I'm learning Spanish for work and started watching Sr Avila. Definitely not Friends-ish but now I know how to hire a Mexican assassin if I ever have the need.


This is in my top ten of series originally filmed in Spanish!


There's a ton of dialogue which is helping my ear for words. Spanish speakers speak so FAST! I repeat the dialogue when I can to work on my pronunciation.


What are the other 9?


[My post about sitcoms.](https://www.reddit.com/r/Spanish/comments/shxk04/spanish_sitcoms_i_have_liked/) Offhand, I'd add El ministerio del tiempo, Prófugos, and Gran Hotel.


How about "Cuéntame cómo pasó" for learning Spanish? It's almost infinite, I just checked and there are 22 seasons so far, so you won't run out of material if you like it. I'm Spanish, and I haven't watched more than a couple of episodes because the sheer length of it is demoralizing to me, but I know it's good. It's been on TV since way before I was born, and I still saw an episode last night while changing channels on TV. Plus, there's a lot of Spanish history and culture packed into it, since the plot follows the story of a family from the Franco dictatorship to democracy. I'd definitely say it's our version of Friends in many ways, only not as modern, but it's definitely really good. Anyway, my favorite Spanish series of all time will always be "El Ministerio del Tiempo". It's just amazing, I recommend it to anyone I can. Plus it's full of references to many aspects of history and culture, you'll learn a lot by watching it. Check it out if you can!


Bob Esponja


ok this is adorable


I forgot it existed but now I really want to watch it in my TLs (only seen episodes in French many years ago)


They have it in Japanese too lol


I see a surprising amount of Friends references in Persian Twitter. I think Friends IS their Friends.


We didn't have any TV shows like Friends when I was growing up in Iran and most Iranians watch foreign TV shows with either dubbing or subtitles. We really do not have good TV shows. Most people just use satelites to watch foreign programs


Yes, Friends is possibly the most popular sitcom among the younger generation. But it wasn't that popular until Internet access became widespread. Before that, there was an Iranian sitcom on the national TV, named *Pavarchin* \[2002-2003\] ("On Tiptoes" in English) which was heavily influenced by Seinfeld. It was very popular and culturally influential among all generations. The director made a few prequels and sequels, which were mostly popular as well.




Os Normais is hilarious! Not exactly like Friends as the show is about a couple but it's pretty funny.


What's great about this show is that the language sounds really natural, just the way Brazilians actually speak Portuguese. It sounds neither soap opera-ish, nor as formulaic as some Brazilian shows on Netflix. I always cringe a little when the actors speak in the likes of 3%, taking long-winded breaks waiting for the other character to finish and slowly enunciating every single syllable as if they were reading academic papers to an audience. For English native speakers reading this, that is also what I felt like when I watched those last few episodes of Squid Game. It doesn't just sound a bit too strict, it's just unnatural and weird as fuck. You guys looking to immerse in Brazilian Portuguese, watch Os Normais. It's great and it's gonna introduce you to a shitton of Brazilian puns, inside jokes and cultural references. Just do it.


Seconding this. Os Normais is one of the best TV shows ever made in Brazil. It's incredibly fun, mature and it's really hard to find media in actual vernacular Brazilian Portuguese. Spoken Brazilian in soap operas, Netflix stuff and some movies feels really like they're reading a script. No one really speaks like they write in Brazil, so it sounds very unnatural. I'd also recommend A grande família


For portuguese you have a lot of soap operas both in Brazilian and European Portuguese.


Any good casual comedies in the Brooklyn 99, Friends, The Good Place, kinda vibe? Specifically for Brazilian Portuguese?


"A Grande Família" doesn't exactly share the same kind of vibe, but it's an already classic comedy in Brazilian culture. It's something like friends, but in the familiar environment


Watch "O Processo" it's inspired in the office and it is available in the author's YouTube channel Dihh Lopes


Ninguem esta olhando, on Netflix, is kind of similar to the Good Place in that it's a kind of supernatural comedy, and is set in Brazil. Only has one season but I thought it was pretty good!


Or however you spell it (my Portuguese is very bad!)


