I mean, it used to bother me a lot as a person who tends to collect full groups, but I’ve since come up with a system that makes things generally easier to deal with: setting aside a *total* price for the full set (usually a sum of the average price I’m willing to pay for one PC from that set), then starting with the cheapest members and working my way up to the rarer ones so that I might have a bit extra to splurge on them with the money I saved on the cheaper members. A bit convoluted, but it works out. I do understand why it happens. It’s not the best thing in the world, especially for people who bias popular members (you can’t control your favorite members), but it’s just a game of supply and demand at the end of the day. As long as it’s not some extreme, obscene difference, I guess it’s fine.


Business is business lol. Supply and demand


I absolutely understand why it is and I’m baffled people see it as wrong - like, do I like resellers? No. But it’s obvious that some members are more popular, and so resellers can make more money off those cards and so they do. That’s how it is in any collection-based hobby


Understandable for rare photocards. Annoying for regular album photocards. Absolutely clownish when a commonly “underpriced” member has an extraordinarily cute photocard and is suddenly overpriced/highly sought out.


this reminds me of a svt vernon pc from a your choice fansign. his pcs aren't very in demand, but all he needed to do was write "Super Idol 的笑容" on the back and now everyone wants that particular pc


I have seen that happen with two of my top groups and it feels very 😐 like now suddenly y’all all want this member???


yep! as a seungmin collector i’m so used to seeing all the “can only buy danceracha together with seungmin/jeongin/changbin” posts and now suddenly eeeeveryone wants seungmin’s christmas evel subk vc card… jail 😭


It’s all demand. If more people want to buy a certain member, then there will be less cards in circulation and the value goes up. To look at this from the other way, do you think it’s okay to only collect one member’s photocards? Even if it’s just album pcs, the more popular member’s pcs goes on sale less frequently. For NU’EST there’s still one Minhyun pc from Romanticize that I’m missing, because every time I see it it’s either way overpriced (I’m okay with paying a bit more, but not 10x more) or it’s already sold. But that’s how it is. The expensive ones either get sold or drop in price. It will take longer to find unless you’re willing to pay more.


i dont understand it. especially when the albums are in print. soobin's blue hour R photocard goes for hundreds while hyuka is at normal price, just because people find soobin's picture pretty? the album is in print and has been for such a long time, it's not rare so i don't understand why people are selling it for so much


Let’s say there are equal numbers printed of each members photos. I’ll use small numbers for examples. If there are 100 photo cards for each member, prices will be based on that. If only 50 people want cards of one member, there’s a surplus, value goes down. If even 101 people want a card of a different member, there isn’t enough supply, so price goes up to guarantee you get it. And if an album is still in print, you cna theoretically buy 100 albums and not get t he card with your favorite member. So spending a “lot” on a guarantee for a limited item still makes sense. “Still in print” doesn’t meaningfully change things.


it still doesn't justify treating it as if it's a rare out of print photocard. many people have it and are selling it, theres no supply shortage. we might as well resell every photocard for hundreds by that logic, people who give into buying a single in print photocard for $400 or even above average txt prices are taken advantage of


More people are selling less in demand cards, tho. This is literally basic supply and demand like what’s not making sense for you?


my original comment was talking specifically about the one soobin photocard, not the entire reselling community and what they sell, my reply also focused on the one soobin photocard


Yeah, I don’t know why you think this Soobin card doesn’t apply to supply and demand. More people want this card than is readily available. Their options are: buy albums until they get one. Or buy from someone who can guarantee they get one. People selling them know more people want the card than can get one. Therefore, they charge more.


