Deport him 🤦‍♀️


Downright selfish and irresponsible behaviour.


Standard mainland Chinese behavior


It isn’t the only example either. Happens a lot more than you would think. They need to start enforcing harsher punishments and fines to send the message home.


like every second korean with covid doesn't just get on the train anyway or refuse to test themselves.


How come all the new variants came from Europe then 🤔


WTF Tankie? Troll or just don't understand how an open and free society reports all new cases and variants as opposed to the utter chaos, secrecy and pigheadedness of Mainland China...


You can't lie about which strains are spreading fastest, genetic analysis bro. And XBB is of direct European/Western lineage.


Are we surprised?


They purposefully trying to spread the virus yet AGAIN...


I'm thinking the same thing!


Charge the person with biological terrorism.


That’s a good way to get Korea to ban ALL travelers from China.


...which should be the case anyways. China moans and complains about other countries putting restrictions on them, but how can you blame them? Look at the chaos that is happening in China with the new infections.


And it's not like they blocked the entire world for the past 2+ years....


Where did XBB come from again?


Yeah it’s not everyone in China is Chinese and is infected with the virus… but that doesn’t matter for sinophobes lol


Yeah it’s not everyone in China is Chinese and is infected with the virus… but that doesn’t matter for sinophobes lol


He doesn’t care though. He won’t be coming back




Are chinas consequences really worse than a tank on the national economy, the safety of own citizens, further restrictions? Like no country wants that after where we are now but what’s chinas hold on them now?! Not like there isn’t evidence Chinese citizens can be irresponsible. And can’t say I don’t even empathize seeing as how strict their govt were in their lockdowns


I'm pretty sure it's easier to tank the economic impact of another viral wave and lockdowns, than it is to tank a tantrum from your closest superpower fidgeting with your market


Wasn’t China bitching about travel restrictions on their citizens into Korea? Gee, wonder why…




Yeah...cause one person fled a Hotel, that means all Chinese people would do this.


Yeah…cuz one person broke a law we shouldn’t have penalties - oh wait. That’s why laws exist. That’s why restrictions exist. It’s to punish people who would break laws. Koreans should put Koreans first, that’s literally the role of government. When China gets their shit together, Korea will loosen restrictions. Simple. If Koreans were breaking quarantine in China, China should put restrictions on Koreans. It goes both ways.


Force him to quarantine in his embassy.


Just follow our good friend North Korea. Ban all Chinese from entering the country.








Arrivals from Hong Kong and Macao are also under the same restrictions as China is under. They just added that today after very grave concerns of virus mutations from China that evade vaccines may arrive in Korea. The fear of the unknown is great. I hope we're not going back to March 2020 again, oh god no.


As a Hongkonger, the majority of us wanted the travel restriction. As our philosophy now turned passive aggressive, 'if we burn, you burn with us'. Our pro-china chief secretary though, had emailed 6 foreign consulates complaining about the travel restriction. Many of us were mocking him by saying, these were spam mails and belonged to trash. And he should stop interfering foreign policies (just like how the china deplomats always say). So don't worry about us, we wouldn't be mad at this.




Yes because hk residents had the option to get vaxxed with western vaccines and many did


HK is still a separate entity in terms of traveling/immigration


Yes, correct la. But, other countries Hong Kong seems to treat as HK is a part of China nowadays.


You from SG?


It’s not fully absorbed. Although the mainland influence in HK has increased, citizens of HK still have a separate system and enjoy freedoms that mainland Chinese do not.


I'm living in HK at the moment. In terms of travel restrictions against HK and China, covid regulations, we're very much separate. HK's covid protocols are not reliant on China's, so like changes in covid restrictions in HK are announced independent to China's timeline of covid restrictions there. And the system for residents to track covid spread in HK and China is also very much different, i.e. we have this app that tracks covid contacts based on where we eat, for example, does not operate in China. In the previous year, other countries' travel restrictions to and from HK are also different from China, esp during the time China had the covid lockdown. Moreover we can't freely go to china and we still have travel restrictions going there (though this will be relaxed from Jan 8th) So at least in regards to these 2, they operate separately


Different money, language, entry restrictions (including visas), food, laws, and legal system. No great firewall and a separate vaccination programme. I'd say it's a pretty different place.


