Oh I'm sorry I didn't know we were dropping absolutely bangers today


Like these girls are going thru a JOURNEY


*THIS* is the type of turbo banger I've been waiting for. These girls know everything


Seeing Dawon just shine here makes me wish that she could've participated in WJSN's run in Queendom. Anyway, this might be my top choice of summer bop.


Why did she not participate?


She was on hiatus because of her anxiety.


It’s crazy how they’ve been working with entirely different producers with each comeback and still manage to have their own sound. Starship truly found WJSN’s identity and manage to evolve it even better. Also, hands down THE best music video they’ve ever produced. Dayoung and Dawon are not allowed to exist on this Earth with that kind of beauty.


Dawon look freaking pretty (and healthy) this comeback! Super happy for her after her hiatus!


It gives me izone vibes The girl from ioi is a VOCAL legend, so proud of herrrr.


Her name is called Yeonjung btw 🥰 easily one of the best 3rd gene main vocalists, might even be better several bigger scale group's while WJSN is rather underrated and small.


IM SOOOOOOOO HAPPY! WHAT A SONG! I love how the song feels so difference yet keeping the signature sound of WJSN! Nobody can listen to Last Sequence and tell me WJSN is not a vocal group. Love the adlibs, the high notes, the aesthetics and the concept. This is the best comeback ever!!


They look so good?! OMG??!?


love it, fresh sound, you get both vocals and visuals, what else to ask


Yeonjung casually being the queen of ad libs again


I love it!! So glad WJSN decided to go with this type of sound similar to Unnatural. It’s very chic. Also love the elegant, expensive-looking concept (Pls keep this up for future comebacks). Ever since Izone disbanded, I miss the elegant concept so much and haven’t seen any girl group execute it this beautifully.


Been a fan of WJSN since their debut and I'm already considering Last Sequence as one of my most favorite songs from their whole discography. I know there are still plenty of fans that wish they'd return to a style similar to "Secret", but I honestly don't mind this new direction they've been taking recently. If losing part of their original identity means that they will continue to churn out more music like this, then I'm all for it. Lastly, Yeonjung's vocals never ceases to amaze me. The "show must go on forever" indeed.


Secret and happy are so good too Happy was written by bep, they make such earworms


Starship is on a roll.. the girls are on a roll too since Queendom. Love this song I hope it does well


Hot damn Wjsn never misses at all!!!


Done is HIGHLY recommended.




IT IS SO EVENLY DISTRIBUTED!! Luda lines everywhere and I’m so happy.


Whoever produced this they need to keep working with them because this is smooth. Amazing track. Also I’m always pleasantly surprised by their rapper. She’s really good.


her name is exy! she is so talented


Her face remind me of a K-Pop idol from the early-mid 2000's, around that time period.


I need the dirty club remix of this song, it is time for WJSN to ascend to full dancefloor diva status


That small Yeonjung/Yeoreum part near the end was really good.


Oh the bass goes so hard on this. It's like a marriage between Easy and Yalla. My only complaint is the MV is a bit plain in places, but their MVs have been kind of cheap for a bit so it's to be expected. I really like the coral reef set.


That part 'Last Sequence last sequence' is literally same as Yalla. Very underrated bside!


People need to check out WJSN's b-sides, they are missing out!


Amazing, as always. My wjsn never disappoints.


Oh yeah, here's another SOTY contender for me. This is amazing although of course I'd say that... I've been whipped by WJSN for years. I've loved some of their b-sides with this darker synth-pop sound like Yalla, so it's right up my alley. Thank you to whatever god decided it was time to let WJSN turn up the heat because this, much like Easy, is ***extremely*** sexy. It's crazy how the video can be shot/created so similarly to something like Butterfly but instead of being all "awww so bright and fun" they've just decided to make me melt. The scenes where they're dancing on the set from the thumbnail, in the brighter outfits, are giving me some of my favorite looks of the summer. Love everything about it. Puts me right in the middle of some of my fondest summer clubbing memories, back before jumping around until 3am destroyed my knees. This better not be a Last Sequence because I need an encore.


You have a flair in describing things. Well said!


Thank you! The key is to just be the biggest simp with 0 filter lol


This comment is exactly how I feel! ![gif](emote|free_emotes_pack|give_upvote)


They were talented from the beginning and this track is pop synth vocal gold.


