I would recommend bringing your left hand closer to your other. The farther apart they are, the more power you will have, but the closer they are the faster your clamp will be. It’s about finding a balance that suits you. Once you feel you have a solid first move, you should expand your “tool belt” of moves, adding as many variations to your first move or counters as possible. Greg gurenlians YouTube channel has a lot of good info on secondary moves.


Does moving your hand up really do much? I thought it was about punching that right hand and then bringing the left up for the plunger, because I’ve always had my hand completely at the bottom and still win most of my faceoffs


Once you get used to it it'll increase your clamp speed a ton. Like the original comment said, it's all about a balance between punch power and speed. However, the closer your hands are, generally will increase speed


I was an attackman not a FOGO but any time I had to take one, I always made sure I had a low base. Sink those hips and be in a half squat (quads parallel to the ground) so you’re in quick-twitch mode. I felt like that helped because in the event you lose the clamp, you’re already in ground ball mode and can fight for possession. That’s a faceoff hack but everyone else on here is right, definitely hit up a real professional training session, those guys know their stuff


Watch everything Greg gurenlian has on the faceoff academy YouTube and Instagram. Then go do those things.


You look like you’ve got quick hands, which is a really good place to start. I would say you want a lower stance to try to get more power, and punch your bottom hand out more on the clamp to get more leverage. YouTube would be a good place to look for face off advice, I only really know some general basics.


Can you get to a Face Off Factory training? One session will do more to help you than anything else. They have a great website with a lot of resources too.


I have been to the FOA with jerry ragonese and it definitely helped me a lot but the problem was there are not a lot of people to get reps in with, when I went it was like 3 of us and one was a 5 year old lol but he definitely helped me understand technique.


I am a club faceoff guy in High School, I would recommend keeping your hips high but staying hunched over the ball so your elbows are bent. and keep your left foot just outside of your stick with your right foot behind your right hand. Have your right wrist cocked back and work on snapping over the ball. And for your left hand, I like to half it about a third of the way up my stick and I hold it right so I can drive down the line(which from the video you need to work on). Overall I would say to work on snapping over the ball with your right hand and driving down the line with your left. Edit: also jeep your hand light and work on punching your left hand out a little


do not lower your stance, you want your hips high so you can drive down into the ball. faceoff factory as a whole has been preaching this recently


Your hips are pointed forward. They should be pointed at the ball. Angle your toes a little and your hips will turn. You lean in to get closer when all you really need to do is turn toward the ball and drop your hips. I don't get the sense you have multiple moves available based on your setup. If I'm coming to the X and see how you get in your stance, I'm boxing you out 100%. I can get lower, pivot step inward to push you off the ball and exit to my goalie. You'd have to be faster than me in your clamp and your exit to beat me, and the likelihood you'd get one and be able to get the GB from that position is low. I'd highly recommend you get two or three moves in your arsenal that have no difference in stance. A forward move, a defensive move, and a speed move. Then if someone like me comes up to the X, you can surprise me with something I'm not expecting. Good luck!


I’m not a face off expert but I’d say your bottom hand is way too low on the stick and your butt is too high in your stance. Get lower and get your hand up the shaft. Watch some of the best fogos to se show they work. Farrell, Baptiste, etc.


I appreciate the feedback !!


Your stance is fine it’s all about what works for you. A lot of college guys have their stances high and not low so they can exit quicker or go into a counter quicker. Also try and think about driving your thumb into the ball and then turn your wrist to go over as well as working on painting the line for your exits


Try and punch the right hand as well the left hand is just there to help saw and get the ball. As I said before your stance is fine


Get lower, staying up high means your arms are already extended and mobility is limited. You want to stay low so you can bend your arms which allows you to throw “punches”. A more “punching” movement makes you more explosive giving speed and strength.