Rogue players deserve better than getting unlucky/ having to deal with a bad org.


What are the rumours about FNC?


Bwipo got into a fist fight with Upset which he won, Upset went back to Europe to go to a hospital and Bwipo is joining G2 because he unfollowed a bunch of FNC social media on twitter. On a serious note though, while it's true that he unfollowed FNC social media, he tweeted that we don't have to read into things too much ([https://twitter.com/Bwipo/status/1447632801155751941?s=20](https://twitter.com/Bwipo/status/1447632801155751941?s=20) ) and we honestly don't have much reason to doubt him other than wanting cheap drama.


Unfollowing just your org under the guise of "taking a break of socials" is pretty counterintuitive and doesn't make much sense. Maybe there's no fire, but there sure is a lot of smoke.


If Bwipo wanted to take a break from of socials then he'd simply not use twitter, why would he unfollow FNC accounts in particular? Besides, if it was meant to just be a temporary break, he could just mute them. And then the owner Sam Matthews unfollows his girlfriend as well. If you believe there's nothing going on here, I've got a bridge to sell you.




It will be a colorless bridge


Oh no. Why did you share this satire account. People will believe it again. Like Rekkles/Broxah.


The legend rumor is actually that BWIPO fucked UPSET mom. Driving his gf crazy. Thats why the whole buff wife is a debuff. Jokings aside this is both incredible salty and incredible sad. Hopefully everything is ok with upset personal life (if its a healthy thing or not) and with bwipo. About worlds, It's too early to throw the towel by any means and Yamato and his players are really good so I still have faith on them.


Bwipo is very unhappy with Fnatic, he unfollowed a bunch of fnatic related accounts (including the owner), and its rumored that it has something to do with inside decisions related to Upset.


It's also not unreasonable for Nemesis to have had inside info. Maybe FNC snaked Upset after Rekkles was put back on the market.


Except in one of the [screenshots](https://imgur.com/itGotV7) from his Discord he straight up admitted he didn't have any actual info, he just knows that family emergency is used as a cover-up sometimes.


Even then the way Nemesis went about it is abhorrent.


Even Bwipo himself said on Twitter to not look too much into it. His girlfriend also posted something related to the "wife buff" memes that have been going about and how annoying it has become. This is completely speculation from your part. Bwipo has made 0 comments that say he is unhappy or something.


Bwipo himself saying publicly not to read into it doesn't mean anything either.


It does if you’re extremely gullible.


He said to not look too much into it because he needed a rest from social media, which sounds like a really poor excuse when instead of not logging on Twitter, you start unfollowing every account linked to your org. While all of this is still speculation, taking what Bwipo said as truth in this very particular situation is extremely naïve.


Bo1 can spew a lot of odd results. As a FPX fan I remember them dropping the first game in groups in 2019 too, then they lost one to Splyce as well, still went on to be world winners, first day everyone has nerves and meta's still up in the air. I hope all teams get a good night's rest and we see more equal matches tomorrow because stomps are hardly fun to watch unless you're massive fan of one team.


Yeah if I remember correctly they were close to not making it out if they lost 1 more, and then also had to play tiebreaker vs Splyce, and they ended up winning worlds.


Fnatic is lost for sure, the problems are internal, Mad might wake up and slap everyone and Rogue might get close but i dont see it.


Wait what problems are we talking about regarding Fnatic? It's just Upset going home right? EDIT: Wait nvm you talked about it down below.


MAD should be favored to get out until it’s out of their control imo, i am not willing to write off the number 1 seed of EU. As for TL, i’ve been to this rodeo 5 years in a row, i’m predicting them to get eliminated right until they’re guaranteed out. FNC is a real shame though, i thought theyd be a sure thing with Upset. Now? I think the odds are very against them. And even though they are a tournament favorite, FPX getting blown up by DWG could be a good omen for the other teams in the group? maybe? it’s too early to say ofc


That may be true, but MAD also still has GenG and LNG to deal with. TL was supposed to be the weakest opponent in that group, the "free win" for MAD so to speak. Unless TL ends up being straight up better than one or both of GenG/LNG, MAD dropping a game to them could be what causes them to drop out of groups.


If G2 was here they would be just as bad since they aren’t better than mad rogue or fnc


They'd definitely be better than fnatic with bean! Honestly, this year is a dud for EU. Teams need to rebuild for next year.