That’s a super complicated, even political, question. HK is officially a Special Administrative Zone, under the control of the Beijing government but with considerable autonomy and special rights. For the past few years or so, Beijing has been in the process of undermining all of those rights (and many Hong Kongers have tried to resist this.) A lot of what made HK special and distinctive has been eroded, compared with even five years ago. Other countries are revoking some of the special privileges HK used to have as a way to sort of try to punish the CCP for doing this. I find it said, really, as this is the end of a city that genuinely combined “East” and “West” But, from the perspective of an individual traveler, HK is still a distinct entity. You still have to show your passport and get it stamped at the HK/CCP border and COVID restrictions are sometimes different (which meant at times travel between the two was all but impossible in the last few years).


If mainland China really did treat hk as one can it give them the dirt cheap petrol prices and the dirt cheap cigarette prices. It’s probably been more easy for people in Hong Kong to travel to Europe or japan for a holiday in the pandemic then to go mainland China


It was up pretty independent Until China decided to act like a dictatorship put in a puppet government, crush any protesters or call for independence and anyone who disagreed with the CCP or political opposition started randomly dissapearing or getting locked up Now unfortunately I don't think the people have much choice then to be forced to be part of XI's China


do u know if taiwan is under the same restriction? I am meant to go later in the month but haven't seen anything.


China, HK, Macao, only.


I surfed around on Chinese social networks, but no one posted this news, on the contrary, they cursed Korea for overdoing the matter of tightening covid checks for Chinese travelers.


I read that they are launching boycott Korea campaigns.


I don't know what the situation was back home for him, but this surely isn't right. You shouldn't violate policies that can put the city or even country back at risk.


And even if it doesn’t put anyone but yourself at risk, obey the laws in other countries or gtfo


2020 flashbacks


That person needs to go to jail.


Where he'll spread COVID... I like the idea of quarantining him in the Chinese Embassy.


Then deport him and ban him forever.


China will just send him to Japan next.


Damn. The dude was probably traumatized from being quarantined for so long while he was in China. He finally got a taste of freedom and traveled to a foreign country, only to be quarantined again… and now he’s going to face much harsher consequences beyond quarantine. I hope he sets an example for others planning to visit. That no matter how much you think it may suck, it doesn’t give you the right to go around potentially putting others at risk.


I like this more empathetic take




I wonder if the sudden “let’s end this insane Zero Covid policy without replacing it with even the slightest bit of caution or common sense” program was in fact the prep for an “instead let’s infect all our neighbors, if we’re going to die by the millions then just burn it all down” end goal.




and when people start enjoying it, thats when the tanks start rolling in


Downright the ending of the hell...!


The Chinese government hasn’t had a real long term plan for almost a decade now. Just vague goals. The protests spooked the ccp hard and they also realized covid is now too contagious to prevent. They just flat out dropped restrictions because they had no realistic backup plan if zero covid failed, so the leadership doesn’t know what to do.


That reminds Shincheonji members in 2020 who were against the government’s orders.


Well, I don't know Korean immigration law but I'm going to guess he's probably getting banned from entering the country again after this. Correct me if I'm wrong. But skipping a brief quarantine is not worth being denied entry for potentially the rest of your life.


Back when Covid started, Singapore news was bombarded with this kind of story. I guess some things will never change.


Catch and deport, then ban all travel from China is exactly how this is going to turn out.


Can someone explain what is happening in China that is making them this infected?


