you should seek out a licensed mental health professional.




When or *if* you lose your temper at practice, like anywhere, you are going to embarrass yourself and make a bunch of people resent you, wonder what they did at best, and wonder what's wrong with you at worst. If you think you have the self-control to avoid freaking out when you find yourself in frustrating positions, getting beaten up in a controlled manner, and having people apply effective pressure on your body, then I do recommend jiu jitsu. It will humble you. If you think you're going to take out your frustrations on training partners, you're going to have a very bad time and probably end up getting quietly ostracized (no one wants to roll with you) at best or ejected from the gym at worst (coach or gym owner kicks you out). There's also always the possibility that someone much better than you ends up punishing you for taking out your frustrations on them or another person.


I would advise very strongly against an attitude like this. If you have anger issues you need to address those issues properly. Getting in a bunch of consensual fights every week is not a good way to address psychological issues.


Actually consensually getting your ass beat is pretty great therapy


Disagree. Plenty of people on the mats have problems controlling their temper. They often end up simply angry after getting their asses beat. Many of them return that anger by being a jerk on the mat. Others simply leave after a few months. In either case, no one has been helped.


Spazzes that injure you 💯


^this times 1,000,000


It sounds like he is not going into it with the mindset to be angry but with the mindset to get better. Which BJJ will 100% help him with. He will get to release that pent up energy even if he is losing he will learn to be humble and accept he’s not the biggest dog.


> Which BJJ will 100% help him with. Come on man. Do not say shit like this. Everyone says there is some great mental health benefit from jiujitsu but honestly after doing it for 12 years I don't know if that is true. Are there health benefits of course. Is it a given? fuck no. A person that has mental health issues should SPEAK WITH A MENTAL HEALTH EXPERT!


..or do both? See a therapist and start BJJ?


of course.


If everyone says it then maybe it has some value idk? I started BJJ not to long ago at one of my lowest point and it has already healed so much trauma. Just because it didn’t help you doesn’t mean it won’t help others.


There's mental health benefits to any form of exercise and healthy social interaction. There's nothing special about bjj. But the idea that there is an 'asshole filter' is delusional given the amount of assholes that train.


I could not agree more with you sir. The amount of assholes I have come across is outstanding. Also the whole "ego filter" is crazy. People always have egos. I have an ego. You might learn to control it a bit but I know blackbelts who still get EXTREMELY upset when they get tapped out in training by someone who I suspect they don't think should be able to tap them out.


Exercise leads to better mental health in general so this is not a crazy thought.




Going to see a mental health professional is good advice. Exercise helps in a lot of ways but just saying "yeah bjj will heal you! OSS!" is damaging.




Don't be such a bitter bear.




rawr. I reasonable suggestion to seek medical care. I think you should as well. You a very angry man. Did you do your crossfit and jits today?




They’re just talking shit don’t pay them attention.


To op, most people in BJJ are not negative like these guys replying to you. BJJ will teach you to control your emotions if you leave your ego at the door every day. It’s all about what you do with it but BJJ will make you a better person in every way. Of course it’s a double edged sword and can spike your ego as well. It’s all about the mindset you show up every day to get better not only as a fighter but as a person.


The way I see it, BJJ is great therapy *while you are doing it*. When I am rolling I cannot think about anything else, so I feel good while I am doing it. Also, yes, having a hobby which you are passionate about is also good for mental health. However, there is always time off the mat, and if the extent of your 'therapy' is basically just intense exercise and dedication to a hobby, then you're not actually solving your problems at all.


"The way I see it, BJJ is great therapy *while you are doing it*. When I am rolling I cannot think about anything else, so I feel good while I am doing it. Also, yes, having a hobby which you are passionate about is also good for mental health. However, there is always time off the mat, and if the extent of your 'therapy' is basically just intense exercise and dedication to a hobby, then you're not actually solving your problems at all." You make a good point BUT, one thing that becomes clear to me right away with sparring with people better than me is that intensity is often not enough. You have to learn problem solving and technique.


Well, yes that is true. It's not *just* intense exercise. It's just a requirement that you are fully focused on the task at hand. But I think my point stands.


I like your point. I also find my point holds too. Jiu jitsu makes me more focused on getting the outcome I want in everyday life rather than only reacting. It has taught me to be calmer and a lot more clever than I was before.


