Russell Westbrook is one of the only players in sports to get shitted on even when he plays well and his team wins. As big Russ fan, I'm not scarred to admit that he's flawed af as a basketball player but he gets so much disrespect it's insane I don't think you'd see shit like this done to any player in the Top 75 list of any sport tbh


We won and be played well ..why the hate?


Russ was bad for 42 minutes but great for the last 6. J slandered him in the game thread but props to him for closing strong. This shot, the missed dunk, and the ball out of bounds off his foot are still inexcusable tho


> Russ was bad for 42 minutes but great for the last 6 I disagree, he was good pretty much the whole game. He had his blunders and his turnovers but a 24 point triple double on 61% TS is really good


He still had 7 turnovers and got lost numerous times on defense. It’s not like he was being beat off the dribble, but just losing his man constantly. He did hustle on the offensive glass all night, so I’ll go with decent for 42 minutes