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It's gotta be the YunJae (Yunho x Jaejoong) stans. I don't think it helped that DBSK did a minidrama called Dangerous Love where Jaejoong reads YunJae fanfic. I thought for the most part the shippers relaxed but they definitely showed back up in full force when Yunho and Jaejoong met back up in the military lmao.




Omg that minidrama in which he reads yunjae fics 😂 those were memories deeply locked in my mind lmaoo


even after all these years I still can’t believe they made that lmfao I’m still screaming


You just gave me such a throwback! But seriously, I can get being a little delulu for ships like Minsung because they literally joke about being married to each other, but YunJae *hated* it. Like I remember in the behind for Dangerous Love, it felt like every five minutes they were talking about how weird it was and how everything is fiction.


Lol but Jaejoong himself was the biggest enabler. His UFO replies about anything Yunho and Yunjae did not help at all. XD


Talking about their ideal types on a radio show... * Yunho: I'd like someone who can cook well * Jaejoong: I'm very good at cooking * Yunho: I'll have to choose Jaejoong then It seems like a joke but it's an anecdote, lol. I can't find it in English so [Spanish subbed it is](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BIDSvTqvg0Q) Like, yes, they talked about how things were awkward af after shooting Dangerous Love and how they couldn't even be near each other for a while, but taking DL aside, they mostly just played around the idea? Jaejoong more than Yunho, Yunho was like, trying to correct him and then he just gave up and played into it. And there was this I think AADBSK segment (maybe it was the Couple Talk segment? But I'm not quite sure) when they complained but admitted to having read a lot of fics and teased each other about the roles they were usually given in them. I never even shipped them, lol, but idk, I just needed to comment this, don't mind me.


I will never forget that military day in my whole life lol. Everyone gone wild


Transported back to 2008 where I just got into dbsk and kpop as a whole (thanks to mirotic no less) and then seeing yunjae fans going absolute feral lmao. But cant really blame them coz both yunho and jaejoong were COMMITTED to it ( yes, im talking about that red telephone booth scene lmaaoooo)


It was wild how YunJae shippers emerged out of nowhere when the military photos dropped


No ship within a group will ever be as delulu as two random idols who make eye contact once a year.


Literally! I saw rumors of Felix and Jungkook being in a relationship and there are people who actually ship them…


I laughed so hard cuz how??? That’s the most random ship I’ve seen yet


Exactly I was just in disbelief when I was reading the article😭


You remind of NCT Jaehyun and BP Rose's shippers HAHA


Honestly, I haven’t seen anyone as wild as yunjae shippers lol. Yunjae is Yunho and Jaejoong from tvxq. Literally. To this day. Haven’t seen anyone wilder.


daragon fr that ship is sailing on an endless sea


I was about to mention this, but they do hang out & interact a lot.. Gd doesn't really treat her like a nuna and Dara is fine with that 😭🤣 But yes as long as there is no confirmation of either one marrying / being in a relationship with someone else (real news not rumour bullshits), daragon ship will still continue to sail endlessly


As long as neither of them aren't married, DG would continue to sail. Relationships doesn't bother them. I mean, they considers Kiko as GD's ex-girlfriend despite no confirmation from both sides (the evidences are just too clear to deny).


I don’t know…daragon seems a bit less delulu and more sus than anything


i always wonder if they have ever been together, cause some of the daragon hints kinda convinced me


Umm ngl I used to read some of their fanfics on wattpad and I thought they really look good together 🥲


Chanbaek for sure When I was a baby Exol , those "Chanbaek is real" videos managed to convince me that CB ship is indeed real Damn their editing skills


Holy, I had the same experience! 🤣


I am not sure about now, but back in the day it was DBSK Yunho and Jaejoong shippers (Yunjae). At a JYJ concert, a group of them handed out a flyer with the timeline of their relationship and marriage. Yes, they were 100% serious.


2nd generation stans were truly a different breed


Same. YunJae stans are just a different breed from everyone else. I think they’re still delusional until now, though they’re not as noisy as before.


