Depends a lot on the elo your playing In. The higher you are the worse she gets. I would say Plat and low Diamond are her strongest elos. She has 2 strong but slow spiking builds. She is definitely playable but far from top tier.


Thanks, how did they nerf her?


I remember an Hob nerf (her main rune), nerf to her q cool down in the earlier levelsand a nerd to her q damage are the last things I remember but they also recently buffed her AP build which is now playable especially with the new AP mythic by buffing passive AP scaling I think and w damage and evolved w CD refund


They also buffed Q back up a bit (bonus AD scaling), which makes you go even in the mid-game compared to her prior Q damage, and now does more damage lategame.


Master Elo is pretty strong too with the AP build crown nashor muramana


4th most played bot laner atm according to [op.gg](https://op.gg). Meta is all about range though. Jhin / Ezreal / Caitlyn / Jinx.


\^This. Some games just feel unplayble (i.e. get oneshot as soon as you go within your auto-attack range). Gotta hope you went AP for those games or you won't have a good time at all :(


She is in a very solid spot right now


She's alright but is very support reliant, caitlyn, one of her worse matchups is really popular right now, poke supports which are also popular can bully her around in lane. However if you have an engage support and dont int hard early you'll be fine, she also has two viable builds now which gives you flexibility in that regard


ap kai'sa is pretty good. crit mythic kai'sa is kinda bad but everyone plays it regardless.


Support reliant.


I do mostly agree with the others regarding being support reliant. In other words this means that below gold you can solo stomp the enemies even with a brain afk support. Starting around gold it is more difficult without a decent support or overall team but this is mostly valid for almost all ADCs. At the moment the ap build is probably around a-b tier and the crit around c-d tier. Although if you master them then the tier is irrelevant below master-grandmaster. Depending on the enemy team you might find success replacing kraken by galeforce and including zhonyas into your build despite not having 100% crit this can be viable. I also like to include bloodthirster for the extra sustain. It basically boils down to: if you don't feed in lane, then you carry the game. Similar to Vayne. Regarding builds: * If you want objective control, such as in higher elos, then ap is the way to got due to the poke. One of the reasons being that you almost one shot an enemy squishy with your w in late game + if you hit your w then you get an almost complete cd reset (when evolved). Noteworthy is that crown is not the only viable mythic on this build, consider trying out other mythics as well. * If you want more all in then crit ist the way to go. Against heavy tank combo this is imo better too, although this depends on your teams dmg composition. A few notes on champ comments from other comments: * I disagree that playing against Ezreal is difficult in lane if you position yourself inside the minion wave and are willing to give up minions if you can't stand in your wave as protection. This doesn't happen to often as his wave clear is relatively slow so investing a ban into him is imo not worth it. * Caitlyn is a more difficult case. If she knows how to punish you then it's a nightmare, but playable if you buy shield instead of blade in the beginning. * If you dodge the W from Jinx then she is no real threat as you should use in the early game your Q to farm minions which significantly extends your range and the time in the danger zone as you can cast it while moving. Late game you can 1v1 her without a problem.