How many fucking times has AD missed clutch free throws this year?


Too many at this point dude it’s ridiculous


honestly too many


Celtics game, Knicks game, Sixers game off the top of my head


Pacers game. AD missed the free throw. Last seconds, Andrew Nembhardt hits the buzzer beater three.


Hes 81% except in the last minute of a game I bet he’s like 30%


If the game is tight he will miss at minimum 1 out of 2. If it's a big game (Boston) both


That Philly game comes to mind. Literally cost us a W


I might be exaggerating but I swear his first year here he hit like 90% from the line or something, he's regressed from there especially in the clutch


Injury prone, unmotivated, lazy excuse for a superstar. He should’ve been the first option two years ago, but can never get it done. 100 percent wouldn’t mind exploring trade offers for him in the off season


This one actually left me disgusted


AD deserves to get absolutely shredded. Love the dude but fouling Kleber, missing a free throw and then leaving Kleber open is one of the most pathetic chokes ive ever seen


Yeah. Not to mention going missing in the 3rd quarter until later to attempt to score. His play is inexcusable. Just tragic Johnson levels of play


D'Angelo Russel shooting 29% and 0-6 from DT didn't help much either.


But the point is AD is the star. As bad as everyone's played, the team got over the hump and had a leadv toward the end before AD's one bone head play after another.


Ad’s close out was the dumbest shit I seen. He had no business running out on him so out of control. The guy has noodles for legs and is fucking clumsy


Dlo is paid 30m this year and honestly he’s too streaky for that price tag. Him and Beasley are heat check guys. Dlo has some playmaking skills but he also can be tunnel vision. With a full healthy squad ie with LeBron, I think he will be much better.


Yea it’s his fault but it’s also the guards fault as well. When Schroder came in he immediately got AD two shots back to back


The stans will tell you that his 26 and 10 means he played well. Or have they finally figured that a guy in his prime should give 35 and 20 plus effort in must win games.


Man isn’t Shaq man haha.


Bruh, in this league, Shaq would probably put up Wilt numbers if the ref's actually gave him the correct leeway.


It's the first foul on Kleber that pissed me off. That's the ball game right there. Obviously, AD knows he wasn't going to block the shot attempt from 26 feet, so of course, you do a general close-out without fouling. It's just common fucking sense.


Losing is one thing but losing on a game winner is such a gut punch, especially considering how huge this game was for the standings


The game was pretty much wrapped up before that AD foul


AD quite literally ended the season himself potentially tonight in a span of 14 game seconds


The funny thing was Kleber would have missed that 3... AD should not have bodied him, that was unnecessary...


This legitimately killed my hope for the season. Whatever happens happens at this point.


Yh I’m checked out too. Will need to take a break from watching games live


I agree. I can't live with this level of aggravation and stress. I've been following the Lakers since 1962(!) and this is the most frustrating season of these entire 60 years. First, watching Westbrook was torturous, especially knowing how ridiculous that trade was. And during the early art of the season, watching the Lakers blow 4-5 games in the final seconds due to their not being able to put away combined with bad referee calls. Then to start to build up hope after the deadline trades, only to have it crushed again. Losing to the Knicks without Brunson. Losing to the last-place Rockets. And then losing to the Mavs, at home, without Luka, all after being ahead by 5 points, with the ball, with under 20 seconds to play. So all told, losing 3 out of 4 games, just when they had a chance to make a real move in the standings. Worst loss of the season. Heck, this was the worst loss since the 2021 playoffs. Instead of being tied for 8th, a game out of 6th, they fall back to 10th place--and only by a few percentage points ahead of 11th place. They essentially lose 3 games in the competition with Dallas--the two game swing today plus losing the season series and thus a chance at the tie breaker with them. Just soul crushing. Anybody know a good Netflix series? I need something else to occupy my free time the next few weeks.


I look forward to losing to Orlando so I can just go fucking die without hope.


There's no chance they get to .500 this season.