Another 2nd gen ship is Eunhae. Sheesh.


omg that one was bad! maybe not AS bad, but terrible


The thing is. They’re still in a group together. They still perform together. All the other ships kind of don’t stand a chance. Also they also have a “wedding” date. Honestly might be worse.


Doesn’t help that Heechul posted a eunhae fic he wrote. That fic was fire tho ngl




IM BEING FR, ITS NOT EVEN 1K WORDS BUT HE MADE ANOTHER SUJU MEMBER THE BAD GUY. search up “Heechul eunhae fanfic English translated”, you’ll find it around. The last line bro…. 😭 it broke me


Its amazing how real of the YunJae photoshop edit gets tho 😭


Meanwhile Junsu is just awkwardly 3rd wheeling 😂😂


I want to read one. For science of course


Omg this ship. The Photoshop edits are literally sexual harassment.


Probably Jungkook and Lisa considering they haven't even interacted.


The 3rd gen equivalent of GTae shippers (GD and Taeyeon). In the 15+ years those two have been active they never interacted (other than greetings between their groups in their early years) and yet they still have crazy shippers to this day. For a while the reaching got so bad the companies had to deny it which spawned my favorite "dating rumor shutdown": >“It is groundless talk. It is like a fiction novel.” The agency representative strongly denied the rumors and further commented, “It is not worth mentioning.”


Wait what???


Lol I literally was going to say “LiZkOOk”


please that's so funny 😭


The video edits I have seen going around are both terrifying and impressive.


I was going to say another ship, but this one takes the cake, it’s not exactly that random of a ship, but it is still something else they are still shipped in 2023.


> they haven't even interacted. in public 😉 😉 😉


The 97s stick together and really formed solid bonds lol. It wouldn't be surprising if they did have something of a friendship.


Genuine question, is there a female equivalent for the 97 line? I know the boys are all close but I don’t know enough about girl groups to know who is in that line and if they’re close!


From what I've seen yes. Here's at least [Twice Jihyo, Mina, GIDLE Minnie, and Blackpink Lisa](https://1409791524.rsc.cdn77.org/data/images/full/616573/lisa-minnie-jihyo-mina.jpg) together. There's also a male and female interactions as well. Bangchan spoke about [Lisa giving him a gift.](https://youtu.be/_vYZhti9bxI)


Chanbaek shippers have truly convinced themselves that it’s real lol


Ooof I’m getting flashbacks 😂


They come up on my feed so much 😭. The first time I saw it the caption and comments made me think it was real and not a ship and I was confused


LOL i remember the edit videos showing chanyeol ignoring baekhyun after he was revealed to be dating taeyeon 😭




hunhan shippers are their own league, but chanbaek shippers and kaisoo shippers deserve to be mentioned here too considering how they still hold conspiracy theories for dating scandals involving the members which happened years ago


I remember that during kai's dating with krystal there was exo-l saying that D.O was jealous of the relationship (because people deduced from videos that they had a fight) 🤡🤡🤡


have encountered kaisoo shippers who were legit offended with kyungsoo kissing scenes lmfao


I saw that on Twitter. These people’s feelings were HURT.


[They get my vote for organizing a wedding with cardboard cutouts.](https://pbs.twimg.com/media/EOpHjvxW4AEs_bx?format=jpg&name=900x900)


...tell me thats edited.


[No, because it's not.](https://pbs.twimg.com/media/DtVjwhwU8AEdudV?format=jpg&name=large) [They actually did this.](https://qph.cf2.quoracdn.net/main-qimg-fddda41dd62e1ee72a77b73a73c36bfe-lq) Here is the whole wedding album. https://www.facebook.com/1648586035268164/posts/1785299124930187/




Kaisoo shoppers would write really well written fanfic and spread that as part of their gospel, it was kinda hilarious how dedicated they were.


oh my god, reminds me of my high school days hahaha


^^^ 😂


i think the weirdest thing about kpop ships is when you combine their names and accidentally get another kpop idol's name. like there's a non zero chance that hyewon from iz*one has accidentally came across gowon x olivia hye content while searching her own name 💀🙊


korean fans usually use different ship names to avoid this, for example they write Minsung 민성 as 믾성 because 믾 is not used in real names


