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KIM DOYEON I see her profile picture everywhere and people don't even know from what group she is (Weki Meki). She already has lots of modeling and acting gigs on the side but if she would be from a bigger (or better managed) company, she would be huge! Girl has a hella pretty voice and is one of the kindest and most beautiful idols I know.


Omg yep shes the It girl for me. In all of her performances she just has such charisma and she looks literally perfect (to me). I got into Weki Meki after [clicking on this thumbnail of her](https://imgur.com/gallery/qZLfidg) because I was blown away by her face.




fromis\_9 jiwon, she's so pretty and funny and has an **incredible** voice, but i didn't know anything about her until i looked into the group. there's also seoyeon who is an absolute ace




Her agency is notorious for poor management. That's why T-ara left


[woo! ah!'s Nana](https://www.allkpop.com/upload/2021/10/content/190414/1634631283-20211019-nana.jpg)


What could have been if JYPE had given Nayeon some solo activities back in 2018-19 when she was competing with all the it girls in Korean popularity without any.


Who were the it girls at that time?


I think Huh Jiwon from Cherry Bullet could've been the Korean it girl of Kep1er if she got in


Came here to say this! People keep saying that there weren't many center suited K girls from K group when Jiwon literally exists. Literally can do everything - sing, rap, dance and suit several different concepts, jaw dropping visuals and a nice personality.


(G)I-DLE's Miyeon. Stunning visuals and vocals. The solo activities last year really gave her a huge push but she still has more potential to get even bigger. She acted in four web dramas, and she's getting more experience to potentially star in a cable drama (even if it's a supporting role). She was also very active as a host and MC.


I think it's a little too soon to count Miyeon out of the running. They're doing a decent job with propping her up rn as you mentioned in your comment.


Absolutely agree on Doah. She is kinda amazing. I love her attidue as well. If anyone is interested you can check Fanatics youtube channel, she posts covers and vlogs.


Doah & Pristin’s Xiyeon for me Secret Number’s Jinny (if they continued their upward trend)


Oohhh I forgot about Xiyeon! She used to be Music Bank MC with Cha Eunwoo! Maaan PLEDIS really wasted the PRISTIN girls…


Pledge really wasted Xiyeon's childhood since she's been at the company when afterschool got popular in 2010-2012


xiyeon was even in the bang! music video


wait, really? do you have a timestamp?


yes! you can see in her the beginning she’s one of the two little girls. i think we see clearly her face around 0:07-0:08




i heard she began training at the age of eight.. only for pledis to do what they did to pristin