Just wait to week 2. *Copium*


There is no week 2, there's 3 days of "everybody plays one game", then a break of one day, and then we play out the groups one by one. Fortunately for EU, MAD Lions plays the last day, which is Monday next week. \*Huffs more Copium*


That second part, where everyone plays their group, is the 'week 2' there just isn't a full week's break anymore for it. We used to get less games/day for week 1 is all because in week 1 each day a group would have a day off.


I fully expect lpl/lck only quarters with the fnc situation


It's has been just one day, at least wait a couple days before saying this


I mean the Fnatic part is factual, stuff is happening unrelated to the game, Rogue did get unlucky with their group, Mad Lions being asleep is the only thing that isnt 100% set in stone.


Man did i miss overreactions after one game, all the threads are awesome rn


I still remember when FNC started 0-4 and still got out groups lmao.


they can thank daddy longzhu for that since they 6-0d and handed 2 Ls to every team in the group and thus allowed a 2-4 team to qualify out, it was a pretty rare situation considering that 3-3 or better is required in 95% of group stage scenarios


GAM probably should’ve gone out of groups 3-3, had they not thrown their last game against LongZhu. Then there was Flame throwing the 2nd game between Immortals and Fnatic by engaging when super minions in mid lane were about to crash into Fnatic’s base. 6 games had to go in Fnatic’s favor for them to have a chance. It was like a god was by their side.


Not to mention that if Cody Sun had just run away instead of tossing caps into Pobelter they might have been able to survive the base push, and FNC's base was already wide open.


Not to mention the Cody Sun play everyone remembers from that Worlds...


throwback to rekkles being a ratirl video in the making then flashing forward into 4 to throw the first fnc vs immortals game tho. was an absolute fiesta of a group all around.


Most glorious group in World's history. It will seriously go down in history as being the most fun group to watch. I remember the World's replay channel and every match between the bottom 3 teams in that group was anxious anticipation by the chat for the craziest plays in World's history. PepeLaugh the whole game.


Well, they were literally one auto from getting out of groups in S4, and in that very same group practically threw that infamous twitch game so it's just the universe balancing itself out.


> they can thank daddy cody sun for that since his tristana play was out of this world


FNC gets out 2-4 meanwhile poor doublelift doesn't get out 3-3 3(?) Years in a row


4 years in a row even!




I'm about to make a day 1 overreactions thread so people can make some 100% accurate predictions. Edit: Just made it, and linked to last year's day 1 overreaction thread as well.


Yeah holy mad were hyped just 24 hours ago and now ONE MATCH OF LEAGUE and they are garbage lol


Losing to NA does that


It's like this sub never learns, it's amazing.


Day one overreactions are just fun though


Pretty easy to parse the banter and cheeky hype from the dead serious popcorn pissers though. There are a lot of not fun overreactions where people are unironically citing Worlds trends from 4+ years ago to explain how they 5Head predicted the *true* region strength.


It’s probably why we’re all bronze-gold elo.


G2 is dead and the korean dominance is back. That's the summary for day 1 imo


Way to overreact. At least let G2 play their first game before writing them off.


I still give the edge to TSM.


Heard they're doing VERY well in scrims


Haven't lost one yet!


Suning will definitely top their group


Not when IG eventually get back to form.


Korea pretty much always did well in groups. No surprise here. Only team I had my doubts about was HLE but I guess it's free now that Upset isn't playing.


Idk why people always forget this. They were great in every group last year, lost like 3 games across all groups. It’s B05 where Korean dominance had been challenged.


Don't forget that apart from that one GenG incident, even in years when KR was weak and got smashed in bo5s by G2/China, they still pretty much always finished groups higher than any other region. Overall group stages results in the last few years, both at MSI and Worlds, seemed to not really reflect bo5 result.


Yeah Koreans are crazy on Bo1. The year g2 made finals at worlds they were second place in groups behind Kr seed 2 aka Sword’s Griffin


Sword also decimated every top laner not named theshy which is part of why I think Morgan isn't as bad as we hope.


Even in Korea weakest year (2018) you can argue that KT was the second best team at the tournament. 3rd or 4th at least


The more things change, the more they stay the same.


Lmao humble Santorin to balance cocky alphari


god damn i love worlds


Finally some spicy banter from the pros. Chadphari coming in hot.


