I don’t know the level of underrated you are looking for but my favorites: Good mid tier (or only popular in Korea): ONF, Golden Child, CIX, Woodz (solo) Rising: Onewe, Wei, Verivery, DKZ, OnlyOneOf Rookies (2020/2022): TAN, Elast, Kingdom, Mirae Pretty unknown: Snuper, Vanner


The way we have exactly the same taste! OP, I second all of these reccomendations.


Verivery! They recently made a cb with a solid [first full album ](https://youtube.com/playlist?list=OLAK5uy_lbiNC3tiXeaf6DxVuXYOp9doO6s5tHuXM), Series O Round 3: Whole. Their [dance performance ](https://youtu.be/u5k_TQOqfeo) and [vocal abilities ](https://youtu.be/qOOJWzboAo4) are above average. They are [hilarious in variety shows.](https://youtu.be/ofpQClr7-eE) but they don't get much attention because they came from a small agency and none of the team members participated in any idols survival shows. Road to Kingdom is the team's first survival show.


D-Crunch!!!! My Name, Palace and Stealer are amazing songs. Their b-sides are great too.


A.C.E is a good group


My fave rookies are BLITZERS, and my bias is Go_U, who’s so captivating live! The whole group is super talented, and I love their energy and passion onstage!


Verivery🔥 they might come from a small company but they are not lacking in terms of skills. They are the best at knife like choreo, great vocal and all rounders too ( compose, [choreographing](https://youtu.be/BQ67oC-rYbY), [directing](https://youtu.be/R9HbfOJYhmY), and even great [comedians](https://youtu.be/_mZyyuU0L3s) [undercover](https://youtu.be/UNUCV_UomZo), [O](https://youtu.be/EUMeWvOugVY), And you need to check out this, their vocal [undercover it's live version](https://youtu.be/-aAWvNOxQrE) [trigger](https://youtu.be/71gOeMzNEBQ), [get away](https://youtu.be/CBhqNk19VQM) [thunder](https://youtu.be/cBmyToXssjE), [tag tag tag](https://youtu.be/mmoAEvF_YAc) And some of their self composed songs: The member composed a lot of songs and those that didn't make it to the album (...yet) was uploaded on their sound cloud Listen to [VERIVERY X UHERO] Gala&Dali (Track By UHERO) by VERIVERY on #SoundCloud https://soundcloud.app.goo.gl/3MR7v Listen to [VERIVERY X Hui Chang (Coke paris)] Lov U 2 by VERIVERY on #SoundCloud https://soundcloud.app.goo.gl/UdW2a They composed nice ballads too❤️ [our spring](https://youtu.be/tlF99U8omvY), [fine](https://youtu.be/1af_ioaauyQ), and broken https://soundcloud.app.goo.gl/7HvTV


(underrated member) although he's still popular, Chenle from NCT Dream is really underrated, everyone can agree that he has so much talent but he gets overshadowed by the rest of the members almost all of the time and he's overall the least talked about member :(