Yeah this is the one I give up on giving a shit if they make it or not cause I have no desire to have hope after that. For AD to choke like that in this critical point of the season just shows how unserious this team is. Shutdown Lebron and lets just roll next year with a clean slate


this and the rockets game were super winnable too, just disappointing shit all around. ottno, i guess.


AD was ass in the NY game too. I'm typically not so negative, but I'm seriously doubting AD's ability to lead a team over difficult games. Finding a way, down the stretch, taking over on both ends ... just not seeing it right now.


He can’t lead. He’s an extremely strong 2nd best player but he can’t lead for shit


they keep saying how theyre gonna watch the film, learn from their mistakes, and forget about it and move on to the next game. the problem is it doesnt seem like theyre taking anything from their losses and keep making the same undisciplined mistakes over and over


This team is just on their phones the entire while watching film


Cancelled out the epic comeback in Dallas. Disgusting


Don't worry they'll beat the Magic, AD will go 30-10, DLo will have some cool celebrations, we're back they'll say. Then they'll play phoenix Tuesday and face reality.


I don’t even care anymore bro. I’m done watching until the playoffs come around I’ll find out if we made by then, can’t keep watching this lame shit 😂


glad we saved AD from the Houston game for this shit


Biggest blunder of the season, throwing away an easy win.


Show me how much you want to win by sitting out games




Waiting for another accountability quote from AD to drop 🔥


Truly impressive, that was a all time trifecta choke job. Foul the 3 point shooter Miss a FT Get lost on defense and leaves a guy wide open on the shot that can end us. Truly amazing


“I gotta be better” I’m tired of hearing that shit


AD is such a confusing player because in terms of talent, he's right up there with the top 5 players in the league, but what stops him is his lack of consistency to be aggressive, look at guys like Embiid and Giannis, yes they're good but they're consistently good, AD just isn't consistent enough and as the superstar of the team it's on him to win us close games like that and instead he lost it


AD just looks like he wants to have fun.


He’s soft and lacks the intangibles, let’s stop overlooking it. AD can never win (a ring) as the #1 on a team


Yup. I’m not on the trade him train because I don’t think you’d get the value he brings back. But man a lot of these winnable Ls has been on him being super passive. Even some of his big number games he goes on long stretches of not being noticeable on the court. He should be in the same mvp conversation as embiid Giannis joker, will have a game where he looks like he should be. Then will be passive or miss games. So frustrating


He’s gonna be all teary eyed and say the same old shit he does every time he screws up, and then the next game make the same exact mistakes. This dude is all talk


Waiting for another deactivate reactivate IG bullshit. Thin-skinned mofo


Yea but bro cares so much about winning! Barely stood up for Lebron’s biggest moment…


Still pisses me off, honestly.


AD waits until the fourth to finally get serious is a joke. Has to be more demanding early on. Had only 6FGs through the half


He's soft, will never change


Fucking terrible foul at the end. ADumbass man.


I know the season isn’t technically over, but this feels like the knockout blow.


AD giving everybody on the team sports psychology issues


It just means if anything Lakers will have to settle in 9th or 10th at the play-in But these boneheaded moves give no optimism for the playoffs. Not locked in and lacking in showing up when needed


Nah 8th seed is still in play esp with Anthony edwards prob gonna be out for awhile for the twolves. OKC is also very inconsistent.


Ok but what the fuck are the Jazz trying to do?? Are they tanking or not? I don't like being tied with them


They are starting THT and playing him 30+ minutes, and are giving Kris Dunn rotational minutes, you be the judge But their coach is actually great and Markkanen and Kessler are solid, so a win or 2 are gonna pop up


Its over. A loss like this just kills any momentum a team can have. 11 games left with 3 of those being the Suns and Clippers. 8 'easy' games but how many of those would we win when we cant beat the Rockets or the Mavs without Luka?


I feel the same.


Come on yalls. Pels twolves blazers all lost today. Plus Anthony Edwards got really injured. Playin is guaranteed at this point


We’re really here praying for a playin at the 9-10 spot lmao. How fucking far we’ve fallen.