Watch Porta dos Fundos skits on youtube. As a Brazilian who lives across the street from the studio where they first started, everything about that channel hits close to home. The places outside where thry film the videos are mostly places I’ve been to and the way they talk (expressions, accent, phrasing is almost exactly like ny own Portuguese. Plus I find them really funny and a great introduction to Brazilian culture and humor


Ninguém tá olhando! Really funny


Terrace House for Japanese


But the terrace house producers are scummy. I mean I don’t remember the name but there was an incident where one of the girls ended up getting severely harassed online and ended up taking her own life.


Not sure if they fit the bill but: Fais pas ci, fais pas ça for French, Папины Дочки for Russian and 家有儿女 for Mandarin.


Agreed, Fais pas ci, fais pas ça is a great example for French! Haven't heard of the other two.


Also for French there's a show on Netflix called Le Plan Cœur / The Hook-up Plan


Папины дочки*




Any tips for watching Fais pas ci, fais pas ça with subtitles online?


Wow, I didn't expect to see jiayouernü mentioned. But it makes sense, since I once found it by searching for 'Chinese shows for Beginners'. It really is great and all subtitled episodes can be found on YouTube.


I would argue the true equivalent for Mandarin is 武林外传.




What about 爱情公寓?


I'd say this is definitely the closest, IIRC they even admitted to stealing jokes from the series, and one of the stars of the show described it as an 'homage' to Friends


They literally have shot-for-shot remakes of Friends storylines in that show. I guess it’s good for inferring the meaning if you know Friends well and you’re a beginner, but it made me kinda bored.


I've never watched it, but I guess it depends on how we're analyzing it. From what you guys have described, it seems like more or less of a copy of Friends, which would fit the definition of the 'friends' of your language. However if we're talking about cultural impact, or a show made with the essence of that friends vibe but much more meaningful to a specific culture, then I think there are different shows that fit the bill.


>Папнины Дочки Any chance you know where I could watch this with subtitles?


Unfortunately, the Russians rarely sub, and especially in Russian itself( You might find it on YouTube with those auto-generated subs though.


I thought about scènes de ménage too ? But not 100% sure it's good to learn french


My French tutor is bilingual French and English and every once in a while I ask her for her secrets as to how her English got to such a high level… one time she said The Big Bang Theory. She was obsessed with it and wanted to watch it in English.


I would say "Side om side" in Norwegian. It deals with three families of suburbanites trying to keep up appearances in all their sort of sad-funny-broken ways. It is *not* VPN-locked and like lots of NRK series, it is subtitled--in Norwegian. (It's complicated) If you like cringe humor, Norwegian comedy is all about that... but an entire level beyond.




Skam is great!


Have you watched Lilyhammer on Netflix? It may not be the best for learning the Norwegian language but the first few episodes are fantastic for watching what it’s like to integrate into Norwegian culture. It’s pretty funny and the language is at quite an easy level. Ironically, I am using it to learn Finnish (via subtitles) because here in Finland there is no option for English subtitles on that show. The one I’m watching has the audio about 90% in English and 10% in Norweigian, but maybe there is a dubbed option.


Based on the description from OP here, about easy plot, simple language, limited regional accents. I would say "mot i brøstet" is probably a better fit. But "side om side" and "skam" are probably more entertaining.


How can I access it?


There’s that one series that was a copy of friends for language learning, it was in French, German, some other languages. It’s on YouTube, I’ll edit this tomorrow. Edit: thanks, it's [email protected] https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=extr%40


extra auf deutsch is the german one, it’s in german, french, english, and spanish


I loved the German one!


I'd love to know the French one




Thank you! Seems perfect for B1. I wish I'd found this sooner.


[Extra auf Deutsch](https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLM45RE_YsqS5-S58HSmYOhu2m-tRul9jW)


That's is such a great way to learn ur TL. does anyone know the turkish equivalent?


