None of the SP are important except Freya if you need the fixed damage for something. The exclusives between these 3 are all equally needed. Really depends on who you play more. Juggler to make AOE challenge easier. Bernhard to extend his talent and lower all enemies stats. Bozel to always add an extra debuff especially if your Bozel isn't 6*. I probably look at the gears and the enchants. Or just build what you love!


use them on units you actually intend to use if you use all the listed units, the best improvement might actually be SP grenier because he actually outperforms lightbringer/ledin/vargas in pure pve if he is fully built, and the second best is SP lewin, though i doubt you'll ever need multiple offensive lancers (vargas counts) if you are happy with your current team and don't need improvements (lightbringer/elwin/cherie/healer sounds good enough) then saving them for a rainy day is totally reasonable (i have 1600 or so controllers, personally) bernhardt EE, bozel EE and SP matthew are entirely superfluous upgrades for pve players and should be considered luxury


I like Bernhardt because he's a faction buffer, can act as dps and also servicable as a tank. So you get a lot of value out of him. Also his talent is very good against tough bosses. -15% atk and -15% def can make your team survive better, and hit harder. To clarify, since the -15% atk & def are from his talent, it means it's stackable with other atk/def debuffs. After that, Bozel will be a nice option. He's extremely useful in a lot of content. Some maps that are too tough for you to beat normally, you can beat by repeatedly try to get the right debuffs. I did this a while back in Timeless Trials where I'll enter the map, aoe with Bozel and if I don't get Silence on 3/5 enemies, I'd quit and re-try. Helped me beat a lot of stages. Not saying it's optimal, but it's something that can help a lot. Some Exclusives are more useful than others, but no point in getting a good exclusive if you don't use the unit much.


There are heroes who get a lot from exclusive. Helena, for example. Out of your heroes I'd buy an item for Bozel. Lewin is just a really huge upgrade and he fits your Glory team.


Honestly, save them. They aren't the most common thing to get your hands on. If you ever decide to do Apex, that will give you a lot more wiggle room and a head start on decent units to fill your box with.


I am an ultra veteran player, so my situation is a bit different, since I have more than 50% of the total prf, and enough token to buy more. But from my point of view, if it can help you deciding, exclusive equipment are, where not mandatory (like Jugler), fill equipment. For sure there are certain exclusive that are not coverable, like Helena, and other that are needed for SP. But out of there, exclusive equipment are always always worst than normal equipment, or slightly better. My strategy, is to buy exclusive only when yiu miss a specific piece of equipnent. Some day ago I bought Tiaris’ prf becouse I had no more Tennyio’s helm left. That allowed me to equip Adankelmo with a Tennyo’s head. Right now I am going to build SP Matthew so I can transfer his Ragnarok to Towa. This example isn’t really worth it, since I was going to build SP Matthew anyway, but can let you understand that only becouse you can buy exclusive, or SP, it doesn’t mean it is worth. Nothing is more valuable than a Tennyo’s head, Ragnarok, Last Rite and so on. Exclusive come from limitate resource, but they are not more valuable than normal equipments. That’s why you should buy exclusiv only when you are forced to


As someone who is also currently at the stage of my progression where challenge points are going to be spent, exclusive gear seems to be by far the biggest source of character power (just guaranteed, top tier SSR gear for whatever character needs it) for my team. It really depends on the characters you intend to build and use; if you're making regular use of Cherie and she's a core member of your team that you've invested enchants and gear into then SP cherie is one of the greatest possible investments you could ever make. Similarly, if you're using characters that only become actual characters when they have their SP gear (i.e juggler) buying his gear is pretty mandatory. If it's a core team member you should be able to evaluate for yourself how amazing the gear effect would be one them. I recommend checking out the everpresent equipment guide and looking at the exclusives section for heroes you're less familiar with: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/u/0/d/1uVWkQXF4zWfwHK38Iwp4waeDyCgYhdpV9cjOGsAF8Xg/htmlview# Regarding SP Matthew, IMO he seems very mediocre in PvE even with his SP upgrade, it very much seems like the SP was to make him relevant in PvP Lewin is also a mainly PvP character. I'm not entirely sure for Grenier but I'm fairly sure lightbringer is better than him in the role either way.


>Regarding SP Matthew, IMO he seems very mediocre in PvE even with his SP upgrade Oh, thank god


SP Matthew is the best!!


The first SP should be Cherie.


As I said I have SP Cherie, SP Narm and SP Elwin already