What no Bron does to a team


I didn’t want play in, I wanted the 6 seed. I swear to God this team, looks like they’re so close then bam, DLo injured, boom LeBron injured, next wee sit Ad against the rockets and then this shit. You can just tell if we had LeBron we would’ve finished the season like 21-3 but fuck me man, with 11 games left of the season we have to somehow pray for an 8-3 finality.




End of the season.


Luckily teams that needed to lose, lost. We stayed stagnant. Which seems to be our moto.


Honestly after that, I'd rather just end the season now. Pathetic


Let’s be real, if your star player can’t play back to backs in crucial season defining games, you have no business trying to get into the playoffs. I’m not blaming AD for not playing but that’s the reality of it.


Trade his soft ass this off-season


To think people in our sub had the audacity to compare AD with Giannis, Jokic, Embiid. Embiid would’ve easily closed this out.


AD fouls a 58% free throw shooter who then proceeds to make all three of them, then he chokes at the line, then he gives up the game winning 3 to that same guy that hadn't made a shot all fucking night What a way to end the season


The sequence of all that happening and AD being in the middle of all that… fucking terrible Kleber couldn’t even miss 1 free throw.. dude decided to become Curry.


He's not 58%, he's 78 on his career and just has a super low sample size so far this year.


He is a 78% free throw Shooter in his career


AD sold hard af


DLo missed every shot in the 4th. Don’t forget he sold as well


He chucked so many bricks down the stretch it was unbelievable to watch


I just kept praying that Dennis would STOP passing him the damn ball


Doesnt matter. Mavs had the ball with 14 seconds left. We were up 4, Kleber about to brick a 3 and then AD fouls him like a moron. AD then proceeds to miss a free throw and then leave Kleber open to win the game. I don't like blaming 1 player for a loss but idc for this one AD 100% lost this game. Masterclass choke from him


But one is supposed to be a superstar and plays like Charmin.


All the teams we are competing against for seeding lost and we still choked. Smh.


Just like that rockets game.


ah the lakers special


AD sits out in a crucial game against Houston Lakers lose AD fouls a 3 point shooter. Shooter goes 3/3 AD misses a free throw AD loses Kleber. Kleber makes a 3 Lakers lose


Lakers lose after having a 4 point point lead with less than 10 seconds left before AD’s single handed meltdown* -FTFY


Why the fuck is AD shooting the clutch freethrows? Everyone knew he was missing at least one.


The play was clearly not meant to be for him, he was the bail out because D'Lo and Schroeder couldn't spring free.


Yeah because they've run the same fucking play where Dennis sprints into the back court every fucking time....How about fake sprint to the back court then cut back to the passer and get the fucking ball?


Looks like they covered dennis well, mavs were expecting dennis to get the ball


Because they defended the inbound well.


They had to inbound and were having trouble getting it to anyone else


Wenyen, Rui & Reaves have proven to be more valuable than Troy Brown Jr & Beasely. When will Ham see this & decide to start one over the others? Rui over TBJ would be a good start. Rui defense has improved & been consistently getting 10+ pts past few games


Beasley needs to sit I agree.


Ham reading Reddit to see what to do next.


Everything possible had to go wrong. Absurd missed call on a challenge, DLo shoots like ass again, miss so many free throws, AD fouls Kleber, and every fucking Mav shoots like Steph. Unreal how it all combines. Worst loss of the season and that might be the one to end us.


Everytime the rest of the games of the day go perfectly well for us, everyone around us in the standings loses that day.. we fucking shit the bed. wtf


You know that has happened many times against different teams, the truth is that the team aint as good as we think they are.


Yep. Good teams close strong.


Another lost game cause AD can’t make his free throws…


Bron ain’t playing again this season


i hope not bruh. I don’t want him to rush back and get hurt all for this sorry ass team


So what the fuck is the point of wanting to make the play in/offs when we can’t even beat the rockets, knicks without Brunson, and mavs without luka. Jesus fucking Christ Orlando is gonna have a field day on us


Anthony Davis single-handedly blew a 4 point lead with 7 seconds left. Unforgivable.