Avrupa Yakası is THE Turkish comedy show.


yes, but nonnative people would have hard time to understand most of the jokes, i think


Probably. But this is going to be the case for any foreign comedy show. I don’t expect people to understand the jokes in Swedish comedy shows either without at least some knowledge of Swedish culture.


yes that what i meant. English culture is so mainstream that people around the world easily watch English and American shows without having any problem with grasping the gist. But other cultures are not so widespread and therefore it can cause problem when watching. btw i really like 'avrupa yakası', it s one of my favorite turkish tv shows.


I think there are still many idioms and references that non-advanced learners (typically those at an older age) might struggle to understand in many shows


For turkish: There is a show called Leyla ile Mecnun. You can find the episodes on Youtube. It is a sort of fantasy series with a love story. It has a meme culture and has some subtle comedic features like instead of swear words or known insults that wouldn’t be family friendly they use every day situations or object that are unpleasant. For example instead of swearing they say stuff like wet shower curtain or instead of smoking they eat sunflower seed which is a beloved and kinda addictive snack in turkey.


The Protector if you like a supernatural/action show, Winter Sun if you like a soap opera, The Club if you like historical fiction, Ethos if you like contemporary drama… Netflix has a ton of options!


Thank you so much!




Maybe this: https://www.trt1.com.tr/arsiv/yedi-numara It is family friendly but I was like 10 when I watched it so I am not sure if it is actually good for adults too.


The Club and Ethos definitely aren’t… I would say The Protector might be but I think there are a couple sex scenes so you might want to check beforehand


We had to watch Kavak Yelleri in my Turkish class, it’s no Friends, more like Turkish Dawson’s Creek, but the language was relatively easy because of the subject matter (late high school/early university drama). Also there’s a thousand episodes and they’re all on YouTube (or they were at the time…)


If anyone knows of a relevant show in Arabic (preferably Egyptian dialect) let me know. I would love to get a recommendation for a show produced in the Arab world so that the show might also be informative culturally instead of just being dubbed in Arabic. Thanks in advance.


If you are interested, I can recommend you tons of levantine shows, but sadly I don't know about Egyptian ones tho. I knew about some of my favorite levantine shows through [playaling](https://playaling.com/) (which offers fragments of YouTube videos, some of them are shows, usually the producers themselves upload the shows, so you can find multiple series in just one channel), so maybe you could try that :)


I would recommend a sitcom called „Ragel Wa Sitt Settat“ literally it means a man and six Women about a guy living with his wife, his daughter, his mother, mother-in-law and his sister in the same house. It is hilarious and was very successful(it was on for 10 seasons), i am a native speaker so I can’t really judge, but I would think its language is accessible and the comedy is relatable. It also has the same format as American sitcoms so you would feel comfortable.


I just looked it up and it's on YouTube too! I like comedies so this should be great! Thank you very much.


I like باب في الباب for Egyptian, you can find it on YouTube!


I remember 3ayza atgawaz being quite popular


Not exactly what yuu are asking for. But these are materials on YouTube Arabic with captions for various dialects . For Egyptian series, you should check out Netflix too . Has English and Arabic captions. Paranormal, Secrets of the Nile, etc. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1eJ3GRdR8xlgSCP6hgb86CNzPQ9_-pF13kTwpCorNsBY/edit?usp=drivesdk


I've just been watching dubbed sitcoms. Seinfeld and The Office in Italian.


I don’t mind dubs of animated stuff or translated books, but the idea of watching a dubbed sitcom is just...kind of depressing to me?


The idea, sure, but have you actually tried it? I wasn't keen on the idea either, but I love Seinfeld so much and authentic Italian options are limited on Canadian Netflix, so I thought I'd give it a try, and really quickly I became very impressed by the art of good dubbing. The writers have to come up with translations that are loyal to the original lines, they have to make each line fit practically syllable for syllable, line up mouth movements wherever they can, and they have to come up with creative solutions for plays on words, puns etc. Then the actors! They have to deliver those lines just as authentically as the original actors, and when you get a good one, it's doubly impressive, to me anyway. The Italian George Costanza and the Italian Michael Scott are such talented voice actors, it gives me an extra layer of appreciation that a native Italian speaker likely wouldn't have, having never watched the originals. When the spirit of the original character shines through, it just tickles me! Anyway, you might be surprised. I was! Italian The Office is my favourite thing to watch right now!


