CPU vs GPU while buying a laptop with external monitor use?

CPU vs GPU while buying a laptop with external monitor use?


CPU speed for gaming, CPU amount of cores (6 vs 8) for calculations and multitasking, GPU for rendering models and huge images/video. Personally, I’d focus on CPU cores and a good dedicated GPU. Unless you’re running multiple 4K monitors, you’ll be mostly fine with integrated graphics, but since you’re an engineering student, I’d go with the RTX if you can afford it. You’d be paying more now, but you’re future proofing it more. Also, be on the lookout for chunkier laptops. My opinion may be unpopular, but thin and light laptops might not be your best bet since their size demands a compromise on thermal management (cooling) and durability. Less internal space = less room for big fans = less airflow & more heat buildup. Best of luck to you.


I'm going with the Asus Zenbook Duo ux482. This is because I'm professionally working as an SEO, and just want to finish my Engineering as soon as I can, so thinking about productivity. The extra small size monitor looks very fascinating to me. Although it's not an alternative to a 24" external monitor, which I will buy one, but as I have to travel from home to hostel and hostel to classes, labs, etc, so this extra tiny screen can give me some extra space for multitasking. And seems like it will be able to handle the softwares I'll need in the next 2 years. Thanks for your insightful thought.


Gpu only if you want to play 3d games. You will pay more for that capability, it will use more power, be heavier, run hotter, and louder.


Actually depending on the engineering field and software used a dedicated GPU can be immensely useful or even absolutely necessary.


This one comment helped me switch my decision. Thanks!


My primary use case for my HP Omen (i7 10th, nvidia 2070) is high-end engineering simulation. My company's software won't run (well, or in some cases at all) without a suitable GPU.


I was eyeing at Omen 15, but I'm not gonna end up at any Engineering job. Totally switched to SEO. So was very confused whether I should focus on GPU or CPU.


If you aren’t interesting in any sort of rendering or game playing, get the intel Xe one. Multiple monitors aren’t gonna change that


"Intel Irish" *Beer and Fiddle Intensifies*


Definitely the 3060


Are you using taxing programms? 3d modelling ?


Just for assignments, but professionally, lots of chrome tabs with many extensions


Then you don't need a graphics card. You could upgrade your ram to 16gb for many chrome tabs. Also essential is an SSD.