I agree. I was an angry thing when I started and was humbled quickly knowing a 17 year old could and would choke me out. It's easy to get mad in mma and kickboxing when you get clipped or hit with a good one. Jiu-Jitsu is more humbling in my opinion. If it's serious then maybe some help as stated above is necessary. But when I started I was nothing but humbled... and quickly at that.


>"Men are like steel. When they lose their temper, they lose their worth." >- Chuck Norris


This is awesome. I’m going to quote this like I quote the great philosopher Mike Tyson, “everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face.”


Go get some help first, I don't want someone with anger issues cranking the shit out of my limbs just because he can't hold his shit together.


You’re gonna get stomped , quick


I have been involved in this sport for a little over four years. One thing that jiu-jitsu does, is make nice people even nicer, and assholes into bigger assholes.


Two words bro: Hell No. Go seek a professional and get your emotions in order before you hurt people that are there to work out and practice a fun sport. If you’re just in this to take out your anger fuck off. If you lose your temper and hurt somebody that’s been assisting you and let you practice your game the whole match then you’re an asshole. Exercise can be great to help with emotional discipline try jogging before you get your ass beat, or hurt someone else.


When you start you will get ground down by people better than you for a quite a while. Just by virtue of going through that process, I found helped me be mindful of and control my anger.


No. The gym is not the place to work out your mental health problems. It can help support a healthy lifestyle but training on the mats won’t magically make you less angry, and could have serious consequences. You need to be in control when rolling with other people, not hot headed.


It's great for stress relief and helping deal with pressure (for me at least), but l wouldn't say it's good or bad for anger management.


Why does this stereotype exist? Mixing martial arts with an inability to control anger is a terrible combination. You're going to grapple angry against someone of lower skill and hurt them, or you're going to grapple angry against someone better than you and at the very least become frustrated and even angrier, if not get hurt yourself and get angry over that.


Yes if you can control your anger on the mats. You will get choked, you will get your joints tweaked especially if you don’t tap. If you’re going to get mad about that don’t show up. If you’re cool with getting beat up in order to learn the techniques and you’re looking at it as a complex skill you’re developing, it’s incredibly helpful


No. Jiu jitsu is good for self defense. You actually spend a lot of time frustrated and angry at yourself at first. Bjj is good for self confidence because you trim up and learn to handle yourself in a fight. You go to professionals to learn self defense, do the same for anger management


Best answer to this https://mixedmartialartish.com/2021/06/16/bjj-is-my-therapy-says-man-in-need-of-therapy/ So yeah. No. The only thing that helps with mental health issues is directly treating them. Jiujitsu can support actual treatment but it is no replacement for treatment. For the folks that say it fixed their issues I would argue what happened is you found something you love and that temporarily medicated it. Jiujitsu is a long journey, some of which will actually make untreated mental health issues worse. Frustration at plateaus, having to pause training due to injury, see the effect of aging on your physical capabilities. If you ignore your underlying mental health issues these can come roaring back in those circumstances. Get treatment. If you cannot afford professional help, join a support group that focuses on the issues you do have. Don’t try and treat it with Jiu-jitsu


Jiujitsu can help but shouldn't be the only form of "treatment" I had anger issues when I was younger and going to counseling for 2 months completely changed my life. I don't get less angry, I just know how to control it now


Lol, what could possibly go wrong?


Sort of. For me I find that I feel better after training and get irritable if I don't train for a prolonged period of time. It doesn't control my anger, but it tempers it for a short time. HOWEVER, it has allowed me to recognize that certain things (like bjj) help me feel better, so if I can't train then I have to find other things to help. Like running, lifting, etc.


Depends on how you’re trying to look at it… If you’re looking at BJJ as a way to be able to rage against someone and get out some aggression, probably not the best option…for you or those you roll with. If you’re looking for a way to build new, healthy, supportive relationships that can help you outside of the gym and learn how to quiet your internal dialogue/frustration in uncomfortable positions…all while gaining some very useful skills (both mentally and physically) and spend some excess energy, then give it a shot! Anger leads to the dark side bro! Learning to be comfortable in uncomfortable situations is where growth happens!


As someone who can probably safely say jiu jitsu saved my life and received huge therapeutic benefits from it, the issues that are making you angry will not go away just because you’re taking jiu jitsu classes. It DID help put me in a better mind space to see things a bit more clearly, and 100% you should do it, but there are bigger issues at play which require more than just a solid workout.