charging HUNDREDS is absurd for any photocard, the only ones i can somewhat justify are lucky draws because those are actually rare, limited to only those who attended that few day event usually also limited to location. it's obviously up to the buyer what they do with their money, but it's a serious issue in the reselling community where normal easy to find photocards are being sold for extortionate prices, there isn't a supply issue as the albums are available AND enough people are selling it, it's not rare to find someone selling it therefore there is no supply shortage to meet the demand. the demand for this particular photocard only became a thing a few months ago and has died down significantly now, the album has been out for now maybe 2 years? this is why i say there is no shortage of people selling, those who sell for hundreds are merely just taking advantage of those have a fomo mindset. also coming from a moral perspective it's wrong to be holding bids where the starting price is $100 for an easily obtainable photocard. i don't know if you are part of the community but it IS a reoccurring problem, we're individual resellers not companies to be looking at supply and demand. the whole point of second hand selling is to make these things available to everyone, member pricing or era pricing to take advantage of people is wrong, i don't know how you can agree with it unless you haven't actually experienced it


Cards being put on sale for hundreds of dollars while being easy to get for cheaper don’t get sold.


they dooooo get sold because everyone(!!!!) who sells that photocard sell it for hundreds -- this is the problem i am trying to highlight!!!!! i had to give in and pay a higher price than usual to get my hands on one of yeri's finale photocards because i couldn't find anyone selling it for a Normal price despite it being up for sale frequently on every platform i checked, does this not make sense?????


And so we return to supply and demand.


Some Latin speaking dude who lived in the BC times - "everything is worth what the purchaser will pay for it" If people are willing to pay more for a card cos the pic is nicer or it appeals to them in some way, then the seller will price it higher, esp if there is a limited supply of them That's just it. If people are pricing the card high, and everyone's like 'nah, I'm not paying it, I can get it by another means, or I can do without' then it's *not* worth the high price.


Do you mean officially? I don't think I have seen a label officially price photocards of some members more than others. If they do it's super unfair because it officially makes one group member look more important than the other. If you mean unofficial sellers then I guess they'll go by demand, right, so it makes sense — a more popular idol will have more people willing to buy their photocards at a higher price, so an unregulated unauthorised seller will obviously price it higher.


If we're talking like resellers on places like ebay and mercari etc, then imo it's just a given...it's not about the member or playing favorites by the seller necessarily, it's often simply just priced based on how highly in demand the item will be. If I was selling envelopes in different colors and noticed that wow blue envelopes are really popular and selling a lot right now, then I might price my blue envelopes a little higher than the rest of my envelopes since I know they will likely sell even at a slightly higher price, thus making me a little extra money. I think sellers of pcs do this same thing. Does it sometimes make it painfully evident that some members are more popular than other members? Yes. But does that seller also seem to have a good business strategy for making themselves a little extra money? Yes lol. (ie when I'm shopping for bts pcs on mercari and someone has multiple members' cards, a lot of the time Jungkook and Taehyung cards cost a little more than the other members. (JHope is my bias, and usually his are the least expensive from sellers who price their stuff this way...so while that is a sad reminder to me that he's still often viewed as the least popular member, it's at least better for my wallet lmao.) JK and Tae's cards being a bit more expensive is just because their cards tend to be the most in demand, as they are usually the most popular members these days.) If the higher demand cards are just a little more than the other cards (like by an extra $5 or less) then I'm not bothered by it, and I think it's the seller trying to both have a decent business plan for themselves to make that little extra bit, while also trying to be somewhat fair to buyers. But occasionally I will see someone selling cards of multiple members from the same pc release/set, and the more popular members will be like $60 while the other members will still be priced at like $5 or something, and that's just ridiculous imo. Yes, someone down the line will probably buy that $60 card, and that person will make an extra $55 than they would have if they had priced it as much as the rest of the cards (at $5 per card), but if there's nothing that's special or different about the card (like being a holo card or something) that sets it apart from the rest of the members in that pc set, then I don't really get the point/find it quite unfair to buyers. A buyer should also understand when something they're wanting to buy is in higher demand than other things from the same set, etc, and if they really want it then they probably won't mind paying $7 for a card that's in higher demand, when other cards from that same set of different members are $5. But when a seller prices that card at $60 and the other members cards in that set at $5, they're basically saying they think the buyer is so dumb they will spend a crap ton more than they should be spending just because they want to own something popular. And that's just plain being mean to your buyers. Don't buy from someone who's that disrespectful to their buyers. Protip: if you see sellers who sell like this, with one members card being that much overpriced, compared to the other members cards from the same set being much lower priced, and you want the overpriced card...keep looking to find it elsewhere. I promise there will be a store that, while still selling it at a higher price than other members cards, will be selling it at only like $2-5 more than what the other cards cost, and not at $50 more lol.