An amazing release as expected! I had already heard the teaser for this song, but the transition into the rap and the bridge were still unique enough to keep me interested throughout the entire song. And their visuals are absolutely stunning, might be my favorite of all their MVs so far.


Someone tell me what the other two songs on the mini album sound like because I cannot stop listening to and watching last sequence on repeat?


done is exy best track for me. the song is so good and unique.


Done is even better than Sequence! Stronger is not to my taste personally but still high quality.


I haven’t been a WJSN fan for very long and only very recently started looking into their discography, so this is my very first comeback I get to witness from them. It did not disappoint. I love their elegant concept combined with their energetic music, and this song is already one of my favourite releases of this year. I’m sad I didn’t get into them sooner, but I’m excited to keep exploring their discography!


Wjsn never misses, this is just like Yalla from their unnatural album which was also incredible, the vocals, the rap everything just works so well together. Can't wait to see the live stage.


Same! Just flawless!


I enjoy it! I'm glad that they went for a moodier, more laid-back style instead of a typical summer song. It suits them better My only complaint is I wish the MV did a bit more, there's some lovely shots but sometimes it just was too bare for me On the other hand the Cosmic Girls just moved to the ocean, they probably need more time to adjust


WJSN are allergic to making bad music


They still somehow managed to exceed my expectations 🤯 I got chills. Dawon in that first verse whew lawd


longtime listener of wjsn here that sadly doesn't yet know everyone's face! mind telling me who's at 1:52?


That's Dawon!


thank you so much !!


[ **Jump to 01:52 @** [MV] WJSN(우주소녀) _ Last Sequence](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2VmoFZ8nwOo&t=0h1m52s) ^(Channel Name: 1theK (원더케이), Video Length: [03:12])^, [^Jump ^5 ^secs ^earlier ^for ^context ^@01:47](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2VmoFZ8nwOo&t=0h1m47s) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- ^^Downvote ^^me ^^to ^^delete ^^malformed ^^comments. [^^Source ^^Code](https://github.com/ankitgyawali/reddit-timestamp-bot) ^^| [^^Suggestions](https://www.reddit.com/r/timestamp_bot)


Wow. This is a career best. I have been following them since debut (My love of Sistar made sure I pre-ordered their debut....god i'm old) but a lot of their stuff is hit or miss for me. But this is maybe their best song since Secret. Maybe their best title track ever?? I'm blown away.


This is such a good song but I still cannot get over how gorgeous Dayoung's hair is. That bob suits her so well, I've been in love with that style on her since Aura/Queendom.


This is fantastic.


ooooohhhhh i love this


Oh this is a banger. Might be controversial given their repertoire but I could see this being in the top 3 WJSN titles for me. I love it.


It's very good, but I still prefer their twinkly mystical-ish songs like secret and save me save you, lol


Don't you just love it when a song clicks on first listen, where every part just flows, no questionable parts thrown in for shock value, your expectations from the teasers are met, and most of all, it's a straight-up banger. Though I wish it went off a bit on the bridge and really take you there (like the As You Wish ending). That chorus would work underwater or on dry land. Great melody, lush production, I love the buried harmonies, but most of all, it doesn't seem to be too high up and comfortable enough for everyone to sing. EDIT: The stage set with just the lights might be the most bare part of the mv but that looked like the most underwater-y to me lol.


NAM DAWON 😍😍😍 i know she's my bias in the group but the hold she has on me throughout this music video is like no other oh my oh my


I'm in love with their sound. I hope they never stop with these dance/club tracks.


i love the bass synth, it’s like they easy-ified yalla


This is like IZONE did Unnatural, but it still sounds like a WJSN song somehow.


Didn't expect this to be so instantly catchy AF, it has an 80 Madonna voice in that chorus that is really hitting the sweet spot for me. Actually the bsides are great too... Their music has usually taken a minute for me to warm up to it, this one was instant from first listen. Kinda stunned.


IMO, WJSN's sound/concept change is among the ones that have managed to feel THE most natural to me. I truly love how they've been experimenting with it for the past few years yet it still manages to feel like the WJSN we all know and love. The visuals have me whipped too, lol.


