That feel when you start putting actual effort into your writing and you realise "oh...oh fuck, this isn't actually easy. Shit."


And now I want all my writing to be good 😭 Which is hard


Write about a kid who accidentally started a trailer fire and then grew up knowing he/she killed an old lady and then finally when he/she personally atones for it, someone discovers his/her secret. Make the person die in the end, but like have some lesson left behind or something. Realistically, a story shouldn't be written for the purpose of being good. Marvel has an army of people for that. Write something that makes you personally invested in knowing what happens next.


Almost worse when you pick up a project you'd left sitting for a while, realize what you had was really good, and then also realize you have no idea how to hit the bar you accidentally set for yourself months ago.


No wonder you have a tough time. I think Vietnam POWs were tortured less than whatever metaphor you were going for here