Recommendations for private practice psychiatrist/ketamine therapy

Recommendations for private practice psychiatrist/ketamine therapy


Go on the website for Sprivado and they should let you search for a treatment center. Sprivado is the S enantiomer of ketamine (esketamine) and is indicated for treatment resistant depression.


Spravato is what you are looking for there. Having said that, the only benefit to Spravato is that if you get really lucky you \*might\* be able to get your health insurance to pay for some of it. Racemic IV ketamine infusions are reportedly much, much more effective. Check out the r/therapueticketamine sub for a bunch of really good info. I moved to Lancaster during Covid, so I am not familiar with anyone providing the service in the area. I will be interested to see what options everyone comes up with. As a side note, there is a doctor in Charleston SC that is doing telemedicine and prescribing oral troches for home administration. The name is Dr. Smith if I remember correctly and his information can be found in the above-cited ketamine sub-reddit.