I knew they would be the one to bring the best summer release from ggs this year 🥰🥰 ( i will also add Sunmi's release as it was beautiful too.,) Edit: i have to wait for Stayc tho 👀


you don’t think the put my sneakers on song will be the best summer release?


Conflicted and confused Abt itzy upcoming release so I'll wait and see.


There's still a small percentage chance it's SOTY, simply because it's ITZY. But the previews don't have me convinced...


I love it! Possibly my favorite of the many summer gg releases (for now, there are so many yet to come lol). "Like a finale" is already stuck in my head. The girls look absolutely stunning too. And can I just say Starship stylists and makeup artists knock it out out of the park like 95% of the time? All of their groups have been looking consistently amazing the last couple of years.


Why am I crying in the club right now? The song is great, it's groovy yet somehow emotional? Amazing vocals all around; Yeonjung is a beast as usual. While the MV itself is nothing special, the styling more than makes up for it and everyone got decent amount of screen time. Oh and Bona is really, really beautiful.


Always in for more dark synths, always. 2:06 caught me by surprise but sent me straight to the moon.


[ **Jump to 02:06 @** [MV] WJSN(우주소녀) _ Last Sequence](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2VmoFZ8nwOo&t=0h2m6s) ^(Channel Name: 1theK (원더케이), Video Length: [03:12])^, [^Jump ^5 ^secs ^earlier ^for ^context ^@02:01](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2VmoFZ8nwOo&t=0h2m1s) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- ^^Downvote ^^me ^^to ^^delete ^^malformed ^^comments. [^^Source ^^Code](https://github.com/ankitgyawali/reddit-timestamp-bot) ^^| [^^Suggestions](https://www.reddit.com/r/timestamp_bot)


this is amazing, wjsn never misses


With Unnatural and now this WJSN are officially in their club banger era


Ariel and her sisters :


This song took me on a mfing journey wtf


Oh I’m fucking obsessed with Dayoung’s “oh ba-by” line and delivery. WJSN ALWAYS DELIVERS!!!


Unnatural will always remain my favorite wjsn song but THIS is really good. The mv is one of their best, the girls looks stunning ! I love the song , the instrumental is amazing 😍


God this is so good. The vocals are so good and that bass is FAT. Feeling blessed right now as a huge fan of WJSN and LOONA. I have this banger to contrast with LOONA's Flip That.


vocals... visuals.... slay.......... is this what u see when u get to the pearly gates............


Blonde Dawon is a killer loved the shots of her with the mic. The bassy stuff goes hard I'm digging it. Upon first listen I'm really digging the song.


Oh my god this is my favourite WJSN single - and this coming from someone who still has As You Wish on their Spotify On Repeat playlist. It’s lush, yet gives the instrumentals and vocals space to breathe. WJSN never miss


dawon is finally getting the lines she deserves.


Like the song a lot but the MV is a little underwhelming for me. That sounds like a weird thing to say considering how gorgeous they all are and the sheer amount of visuals in this group but there it is. Yeonjung's vocals send me. I love that girl's voice!


The MV is so aesthetic.. and the song’s already lodged in my brain and likely will be for the rest of the day.


They didn’t have to go this hard but they did. Love the song.


Oh jesus lord yes


The song production is really, really nice.


They way they pronounce "finale" is kinda funny, its like every possible pronounciation mushed into one


I really enjoyed it!


One of their best songs and music videos ever. They look absolutely stunning, beautiful and the song is just one of their best so far. This looks like a new start for wjsn and I'm here for it. The chorus hits hard


AMAZING that’s all i have to say


WJSN can always be trusted to deliver a bop! The white outfits in the MV might also be one of their best stylings ever, they all look amazing


Soaring vocals and fierce beats combine and in a split second I’m transported back to the clubs of my youth. I want to get up and start throwing moves… music that will unite so many on the dance floor, music that touches your soul.


Wow Starship being cheap as fuck , with all the money generated from Ive can they just spend a bit more on WJSN/their MV? Jesus even third or lower tier Girl Groups have higher budget MV than this.