I actually frequently see them using 한밍 and idk where the ming came from


I've seen both but 믾성 is the one i remembered now 😅 afaik 한민 is a real name but if you search up 한밍 everything is minsung so i guess 밍 is not used in real names or at least not too common and that's the way to censor it if any 한민 search up themselves


ming is like a cute way of saying min and they use it bc it's prob not in real names/hanming isn't a real name


Thinking about that one high profile JenKai shipper on twitter, it was us who were the clowns 🤡 Edit : grammar


ASHFGHKLAHSJD WAS IS JENKAINATION? Because I remember they left twitter after jenkai broke up when they were just celebrating jenkai dating news 25 DAYS AGO 😂😂😂


Yes they were JenKai nation, I remember their tweets 😭it was epic tbh


I don’t ship Jennie with anyone in particular, but I hope she finds someone who loves and supports her 100% and makes her really happy. I want her to have that. I think I might be delulu too.


that reminds me of how many people still hold onto that relationship, you would think they openly dated for four years I could never be a celebrity knowing people ship me with my ex


YunJae (Yunho and Jaejoong) is the ship that stans keep sailing until now, even 19 years later.


jaerose....but the level of their editing skills is immaculate


No but listen...They would look so good together


I've seen other Boy group x Blackpink edits but JaeRose shippers are on another level.


It's gotta be YunJae. They were the ones that pioneered shipping and even filmed fanfiction. I also still see speculation and conspiracy posts about how they are in a secret relationship on tumblr.


From an exotic perspective Luhan’s best friend in the group was probably Xiumin mainly because of similar age and hobbies, while Sehun was more comfortable with Chanyeol or EXO-K in general, but SM was milking the Hunhan ship. Just my 2 cents it is unimportant anyway. 😅


dannngg. i miss xiuhan tho lol


BTS' infamous "love triangle", aka taekookers and jikookers Delulu doesn't even start to describe them, honestly, they've transcended. Edit: since a lot of people are comparing them, I'll put a disclaimer that taekookers are indeed more numerous and way more cultish about it, but I do think the delulu dynamics are similar.


i always wonder how vmin managed to get excluded from delusional shippers despite literally declaring their soulmatery in a song 😭


I think it's just reverse psychology, people think if they were dating they won't be SO obvious about it.


Oh vmin does have delusional shippers also, they're just not as numerous or toxic. I've never seen a vmin shipper attacking JK for example, the way tae/jikookers do to the "rival" members of their respective ships. I think it has a lot to do to the sort of narrative that these shippers constructed around their ships and because vmin doesn't fit in certain tropes.


They've already claimed each other as soulmates and even had a song about it. There's really nothing fans could do in their heads that could top that.


Quick funny story adjacent to TaeKookers - I was at one of the PTD LV shows seated in the front row of one of the floor sections and the space in front of me was a pretty well-trafficked walkway before the concert started. Not long after I got to my seat I noticed a colorful beaded bracelet on the ground across the path that someone must have dropped. As soon as I saw it, another ARMY walking by noticed it and bent down to pick it up but recoiled before touching it, straightened up, and kept walking. This happened a few more times. A couple ARMYs would see it as they were walking, bend to grab it, say “Ew.” and laugh, and just leave it there, walking away. Some version of someone seeing it, going to grab it, and rejecting it happened enough times that I *needed* to see what was wrong with this bracelet. (I’m assuming it’s dirty or has gum on it or something.) So I scurry over while there’s less traffic and check out the bracelet and it’s not dirty or anything, it says “TAEKOOK💜IS💜REAL”. 💀


LMAOO Good job armys at the PTD LV concert, glad to see that their values are in place 😂


Just imagine the embarrassment of “shipping” in public? Like I’ve seen ppl on twt posting pics of their tattoos saying “Taekook is love” and sh*t like that. They should be embarrassed, but they’re too far gone into the cult. Yes, it runs and behaves exactly like a cult.


Taekookers are the dregs of society.


Taekookers are the Larrys of BTS - totally anti-fun, convinced their ship is REAL, full of hatred for anything and anyone that doesn’t go along with their narrative.