Y’all can tell me all about supply and demand and free market and market prices and whatever else you want to all day - I still think it’s a shitty practice and I hope members of these groups don’t think they’re valued less as a person or an artist because someone decided that the album pc anyone could have pulled is less valuable money wise than another member. For album cards anyways, I know the value and rarity of non album stuff and how that can range (and even then the member pricing is even more ridiculous)


exactly! i am so tired of people using economic terms to justify how they price images of REAL PEOPLE they love… it feels a bit disingenuous to me…? i have never member priced anything and i sell and trade a lot… i’m just not out here to take advantage of other kpop fans just because they bias someone popular. so i price things based on their cost for me so i’m not losing too much money (always am anyway) when i decide to let something go. i get the feeling most people who overprice are more interested in making money than being a part of the community… the go/trade communities i’m in actively call out people for overpricing lol i don’t want to shame anyone who does member price bcs its not really my place, but i dont buy from people who do bcs it just makes me uncomfortable even tho somehow most of my biases less popular so it would theoretically benefit me lol maybe that’s part of why it upset me 💀 seeing my babs like that…


I mean if it’s a rare pc(and I don’t mean that a lot of people like X member and there is a high demand but something that’s actually rare, limited versions or first press exclusives etc) it’s okay. But just because some members are more popular it’s such bs to sell them for a higher price. Also back in the days sites would sell member version albums as random so a lot of resellers just bought a lot of them and sold them for a higher price just because you could choose(nowadays I saw that actual official sites offer you to choose so it’s way better) and they would do the same with those albums like selling less popular member versions for less amd popular ones for a higher price. It doesn’t even make sense because you can already be sure someone is going to buy it, because the member is popular.


I just dont support it an I dont buy from people that member price but people do whatever they want idc


For me, members pricing is pretty stupid if the pcs are from albums that are still being printed or have a good amount of prints around. In others case if it's something rare like broadcast pcs, pcs that had very limited printed run, or pcs from fansign winner then that's understandable to some extent. Also on a seperate note, boys groups tend to be more members pricing than girl groups, but also have more expensive pcs in general.


Supply and demand. It's how the world works. I don't get people who obsess over it being a "issue". No one is hating on your fav, its just others are more popular so more people want it. Thus driving up the money resellers can make.


Difference in member pricing is usually justified by “supply and demand” which always confuses me. It feels almost as if sellers are taking advantage of those that collect more popular members to make a profit. Some sellers even sell all the inclusions and photocards from an album and make more money than the spent to get the album in the first place. Supply and demand also doesn’t make sense because most of the sought after photocards (at least in-print album ones anyways) aren’t that difficult to find. For example, if someone was looking for a specific Taeyong album photocard (he’s a popular member of NCT), they would probably be able to find many expensive listings for the card that they are looking for. Yes, there would be high demand for the photocard as many people collect Taeyong, but there would be substantial supply in circulation as not everyone can justify spending money on overpriced photocards. This especially holds true if the card hasn’t gone viral for being extra cute (this factor alone changes pricing as well). At the end of the day, one has the same chance of pulling each member so why should they be priced different initially? I understand lowering prices if one is having hard time selling, but in most cases, all members are never listed the same to start off.