Like i said, they can't be bothered with WJSN if they didn't won Queendom2, they are probably equally as stunned that WJSN won. At the worst they may even think that they are wasting money on WJSN with this musical comeback since all they care about is IVE hence the quality and budget of this MV. They just want to send them on the rare occasion solo activities then disband them eventually focusing on IVE (monetary standpoint not wrong). Nonetheleast WJSN slayed, i loved the song, it's one of my fave 1st listen of recent summer comeback songs, i hope to see more of them again 🥰 hopefully SS don't forget they exist. Whatever "hate" i may sound like i am directing is towards SS btw, not WJSN nor IVE.


Late to the party but it sucks even more considering that they're on the last legs of their contracts (their contracts will expire on next February (Yeonjung on next August) and the lyrics of the song scream "disbandment song"...


Such a banger. They all sounded so good and I'm loving the styling in the MV.


Mmm the song gets better every time I re-listen to it, the beat is most definitely catchy!


This is a certified bop 😎🔥 perfect comeback 🤗💖


I love this


the way i instantly fell in love with this wow


I've been playing this all day, it's a banger


10/10 they never miss.


This is a classic WJSN title track bop and the styling is *on point* though most of the music video doesn't live up to the song. The girls look stunning and I love this take on the mermaid concept. Dawon's first outfit + makeup look is GLORIOUS. I love the bass that thrums throughout this track (I thought Aura felt kinda empty and echo-y in relation to this) though I will say that the finale/last sequence riff in this song doesn't come close to the divinity that is the Unnatural "How can I breathe now" hook with the brass tuba/trombone layered underneath it.


it is a decent song, i was surprised that it's bit a bit of mid-tempo. I was expecting something faster. The verses are sparse and wasn't feeling it at first but that chorus paid off! Dawon/Dayoung's "ey ey ey" is hypnotic. The choreo looks okay as well. It's so nice to see them as 10 again. My only gripe would be the MV is cheap. It's a level up from Butterfly but on par with Unnatural. I'm a bit sad, WJSN deserves a better MV. Also i didn't like the yellow and orange outfits, reminded me of fastfood joints. Come on Starship!!! That said it's an OK comeback, I like the song but not as much as I expected. Looking forward to their next one, hoping it's a full album.


There was just SO much about this that I loved, the beat clicked with me from first listen too. Also good to see them back as 10. The shots where they were behind the glass panels in the rain made me think of After School's First Love MV


A freaking BOP ladies and gentlemen, and can we talk about how aesthetic is this mv? and the mermaid concept?? like hello??? also, ‘done’ is their best song ever, I have it on repeat


Boogie Up better watch her back Last Sequence is coming for her place as my favorite WJSN track on first listen.


Yeorum ah!!~


while i was glad they were running with the sound they picked up in unnatural (and something they've been dabbling in with their bsides for a while), i think this one might still be a grower not too keen on the "like a finale" hook, and everything sorta just *happens* i couldn't really get a good bite of what was going on that being said, dawon sounds AMAZING and it's great seeing her, yeonjung, and soobin being utilized at high capacity


shat my pants! they over delivered when they didn't have to as always. The visuals the chorus the verses the bridge they all sound immaculate??? I love them i love htemDFMWO!!!


They never miss


Queens are back!


Love the song from the first listen!


It’s flawless. But who would expect any less from WJSN?


oh yes that bassline in the chorus is DIRTY ... another day another slay for wjsn


This is their greatest era This is their greatest concept This is their greatest Uju Song, yeah No seriously, I'm just overwhelmed right now - this goes beyond queen behavior. Bona/Luda center in the chorus is just not fair, this isn't good for my health. I will never recover from this. ![gif](giphy|3o85xu10Wg5Nl7xwVG)


I love it


this is a bop and the mv is stunning


oh bitch they sounded so good... it's not quite up there with their best material but it's still a solid comeback!


That was crunchy. I could feel the instrumental and beat pulsing through my teeth. This sound suits them so well, a lot of glitzy and slightly mysterious electropop vibes but also a dark glamorous mood that they delivered previously on Unnatural. One of the most cosmic songs of the year.


I like it a lot, they look and sound amazing. However, it sounds more like a B-side than a title track. It's not really hitting me like a truck like Unnatural did. Still, a great song.. love the vocals specifically. MV does seem a bit cheap overall which is absurd considering Starship has been absolutely raking in the cash lately with IVE.