FNC is literally mid-implode so yeah not too impressive showing from EU from 2/3 teams. >I don't expect any of the European teams to make it out of groups.' I expect it to be 100% LPL and LCK


We do the same thing every year overreact after 1 day. While it's justified in Fnatic's case, give MAD a chance to prove themselves...


I mean maybe for MAD sure. But FNC is boomed 100%. Rogue obviously have a shot but it's still the group of death


Fnc might easily go 0-6


You're right, but I bet a significant number of people had TL as last in that group. It's just not a good look for your #1 seed to lose the first match, especially against a team they need to beat. I'd be a lot less scared for them if they had lost to GenG, but that match is still coming up.


I feel like people are downplaying how competitive group D is. TL could end 2nd or 4th without a significant difference in performance. IMO flaming teams in group D is kinda... Silly I guess. P.S. I think MAD will turn it up, give them time.


No doubt dude, not trying to flame. I had TL placing second, because I needed one NA team to get out and they seemed the most likely. Group D was definitely the hardest group to figure for me. Right now it seems most likely to need a tie breaker as, if i'm not going to day 1 overreact, the teams seem to be the most likely to split games.


TL literally beats the expected 1st place team in their group and you all will still say they can’t finish first


I'm a long time NA fan, I know better than to expect our teams to do well.


Is this your first time watching worlds or something. Every single worlds I can think of there are multiple teams who drop games early and ultimately perform well. G2 and Fnatic are perfect examples of those teams who would frequently shit the bed in groups only to end up having good tournament runs.


And NA would often have good performances in the first week, people would get hyped for NA only to be disappointed in week 2, other than C9 usually making it through in 2nd. I think last year was an exception where there were some decent results week 2, but still none made it out of groups. I'm always amazed at how we go through the same thing every year, and it feels like the majority of people have forgotten the past. Who knows, maybe this time will actually be different, but the expectation shouldn't be that it will be. Oh well, some people will never learn.


EU teams always drop some random games in week 1, everyone is overreacting. Hell, FNC started 0-4 one time and still got out of groups


Honestly I kind of hope it is 100% LPL and LCK. That scenario would force Riot's hand to add a loser's bracket and/or expand the groups. No way they risk it happening again, and no way they take away the 4th seeds from Korea and China.


I agree with this. 4 seeds also just gives the better regions even more chances to find a team which nails the meta. I hope its all lck and lpl so riot are forced to change the format to something like 4 groups of 5 and 1st place goes into the quarter finals, and 2nd and 3rd going into the last 16 and play best of fives to get in the quarter finals too. Spending a whole year following the lec and lcs and then not even seeing them in any best of fives at worlds just makes me want to quit watching any league They hype na vs eu but we never see a best of 5 between them so who gives a shit. Worlds is so horrible as a format


I think they need to reduce slots for top 2 regions back to 3. With only 4 groups in total, having 4 teams from 2 regions each makes the group phase pretty boring in terms of representation. World's is not just about having the strongest 16 teams here. If this was the case we would have 8 LPL teams in the tournament. It is having teams from all around the world playing against each other. And with 8 teams from China/Korea, which are basically guaranteed to make it into groups, this isn't the case anymore :(


They should expand the groups, 20 spots overall, 5 in each group. Top 3 seeds from major regions auto qualify, 4th seeds fight in expanded playins with wildcards. Groups are double round robin like now, but only 1st place automatically goes to quarters, 2nd and 3rd play a bo5 to see who makes it. You avoid the double elim that Riot seems to hate, but still give more exposure to smaller regions, make playins more interesting for everyone, and make teams that got a little unlucky in groups have a chance to prove themselves in Bo5.


You would need like 80 casters for that


They should definitely add lower bracket and possibly do what you suggested. Dota's TI is being played right now and they manage to play BO2 in groups and we will be getting Lower Bracket matches too. It's so much more enjoyable although you can't catch all the action you can watch fav teams etc. Right now with LPL/LCK dominance having maybe 1 at best 2 non LPL/LCK teams get out is just boring because knockouts is just LCK and LPL teams cannibalising each other. I can still see MAD get out if they get their shit together but rest is doomed.


I haven't watched TI since like 2013 (Tried to watch a few games last night but I absolutely don't understand shit anymore), but the very fact that unless you're the very last place in your group (and there are only two groups) you get to play in the knock-out bracket is so great. Now teams spend their year working to get to Worlds, go 2-4 against two top 4 teams and get to go back home. That just feels so bad. [Look at last year's Team Liquid run](https://i.imgur.com/UyCdbHf.png). Man that would be so hype to have at Worlds. Or at least give us bo3 GSL groups.