>aren’t that difficult to find > >same chance of pulling each member That's the issue, why would I waste money on an album to maybe get the card I want. When I can just pay slightly more then the albums worth to guarantee I get what I want. More popular members will have more fans/solos who will pay top money to get the card they want. Say I have an NCT album with Mark and a Shotoro (IDK his ranking just example) Mark will have tons of fans who will want his card without getting the album. Shotoro will have slightly less fans which means less people are going to be after the card initially. Which is why the discrepancy exists. At the end of they day, resellers aren't a charity. If I have something thats worth a lot to someone, I'm gonna get the best value for it. Now I don't actually collect PC, but imagine being stuck with ton's of cards you don't want. Trying to trade or sell them can be a pain. An example of this would be the SMCU. There was 55(?) PC's and only TWO per album. If I were to collect them I'd only want the two BoA ones. My odds aren't looking good, or I can pay a reseller £12-19 (idk actual prices) for either the one or set of them. I know what option I'm choosing.


From a logical standpoint, just buying the photocard for a bit more money instead of buying the album makes sense. I’ve done this and it works nicely when the photocards aren’t too costly. However, some of these cards are so ridiculous that you might as well try your luck (or wait for a lower price). Maybe it’s just my opinion as a collector (the frustration is definitely there), but making the most amount of money from a photocard isn’t my goal. At the end of the day, a lot of photocard sales are transactions to help someone out with their collection. Obviously it can be nice to make money off of it (like you said, sellers aren’t charities), but I would almost feel selfish to list 2 members’ photocards from the same album differently just because I know someone will pay more for one of them. I’m not saying this to be the “good guy”, but I don’t want to make collecting harder or more costly for other people because I know how that feels. That’s my opinion, but other people can price as they choose because that’s their business.


>For example, if someone was looking for a specific Taeyong album photocard (he’s a popular member of NCT), they would probably be able to find many expensive listings for the card that they are looking for. Yes, there would be high demand for the photocard as many people collect Taeyong, but there would be substantial supply in circulation That's still how free market works... If people weren't willing to pay the high prices the sellers would have to lower them. But because there is a demand and the price is not impacting sales, nobody will be so naive as to sell for a lower price. (even if there is 5000 of them going "on offer" every week, as long as there's 5000 people willing to buy every week, the fact of the photocard being "easy to find" doesn't matter). Now, is it ethical? Hard to say... on a bigger scale, making a deal with other retailers to artificially inflate prices is illigal. But it's not like hundreds of sellers are plotting to scam people for money. They price things according to what they're seeing other people already paid. We're talking about a small and local K-pop market... from the buyers side there's nothing that can be done about it.


It's bad etiquette, but it's not evil.


Wow this is happening for real? I think is awful, making that difference between members of a group, it seems unfair to them and the fans as well.


But those difference in member popularity already exist resellers just capitalize off of it


But one thing is external people selling it (resellers which only care about money) and another is the company where you are a part of taking part of that business. Its just feels wrong to me, if you are an individual artist fine but when you are in a group idk is like stating one of them is more important than the whole group unity.


I mean, resellers exist in every collecting hobby - I do dislike that, but at this point it’s like. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ thats the way that online trading works I don’t think any company has made it so that different idol merch has different prices (outside of cases where it is literally different), so I don’t think that’s an issue? Or at least I haven’t heard of cases like that thankfully


Oooh I thought OP was saying that companies are selling at different prices! If resellers are doing it then its fine, I mean if the demand is higher for one then I understand it. Not that I like it but what can you do about it? If it where the company to do it then I think is unfair but resellers are another thing.


Unfortunately, it happens quite a bit :( I guess I can get it for rare cards because they are rare and it’s not really dependent on the member but rather the card if that makes sense. but for normal album cards, when I see huge price differences between members it’s really upsetting.


what are rare cards? I'm not familiar with them, like its a photo of a member but is not from a photoshoot? Is more casual?


Limited ones or lucky draw ones or all of the different shops preorder stuff is often considered rare


Aaah they are more unique?? Not many people will have it, right?


Yess, exactly!!


