Might be, but that would be the third guard kill team(counting traitor guard) and I think that would be overkill. It might be inquisitors or maybe rogue traders. Maybe both since inquisitors do employ rogue traders from time to time


Honestly I’d love a team based on a customizable inquisitor and their retinue


I like to build storylines around my killteams and a killteam like that would be perfect for a bit of rp


I do think it would be a lot of guard releases. I was hoping for some new admech stuff but we do have a white dwarf team I suppose


I think they’ll do it just so that it drops 1-3 months before the full guard codex drops, sort of like the CSM vs eldar box dropped before both codexes came out


I would guess admech or inquisition/rogue traders. The second option is more fun imo


Im thinking theres a chance for rogue traders. The last release of them was inside a space ship or shrine after all so it fits the claustrophobia idea too


They could simply rerelease the old Rogue Trader Kill Team with new rules


I would really like that. I would like the gellerpox as well


I’m betting it’ll have something to do with Squats since it seems their codex is next


Inquisitors have had Stormtroopers they’ve commanded before. Maybe an Inquisitor with Kasrkin backup?


I recall Eisenhorn ran into an Inquisitor on cadia who was packing a squad of kasrkin.


If memory was correct the storm troopers were with eisenhorn for that part of the book on loan to him and he said even they gave him the creeps with how they seemed less human than servetors.


Could be some kind of inquisitorial suicide squad of some kind. An inquisitor leading a bunch of rag tag heroes


Inquisitor with kasrkin squad sounds extremely cool. I would love that but I also don't think that's likely


I suspect we will see at least several more Guard Kill Teams, as they are going to redo Catachans at least, and I suspect several regiments that basically haven't had figures since the 90s. My money for a Guard vs. Tyranid box is going involve Catachans.


I hope it’s inquisitors ,they need models


I mean…if they are rereleasing the rogue trader units I’m down.


If they wanna give a lot of options for different guard regiments and units, kill team wouldn't be a horrible way to drop them!


That is actually a great point, but I’m still not convinced. I hope that is the case though


The adeptus ministorum subsect is the schola progenium which in turn trains inquisitorial acolytes and tempestus scions


New scions would be cool


Indeed we also have not had a scion themed kill team yet they are still using the compendium


That's what the Kasrkin are...


They are Cadian tho, I meant like non-regiment-specific scions, because someone who plays scions isnt running Kasrkin


Well, no one is running Kasrkin right now... they don't currently exist. Will be interesting if the kit can be used for non Cadians somehow. Maybe some kind of "Tempestus Scions Grenadiers" or something? Afterall, Cadian models are almost like a standard template for other regiments, and the new Kasrkin look more like the classic Imperial Guard Stormtroopers than the newer Tempestus Scions models... It would just be a little odd if they ended up with a 10-man elite Scions kit, and a 5-man troop kit.


Should have put "tempestus scions" in bold. Kasrkin ARE Cadian specific Tempestus Scions.


The CAT unit has an Adeptus Ministorum sigil on it, and IMO in the video on the article the main sound is of a woman breathing. On that basis, my money's on Sisters... In... Spaaaaaace (hulk). That or it's a Rogue Trader / Blackstone style team of various people from multiple factions banded together. From the Lexicanum etc sources it says CATs are deployed by the Mechanicum and Astartes. Otherwise totally agree that the bases are similarly done, so happy to be wrong!


I don't know if it's necessarily female... but it's certainly no Space Marine. That being said, I would love to see a whole release of new Ministorum/Ecclesiarchy related models, like Preachers, Missionaries, Crusaders, and stuff. As /u/RGent80 pointed out though, the Ordo Tempestus (aka Militarum Tempestus), works closely alongside the Schola Progenium, which is governed by the Ecclesiarchy (aka Adeptus Ministorum). War orphans are taken and trained by the Schola Progenium. Most of the "recruits" are assigned to the Schola Tempestus, where they are then trained to become Tempestus Scions (most female recruits end up being assigned to the Adepta Sororitas). Kasrkin *are* Tempestus Scions.


Kasrkin and Scions are both Stormtroopers, but they aren't the same thing (in the lore, anyway).