agree with both of the examples in your op and glad you brought them up. i want to add that doah snagged an etude house cf right after produce, which is a big deal bc the previous models were the likes of f(x)'s krystal and sulli, 2ne1's dara, jun jihyun, ses, park shinhye, goo ara....bascially a BUNCH of big names that would eventually become it girls/forces in the industry. i think the industry was definitely on the look out for her, it's unfortunate things havent worked out for her yet. hopefully she gets another acting break -- kep1er wouldve been a great opportunity for her and im sad that she essentially ended up giving up her spot in girl's world (another great opportunity for her) to pursue a dead end. as for eunwoo, she was super popular on produce, i think the third most popular pledis girl after pinky and nayoung. she was super popular on both male and female communities and i think she could've filled in the "girl crush" role among it girls had things panned out better for pristin. in terms of pristin, i also think people had their eyes on xiyeon, but that didnt pann out. some other examples i can think of off the top of my head * **9muses hyunah, kyungri, & minah**: i never followed 9muses, but i did know of their amazing beauty. **minah**, **kyungri**, and **hyunah** in particular were all often hailed as legendary beauties so its unfortunate they didnt truly pop off. **kyungri** became the biggest star from what i can tell, but not as big as she shouldve been. * **april naeun**: it's obvious why she went down like she did, but the fact that she was literally on the brink of success is still quite shocking. the scandal broke out after she had been cast in *taxi driver*, and she was pulled from the show. however, from what i remember, *taxi driver* went on to be a huge success. its wild to think of where he career would be now if not for the scandal. * **bonusbaby moonhee**: she started popping off because of mixnine i believe. people loved her, they thought she was so pretty and were often saying that if she were in a bigger company, she would be a sensation. well, she wasnt, and that hype she had for a while died down. unfortunate. * **clc eunbin, yeeun, & yujin**: i feel like i may get some disagreement on this, but there was a time when these three got some hype. **eunbin**, when she was in produce. she was cute in a kind of dark and mysterious way, and she was gaining hella fans....only for cube to squander it by upsetting produce viewers by announcing she would be joining clc. from there her votes dropped bc people felt since she was already guranteed a debut, what was the point? she still remained one of the most popular, if not the most popular, clc member domestically and she has gotten some acting opportunities here and there, but she never really broke out. as for **yeeun**, there was a just a while wherein, it seemed like she was gaining some traction among domestic fans. i think it was after she cut her hair, it got her a bit of positive buzz. i saw more compliments on her performance and more people wondering why she wasnt more known. there was an attempt with good girl, but that show never got off the ground, and clc hasnt really done much since. **yujin** was the most poppin' member at clc's debut if i remember correctly. people loved her figure and thought she was cute. she really killed the cute concept. but i guess with clc never taking off with it, she kinda faded. hopefully with her debuting in kep1er, she will gain back the hype (though i see xiaoting and chaehyun being the breakouts with that group atm). * **dia chaeyeon**: i dont know what happened. chaeyeon was one of the most poular members in ioi along with sejeong and sohye, she was praised for her beauty, she landed acting roles and cfs -- even with dia not rising in popularity, she remained fairly popular herself, but within the past few years things have just gone....silent for her? it's weird. im not going to lie, i havent been paying the most attention to her or dia for a while now, but its like the plug was pulled on her despite being decently in demand. she has such an innocent and pure beauty, she definitely couldve been more popular. * **elris sohee**: i never actually watched kpop star, but from what i heard both jyp and yg wanted to scout her. she was all the rage bc she's beautiful, can sing, can dance....but she's under hunus. she managed to even get the former bol4 member on her solo while bol4 was actively topping charts, but it seems like the interest in her fizzled after she debuted in a group from a lesser known company.... * **gfriend eunha, yerin, & yuju:** there's a lot i could say here -- while gfriend did experience a minor dip in popularity circa 2017, its still unfortunate that they never had an it girl. i feel like yuju couldve followed taeyeon's footsteps (well, she still can, though there will be some hurdle). she had a song early on that became a hit, and she was known for her vocals, but the popularity she had wasnt sustained. eunha couldve been the more standard it girl in terms of being pretty + talented, but i dont think she was ever pushed outside of the fandom. yerin was huge in the fandom and was known on variety, but she never went the full route like mijoo in capitalizing on variety sense. * **lovelyz kei & sujeong**: when lovelyz debuted, male fans were fighting over who was better: irene or kei? **kei** was really popular for her natural aegyo and cute personality. keep in mind, this was around the hyeri era, where being known for being cute was a way to get popular. kei brought a lot of fans to lovelyz with her pure image, but i think after a while korea was looking for a more chic image when it came to it girls, which didnt match up with kei's image. **sujeong** also began to gain popularity later in lovelyz's career for her cute face, nice body, and talents, but she never took off outside of online spaces. thankfully, mijoo, who was also a popular member, did end up making it as an it girl through variety. * **momoland nancy & yeonwoo:** jooe becoming a hit is still a miracle within itself considering how stifled she was in the beginning of their career, but i want to talk about these two. **nancy** was the one that was initially pushed, and it makes sense: she's pretty and unique looking with her mix of white and korean features. she was a big draw to casuals but never blew up past that. then there's **yeonwoo**, who became a bit of a sex symbol during bboom bboom. unfortunately she left the group and hasnt since capitalized on that aspect that made her popular, and im not sure if she ever will. * **twice jeongyeon, nayeon, sana, & tzuyu:** twice in general have a lot of potential for individual stardom that obviously wasnt capitalized on bc of "9 or none". these four in particular however had the interest and the aspects to really dominate in terms of acting (jeongyeon), cfs/variety (sana), modelling (tzuyu), and fashion (nayeon). i think there was a lot of hype and hope for these four in those particular eras, but that never panned out. tzuyu was initially pushed (she had several cfs) but i think their hectic scheduele, the china issue, and some of the backlash jyp faced bc of how she was marketed is what reigned her in. * **weki meki/ioi doyeon**: compared to jun jihyun from the moment she showed up to actually being in a drama with jun jihyun, it's like the universe wants her to be an it girl, but also is somehow not complying with it's own rules. she's been a model for maybelline new york, had a cf with nam joohyuk for kb kookmin bank, has been taking part in dramas....honestly, maybe it's just with time. she's making good pace as she is right now, and im looking forward to what the future holds for her. * **wjsn bona, eunseo, luda, & seola**: i'll only be speaking of the korean members bc the chinese members have gotten their bag. with these four, they popular and they have some reach, but they havent broken out of the online sphere into a more tangible popularity. bona is probably the most known among the gp, with her acting projects, but that doesnt mean much. what hurts with them is that ive, who just came out the gate, are more stronger in terms of fandom and gp recognition. i do hope there's some way one of them can break out, because there's so much potential in the group as a whole. thankfully, it doesnt seem like starship is giving up on them.