Onnts dumd is good for Mongolian.


does anyone know a good one for Italian?


I really liked Guida Astrologica Per Cuore Infranti. Much shorter than Friends but so cute!


Haha nice, I just watched that. I'm a fan.






Italian shows tend to be either cringe soap operas, sappy family-friendly dramas for elderly ladies or gritty stuff about criminals or outcasts. As you said, the bane of most shows (beside god-awful whispering acting) is regional accents. Frankly some shows could use subtitles even for native Italians who aren't familiar with the specific dialect. I'd say *Un medico in famiglia* could be a vague fit for OP's request, albeit it's more focused on family dynamics than about people in their 20s only. I can't think of anything contemporary or even modern that could work. It's either teens stuff and already kinda dated (*Braccialetti Rossi, I ragazzi del muretto*) or the kind of stuff only your *nonna* loves (*Don Matteo*).


Native Italian here, I agree with you


I could not have hoped for a better comment section.


The Extra sitcoms. I watch in German French, and Spanish. There's an English one too. You could literally watch the English one (assuming you're a native English speaker) watch all three and know what they are saying, because the plot lines are the same with different characters and the one character, Sam, the rich American. They're available on YouTube. Also, the full DW Nicos Weg (German) is on YouTube. You can watch all the clips as one movie. I know these are teaching vehicles and not some general movie/sitcom that's easy to follow, but still maybe useful to some who don't know they exist.


Well, my target language is English, and I often use "The Big Bang Theory", instead of "Friends". However, in my native language, "FC De Kampioenen" or "De Kotmadam" are relatively similar to the usage of Dutch/Flemish. (Beware that in flemish series, they often use a soft-dialect, which is called "tussentaal". It's a little bit harder to understand for learners, however once you get used to it, it's easy.)


Thanks for the recommendations! I’m a native English speaker learning Dutch and have quite enjoyed A’dam E.V.A. on NPO for learning. Its structure, in case you haven’t seen it, is that every episode features side stories with different kinds of people’s normal lives, tied together by their chance encounters with the 2 main characters. Lots of everyday dialogue and the variety means each episode is like a language lesson focused on a particular job or life experience. For English I’d also recommend The Office (US)


I've had great success as a beginner learner watching Casa de las Flores in Spanish with Spanish subtitles. I watched several episodes with English subtitles first which helped to clarify the background, but from there everything is pretty simple and the main character talks incredibly slowly which helps a lot!


Yes, the slow talking for comedic effect ends up being very helpful lol


Haha - Pau is the best! "¿Dónde. Está. Mi. Papá?"


If there's a Korean equivalent of Friends... I'd love to know.


The story isn't really similar to Friends, but High Kick is a pretty popular sitcom there. You might wanna check that out!


I'd recommend 안녕하세요. It's a variety show and you can watch the episodes on YouTube. Someone writes in about a family/friend problem they have and then all parties related to the issue come and discuss it with a panel of comedians/entertainers. The episodes are short and the problems are real-world problems that are (mostly) relatable so there isn't a lot of jargon. People do speak quite fast and it may be hard to understand the entertainers at times but I've improved a lot from it.




I don't know for something like a kdrama, but I personally would reccomend watching a lot of variety shows; I watch 아는 형님 fairly regularly and though I haven't watched it mentioning Running Man is a given, with my favorite being 범인은 바로 너. The vast majority of dialogue is not only how the cast would speak day to day but also heavily features friendly banter with a variety of jokes and references, which could do you a lot of good depending on your age and who you're speaking with. While I don't know where you could watch Running Man, the shows I mentioned in hangul are available on Netflix, at least within the US, under the names *Men on a Mission* and *Busted!* respectively.


Same. I don't like variety shows because I just don't enjoy talk show/reality show type things in general and prefer something more scripted even if it's a bit less "natural." I feel like a lot of Koreans enjoy American sitcoms but Korea doesn't make a lot of similar type shows.


