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You are the boss of your life and time. So what if they "back track?" So what if they "retaliate"? You resign via email and then block their number. You lock down your social media and LinkedIn. You turn your focus 100% to getting a new job and/or staying afloat while searching. The way you combat anxiety is with two paths: Information A Plan Information: Go onto your company's intranet or internal website. Download the Code of Conduct, Employee Handbook, and other key documents and email them to yourself. Screen shot your 401k, insurance, paystubs, and any/all other key information you'll need for future reference. Copy down passwords and user names just in case. Forward key emails (depending on company policy) to yourself. Go online and familiarize yourself with your legal and gov't resources in case they "retaliate" by which I guess you mean withholding money/wages. Grab the name of an employment lawyer who works on spec just in case. A Plan: Send a polite, short resignation letter. "Due to unforeseen circumstances, today will be my last day with X. Please mail final check to X. Please advise any further steps to take for voluntary termination." Practice responding to any colleagues that call or whatever you're worried about. Develop a one-line bland neutral sentence for nosy/pushy relatives; "It was time to move on. Let's talk about something else."


Hey OP, it is gonna be alright. It is the anxiety making you worry. They cannot force you to work or come back. What are they gonna do? What is the worst thing that can happen? Fire you instead? Drag you out of your home to come and work? Nope. They will spend this energy to find a replacement for you probably. You are only responsible for your well being and you are doing the right thing now. Take a deep breath and jump forward. You can handle these people very well. You stayed there for 7 years, for sure you can spend a few more minutes and send that resignation email. The person above gave a wonderful action plan. Do those and I promise you, you will be alright at the end of the day. You should not feel guilty, job would have fired you in an instant. Job is not your life or your family. Job is a mean to have a decent and fulfiling life. Obviously this job doesnt do that for you. It is time to break up.