I recognize one of them. Is there a former IOI member in this group?


Yes, that would be Yeonjung.


Love the song, great Wuju summer bop. Every time a member becomes blonde, the grow stronger. As a long time fan, I'm so excited to see all the newer fans in the comments!


Instant SOTY contender from first listen. They really did that 👏 B-Side Done is also top tier!


That chorus is amazing. And they look gorgeous, I'm loving this elegant sexy mermaid concept


Ok I’ve never heard a single song by this group but OMG PLEASE GIVE ME MORE RECS. This chorus and video is giving my Stay Tonight by Chungha vibes. I need more summer EDM kpop


You're in luck, they've been killing it lately! Their previous two mini albums include more EDM and synthkpop bangers, and their subunits have also released different and just as good if not better stuff - Easy, Super Yuppers. Some other songs - As You Wish, Renaissance, Boogie Up (another summer song). Then go from there >>


I'm super into electropop, Perfume are my queens, and I had really high hopes for them having their little prfm slay moment. Unfortunately this just didn't deliver as I was hoping it would... The verses were way too short and uninteresting, the second verse especially with that disappointing transition to the chorus. Exy's rap felt shoehorned in, and the bridge was melodically unimpressive, like they just had to make Yeojung do as many high notes and runs as possible. The chorus goes hard though, my favorite part. I just wish it kept that vibe the whole time. This hurts me, I love these girls and they were doing one of my favorite genres, so to end up disappointed like this is just painful. But man, I just can't get over those verses. When I heard the first verse immediately throw us into the chorus I was just like NO... DONT DO THIS TO ME... Also, for the love of god, can Starship PLEASE spare the Q2 winners a few more cents for their mvs? I'm tired of them having to film on school musical sets!


I'm glad I'm not the only one who feels like Exy's rap sounds out of place...


Not a fan of the song. I guess I just don’t like this genre in general, like unnatural, pantomime etc and I always prefer their as you wish, save me save you sound. But again, I thought IVE Eleven was quite boring and Love Dive is above average at best. And look where both songs are right now. So perhaps starship do know what they are doing and it’s better for the group if I don’t like the song LOL


I feel you, I’m a huge synthpop/e.one stan and im still in denial that WJSN is probably never releasing that genre of music again :’) every single cb I’m like, no THIS TIME they’ll go back to that sound (they don’t) Still glad to see the girls pop off though, well deserved and I liked aura for its melodic qualities.


i could sense a little bit lovedive feel in it maybe because it's produced by foreign producer lol. really like it alot


I think this is the best summer girl group (not solo, Nayeon's was fantastic) title track so far. Although that MV is kinda boring? I wish it was more dynamic.


Idk if this makes sense but imo, Unnatural and this mv both kinda look like they're just magazine shoots set to music. There's not much going on besides glamour shots and performance clips. The members' visuals hard carried for me.




Compared to their past music videos, this one looks very cheap and low budget, which is unfortunate because the song's actually great for a single album title track.


Omg this is so good!! I love it!! Finally some elegant concept again amidst the ocean of cute and girl crush concepts. Can someone help me, who are the Chinese members? I am not that familiar with the group.


None of the members you see in this MV are Chinese. The Chinese line hasn't been part of a comeback with the group since 2018. If you are still curious about the Chinese line, their names are Xuan Yi, Cheng Xiao, and Mei Qi.


Thank you, that’s unfortunate :/ But are they still part of the group then? Does this mean that they also did not participate in Queendom?


Technically, I guess since neither Starship nor Yuehua (the company the Chinese members are signed under) have officially announced they have left, but effectively they are no longer in the group. The last time all 13 members were seen together was for the Lunar New Year Greetings photoshoot in 2020. At that time, the two companies might have had plans to bring the full group back together since Rocket Girls (a temporary group from the Chinese version of Produce 101 which had 2 of the 3 WJSN Chinese members) was ending in 2020, but Covid-19 and poor relations between the countries probably allowed them to quietly cancel any plans. And no, they didn't take part in Queendom. In fact, Cheng Xiao was busy being one of the trainers for a Chinese dance competition show that was airing around the same time.


One major reason is the C-line popularity exploded back in China and Yuehua made them go on their solo works.