It's basically obligatory Larry mention every time taekook is mentioned, but I can see why.


Taekookers genuinely have me concerned for them and for the boys, they are dangerous.


TaeKookers are different. They have their own league. lol


Taekookers are the yunjae shippers from 2nd gen reborn


JiKookers definitely aren’t as bad, but… they can get pretty bad. They’re not necessarily more “innocent” or less toxic than TaeKookers.


super junior donghae and eunhyuk… consider them the og hunhan. or tvxq yunho and jaejoong, back in the days when ships had underground published fanfiction in physical books


D&E at least interact lol


And they themselves pander to the shipping lol


Interact? They did a whole mini drama where they were secretly dating 💀


My first answer is Yunjae shippers, because I cannot believe they’re still going strong. My second, more niche answer is that I stumbled across Hyukrene (Eunhyuk and Irene) shippers a few months ago, and … oh boy. They’re a very small community, but they are verrrry dedicated. Eunhyuk and Irene stood vaguely near each other in an SMtown group photo last year and you’d have thought they’d announced their engagement from the way the shippers reacted.


Taekook, Jikook, Liskook, Rosekook. Free Jungkook please.


just let the man be with his dog and his karaoke machine 😭


Only bamkook is real




I forgot that was his dog's name and thought you meant Bambam x Jungkook for a minute


Like let this man breathe already. He’s dating the whole world atp. Why they want him to date their fav so bad. Is that self insert lol ?


They act like kids with Barbie and Ken, as though JK and his paramours (/s) are not actually humans who deserve respect.


Seriously, poor guy needs a break.


JaeRose (Jaehyun and Rose) but half the time the people "shipping" them are doing it as a meme


The edits are top notch honestly


TAEKOOKERS are literally spawns of Satan and children of lies.


the larries of kpop and i would die on this hill. the way that some of their theories about the ship being real are pretty similar adds up to the insanity.


I cry whenever I see the “they're being forced to hide their relationship” narrative. Like how smooth is their brain that they came up with that? 😭


if you listen to all their conspiracies, you'll assume bh never included a single taekook interaction clip. but if you actually watch their contents, they have plenty of interactions, even some cute and affectionate ones. when the interactions "fit" into their narrative, tk is being "brave" and "rebelling" against bh but when it doesn't or they don't interact much in some contents, bh is "hiding" them.


God... larries are still reproducing eventhough the band themself has broke up


It's insane how out of context those clips are. Everyone has a few incidents that don't have an explanation and I thought some fell under those. Then I went and watched the whole thing. You wouldn't draw the same conclusions as a non-shipper where these people have created an entire video out of it.


And when so many videos are centred around jealousy and using a diff member (e.g Jimin) as some evil character who’s tearing them apart 😭 like I used to think shippers just used friendship moments but they create infinite novels in their heads


This is actually extremely sad because the hate Jimin has gotten and still gets because of these theories is legit terrifying and concerning. I don't think I've ever seen another person get that much vitriol from people online simply because he is really close to Jk and they think that he's getting himself between Tae and Jks "relationship". It's genuinely disgusting that people are trying to put these three against each other and villanizing Jimin just for a delusional ship😐


I guess I should count myself lucky that I've never encountered such videos. The few that I watched were only focused on one ship. Edit : Oh I think I saw some, where it looks like RM is trying to "hide" or "stop" their relationship


i read a tweet from a reformed taekooker that a lot of these people fall into the pipeline because of youtube compilation videos. they don’t know anything about bts members outside of watching taekook having cute moments so they assume they’re the only two that have this “special bond”. but anyone who watches original uncut content from bts knows everyone has close bonds with each other. basically they live in a taekook bubble and become delulu


Yeah I understand that. But the ones creating these have been in the fandom for a long time and perpetuate these narratives. They are the problem and not the unsuspecting viewers.


