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you have to weigh the pro's and con's of this move. **Pro** of leaving is that you leave a place your not happy with and that you can find something more in-line with what you wanna do. **Con** you dont build up some work experience and you burn some bridges and in a bad way. My .02 is this. If you can stick it out, then I would stay stick it out. These days, not everyone is at their preferred jobs these days, even if its a starter role. This sub is a living embodiment of that. Plus, if you stick it out, you make connections and have references that help you later on. you said: > I don’t want to spend months at this job if I’m going to end up quitting anyways This is not a mentality that people have these days. People these days dont get the opportunity to do that. Some people have to stay due to outside commitments. However, this is your call.


An hour commute is too much for a temp job while you're in college. Find something closer or, even better, an on-campus college job. Honestly, no one's gonna think twice if you ditch this job after the first day. People come and go in food/retail.


The thing is, after a week of training in the city an hour away they’re opening up in my town. I’m also not currently in college so I’m just kind of rotting at home until the new semester starts, I dropped out due to some mental/physical health issues




Yeah, you’re so right about that. But I’ve never felt so miserable in any job than that job and I was literally only there for a day. I can’t tell if I’m just losing my passion for life or the job was genuinely that bad. I was having a lot of fun making drinks and food but when they told me they’re forcing us to do drive thru orders I just fumbled, it made me so nervous.