Ooh I got a couple. Tyler, the creator is one of my fave artists as well as Omar Apollo, Joji and Doja Cat. I've recently also gotten back into Conan Gray. For other languages you'll mainly hear me listen to Klinac and Albino (Bosnian artist)


What songs do you recommend from the Bosnian artists? :)


For Albino I reccomend both [30. februar](https://youtu.be/CiEEz1-DofY) and [Kutija Cigara ](https://youtu.be/B_wJWPtx7Yo), they're both with the same female artists and are his beat songs imo. For Klinac I'd say [Kiša](https://youtu.be/DFghBw5Dl_o), it's a sad song tho lmao and if you want something more upbeat I'd say [Molitva ](https://youtu.be/w56EjHTJ94E) or [tourlife 2 ](https://youtu.be/hM8yjQNtz_U) Let me know what you think! These are more rap based artists but if you're looking for mroe singers I could suggest some others as well 😊


I'm obsessed with System of a Down and Slipknot lately


Fuck ywa same here. Have been enjoying a lot of rock and metal bands lately


Besides K-pop I listen to a lot of rnb, hip hop, and western pop songs from 2010s and before. A song I’ve been obsessed with lately is all the way home by Tamar Braxton known this song for a long time but can’t seem to get tired of it. For album H.E.R. back of my mind is absolutely chefs kiss.


Hikaru Utada bad mode, fall out boy


Huening Kai played Angel Baby in his recent vlive and got me hooked on Troye Sivan, lol. I’m Australian, so it was pretty cool to see that he was too. Strawberries & Cigarettes is amazing as well!!


I’ve had the new Bad Bunny album on REPEAT since it came out, highly recommend it <3


Fleet Foxes, Cigarettes After Sex, Chvrches


If I'm not listening to kpop, I listen to Angèle or the Arcane/League soundtrack.


Yo the arcane sound track is so good.


Can't get enough of it fr


Arcane and the league of legends songs go so hard for no reason


Hey Lady by Skogsra has had me straight bouncing lately


That song is fire, I have been playing it since 2013 I think.


My favorite non-kpop artists are Halsey(!!), Fall Out Boy and Marina. I’ve also been listening to a lot of The Lonely Island recently lmao.


when i'm not listening to kpop i'm very into r&b and indie pop, my fav artists are probably BENEE and doja cat


Been listening to Olivia Rodrigo, Bruno Major, and Ra Ra Riot (my fave band!) a lot lately.


Artist:taylor swift Album:red Song:enchanted (Ik enchanted isnt from red btw)


Usually i listen to taylor swift, sufjan steven or one direction


I went to see the trinity of terror tour. It was so fucking awesome. So I've been obsessed with ice nine kills welcome to horrorwood album .


Have you listened to Wretched and Divine The Story of the Wild Ones by Black Veil Brides? I feel like you'll like it, I've been obsessed with how the album was put together with announcements like the beginning of Horrorwood :)


I have! I was obsessed with that album back in imiddle school. I got to see bvb perform a couple tracks off the album !


Bad Bunny just released a 22 track masterpiece, Kendrick Lamar is about to release another classic tonight at midnight, Harry Styles New album is releasing on the 20th and his single As it Was is to amazing its song of the decade for me. I've also been listening to alot of City pop lately and I discovered Ayumi Nakamura and I recently saw this film that had this really cool 80s song that led me down a rabbit hole where I found the original track by a German duo called Modern talking, the song is Brother loui and I didn't realize how popular it because in China to be covered so much but its really good in Cantonese. Also been listening to Dayglow, just full of feel good vibes 🥰


My ultimate fave artist of the last decade is without a doubt Stromae who, coincidentally released a new album not so long ago. I also really enjoy Iamamiwhoami, Christine and the queens, Paradis, NVRLUV, Ghost Data and Faithless.


i really love Selena Gomez and Melanie Martinez, but now i'm really obsessed with Arca. specially [these songs](https://youtu.be/NL-tvd8jeBc)


I've been obsessed with Orville Peck's Bronco lately. Also The Bogie Band's Prophets in The City is shaping up to be my AOTY so far.


non-kpop? But they're that [loona cover band](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q3o-l1LVNgw) :P


Lately for me I've been listening to Grandson, Apashe and some Fatboy Slim.


Right now I really love Ghost! And My Chemical Romance just dropped a new song as well!!


I’ve been into Japanese rock lately like Shishamo, Yorushika, 04 Limited, Eve, Wanima, etc. Also been listening to a lot of video game soundtracks while studying like Omori and Nintendo OSTs. I’m really excited for Harry’s new album also.. I love his previous music


Mine is the RWBY soundtrack. Some Poppy too


SushiBoys and CJamm. I listen to non-Asian music from time to time I guess I just like the sound of the languages better in music so I’ve gravitated over there. If you mean English then Tears for Fears all day baby


Lana Del Rey


My favourite artist group(non kpop) rn is imagine dragons ❤️


I really like froukje ( a dutch artist ) , lorde and niki !


Wowww… Where should I start? 🤔 My taste is very eclectic. Brockbeats, Prep, Bruno Major, Mellow Fellow, Phum Viphurit and Rachael Yamagata are amongst my contemporary favourite. Chet Baker, Thelonious Monk and John Coltrane are amongst few when I’m in the mood for jazz. Dean Martin, Louis Prima, Connie Francis, Pat Boone, Bobby Darin, Johnny Mathis, Nat King Cole, Sammy Davis Jr., ABBA, Lara Fabian (and generally 80s and 90s songs that are too many to list down here) are timeless classics that can’t go wrong. Classical… A lot… Maria Callas, Renata Tebaldi, Mario del Monaco, Mario Lanza, Diana Damrau, Pavarotti, Pierre Cochereau. As for composers, lately I’m into Charpentier, Lully, and Mouret. Glenn Miller, Benny Goodman, Clarence Williams and Enoch Light when I feel like listening to Big Band. And even more rare songs I would listen to are throat singing, Slavic folk songs, and Gaelic jigs and reels.


obsessed with doja cat and nicki minaj


Lesserafim new song


Cannibal corpse("unleashing the bloodthirsty"is great), Damaar and Darkthrone I guess. Metal and Kpop are my favorite genres.




A bunch of pop and r&b (no specific artist, but I think I listen to Ariana Grande, Doja Cat and Khalid the most... And recently Olivia Rodrigo... I just really like her Sour album)


I’ve been really into British female artists recently like Amy Winehouse, Lily Allen, Kate Nash etc.