That’s rly disturbing considering the whole Larry phenomenon actually seemed to affect both Louis and Harry


I don’t think anything will ever beat YunJae shippers. TVXQ Yunho and former member Jaejoong (JYJ). When I first got into kpop, they basically had an entire fandom of their own… I just googled them to make sure I remembered the ship name correctly and apparently a ship video with “evidence” was posted just last year with thousands of views. Mind you, Jaejoong and the rest of JYJ filed their lawsuit against SM in 2009 and officially left the group in 2010.


This thread has made me feel bad for Jungkook.


anyone who gets shipped with jungkook honestly. not saying it’s the idol’s fault, but their shippers. terrifying. I remember when he was being ‘shipped’ with Yein from Lovelyz for wearing similar clothing. the girl got so much hate and got made fun of FOR YEARS. iirc people were calling lovelyz attention seekers. disgusting


Iirc it wasn't even the clothing, people were saying they "looked similar" (like physically, their faces especially I think), which makes zero sense for how the would mean they are dating, but that's shippers for you, I guess...


Well there are alot to be honest like vsoo, taetzu , vrene,liskook ,rosekook , tzukook ,jirose , taekook, jikook ,yeonbin ,jenlisa ,chaelisa the list goes on tbh


Kaisoo 😅👌 another could be Eunhae ( Donghae and Eunhyuk) there're still some videos on TikTok or Facebook or EunsiHae :) but the reality ... we hope they get married hahahaha


G-Dragon x Sandara Park , Lu Han x Sehun , Chanyeol x Baekhyun , Taehyung x Jungkook , Lisa x Jungkook , Tzuyu x Jungkook , Jaejoong x U-know Yunho


Kaisoo and Woosan shippers😬 I will never forgive Woosan shippers for disrespecting Yeosang…


Ooof thank goodness I haven’t come across any hardcore Woosan shippers (though now I’m probably gonna come across a lot I’ve just been blind to 😅)


Honestly I’ve come across a bunch of weird shippers with regards to those three. Including a handful of Woosansang shippers who legit think there’s some threesome/love triangle going on.


Wdym? All ships are real.


Please ship me with Jungkook so we will become real /j


i luv u for this


Mark(NCT) and Kylie Jenner


NGL, I am actually curious about this ship, like why do they ship them


Yunjae still sailing more than a decade after their split. Are their fans delusional though if they were actually real? 👀 /j


Taekook and Jikook shippers are just another breed. They are a gone case.


From what I remember from chinese sites GengChul (Hangeng x Heechul) shippers were as popular or even more than Yunjae, and at least half ships both. Everytime the two idols meet irl it’s a clown car of hangeng stans, heechul stans, sj current line up stans and shippers fighting.


taekookers are THE worst. imagine a ship being so big and has tons of delusional ship that the influence and theories about the ship actually DO seep through the fandom and non shipper fans say a lot. adding to the fact that they genuinely believe some people are beard and planted by bh with elaborate script is both hilarious _and_ terrifying.


I assumed for a long time that taekook and jikook shippers were pretty evenly delusional but now i’ve seen that taekook shippers are really something else. At some point I went on a dive of all the different BTS shipping “communities” on Twitter (do not recommend doing this) because I was morbidly curious. It was fascinating and also a huge bummer. the most stark difference between taekook and any other BTS shippers was the sheer level of *actual conspiracy theorizing* that goes on. Like, real qanon level shit where SO many people loudly and wholeheartedly believe there is an extremely elaborate and well-documented, years-long scheme in place to hide their relationship. Jimin gets pulled into it too, where some people believe he has a plot to “sabotage” their relationship by being close friends with them - or at best, he’s in on it and helps them like keep the public off of their the trail by being a decoy with jungkook(??). Again, part of me finds this FASCINATING in an almost academic way There’s this one YouTuber (idk if she’s still around) who posts long, unbelievably elaborate “analyses” which people quote as “evidence” that they were forced to hide their relationship Like… that’s a ship with a literal cult leader!!! There is a widely-recognized symbol people put in their display names to show that they’re true believers. ALARM BELLS i saw some of that type of thing for jikook/yoonmin as well, but there are enough people who acknowledge that they’re probably just close friends (even if begrudgingly so) it feels more tethered to reality. I know quiet, rational taekook fans exist but they’re just totally eclipsed by the loud, extensive network of true believers


I have a huge problem with RPF shipping because how many shippers turn into conspiracy theorists. It's a genuine mental health concern too many people overlook.