Almost Dominant is his name. AD for short.


I need a break from this team for a while..


Same I can’t even look at the standings right now. This was such a bullshit ending


Yeah, this loss broke me. Seeing Wenyen & Reaves’s reaction at the end, too. It wasn’t just a loss, it will definitely affect their mentality during this playoff fight.


Those kind of losses that kills a teams season


19-31FTs if we had made 5 we wouldn’t be here. AD dumb foul in fourth, missed clutch FTs. DLo had an awful 4th Qtr. Reaves missing FTs. All around ugly game, this team isn’t serious. Up 4pts & DLo & AD throw it away




AD cost us the game. Simple as that. Also really bad that he’s been ice cold for the last few games. Don’t care what anyone says, LeBron is going to force this team to trade for Kyrie after this past week. Any remote possibility of it not happening went out the window.


I know we’re all reactionary, especially right now. But it’s funny how quickly the “sign D Lo and keep this squad together. We don’t want Kyrie!” notion has changed. Getting lit up by Kyrie and seeing the gap between him and D Lo sure changed some feelings…understandably


The one hope with Kyrie on this team is that he clearly wants to play with LeBron again and that could keep his antics in check. Overall, he’s much better than DLo, but sacrificing depth and Kyrie’s availability are the main risks.


He's been the reason for multiple losses down the stretch of this season. All time sell job


Yeah we gotta call it what it is, that’s at least 3 games lost on clutch free throws this season by AD. Unacceptable.


Three losses this season by my count because of his free throws. Unbelievable


He’s had to be the worst clutch superstar in the league.


Demoralizing loss. This one’s on AD for gifting the Mavs 7 points in the final 10 seconds. Fucking garbage


3rd game this season AD cost us with his free throws in the clutch


3 games is a pretty big difference in the standings huh


AD sits out Houston and gives us this sorry ass performance. I'm out. See you guys next season


You can question Kyries intangibles but for the idiots thinking DLo comes even remotely close to what Kyrie is you have your answer.


The coddling of AD MUST STOP. Play this man every game 40 plus minutes


i love ad but he threw the game. season is over lmao what a joke


AD isn’t our future idc what anyone says


I'd prefer the Lakers rebuild after Bron leaves. Fuck paying Mr Glass max money to be passive and be in street clothes 50% of the season


He IS the future lol. That’s the problem. If not it’s full rebuild time with no draft picks.


We literally have all our picks except for 2.


He is a good third option for a championship team nowadays, no joke. He should be the Bosh in this team, need a solid number two.


Out of the play in again?


AD; Always Disappointing


We’re never winning shit again with AD eating up a max contract. Dude can’t stay on the floor and even when he does he can’t be a #1 guy. THREE losses on him alone for missed free throws


i'm not sleeping well tonight


There’s no point of making this many excuses for a team that just keeps losing. If we have to do this much mental gymnastics everyday to make our team sound good, then maybe the team just isn’t good.


this is crazy we are like 4 free throws away from 4 more wins losing against Houston is embarassing, should have been at 500 and then we 2 below and now lose this game and go 3 below ​ this is nuts


The Lakers are like a student didnt study all semester; they are trying to cram in a whole semester into the last few weeks, but it’s catching up to them.


Lost in all this is that Rui had 10 points and 2 steals and played less than TBJ and Malik’s dumbass


Yea this is why you don't sit out AD against Houston, that game was prolly the easiest W.


ive seen high school basketball teams play with more urgency and IQ than these idiots.


We would've been 6th seed now if AD played against Rockets and didn't choke 3 times in a row this game...


AD has to be traded in the offseason. No way we going to re-up this dude. Hes never healthy, and when he does play like 30% of games he's just mentally checked out. The other times, yes he is fucking amazing, but my god do I not give a shit after 3 seasons of the same bs with him


AD from years back brought it just about every night and took over games. We now have the 50/30/20 50% of the season he’s great, 30% he’s mediocre (for his expectations) and 20% he’s either hurt or played shitty.