May be an unpopular opinion but controlling your anger means controlling the cause, not the expression. Also, I don’t want to wrestle an angry guy who might do shady shit for his ego or not tap to something that will hurt him. That said, I do recommend jujitsu as a distraction if you are dwelling on something. I started jujitsu a few months after a close friend was killed by drunk driver and I gotta say trying to get out of strangleholds is a great way to really focus your mind on something other than whatever you’ve been dwelling on.


Your coach will help manage your anger for you by smashing you while you have a meltdown trying to escape.


Or, it could be the humbling experience you need! You'll quickly learn that anger doesn't work well in JiuJitsu. One learns to calm themselves in the most precarious of situations. I think it could help you calm your mind and breath, which is what one would typically do to calm themselves anyway. BJJ makes you calm.


Martial arts is helpful for controlling anger insofar as you will get your ass kicked if you bring your anger into the class, and they will probably kick you out or ban you permanently


There's few things more humbling than knowing everyone in the room can kill you right now, so I would say yes, do jiujitsu but don't depend only on that, seek anger management therapy and you'll have a good duo going on for you, good luck friend


If you don't manage your anger you're gonna find a real reason to be angry about, so I would say no.


In my opinion if you want to get your anger out maybe try striking—you can get a punching bag for your house


I think it depends where you're coming from. Personally, I'm naturally competitive and physical but my everyday life doesn't allow for me to use those traits. Without jiu jitsu I find myself getting irritable and grumpy with family and clients. I get road rage too easily without it too. When I'm training jiu jitsu regularly, most everything just rolls off my back and I'm far more relaxed and friendly. If you're a Felony Fights type of angry though, then yeah, jiu jitsu is likely not enough.


Theres nothing more humbling or attitude-adjusting then getting your ass handed to you. Learning to be calm in uncomfortable situations will transfer from the mats to your daily life. I too have a short fuse but it means nothing in the academy, everyone checks their egos at the door.


Also based on your history of posting, I think getting put in your place might be great for you.


Why do you say that?


Cursing at your wife, multiple reddit posts complaining about your wife, multiple posts about cheating etc. Im not assuming shes an angel but it seems like you have alot to straighten out in your mind. Jiu Jitsu will help.


Based on his posting history he would best be served by a mental health professional before he learns how to hurt people with skill.




For me it works wonders.




Find the right gym with the right people and all will be good


You will probably get tapped out a couple of times and through a fit. Go to actual anger management.


If you're going to get angry every time you get smashed, it's not the sport for you. If you're willing to learn and be humbled, then it may help you in realizing getting angry won't help you in life (ie. You'll be more effective when calm and collective).


Go in with anger issues. Leave with broken ligaments/joints and still have anger issues. If you want help controlling your temper, get help controlling your temper.


I get kind of aggressive and tense when I haven’t worked out in a while but I’m not an angry or have a temper and jiu jitsu combined with yoga, therapy, and a chiropractor has helped a lot with my mental health and physical issues stemming from concussion headaches and back issues.


Damn, that is a good question... I'd say it's a great stress relief mentally. It's a great way to "get lost" in the moment for as long as that class lasts. It's an easy way to not think about whatever it is that making you angry. I'm sure those things will spill over into helping with managing anger. But BJJ in addition to some professional help may be the perfect combination someone with anger issues may need. Good luck!


Get professional help. Do not start BJJ. You’ll get angrier in jiu jitsu because you’ll constantly be getting your ass kicked by those you think you can beat.


No it won’t it’ll give another thing to get pissed at.




Get a therapist or something first. Jiu Jitsu is great for teaching humility, but if you've got a problem with anger you're jumping into a sport where people will be constantly walking all over you and there's absolutely nothing you can do about it. There is a very good chance you could get frustrated and lash out, likely annoying and possibly hurting your partner. Get some help first, then maybe with that to help you join Jiu Jitsu afterwards.


Well first, go to a professional as this is a bigger issue to solve than just getting a new hobby. But second, Try running. Train for a triathlon. Exercise is good. But using a sport where you can seriously injure someone if you’re to forceful or aggressive as anger management or as a release for pent up anger is not a good idea.