China gave up their zero-COVID policy. Since that policy has been very effective at suppressing COVID for the past two years, most of their population has little exposure or natural immunity to COVID (for reference, I am in the US and most of my family and friends have already gotten COVID at least once, so we all have some natural immunity). Combine that with their vaccines, which don't perform as well as the vaccines being used in other countries, and their dubious vaccination rate among high risk populations like the elderly, and their population is unfortunately vulnerable to a large surge in COVID.


Sino Vaxx sucks balls and current strands are very infectious. So it’s like the beginning of the pandemic over there, but worse.


This. Plus they made little effort to vaccinate the most vulnerable or to stockpile supplies for a large outbreak. So it's likely that they're seeing a lot of cases among the people most likely to have worse outcomes, and they are low on medicines and oxygen supplies that could reduce the chances of a bad outcome.


this was tested in hong kong and found to be incorrect


I suspect that their zero-covid policy had already failed, with large numbers of infections the government was trying to keep quiet. As they increased the repression to keep it all quiet, it was too much for people. What we're seeing now is just the continuing arc that they'd tried to hush up.


And the abruptly ending of zero-COVID policy during winter season. The disgraceful CCP is really showing their irresponsibility for the general public.


Also Chinese public areas are generally confined spaces and so is the culture, it’s about family and friends getting together in those spaces, sharing food, etc. is making it easy to transmit Covid




Shall we not compare people to cockroaches?




The comment has been deleted but they compared Chinese people to cockroaches


That is the line Imperial Japan took against Korea and China. It is disgusting. Hate the government by all means, but do not reduce common people to less than human status.


He's anti-Chinese. Look at his account.


[ Removed by Reddit ]


EDIT: User was banned :) Are all Koreans pathetic because the current president is a misogynist? Are all British people pathetic because the Tories are corrupt and greedy? Are all Americans pathetic because the US government are corrupt, often unmoral, and greedy? The list goes on. You're clearly racist toward the Chinese people.


Isn't that part of the mRNA debacle with Moderna that happened a while ago?


Of course he did. Nobody trusts mainland Chinese for a reason.


We need to catch this fucker and make an example out of him


중국이 중국함 🤷🏻‍♀️


Intrusive thoughts won


china is asshole


No china , no covid


Sigh.. why don’t these Chinese tourists follow orders and rules?


Chinese people dont give a f about rules. I really mean it.


Watch them have the bat2 variant too


This is really infuriating.


Send in the drones!


He is Chinese. :)




Korea has CCTV everywhere that made petty crimes and kidnappings virtually disappear (at least that’s what they told me). I hope they trace this guy and deport him ASAP


I don’t think CCTV is the reason there aren’t petty crimes or kidnapping here lol


Damn, y'all want *blood* from this guy.


well, he was definitely in the wrong, and worst case he's gonna bring back the covid situation to korea or introduce a new variant. 'course koreans want blood from that guy, why should korean people suffer just because of a very selfish and irresponsible foreigner?


Didn't you hear? He's *Chinese*!


Oh my.


Let the spreading begin.


Someone wants go to back to year 2020




짱퀴벌레들 ㅅㅂ


This headline is like chum in the water for this sub lol


Why? From what I know, the demographic here is majority international. And a fair chunk of them don't have much love for Korea at all. I see a lot of posts and comments decrying racism in this sub, so the comments on this post surprised me a bit.


You are right that many people on the sub can be critical and give off negative vibes but that doesn't mean they dislike Korea. There are much less nuanced takes when it comes to China here and it usually boils down to something along the lines of "ccp bad, China tourist bad, they took our kimchi, etc..."


One irresponsible idiot ruins reputation of a whole nation XD


Did you leave out the word "billion" on purpose?




Most likely once the Korean authorities find this person, he will be deported and sent back to China. I highly doubt that one "runner" is going to cause Korea to put sanctions on tourists from China. I'm not saying that it would not happen though. Considering how it has been in Korea the passed couple of years, anything is possible!


this one person can cause another massive infection in the country just like those 신천지 bastards


That's true, but you can say the same thing about those travelers that are asymptomatic that are visiting places all over the world. What's to say that there isn't someone already walking around Korea infecting people with the next big virus already? Bottomline is that I do not condone what this person did, but I highly doubt Korea is going to do something that will cause diplomatic repercussions.


