Nachmund box was limited. Eventually the corsairs will have their own box, but I don't think the release date has been revealed yet.


Oh, that is good to hear, I was afraid that their separate box already came and went!


The Nachmund teams will come out in individual boxes at some point. So far for previous expansions it was around the same time as the next box came out, best guess is the super busy release schedule this time changed that, hopefully Legionaries and Corsairs will be out when the Horus Heresy and 40K Chaos relaunches are done... next few weeks?


Good news then, looking forward to that!


I just picked it up on Amazon last week, and it's still listed there. But if you're interested, I was planning on selling off the Voidscarred half.


Well, I'm in Russia, so between shipping costs and my access to money transfer being restricted I don't think it'll be possible for us to make a deal. But I'm sure you can find someone interested here, I'll just wait for a separate release.


Best of luck!


nachmund is still for sale on ebay and amazon. unlike chalnath, the price for that box has stayed high. chalnath on the other hasbeen going for as low as $90.00 which is pretty insane.


I picked up Chalnath for $120 shipped. If any are still around in a month or two, sorely tempted to get another box of it. Just for the terrain, and two pathfinder squads and two Novitiates are a good start for 40k combat patrols (I already picked up a regular Sisters squad with that in mind).


I pulled the trigger on several boxes of the black templar box set. I was able to get two of them for 96 bucks each and when you see that redemptors are going for up to 75 bucks, well, it was a great deal. You dont see many of those from GW


Yeah, I bought one for $99.


Probably waiting for new chaos drop before releasing the models


I was about to snag one on Amazon about a month ago (I wanted the Legionaires).


All of the boxes are available (for great prices) on Amazon.


really? My local has a ton of them, but they never got a single copy of Moroch for some reason.


Logistics can be weird I guess


This isn't super helpful to you, but I just wanted to confirm that the corsair models are cool as heck. Finally got around to building mine this weekend, and they have so much character and detail - a total delight.


I hope whoever came up with this timed-exclusive bullshit got a healthy bonus.