Me here looking for the Japanese Friends


For japanese, there is this cartoon/anime? called 'Atashin'chi'. It is about a family of 4 and their daily life. Each episode is 7 to 10 minutes. It is available in YouTube.


I'll have to check that out, thanks!


Slightly random suggestion, but I've been finding the Japanese version of Love is Blind great! Like the first few episodes at least are just people having conversations about simple topics and getting to know each other so it's all quite understandable language. My Japanese teacher reccomended Terrace House (Japanese reality TV) to me but I haven't watched it yet so don't know if it's good


Terrace house is really good as a show until you learn about the scandal regarding it. I'd recommend watching in blissful ignorance to enjoy it. Idk much about learning japanese from it but if you like the small talk from love is blind japan then it is for you.


It's a cliche recommendation, but Terrace House fits the bill, more or less. I watched, like, a dozen or so episodes of one season (*edit*: it was "Opening New Doors") and it was really enjoyable. It's reality TV, but done in a rather simple (yet polished) way. Beyond that, I might suggest some "food shows". 今夜はコの字で is fantastic for simple conversation (I'm currently working on an English translation of the show, and have the Japanese subtitles if it strikes your interest). 深夜食堂 (Midnight Diner) is on Netflix and is another really fantastic show that more-or-less hits the same linguistic needs. I have other recommendations (I watch a lot of Japanese dramas), but I'll stop there.


Can I get the Japanese drama recs please!! Would be great to know some with simpler langauge (Bonus points if you have any with lgbt rep but I know those are few and far between)


Midnight Diner has a decent amount of refreshing representation. I will say immediately that it may not be to everyone's taste, but I like how blunt and direct it can be with its characters, allowing them to aggress against each other, tit for tat. It's a, perhaps, more and less perfect world than we have. The language in Midnight Diner fluctuates wildly. Some episodes will be super simple, and then some will wax poetic. I consider this a feature, personally. Unfortunately, I haven't watched any other mainstream Japanese shows with *significant* LGBT representation. That said, for easy watching, with reasonably simple langauge, I can recommend: ワカコ酒 (Wakako zake) ゼツ飯ロード (Zetsumeshi Road--I'll be translating this after コの字で, if no one else does) 野武士のグルメ (Samurai Gourmet -- Netflix!) さぼリーマン甘太朗 (Sweet Tooth Salaryman -- Also Netflix!) 居酒屋ふじ (Izakaya Fuji) So, those are the food shows that I recommend as reasonably simple and quite enjoyable. If you want simple-simple, you can't go wrong with *tokusatsu* shows, honestly. If you got a kick out of Power Rangers as a kid, and can put yourself back in that mindset for 20 minutes at a time, an episode of Ultraman will do you good! :) Significantly more difficult (I watch with English subs, sue me) are Hanzawa Naoki, Rikuo, Shuudan Sasen, and Shitamachi Rocket. These are much more difficult, but they're so engaging that I don't mind revisiting them on end to learn more. Of course, I have a ton of film recommendations, but since this is a TV show rec request, I'll stick to only that much. edit: If there's anything you want to see, but are really struggling to find a source for, PM me an I'll do my best to help you out.


Me too, I need a Spanish show like this.


7 vidas


In Spanish.... fuck tell me first which accent you want jaja. I'd say for Colombia, there is Betty la Fea (the og ugly Betty)


What about Dominican?


I was thinking of Aqui No Hay Quien Viva from Spain. Like Friends, it has a large cast living in tight quarters. I find the writing much better than Friends, too.


anyone have any dutch ones?




Great idea! Also likely that the dialogue is closer to real-life conversations since it isn’t scripted.


My Wolof tutor recommended La Polygame, a soapy comedy about a multi-generational family and thw drama of sharing a husband (polygamy is very common in Senegal). It's all on YouTube. They do speak Senegalese city Wolof so there's quite a bit of French mixed in, but it's still great for listening and pronunciation practice.