Cool thank youu for explaining :]


hate it, it's all so resellers can make a profit on popular members. you see it all the time in claims that there's a few members pcs that never get picked, so i suppose they price them lower just to get rid of them. if it's from the same album it should be the same price regardless of the member, i don't mind if it's like a £1-2 difference whatever but when it's a big jump it's kinda iffy... we're all just trying to complete our collections why turn it into some money making scheme T T rarer photocards i get to an extent, obviously the more popular members are gonna be super hard to come across so pricing it higher than ones you see a lot is more understandable. but even so there are some extreme pricing differences out there that i can't justify


I dont think its necessarily wrong, as long as its not an extreme price difference, because its all based on demand as its been said in other comments. If its between fans, thats just part of the market, but it sucks if the idols experience things like that. I've seen members from groups who have mentioned seeing people trading off their pcs for other members pcs, seeing their fancams have less views than other members', etc, and while they try not to show it its clear that it hurts them to see that.


I damn buying Kpop albums in itself, is capitalistic from the conception of the idea to manufacturing to purchasing to collecting. So…I mean, ya.


i dont mind at all since i collect the not really expensive member. but the rare one is really really expensive. since they are not expensive for general photocards (albums) means they got less interest in general = more rare photocards for merchs and stuffs outside the albums. for more popular members = expensive in general = lot of interest = not so rare photocards for merchs and stuffs outside the albums -> supply and demand stuffs But sometimes some pc is really unique ppl hunt it down too and increasing the price even its an album photocard. this is what i experienced myself, i collect Kun, i missed the PO of resonance byl AR set, i want to buy Kun AR set, but the price is alrd 4x more expensive than the original price. I saw A LOT OF Jaehyun and Doyoung AR set, still sealed and sold with original prices on the market. for example: considering older member of NCT (that debuted in 2016) they have a lot of photocards given for free in Korea to promote stuffs (i remember it was for NCT127 music bank or stuffs, they giving it out for free, but now ppl are looking for it and its really expensive. like i mean, its really expensive) = earlier debut days means more expensive and the rarity increases since they want to attract attentions on those days (in this case it is not the photocard from the album, more like merchs and event stuffs. But WayV's Take Off and Thailand Press TOTM is really expensive too because they dont produce it any longer) Same goes with BTS' dvds and stuffs ppl dont buy it because it was so expensive and now even without photocards, the dvd sets are still expensive. I think the price also increases because poca collecting is still considered hot for now but i dont understand why ppl dont want to buy the album (if the album is still on print) to get the photocards. its really irritating.




At first i felt sorry for my ults(they are alwayd less popular) but there's no way to change and this is a thing all idols have to accept. That's the way they earn money. Any way, now I'm happy to get my ult's cards for less money.


I don’t particularly like it, because it makes collecting hard. But I understand the reasoning. Thankfully most of my biases aren’t the super popular member in their group (with the exception of Yena from IZ*ONE, and I’ve sometimes seen Chowon PCS get price hiked), so it wasn’t super bothered me.


Tbh I think it's unfair and basically just taking advantage of members popularity. Maybe if I didn't bias so many popular and expensive idols I wouldn't care but I just find it annoying. I can't collect Jungkook anymore bc his overpricing has gotten so bad. I know most people don't see an issue with it though bc they can make money and/or have no trouble affording expensive members :(


As someone who sells photocards, it's a little sad knowing certain members don't "sell as well" as others, but at the end of the day if people are willing to pay more for certain cards then I'm going to sell them for more. It's just business, it's not personal.


It’s the free market lol. I don’t buy sell, buy pcs but can’t argue against the market 😂


Not really. It's just business.


Supply and demand. I mean look at those SMCU photocard prices...


The market is the one driving the price. As long as there are buyers who buy at high price, sellers would continue to sell it at that price. I have a very small collection of my bias' pc and tc but I only buy at a price that I have set, if it's more than that I'll just let it go.