That 20% is too low






AD singlehandedly lost us this game with less than 8 seconds of actual game time left


These games are slowly taking days off my life, the Boston layup game, the rockets, and now this have probably shaved a week or two off my life.


AD interview tells you all you need to know. No accountability


season over.


AD did everything possible to help lose that game. He's way too good of a defender to make a bonehead foul like that at the end of the game. And then he caps it off with a missed free throw.


We at 11th seed again let’s goooo


10th still, Utah is still one win below.


I’m still sitting on my couch and in complete disbelief. It’s been like 20 minutes lmao.


Welp, that’s the season. See you all next year!


Defended AD for a while but I wouldn’t be mad if we traded him


I hope resting against the Rockets was worth it


AD missing the Rockets game and botching tonight magnifies it even more. Gonna look back at both of these games as the season.


This is the result of sitting ad from the houston game. Lakers suck right now






Davis sold😭


Pack it up man lol ![gif](giphy|xUPGcC0R9QjyxkPnS8)


AD is a secret agent.


If AD played at Huston and sit out the Mavs game, we might have won both, lmao.


Literally called to cancel my spectrum immediately after this game.


This team is garbaggio man. Literally every other result went their way tonight, and they come out and screw around in crunch time. The luster of the deadline acquisitions has worn off and they are just another middling team unable to get over the hump. Not really worth it for Lebron to rush back for what feels like a first round exit at best.


hopefully this puts to rest that "i dont want kyrie, we have Dlo" bullshit.


Best case scenario now is 9-10 spot … and we are not winning 2 elimination games in a row lol


Kryie>Russell.. IDGAF about Kryie’s off the court.. When he is on the court.. he fucking shows up & balls out.. When we needed him the most.. Russell has been MIA the last 2 games.. We have Kryie.. we win.. Fuck this soft ass team..


Can't watch this team on weekends anymore... Los loser lakers always find a way to ruin my weekend and leave me fucking tilted.


A.D sold the season


Damn kyrie had 5 fouls on pretty much all of 4th quarter and ham cant come up with a plan to attack kyrie to draw foul?


What a choke job, winnable game ruined by horrendous fouling and bricked FT's!! Hope we bounce back man cause I'm still optimistic af!


Team isn't any better after the trade deadline. What the hell happened to Vando, D'Lo, and Malik??


They weren't that good that's why we got them for cheap.


This squad took a .500 vaccine or something


AD is such a talented player and I don’t wanna call him out on his intelligence but any average Joe can realize that it is much more crucial to guard a game winner than an OT shot




Where are all the Lakers "on to the next one" guys now?


man i got real nervous when they passed the ball to AD to shoot the free throws.. should've done what has been working and pass to dennis, let him run the clock and get fouled


Beginning to see why we got vando, dlo, and beasly for so cheap. Vando is great hustle and energy type guy but bad offensively, maybe in the bottom tier of starters out of all 30 teams. Dlo and beasly are ass most nights


DSnitch has one great game and everyone put him in the Laker HOF. Imagine if Russ shot 0-6 from 3 in a critical game at home the media and the "Fans" would be raking him through the coal. Unreal man I just can't with the narratives


really can't believe lebron got injured literally right after the trade almost feels like lakers sold their souls to bball gods for the bubble ring


Why Rui doesn’t play 4Q?


Rui shot well, so why only 16 minutes? And even though he made an important 3P in the 3Q,it was busted by Beasley.


This was definitely the last game of the season i watched live. Just shut down Lebron and let him heal up, the worst thing that could happen is rushing him back for what, a fucking playin spot? Man this game felt like the worst moment of the season - just all around disappointment.


so Vando's been figured out now, Beasley can't hit a shot to save his life, and DLo is as average as ever yet Jeanie and Pelinka have already decided just to run back all this garbage again? so basically ownership and the front office can just take the summer off entirely?