Offering: Russian, Seeking: English

Offering: Russian, Seeking: English


I am not Irish


Мы можем общаться! Я музыкант из Северной Каролины


Hey! I'm not a native speaker. However, I've been learning English practically since my childhood. I am currently at level B2 in Russian and would like to practice it further. Ping me if you feel like exchanging some words )


Hello. I'm 21F and a native english speaker. I'm kind of a scaredy cat so most psychological thrillers aren't my cup of tea, but I love movies and crime shows so it sounds like you'd be nice to talk to. I'm not an extrovert either, or learning Russian, but I want to start talking to new people. DM me if you would like to talk😊


your pfp is so hilarious🤣


Hey there, 23 y.o male here but im not native unfortunately. I can say that i have opposite skills that you have and dont) I can speak and write but my listening and reading skills are terrible. I also interest with Russian language and music. Send me message if you'd like to talk. добрый день)


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Hi, so I'm a 22f native English speaker, and I'm super into psychological thrillers and crime dramas, however, I speak next to no Russian, despite wanting to learn. Currently the only thing in Russian I can say is "I don't understand you" so I'm not sure I'm off to an amazing start.


I could help you out with English, but I'm still a beginner with Russian


Hi! I'm a 20M I have been trying to teach myself Russian. Hopefully someday i will be fluent (or at least decent at speaking the language). I can help with English if you would like!