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I vowed a long time ago to never describe sex or the weather beyond the facts. Very few writers do it well and I don't ever want to mistake myself as one of them.


the best advice I have been given about depicting adult activity is to rise really fast in intensity in the last page or so of a chapter and then fade or cut, and then when you do return to the pertaining viewpoint, do it well enough after the fact that you're focusing on their ruminations about the activity and its implications and aftereffects within the narrative. Another neat trick to is to jump between a viewpoint outside of the lemon scene, and then, when the narrative demands, cut to a short, punchy scene where you only have to describe maybe one or two paragraphs of action to illustrate what's happening, and then cut back to another viewpoint. Sort of like injecting hot, concetrated smut right into the readers veins, and then cutting them off before they realize you can't write anymore. For actually writing sex scenes, I'm honestly a bit lost. I geuss read so much smut fanfic that you internalize the rhythms of how these scenes play out, or plan out what you wa


Yeah, very few types of writing are held to as high of scrutiny as erotic writing. It's incredibly intimidating to try and tackle a subject so subjective and multifaceted. I am enjoying the challenge but hoo boy it takes a lot out of me!


yeah, first time writing it, it's so cringe inducing you wish you could just 'fade to black' with it.


If the sex scene isn't integral to character development or moving the plot forward I won't write it. But damn, fade to black would be so convenient in so many ways.


By contrast, the smut authors could very well feel the same about “regular” writing 😂 Have a cup of tea and take a break, u/farting4forever. You’ll get there.


you are all so much braver that i am. i get all flustered and embarrassed and feel like im commiting a crime whenever i have to write 2 characters kissing


Stealing 💀🤣


Ten words and I've had it for the day.


This was me writing a scene where sex is just implied—not even explicitly described—but I was in a coffee shop and my face was bright red and I was convinced everyone could see what I was writing on my laptop


Yuuup I feel this... Sure I might be ace, but my characters aren't...


I can definitely relate. I'm writing a short 10k piece and the hardest part about it (no pun intended) is the smut.


I do well with the entire plot that I feel so out of place when I'm attempting to write *that* part that I think of just skipping it 99% of the time.


My dad and sister know about my ao3 work so I’m actually afraid to write any sex scenes.


I‘m the other way around, I have one book project that‘s eventually intended to be a complex story but the only scenes actually written out so far are the steamy bits.


The only problem I have with writing sex scenes is that I have a psychoanalysis enthusiast for a father in law and my scenes get... graphic.