Recently, "Dark" for German, although I learned with "Türkisch für Anfänger." Spanish has a ton, being the master of telenovelas. A Mexican classic is "María, la del barrio," elevated by one of the best villains of the small screen, Soraya. Of course you wanted María to triumph, ultimately, but you were more than okay with Soraya winning several battles along the way. Edit: I would be remiss if I didn't mention what many consider the "Friends" of Spain (but it's really its own phenomenon): "Aquí no hay quien viva." But what I appreciate about "Friends" is that it is funny, with sharp writing, and eminently rewatchable. By those criteria, my personal "Friends" for Spanish is "Cuerpo de élite," which I often describe as a mix of "Friends" and "Mr. and Mrs. Smith." It's about spies who work for the Spanish government.


*Berlin Berlin* shows my age. Literally watched that shit on VHS.


Dark is a great show, but it is not the “Friends” of German. I think it would be incredibly hard to understand as a learner. It’s already hard to understand even if you know all the words.


A2 German here. I understood the first few episodes ( with a lot of pausing), but when the storyline got a bit complex I switched on the subtitles in English.


It's surprisingly manageable for those learners that it is suited for. I've lurked in the German sub, and I've been surprised by the levels of the learners who have been able to watch it successfully. So I understand your reaction, but again, you'd be surprised. And its popularity is indisputable. "Friends" is an English-language show your average English learner has heard of and probably seen; within the last decade, "Dark" is hands down the show that your average German learner has heard of--if not seen. To me, the "Friends" of the target language is the one show that a) many natives have seen; it's a cultural phenomenon and b) that many learners use to learn the language. German learners use "Dark" to learn German. It's the current go-to rec.


Fair enough, if people getting something out of it more power two them. Popularity aside, here are the reasons I consider *Friends* great for learners: 1. The language is simple. The topics are about every day life. They very rarely talk about anything deeply technical or philosophical. 2. The language is conversational. *I* did this. *You* thought that. These particular pronoun/verb combinations are the most common when you have a 1-1 conversation with another person, so dialogue centered around *I* and *You* actions gives you a lot of practice in that area. 3. The actors have exaggerated body language. They're doing it for physical comedy, but it also has the effect of making input way more comprehensible if you don't understand all of the literal words being said. 4. The show is almost entirely dialogue. *Friends* isn't winning any awards for cinematography. When they cut to a new scene, it's straight into the action, and in this case the action is more people talking to each other. It's almost as language-dense as a podcast, so it's a very efficient return on your time to watch it for language learning. I wouldn't consider *Dark* to accomplish any of those things particularly well. Of course, the best content is the stuff you enjoy, so if people like *Dark* and want to learn German, by all means go for it. But if someone asked me, "What is the *Friends* for German-learning purposes?" it would not be the analogous show in my opinion.


Fantastic analysis :) 👍👍👍


Yes, it's interesting hearing what people think are the salient aspects of "Friends" in terms of language learning. There's less overlap than I thought.


For sure Türkisch für Anfänger!


I agree. That was my first thought, and in fact it was the first series that I watched in German.


i was definitely going to comment Aqui no hay quien viva, reminds me of friends so much


Dark is an amazing show


brazilian portuguese?


[Alice](https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alice_(Brazilian_TV_series) has quite a lot of the same vibes though it does have the one main character Alice. Sadly cancelled after only 15 episodes.


"Exterminadores do além" (there's a serie on YouTube and a movie on Netflix) and "Politicamente incorreto" both from Danilo Gentili, the host of the biggest non-English speaking talk show of the world. Another one is "O Processo" it's on YouTube as well. There's also the traditional tv series from Globo like "A grande família", "Os normais", they might be available in Globo Play app.


For Brazilian Portuguese, I'd recommend A Grande Família, similar sitcom vibe show that was really popular in Brazil from 2001-2014. https://m.imdb.com/title/tt0281447 Just like Friends some topics might be a bit dated now, but it's a fair satire of a Brazilian middle class family in the early 2k.


I'm not sure it's mentioned here or not, but the British TV Series "Coupling" by Steven Moffat is a great series to understand British English, mannerisms, inflections, and the sarcastic yet playful chemistry between the protagonists.


Friends dubbed.


