I kinda can't believe it's only been 2 years. They have so much music that it feels like 3 or 4. Well, here's hoping for many more years of witchy bops.


already two years since debut and i believe they’re on the right track. last comeback had everything, but most importantly they’ve been able to come up with a signature sound. i’d dare to say that’s one of the most difficult aspects in this industry, and pk did it almost effortlessly through their discography


True, their last comeback really felt like they’ve discovered themselves. Their most cohesive one yet.


True, their last comeback really felt like they’ve discovered themselves. Their most cohesive one yet.


My girls! All of their albums have given me some of my absolute favourite K-Pop songs. The talent is IMPECCABLE, both vocally and performance wise. An absolute treat, and I am so happy they are going stronger and stronger. Thank and love you, PURPLE KISS! Onto many more years!


Happy anniversary to one of my very favorite groups! After getting into K-pop back in 2020, they were the first new group that I've been into from their pre-debut to now. It's been cool to see how they've developed as a group and found their sound, and I wish them all kinds of success moving forward. Purki fighting!


Happy 2:nd anniversary to my favourite 4:th gen group!


happy 2 years, purki! i hope you continue having such a great discography!


as someone who only got into them recently i’m surprised they’ve only been around 2 years? they feel like a bit more of a seasoned group to me (not meant in a negative way of course)


A lot of them have been trainees for long long periods (5+ years). They're also a group where much of the members debuted older like Mamamoo which is also RBW. Na Goeun was on P48, she killed every round that she took part in. The member who left the group got literally 0 screentime.


Oh surprised that Na Geoun didn’t make it into Iz*One then


i’m surprised they’ve only been around for two years! with all the great music and content and overall performance the group offers they have the status of being a group much longer.. happy 2 years 💜💋


Happy Anniversary! They have a solid discography for a two-year group. MemeM and Cabin Fever are my favorites.


Happy anniversary to Purple Kiss! They are really underrated and overdue for a music award. Hopefully they will get their success soon


My girls!! Cannot wait to see what they do next!


Happy anniversary my favorite girls! Can't believe I've been following them for like 4 years at this point :') Hope they continue to grow in popularity and success. They deserve it so much. Just amazingly talented girls with such sweet and fun personalities <3


They're easily becoming one of my all time fave girl groups. They've worked so hard these last two years. I cannot wait to see what all the future has in store for them!


Purple on the top!


Happy anni to one of my favorite rookies!


Zombie bie bie bie


💜✨ can’t wait for future activities from them


Only 2 years is crazy, especially considering how much music they have. Plus all that music is quality


Happy Anniversary Purki 💜 started stanning during Zombie era and I wish I discovered them earlier because I’ve been in love with their concepts and music every time


Manifesting their first win in their second year 🥹


They're so underrated it's ridiculous the talent this group has is amazing 🔥


wow two years!! let’s go girls 💖