It is so sad teams at worlds play 6 games before getting knocked out while at The Internatiomal it is 18.


I would love if they added a lower bracket and extended the group stage to 20 teams, 4 groups of 5 teams. This is supposed to be the biggest tournament of the year, so make it that way.


Isn't this current situation only because Vietnam isn't here? If Vietnam were at worlds, they would have two seeds in lieu of KR/CN 4th seeds right? Edit: I was misinformed, thanks.


There would be 4th seeds regardless if Vietnam was playing.


No it was going to be 4 teams from KR/CH either way. That just made Rogue skip Play Ins


No it just would mean, that one team from Vietnam is in groups and Rogue had to play Play-Ins. And that would prob. mean, either C9 or DFM wouldn't have made it as it looks.


the 4th seeds are seperate to the vietnam region having 2 seeds. they just had to change the play in format due to having less teams. also eu 3rd would have had to go through play ins as vietnam 1 would have had auto seed.


No, it was because LMS combined with the GPL to create the PCS. This created 2 extra slots, which Riot has decided to allocate to the region that wins MSI and the best performing region aside from the MSI winner region. Vietnamese teams not being present just means that the 3rd seeded team from the best performing region without 4 seeds gets to go directly into groups.


No, LCK and LPL fully deserve to have 8 slots. If FNC weren't imploding there would be a solid competitive chance for 2 EU teams to maybe get to next phase. Historically EU does well. I agree with guy above, a loser's bracket becomes more likely


Mad is a diesel, they will catch-up eventually. Rogue need to put a super human performance but man… Fnatic had a good group to get out but not without upset.


Cannot afford to play catch-up in this group I'm afraid. Now they need to 2-0 geng or LNG to have a chance to advance


I mean if you can't 2-0 any of them might as well stop there. You can hardly have easier opponents


I think MAD not being able to defeat GenG 2-0 would be a really bad omen. I see GenG as this gatekeeper team that you should be better than to be in the top 50% at Worlds. Not to say LNG is in the worse half, but GenG is not the team that will surprise you in some way.


Except Gen G got first last year in their group. They're a good b01 team.


This whole good at bo1 narrative is so fucking silly. Geng is a good team with little variance and is hardly expected to beat better teams, but even then they're still a premiere team from one of, if not the best region in the world. Losing 3-0 to G2 isn't really proof of geng's weakness but rather of G2's strength (possibly third best team last year). Otherwise you can easily expect geng to smash teams that aren't on lck level, which happens to be most teams in the world, bo1 or not. God we seriously need more bo5, bo3 at least.


C'mon man. If mad cant 2-0 gen g or LNG what hope would they have of making top 4. Most people had mad topping off the group so yould would expect minimum 4-2 or 5-1 finishes.


> NA currently is at a similar level to Europe > I don't expect any of the European teams to make it out of groups. Alright... I mean I know he said NA might be better so he left some wiggle room, but it doesn't bode well for them if he's saying they're about as good as a region that he doesn't think will make it out of groups.


I guess thats what they call "drunk with power"


LCK teams looked extremely strong , half the LPL teams looked good , gonna be hard for any western team


As an EU fan I did kinda miss NA firing shots, it really makes the rivalry between the two regions feel like an actual rivalry. And for the last 4 years or so it just... hasn't felt like one. But on the flip side, not a fan of how Alphari seems to only trash talk after a win. Like his twitter banter game is on point, but I swear I've never seen the guy go "NA>EU" or "my team>your team" before a game, it's just pot shots after a win and complete radio silence after a loss. I miss the days of "can't wait to clap Faker" and Doublelift talking about shitting on EU before the start of every tournament, hopefully this riles up NA players for more banter as it actually might inspire a bit of confidence in themselves.


Tactical and Carzzy did some trash talk before the game, but this isn't him trash talking MAD - this is his take on the EU region. He said that MAD was still a good team in the interview


Corejj straight up called MAD overrated a while ago before they even went to EU


ChadJJ coming in with the heat.


Shit talk a team then crush them in their first game at Worlds. I dig it


CoreJJ doesn't so much choose violence as live it.


If you watch the interview, it's not even trash talk. He states multiple times how MAD is a good team, and that it was difficult to win against them even though they knew what MAD was going to do the whole game. He was pretty conservative about how good his team is and seemed to be aware that there isn't any establishment about how good NA is yet.