For Mandarin Chinese, 爱情公寓 (ai qing going yu) literally "love apartment".


came here to say this. it's also called "ipartment" (a pun because "love" is pronounced "ai" and it's relevant to the premise of the show), and is super obviously inspired by western 90s/00s sitcoms. it's a fun watch, though at this point the slang is pretty outdated and there's a long racist storyline with a japanese immigrant that didn't age super well 🤔😬 but yeah, overall it's definitely the "friends" of mandarin!


Does anyone know a good Vietnamese equivalent?


For Swedish, Klassen (aimed at tweens, a massive amount of short episodes with a different topic covered in each) when I was beginning followed by Bonusfamiljen when I was more advanced.


There's also a Danish Klassen


Not at all like friends but I love the novela Teresa. It’s Mexican, the accents are very clear, a bit of slang and a lot of dramatic vocab but it’s quite easy to follow and entertaining!


Y’all Extra is the best, trust me on this. Really was the first tv show that allowed me to fully understand what was being said in the language, simple but also realistic, sorta complex and quite literally an educational language learning show marketed as Friends without being an ‘educational show’. I watched the French version but they also have a Spanish, Italian and English version as well. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Extra_(franchise)


Came here to see if anyone knows any Hungarian shows. I've watched the Crown dubbed but it doesn't really work.


The (Spain) Spanish equivalent would maybe be Cuéntame cómo pasó. I don't think it has quite the following among learners that Friends does, but it's a hugely famous show in Spain that's been running for like 20 years. It follows a normal family from the late 60s and I think they're into the early 90s now? But it chronicles the end of the dictatorship, beginnings of democracy and all the changes Spain underwent in the late 20th century through the eyes of a normal middle class family. The stuff happening is the background is pretty fascinating and politically/historically significant, but the actual plots of the episodes are just daily life things


La que se avecina, aqui no hay quien viva, and Aida too. Spain spanish really has a lot that fits under this category.


I would love to know the answer. Anybody know the "Friends" for Punjabi?


Anyone know of any Icelandic shows that I can watch that are similar? I've watched Katla and Trapped but am a little bored with Nordic noir..


I’d maybe suggest Næturvaktin and Dagvaktin? Very funny - they were very popular a decade ago :) I personally find Fóstbræður hilarious but that is a bit older.


I taught English in France in 2012 and I can’t tell you how many people learned English watching How I Met your Mother as well.


Anyone knows a greek equivalent?


Far from equivalent but there’s a children’s (?) show called Πειρατολόγιο where a strange man dresses up as a pirate and goes to different Greek cities and regions to learn about their unique histories and culture, kind of like a travel show but with a bizarre pirate man as the host. His narration isn’t overly fast and it’s subtitled in English.


I don't think there is one for Spanish, the closest is probably, 'Yo soy Betty, la fea'.


"Aquí no hay quien viva" helped me a lot with Spanish


That ones great as there’s so many versions for different Spanishes!


Cuéntame como pasó is my friends


7 vidas


Does anyone have something for Czech or Croatian?


Comeback for Czech


I'd say it's "Dark" for German and "Merlí" for Catalan. Although I'm not a fan of watching series so I don't really know haha


I don't know about Dark, but I wouldn't consider Merlí a sitcom. Plats Bruts would be a better equivalent in my opinion.


I'm Mexican, so i would say "Porque los ricos también lloran / María la del barrio." The first version (1979) got very popular in Russia on the early 90s


If I attempted this, would I not use subtitles, or...?


the best are subtitles in the target language


I have tried target language audio with native subtitles, and native langauge audio with target language subtitles and found I don’t absorb much, so I do that only when I’m lazy and don’t care whether I want to actively learn. Target language audio with target language subtitles is best if you can find it. Then when I’m stuck, I take a screen shot and use google translate on the image.


Anyone know of a French one? I usually hear Hélène et les Garçons suggested but... it's so boring and repetitive lol, every episode is like let's all chill in the cafeteria after the boys finish their band practice.