To be fair though, Kasrkin have largely been absent from the game for a decade or so... before "Stormtroopers" even became "Tempestus Scions." There will likely be a few tweaks to the Kasrkin lore.


That's a really good point! Look forward to it whatever it might be :)


So either admech,sisters,inquisition or space marines I hope admech ,inquisition or terminators


basing design appears consistent.


I think that's an Inquisition I on that drone


It looks more like the [Adeptus Ministorum](https://wh40k.lexicanum.com/mediawiki/images/b/bf/Adeptus_Ministorum_Symbol.jpg) sigil


And the article mentions it being made by the admech, I ahve a feeling the Inquisitorial sigil on it means less than one would assume. We think Kasrkin are getting a killteam because their bases are different than the rest of the guard and the base is very similar to this doodad


Its not an inquisitorial sigil. That has the three stripes, this has a star on the I.


Nice catch. Maybe it's Ad Mech? They only have a WD team so far.


Good eye


Kastrkin started as Inquisition Storm Troopers


Another guard team is a bit annoying when so many other factions haven't gotten a team or even a white dwarf yet.


Aliens… nids vs scions


I finally realized what I don't like about the new Kasrkin. It might be a nitpick, but I can't unseen it. The straps for the kneepads are just on the surface of the pants. They don't look like they are strapped down against the leg underneath.


Or he has never skipped leg day


Actual army combat uniforms tend to have the option for kneepad insirts in the pants rather than wrap arounds. Granted nobody uses them most of the time because theyre awkward and uncomfortable but these are millennia in the future


Oh yuck you’re right! He’s got big long sausage legs


So the only time I've heard C.A.T.s brought up in 40K lore has been in the Caiphas Cain novel "The Emperor's Finest". We just had Space Marines and Traitor Guardsmen last box, but could this be an 'out-of-left-field' intro for Caiphas Cain into tabletop? Like Caiphas and some Firstborn Space Marines vs. Genestealer Orks?


A firstborn premium team would be good. A Sternguard/Vanguard/Company Veterans?


Ciphas is a commisar which are trained by the scholar progenium which is part of the adeptus ministorum that c.a.t has the ministorum symbol on it


There was also a different C.A.D in the previous Space Hulk game: https://i.ebayimg.com/images/g/5L8AAOSwuwdcn3ie/s-l400.jpg


What about inquisitor retinue (featuring Karskins) vs Demons? Would be very keen to paint Demons with some of the new contrasts and shades coming out.


That would also be very cool. I wonder what a Daemons killteam looks like. I doubt they would do this but a gellarpox team would be neat too


I hope so. Nids need a Killteam exclusive


Especially since GSC didn't get one. And I wouldn't put it past GW to release an updated Tyranid unit only a few months after the Codex... Afterall, they already did exactly that with the Sisters Novitiates.


I can see them being storm troopers with a inquisitor possibly as a ordo kill team. Get the hype for new guard codex minis and let's them time gate the kit like they did with the necron, marine one for heavy intercessors.


Or terminators I think it will be either terminators or deathwatch something cause the inquisition symbol


Space Marines don't breathe heavily with fear as they walk down dark corridors


Space marines don't use the weird bot


Yeah they do. For a specific example of this see "Ciaphas Cain: The emperor's finest book 7 in the Cain series. In it a squad from the reclamator chapter use these while checking out a space hulk.


Also, the [C.A.T. servitor from the Space Hulk board game](https://www.picclickimg.com/d/l400/pict/393342087994_/Space-Hulk-CAT-Unit-Cat-Servitor-Adeptus-Mechanicus.jpg) used by the Blood Angels.


Idk I was thinking about in deathwing the game there’s a mission where you escort one I don’t know to much about the CAT so


I'm thinking Nids Vs Dark Mechanicum It's called Kill Team Dark. The video has heavy mechanical breathing. You've got the weird CAT thing. Then the Void is obviously nids. Maybe a mix of nids and Genestealers


Don't get my hopes up! Ever since they released Anacharis Scoria I've been champing at the bit for more Dark Mechanicum models.


It DOES make sense, though, doesn't it? It'd be a hell of a surprie.


Nothing here says it's called "Kill Team Dark"


Whoops. It says Kill Team goes dark. Sorry




I hope so!