Are they ever gonna come back to WJSN?


Nope. At this point, they're too big in China already. Meiqi alone sold over 2m. This is how crazy her popularity is in China. Both Chengxiao and Xuanyi has a lot of varieties and drama lined up. Their solo stan fans make it hard for them to comeback and Yuehua is not gonna give up this gold mine.


Wow, you are so knowledgeable! Thank you for explaining! Is there a chance for the three Chinese members to return to the group activities in the future? Or are they just going to stay in China?


This is another group I am not familiar with. Just upon the first listen I enjoyed this song. And then when they performed live and the chorus hit - it has such a magical, elegant vibe. I hope they get a win or two for this song.


I cannot get the “Neul Yeongwonhi Neul Yeongwonhi” part out of my head!!!!!


Are they planning on renewing their contracts? I hate to be a downer -- the song is an absolute banger and I've had it on repeat -- but the lyrics remind me of a disbandment song :(


I had only heard two or three songs of WJSN before watching them on Queendom 2. After watching them and getting to know them a bit I decided I want to get more into them and potentially stan. WELL THEY DIDN’T GIVE ME A CHOICE NOW! This is the most addicting song I’ve ever heard, I replayed the video at least 85 times in a row. Every single one of them is a vocal, visual, and dance queen. Please recommend me more WJSN songs 🤩😍 AND WHO IS THE WOMAN I FELL IN LOVE WITH AT 0:38 😍🫠❤️


Honestly, other girl groups need to take notes from this kind of production. I'm ready for more gay club bangers.


I really like the mermaid styling and Dayoung is killing it with her short hair 👌🏼 The vocals are strong but imo the song and the choreography are lack luster... Bit of a vibe drop considering the rest of the June and July comebacks we've had so far No hate to the girls, Starship have let them down


not all song need hard hitting or sharp choreo. the laidback suit the vibe of the song tho.


You don't like fun, they don't want to be like the other girls


You're right! I just don't like fun! The obvious conclusion from me expressing my opinion on one song right?


Pleasant enough, but not in their top 10. The title sung part is a bit awkward. Also why do I need to be 12 to watch this MV?


~~Why didn't they release it on Tidal? I hope they do...I dont remember seeing different release times on different streaming platforms before~~ Edit: its out now, yay!


it’s alright the verses and chorus kinda bored me but the post chorus is pretty so this might grow on me idk i’ll see


6/10 This is a great retro song with a nice blend of modern electronic instrumentation. Although the song isn't necessarily conceptually groundbreaking, it does execute the concept very well. The production of this song is actually very well done. All the synths sound excellent, especially the buzzy synth that supports the chorus. Although there's aren't any new ideas in terms of instrumentation, the execution is done very well. This song also has a great amount of dynamics; I would say in the dynamically flat world of Kpop, this song is definitely above average in the dynamics department. I really like the build up of the verse to the chorus, and the sudden dropout to the second verse. What I really enjoy hearing is empty parts with empty rhythm sections juxtaposed with full sections with lush instrumentals. I think the production can be improved by making each section more sonically diverse. Because each section uses similar instruments, and is the same rhythmically, there isn't much diversity in the song to keep the song sounding fresh. I think the dynamics definitely help, but because each section sounds roughly the same, the song tends to blend into the background of the listener's mind. In terms of songwriting, I think this song is OK. I would say all the hooks are above average, and pleasant to listen to, but aren't necessarily the best hooks that I've heard, or aren't hooks that I haven't heard before. In other words, there's no melody in the song that stands out, and makes the song unique. But still, all the hooks sound nice and are pleasant to listen to. There is one issue in the song, and that is the transition from pre-chorus to chorus. It's kind of a jarring transition, which is unpleasant for the listener. I think the problem is that the pre-chorus is too short, so when the chorus hits, it's a bit sudden. To solve this, I think I would just double the length of the pre-chorus. Overall, I think this is a nice song, and a good execution of this concept. Because there aren't any new ideas presented in both the production and the songwriting, there isn't anything that makes this song stand out. Perhaps this song is a bit too safe, but that's not to say that this is a bad song. Still, I enjoyed listening to this song, and I appreciate the effort put forth by this group and agency.


yassfication to ariel


Who gave Yeonjung the RIGHT