IOI/DIA's Chaeyeon was on a hiatus the past year and a half, so obviously it'll be silent. But she recently came back with acting on the drama The King's Affection, and was nominated for Best New Actress at KBS Drama Awards. She's also been teasing a DIA comeback recently, so DIA maybe having a comeback soon.


wow, thank you for this! i thought that maybe she was on a hiatus but i didnt remember hearing anything from mbk. i remember checking her instagram and seeing some sparse updates, but that was all. im a drama fan but i actually completely forgot that she was in "the kings affection"! i vaguely remember hearing about a casting but i completely forgot. that's the drama nam yoonso was in believe as well, right? im happy to hear it went well for her, shes a great actress...all the ioi girls going into acting and being successful is quite pleasing to me honestly. didnt know she was teasing a dia comeback but elated to hear that bc i miss their music 💕


Yeah, that's the drama. Chaeyeon played the role of the Queen (Park Eunbin's wife). The DIA comeback is just fan's assumption, but Chaeyeon and other DIA girls have been saying stuff like good news coming, and there was some IG shots of them in studio, so quite possibly comeback, but at this point who knows with MBK.


I agree with almost of these


I agree with all of these


Gfriend was dragged down by netizens bc they had ps predebut.


i dont really think that matters as tons of idols have had PS predebut. dia chaeyeon for instance was constantly asked about her predebut ps and even admitted to getting her eyes and nose done but no one cares bc shes stunning. i really think it had to do with source being unable to capitalize on their popularity at the time bc they were new to the whole idol management thing and gfriend blew up so quickly before they could learn how to properly manage them.


Netizens were saying gfriend ps was done poorly.


That doesn't really mean anything. In a way, every group was dragged for predebut ps and it has pretty much never stopped anything from happening. I don't think it's a real issue they have to face. This is more of a thing if your job is to create clickbait content in kpop


kino from pentagon. he is IT but unfortunately not everyone has realized that yet edit: i did not realize you were asking specifically about girls oops


Don't feel too bad. I also initially misread the title and instantly thought of under appreciated It-Boy Kino before reading the rest of the post. LOL


T-ara's Jiyeon would have been up there with Suzy and Yoona as the 2nd gen 'it-girls' if it weren't for that bullshit scandal Slightly off-topic: But was f(x)'s Krystal considered an 'it-girl' by the public or k-pop fans? I know quite a few people (including me) think that she has some 'it-factor' but I don't know if k-pop fandom and/or the Korean public in large agreed with that.