Plus belle la vie 😆


Maybe some short sketches like Un gars, une fille or Scènes de ménage can be nice. But it’s a shorter format. If your level allows (it’s full of slang, puns, etc.) then you can switch to Kaamelott. It’s not uncommon to quote that show IRL. Things like Bloqués and Serge Le Mytho are on youtube too (at least accessible in France, not sure abroad).


We don't have many more French sitcoms in this format haha But if you'd like, you can watch Les Mystères de L'amour, it's a sequel of Hélène et les garçons but 15ish years afterwards, but as a series with 40-50ish minutes episodes. It's still stupid and the actors are still not very good but more things happen (even if it doesn't always make sense). It's easy to follow even if you never finished Hélène et les garçons or the idk how many sequels. Now... as for comedy content you can try Nos chers voisins, it has very short episodes, like seconds long episodes. It's about neighbors from the same building and different backgrounds having fun and strange interactions. I like this one ^^


Nos Chers Voisins looks pretty good, thanks for the suggestion. It's a little above my level but that's what I go for. >if you never finished Hélène et les garçons I don't think I even finished season one lol


I get that, I don't even want to start watching it hahaha In the same style as *Nos Chers Voisins*, there's *Scènes de ménage* (several couples) - I'd say it's a similar level of French as Nos Chers Voisins if not harder depending of the couple. Or an older one, *Un gars, une fille* (a couple) - I'm not sure about the level either. And I'm realizing only now that most of our nice series have hard to understand expressions, puns or references... 😅 (Ah I was looking for a theme to post on r/WriteStreak, I guess I'll drop this kind of recommendations! 🤔)


Anyone have much effectiveness just watching Friends dubbed into their TL. Or any of their favourite shows dubbed into their TL for that matter?


I've been watching the Harry Potter movies in German (30 minutes a day or so) and I've been loving it! I've seen them a million times already in Italian and English so it's quite easy to just concentrate on words and phrases. Personally I think watching dubbed shows can be very useful, especially if you've already seen them. Of course though the translations can't be always spot on and some sentences might not sound too natural


I watched a lot of *Who Wants to Be a Millionaire* (*Wer wird Millionär?*) in German. It probably helped...


Plats bruts for catalan


Apparently, Pszczółka Maja.


I really need to know what's the German "Friends"


Any suggestions for Mandarin shows? ☺️ I am around TOCFL level 3


Perhaps Bitange i princeze in Croatia, maybe someone can give a better example, but I think that this is a good one.


Never found one so just watching pokemon atm haha.


For Hebrew, there's an Israeli (obviously) sitcom called החיים זה לא הכל, transliteration would be HaChaim Ze Lo Hakol, loosely I'd translate as 'Life isn't all that'. It's about a recently separated (or was it divorced?) couple and their intrigues and close friends, set mainly in their respective apartments and is hilarious. Fortunately for all Hebrew students out there who may be reading this post, most of the episodes are available for free on YouTube. Just search for the name in Hebrew.


Is there one for Finnish?


Aquí no hay quien viva and La que se avecina are somewhat similar shows in Spanish. Both focus on different groups of people living together in an apartment complex in Madrid


Surprisingly nobody has mentioned "Chavo del ocho" for Spanish. This is probably the most popular TV show at Brazil (dubbed in Portuguese here)


Any in ukrainian?


I have watched and enjoyed Servant of the people/Слуга Народу, 3 seasons and a movie. A sizeable amount of it is in Russian though.


Any Polish soaps available on YouTube please?


Betty la fea in Spanish, maybe.


For Indonesian, Tetangga Masa Gitu? Contemporary sitcom about two young couples. Lots of episodes officially on YouTube. No subtitles, though.


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What’s a good one for Mexican Spanish?


Ros na Rún


Any recommendations on a Finnish equivalent?


Luottomies is good. I’m also watching Uusi Päivä and Akuiset. I did not enjoy the adult and misogynistic content of Modernit Miehet, but the language level seems comprehensible. And of course Bordertown and Sorjoinen are excellent shows, but more advanced in language. I tried Mieheni Vaimo as well and like that quite a lot too, even though it can be a challenge to watch.


I can't really find shows in my target language