I'm not sure why are you getting downvoted tho. I think that's what most countries would do, deport the asshole without sanctioning the other tourists that are following the laws. Am I missing something?


You missed the massive confirmation bias boner.


I wonder if it was an intentional plan to spread COVID. /tinfoil hat off


Jesus Christ Reddit is the fucking worst place on the internet.


Ok chill out, that’s one Chinese guy, doesn’t represent all of Chinese people, bashing China is not the right thing to do here




lmao..Koreans are so racist…you knows who’s most racist towards Chinese? It’s Chinese themselves


I didn’t know that. The saying Asians are the most racist and hate other Asians hold true. And no, I’m not Chinese.


We need Lee Jaemyung! Everything Yoon does leads to a disaster


Shame that he is out there endangering the health of others, but I just travelled through that terminal on Dec 31st, so a quick translation of that article was necessary so as to lessen my fears that my family and I may have crossed paths with him.


Don't worry, you probably crossed paths with dozens of other infected people as testing was not required of most fliers.


Good point, not to mention Australia and the laxxed approach to wearing masks.


I flew back from a week-long vacation in India and transited through Bangkok on the 1st and no one wore masks until getting on the last leg to Seoul, so that was a thing... You'd probably know by now if you caught Covid over the weekend though. It moves pretty fast.


No doubt, no doubt. I'm vaccinated, but it's my unvaxxee family I'm worried about, mainly the children. However, I think their symptoms of coughing and runny nose was more to do with shit airplane food, going from winter to summer, and no longer being in an environment where doctors, hospitals, and pharmacies are so abundant.


tell me about it. My retired mother is vaccinated, but I spent a week sharing a hotel room with her and she was sniffling and coughing most of the time. Definitely she caught something on her flight out of the states, probably that other respiratory illness going around. Couldn't get her to wear a mask, so I just hoped I wouldn't have symptoms during my flight (I was completely fine, actually my indoor allergies improved immensely during my trip, lol)


We used to cough to hide a fart, now we fart to hide a cough.


the funniest thing is that the girl who sits next to me in the office is out with Covid, so I was more at-risk in the office than out traveling it seems.


Oh, the irony. Let me guess, HR wouldn't see your point on that?


haha, I got lucky on that front. As the most senior foreigner, I get away with a lot. Including having taken Monday off just to spend time with my cat and not being around to sub when another teacher got stuck in the airport nightmare in the Philippines (she's still not back yet)


Whoever smelt it dealt it, whoever dealt it covit


At the same time what was korean security doing




This shit gave me awful pneumonia then heart failure and a permanent heart condition in the last two months and I’m young, healthy, eat well and had medicine and the ability to rest while sick. I was in the hospital three times already and have to be on beta blockers and deal with a bunch of bullshit now. I am also now half deaf and the low oxygen and fucked up blood pressure for weeks has made my eyes WAY worse, I’m now part blind and need all new prescription glasses and prescription sunglasses. It’s appalling what this can do to us even if we’re healthy. You can risk that if you want I guess but you’re not doing anyone any favors by *denying* it I also lost 22 pounds in a few days while my oxygen was super low which terrified my husband, I lost a bunch of hair, and my arm starts spasming from exhaustion before I’m even done brushing my teeth. I chopped an entire huge tree apart by myself in a day after it was struck by lightning in October, stripped the branches and made a firewood pile them bagged all the foliage and now I can’t finish brushing my fucking teeth. My smallest cat caught it from coming and sleeping by us at night while we coughed and is still coughing all the time, I can’t even figure out how to help her and she’s gotten way too thin too 😞 Edit: I have been back in America and was going to be back to Seoul by March, now I might not be able to fly for a while. I was so excited for cherry blossom season 😢


That is fucked. Hope you and your cat get back to normal soon. :(