Pristin’s Xiyeon Elris’s Sohee Weki Meki’s Doyeon Wjsn’s Bona


bona/seola (wjsn) and jiyeon (t-ara)


Nana from wooah Linzy from fiestar Solbin from laboum Soodam from secret number


Kang Mina. I remember when IOI debuted, she was a fan favorite and when she lost all that weight her star really began to rise and she had a ton of endorsements, hosting gigs and acting opportunities. I figured she would grow into the more wholesome, homegrown it-girl figure as she had that daughter-like quality to her and the nation had seen her grow in front of their eyes.


I totally agree with your and others' example like FANATICS Doah, Cherry Bullet's Jiwon and Former Pristin Xiyeon! They totally have the visuals and aura to be an it girl but sadly they're not from a big company and Pledis wasted Pristin


[Bian](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2fbsF8lizFE) Do I need to say anything else? After ANS died tragically, the company should’ve debut her solo. Yes, it’s hard out there for a soloist, but she totally can pull her own weight.


Secret Number's Jinny. Damn, I really wish she didn't leave YG. That girl got everything and has so much potential. I really hoped she got into bigger entertainment because girl needs to be shown to the world. Plus her visuals, lmao pay the woman huge attention.


If she stayed in YG she would have never debuted.


That hurts but it makes sense wth. Still, Jinny could've been big like BIG if she went to a big entertainment.


Doah is so young, I like to think she still has a chance to hit it big. Cherry Bullet's Jiwon is basically everything people look for in an idol: great vocals and dancing, amazing visuals, captivating center; but being from a small company greatly hurts her chances. I wish she had been on Produce48, her visuals along with a decent storyline should've taken her far. Obviously, that's not for sure (case in point: Yiren, but that may have been because her flexibility was her only 'storyline'), but I think she would have had a fair chance because she has the talents to back up her looks.


Red Velvet Seulgi. Idk i feel like she could’ve been more popular. Like she has a similar visual and image as ITZY’s Yeji and we all know Yeji is the most popular member from itzy. She used to be RV’s center too but then they gave all center opportunities to irene and that might have been the reason why she couldn’t be an it girl. I also remember koreans liking her visuals a lot and several male idols chose her as their ideal type. Right now, she’s still popular but I notice that both irene and joy are more popular than her and were able to become it girls unlike seulgi.


I think Seulgi's greatest asset is how likeable she is. Everyone from industry insiders, fellow idols and fans just adores her. She's gorgeous, hard working and so so polite. That being said, and I say this with love, she doesn't have the best variety chops and because she's marketed as this wholesome, sweet, girl next door type she can't get away with the more mysterious vibe Jennie pulls off imo. Joy really rose due to her variety.


Secret's hyosung, she was good on variety and dancing. Ts just effed up her career with the lawsuit . She's in acting now, but has no where near her popularity as a secret member. Fromis9 Jang Gyuri. She had a role in the drama It okay not to be okay. The drama had good ratings but that didn't help translate over to her group and herself.


hyosung the OG bagel girl >_< she was really screwed over by tshit management


Gyrui’s drana unfortunately came during the group’s long hiatus so there wasn’t much OTR were doing at all for the group.


Itzys yeji her looks are very unique and j find them so alluring she has the cat eyes similar to red velvet selfless. She also the most well known member in ITZY to the GP so I definitely see Yeji being a 4th gen jt girl in the future.


Does Taeyeon count? Yes she’s a legendary celebrity but she never really had specifically the “it girl” imagine even though she totally could, especially with the way they’ve been styling her these days.


jeewon from cignature. she is really pretty and charming, and it looks like she's been pushed a lot as the group's center. i think people can recognize her as the smiley girl during the unit (the survival show) and she could have been bigger if the agency pushed for her individual activities post-the unit, but oh well also i agree with your take about doah! i knew she had cf deal(s) and was in webdrama(s) too, i hope things goes well for her




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Jennie from blackpink Can be the next it girl


Isn’t she already?


I mean for 2022 she will be again the it girl


I don't think these things happen on a yearly basis.. Jennie has already established herself as an It Girl and will probably remain so


I just think Jennie will maintain her position in 2022. Only winter or Karina Can be brand réputation number 1 one or 2 months when they have a comeback