You haven't seen his Twitter during LCS playoffs then. On the day of every match before it started he would tweet out some sort of trash talk like when he said he was going to "expose Blaber" and when he pretty much implied he was guaranteed to win the upper bracket finals against 100t before it even started. Those are the two I remember but I wouldn't be surprised at all if he said something about TSM too.


I don't really see this as trash talk tbh.


If youre rooting EU it's trash talk, if you're rooting NA its simply knowledgeable speculation


It's not that, it's just his tone. It's not trash talky.


People labeling it as trash talk and dude is just giving his honest opinion lol. His idea isn't that crazy either. Rogue got a tough group, FNC is in shambles and MAD lost the 1st game. I would say it's trash talk if they still had to play MAD until tomorrow but not after beating them.


Alpahri always trash talks before. Check out LCS playoffs and the tweets before the games. Just because he didn’t trash talk before their very first worlds game (where every team should be preparing) doesn’t mean he only trash talks after games.


Okay you obviously don't follow Alphari because he literally trash talked teams before he played them in LCS playoffs this year.


With the amount of harassment they would get from shittalking before the game I kinda understand. When EU pride goes down we could see a little bit of banter, which would be great for the scene


TL probably, right now at least, have the best chance of any Western team of making it out of groups.


It will be a 3-3 elimination, you know it and you will like it.


NA and EU fighting to be relevant, meanwhile Korea and China fighting for championships


No shit when most of NA teams consist of players from outside of NA.


"NA TEAMS". NA players are no where to be seen, just imports.


Building all the hope and hype around NA on week 1... will they fall for it again?




lmao "there hasn't been a team nofap"


Ahhh, a classic week 1 NA take. Can't wait for this to age like milk. 🤣


I mean he's not wrong, both eu and na need miracle getting out of groups at this rate


classic post win NA hopium interview


EU 🤝 NA Not making it out of groups this year


So what he means is that NA=EU and EU won’t make it out of groups. But by this logic NA won’t make it either lol


I mean this isn't necessarily a hot take. Rogue has group of Death so rip. FNC have the thing with Upset so it's a miracle if they get out. MAD are in Bo1 choke mode. If they wake up it's a different thing. However in Bo5 the only team NA might beat out of EU is FNC with substitute. There still is a gap, EU is getting turbo fucked this world's except for MAD that's just being bad




NA “Near Airport” is known as the fastest region to arrive at the Airport. Since they gave up on the LoL Worlds Championship, they are investing in Speedruns. In particular they are current worldrecord holders in Airport Any % and Airport no wins.


Get f*cked Alphari :)


he's only saying that because he knows he can stomp Armut 9/10 times. And Mad Lions are EU's only hope at this point. That said I still think Mad Lions can get through and they might even beat TL in a tiebreaker. Always the chance of Jensen or Tactical underperforming.


Luckily half of NA is EU so we can always meme on that.


Just remember that it was a 50/50 chance for TL to end in group A instead of Rogue. As we've seen many times, it's just as important for Western teams to get lucky as it is to play well in this current Worlds format.


Ya well TL got unlucky in 2019 with dwg and IG while splyce got lucky going against wildcard and J team so quit crying about luck.


I don't think they are crying about luck, just stating that success at worlds =/= the skill of a team.


Agreed. It's rare for the 8 best teams at the tournament to make it bracket stage imo.


I wonder how copying the playins format would work. The winner of each group qualifies to the bracket stage automatically, but the second seed has to play a bo5 against a third seed from another group to advance


If they really wanted the 8 best team, they would do non bo1 elimination games.


still went 3-3 as is tradition


Week 1 EU. Just a normal thing


Typical cocky British guy


EU falling apart all according to plan we are reaching world finals this year for sure


From what we've seen, can't really argue that claim..


I'm super happy with how that game played out, because Alphari basically confirmed that leashing ruins lanes. With most of the meta junglers right now if you still need a leash you are hard trolling with how broken the jungle items are right now, at least for toplane where leashes are weaker. Getting to the lane in time to contest the wave matters in certain matchups and Alphari was able to snowball that into a tangible lane lead. If you didn't plan on contesting the wave its fine but Camille vs Jax is not a leashing matchup.


Jax didn't leash though he went and got xp from a ward that actually should have been a huge boost.