I agree with your observation. It’s basically seeing someone who’s deep into their conspiracy theories, like flat-earthers, who when you hear the first time, you’d think they’re kidding, but it quickly makes you pale to see how they actually live by these lies. And they just don't ordinarily live by them, they're dedicated, calculated and organized. It's scary how much foothold they actually have on the fandom and newer fans.


Not as delulu as most of the other comments considering they actually dated, but Baekyeon shippers who are convinced they're still in love in the year of our lord 2023 are pretty funny lmao. Just go to a random Taeyeon song on youtube and if it's a love song or about being heartbroken you are guaranteed to find them in the comments claiming it to be about Baekhyun.


All “ships” are delusional in my opinion.


Most shippers aren't taking their ship seriously though, they like the idea of their ship being together, while not necessarily _believing_ they are. Delusional shippers are, thankfully, a small (but loud) minority.


Shipping real people has always made me a little uncomfortable. It dehumanizes them, especially if gets super serious like some shippers do.


The biggest delulu fan of MinSung is Minsung


All of them really.


ChanBaek, Taekook, Jikook, Jenlisa.


NBA young boy and Tzuyu


Woah lol is that a thing?


Lol yeah, but it’s just an ongoing joke, nothing serious.


Taekook and Jikook I've never seen such delusion and insanity, those people need a break or therapy


The ones who ship themselves with any idol.


I know Selena isnt kpop but Sulena lmaooo (Suho x Selena Gomez) You can check the IG of this dedicated sulena shipper. Crazyy https://instagram.com/selenasuhosulena?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y=




the edits are killing me fr 😭


ikon . especially junbob ship.


I swear yongseo (from we got married, seohyun yonghwa) still gets posts? like the most random connections, same colours or they look in the same direction in these totally unconnected photos. don't think it's very weird, just longlived, the show was in 2011 or something. like.. that's some dedication to keep that ship sailing.


Lol I still remember the shippers going gaga when the 2017 GDA Reunion happened, which they only did MC work and barely interacted but the fans took it like confirmation lmao.


Okay no one else has mentioned these (as far as I scrolled down, I’ll finish actually scrolling after I post this) but I would like to contribute some honorary mentions. XiuHan and XiuChen: literally when the other half of these ships were confirmed to be in a relationship… with a real non-EXO and people had to admit that their ships weren’t real… they trended on social media both times how sad Xiumin was that the love of his lives left him behind. You just… you just had to be there. NamJin: If you even mention Namjoon and Jin in the same sentence, even if it’s not a shipping one automatically, I will run the other way. They could be on opposite sides of the room and have never acknowledged each other throughout RunBTS and you will see NamJin moments on YouTube and Twitter saying it’s a sign of them getting married. Honestly besides J-Hope in terms of ships, they were kinda the leftovers because everyone was YoonMin/TaeKook/JiKook love triangle. But I went to a wings concert and this girl not too far from me, brought this huge sign saying NamJin IS REAL with a horribly edited picture of them kissing. It was just… weird. HyungWonho: man… I kinda get it because they did have the cutest friendship but I swear the ship used to be marketed as Hyungwon’s and Wonho’s whole personalities. Nothing else. Just HyungWonho. MarkHyuck: Mark and Haechan can’t even breathe in the same room without shippers down their back. Which, I kinda get it too because of how close NCT Dream in general is but if Jaemin is hugged up on Mark… no Mark is not “cheating” on Haechan??? NoRenMin: sometimes it’s Jeno and Jaemin vs. Jeno and Renjun and sometimes it’s all three of them together, I guess pick a struggle


please when you mentioned namjin I remembered that people used to call them appa and omma of bts 💀💀 do they still do that? and I swear I saw someone saying "I can't believe luhan is going to marry a woman who doesn't look like xiumin" under a photo of luhan's girlfriend


definitely not the MOST delulu, but ive seen way too many "in depth" minsung analyses that are reaching so far im shocked their shoulders havent popped out of their sockets yet


Some are definitely much more delulu than others. It’s beyond ridiculous when you see compilations of things as little as what might be eye contact once every year. But honestly you can’t blame some fans when it comes to ships like Minsung. Do I personally think that Leeknow and Han are in a secret relationship. No, probably not. But is it something that the company, and the members themselves (whether of their own volition or at the direction of the company) have heavily pushed in the past? Yes. The members aren’t blind to the ship, they encourage it and fuel it, sometimes they fuel it A LOT. So it’s hardly surprising that they’d attract lots of shippers, especially for younger fans who might find it harder to recognise marketing schemes.