I’m convinced!


im down for that


I'm thinking genestealers vs admech personaly


I would love some new admech stuff




Hunterclade feels a little meh atm, although I havnt messed with it since the buff


They wouldn’t bother buffing admech right before they make a box of them with new rules. Admech are out of the equation IMO


Nothing to go on huh?


Well peeps thinkin nids because Space Hulk and they are due for an update, and I'm thinking Kasrkin just because the basing on the them is really similar to the C.A.T. drone. Or you being sarcastic and think that the bases are actually strong evidence?


There's no connection, it's an imperial machine for an imperial mission. If anything, they said it's about exploring a space hulk; the Votann reveal trailer had them entering a space hulk, and a new faction with a new box set could make sense.


Votann are not Imperials though, so unless it's Votann Vs Imperium then I'm not sure there's any Votann. And I'm not sure they would launch a entire new faction with a killteam, more likely to get an army box instead.


The warhammer Community votann anatomy has one picture featuring a Votann with a small knee high object that could easily be a version of this robot.


That's what I was thinking, new promotional box for guard had Genestealers and Kasrkin on the cover.


Maybe the CAT is a dark mechanicus model?


I sure hope we don't get 3 KT boxes in a row with servants of the Dark Gods...


Admech vs Nids... But Inquisitor KT would be cooler.


The biggest thing that makes me think Kasrkin is the cat looks like somebody made a 40K talon robot. Which is a somewhat long-standing army bot here in the states.


I was kinda in a similar vain of thought. It's not Admech (as much as I would love that), admech would just use servo skulls, Marines would simply advance in after an auspex scan (they JUST got a team anyway). I think Inquisators would have something better. And like you said, feels like an army bot, guard stuff is pretty much modern military gear with some extra doodads.


Hope beyond hope that it’s a diverse design spread of inquisition. Other options are terminators, rogue traders, or kasrkin, like you said! All seem cool to me


I've had this discusion today and my final thoughts are that we're going to have a 40K box and a Kill Team one with the same setting (as Nachmund). 40K box will feature new Cadian miniatures with Tyranids, while the Kill Team box will have Inquisition (which will be an option for every Imperial army in 40K as a unit) and Tyranids.


Nonsense. If the Kasrkins were in a larger battlebox with other Guard models, they would have all been based the same, but Creed, the Sentinels, the Command Squad, the Shock Troops, and the Heavy Weapons teams were all based on typical outdoor ground textures with bits of grass and brown rims, while the Kasrkin were on smooth, black and grey surfaces with the odd little rubbl piles and black rims... just like the C.A.T. pictured above. And they're not going to release new Tyranids in two different boxes only a few months after their Codex. It as bad enough when the Novitiates dropped with Kill Team a few months after the Sisters codex last year... doing that with multiple kits would just be insulting.


New Kasrkin AND new Genestealers /u/Ok_Entrepreneur3004/?


Inquisitor, Admech + Kasrkin combo match up.


I have a funny feeling that one of the forces being nids is a red herring, like we are being played. They know that we are automatically going to associate nids with barren space hulks most likely, why I suspect that one of the forces in this box will be possibly demons.


The audible screeching in the video is also associated more with Tyranids than Daemons, which are in fact entirely capable of speaking... And honestly, there's no real good way to sell a Daemon Kill Team, unless it's just a single type of Daemon.


It's in the Video, isn't it?


I’m really hoping for lictors kit! But I know they are technically elites in 40K


That would be *so fucking cool*.


The big I integrated into the gun makes me think it's something from the inquisition


Except this "I" is the symbol of the Adeptus Ministorum, not the inquisition.


fingers crossed for a mixed inquisition team featuring stormtrooper scions, an inquisitor and a GK justicar.


Funny I just listened to some Ciaphas Cain novels back to back and if I recall correctly they used a cat on a space hulk


That would be awesome but I'm guess it'll be an inquisition warband. The robot has the inquisition rosette on its side. My guess for the other half is also nids or GSC. We just got two back to back chaos factions, and already have orks, so if it set on a space hulk or derelict ship I don't know who else they could stick in the box.


That's the Adeptus Ministorum, not the Inquisition.


Definitely grasping straws here. GW selling a new kit which all IG players will gobble up at a discount in a KT box? Nah. Won't happen.