This is valid but I also feel like the company encouraging it would be the first 🚩as to why any reasonable fan would see it for the fan service it is. Same for Changlix, Hyunlix etc that have been kinda “catered to” by the members in certain interviews etc. I think as long as we respect it for what it is, why not enjoy it? Within boundaries, of course.


Hunhan just gave me a blast to the past




taekook michaeng


I love MiChaeng tho 😭 They’ve joked about how everyone likes them together before


Taekook, Jikook, Liskook, Jenlisa. Quadruple Trinity.


Taekook is pretty insane tbh. I genuinely think taekookers impacted their friendship for a while and it’s pretty sad. Also the constant hate towards jimin


When I tell you those exo shippers are WILD esp the chanbaek and kaisoo ones




I remember back in 2015 people were shipping Baekhyun from Exo and former US President Barack Obama. The ship was BaekBama. If you were on Tumblr there were so many edits and even fanfics about that ship.


taekook/jikook shippers in bts, they overanalyze every single interaction between the maknae line and are always at eachothers throats about it


TAEKOOK. Those two are friends and I don't see anything that point out they're are romantically involve yet are the biggest ship in kpop ever. Not to forget the hate Jimin, Taehyung and Jungkook get from jikookers and Taekookers. Honestly I'm so done with them and I hope the guys date so that the fandom will be clean of shippers.


bro taekook shippers are something else 😭 hating on jimin for just breathing near either member




I don’t know if we can really call shippers that delulu when the idols feed into the ship so hard. I’m sure that the idols playing along with the ship is why yunjae shipping got so extreme and I feel like I might be watching it again with minsung


Don’t hate me but Yeonbin, I don’t see anything romantic in their relationship. I always see people sharing the same like 5 moments. lol


I feel like nothing beats YunJae (TVXQ Yunho & Kim Jaejoong). The fact that this ship is still going strong is insane. I think them reuniting during their military somewhat re-ignited it a bit but even before they met this ship is still sailing. One of their BAR is still active, like I could be wrong because on twt, it said they joined back in 2010, but I’m not surprised if they have been around longer 💀


All of them.






taekook, i remember the members even became awkward with each other because they were shipped every single second they were seen together 😬


Jungkook and V. I don't understand why they ship them romantically when they're clearly just good close friends. It makes them uncomfortable anyway


Bts ships


i remember when i first became an army, i was a taekook bias and would watch their compilation videos cause i liked the 2 of their chemi. i came across this account called "taekook lives" (i think). they made me actually believe that bighit was hiding taekook's relationship. they would post out of context videos, pictures taken by sasaengs etc as proof. i was really young and fully believed this as a fact that everybody in the fandom believed, because the comments were always supportive to the creator. they would also attack the jikook ship and say jimin was used as a "distraction" from the real issue. not saying either ship is more delulu but they're both pretty bad. jikook bc they've a lot more content and taekook bc they don't have much content. its so weird.


All of them? I absolutely hate when fans ship to people together if its romantically, unless you like absolutley know both of those people like each other. I just find it uncomfortable, like what if the idols of people see those ships and then that creates a barrier with that other person, ESPECIALLY if it group members.




DBSK Yunho and Jaejoong


I'm old so YunJae allllll the way. Their shippers are just adkfjaskfjdks. Their belief is soooooo strong even non fan like me thought they were real. The shippers are hellla talented with their fanfic too=)))


Woosan (Wooyoung x San) Stans…


minsung shippers........


I don't know any kpop ships who can top taekook delulu shippers.