Nothing controls your anger like getting tapped and realizing the harder you go against your more experienced partner, the more it’s gonna suck. All the “when I’m angry I see red” guys gon learn


Jiu Jitsu is great to learn to breathe and think before you do things compulsively. I’ve struggled with anger management for years and it’s the respect for my coaches and teammates and the discipline and patience I’ve learned through Jiu Jitsu is what’s helped me be a more centered individual. If you want to do Jiu Jitsu to “get anger out” by hurting people that’s the wrong approach. And as mentioned in other comments, I also see a therapist once a month and meditate as well as take medication (medication is not for everyone but I think meditation can be)


Dont get all pissed off w the brothers in class. They won’t start anything w you either to be fair. It is contact though and you might get your blood pumping in sparring. Just remember to protect your training partners


Yo dude. In my opinion, everyone took your question too literally and flaunting their wokeness on mental health. If by "anger management" you mean channeling the inherent frustrations of daily Life into a productive and healthy avenue, Yeah, it's a great way to burn off steam. But if "anger management" you mean the literal psychological textbook definition thats ruining your life, then No, you're better of seeking professional services for that. Hope this helped.


I'd say it is definitely NOT good for anger management. You're going to get very frustrated in Jiu Jitsu. It's a hard sport and can be infuriating when you're not doing well. Just my opinion.


It humbled me and made me realize I’m not so tough as I thought therefore has made me control my anger


Jiu jitsu is good for controlling your ego and becoming humble. But it doesn't control anger. If you want to let you anger out, do kickboxing and go full out on a punching bag. Don't take it on other people. Otherwise, the coach will punish you by pairing you with someone who will wipe the floor with you, regardless of how angry or strong you are. And you will learn a very painful lesson.


Depends, if your a young male and you have a lot of pit up energy than yes but prepare to be humbled. Lifting heavy weights is also a good release. How old are you?


All I have to say is don't use the people you roll with as the channel for your anger. People are there to learn and become better, not be on the receiving end of someone's anger issues.




Jiu Jitsu is good for learning Jiu Jitsu. If you're angry because you want to be better at Jiu Jitsu, training will help. If you're angry for other reasons, probly not. Anger is complex


I’d more so go for a striking based sport where you can start on pads while working with your anger with a professional. Get a temporary release on the pads while you get help that way you don’t hurt anyone while taking that anger out


To an extent, In the same way meditating is good for anger management. You see the parallels are thinking in the moment you are in now. Instead of thinking in the future about the things you are worried about or thinking in the past about the things you are mad about. meditation helps you realize that in this very moment you are at peace, nothing in this moment can effect you except for your own ego and how much power you give to it and everything that you are worried about can't hurt you. Ofcoarse in bjj there are some differences to straight meditation obviously in the fact that if you don't use sense you can be hurt but in the same way meditation works when you are performing the tasks you perform in bjj it forces you to focus on that task and being so focused allows you to live in the moment. You will have 1 easily identifiable problem and that is someone is trying to gain position or submit you. In this moment you cannot be thinking of that kid at school who was a dick today, or how you are worried that you won't complete that task you have been putting off. You have to worry about the problem in front of you and this is why this class can really help you come out feeling clear headed. As others have said, bjj is no substitute for professional assistance and if you have mental health issues it is your responsibility to maintain your own mental health, whilst being active and having the tribe that bjj lifestyle brings it is only supplementary and will never help you conquer any past mental trauma that you may or may not realize is the catalyst to your own rage management issues. Also, please remember, your rage won't be a tool in bjj, it will actually become a disadvantage to yourself and an advantage to your opposition but is also generally off putting in a martial arts environment.


Definitely not. Jiu Jitsu shouldn't be viewed this way. If you go into the gym trying to get rid of some demons, either yourself or your rolling partners will end up injured. If I ever need to de-stress, I personally enjoy practicing with my compound bow. Might not be for everyone, but I find it very relaxing. It's pretty impossible to shoot it in an angry way, and the required aim/focus helps take your mind off other things. Never ceases to improve my mood.


I’d say no and to be brutally honest most people in combat sports should be spending that gym membership money on mental health rather than beating and choking people. It only makes their asshole behavior worse which is why majority of fighters are huge assholes and I know I’m going to get so much crap for saying it but I don’t care. I’m not defending this fucked up “culture” anymore. Just look at the way 99% of them act on social media. Brats.


Exercise is a great outlet for physical energy and a good tool for helping people practice self-care. It's not therapy. I train Bjj and am certified to teach anger management so I can tell you they are quite different things. Anger management is about relearning how you look at situations and taking a moment to think before you act. Find some therapy, do the work, then do Bjj for fun.


No. People shouldn’t have to be around someone that closely in a physical sport that can’t control their temper


Romans 10:9, Colossians 2:6


I am also an asshole, though I’ve gotten a lot better in the past 10 years. BJJ has helped a bit, but nothing miraculous. I’ve never lost my temper in training though. I’ve gotten angry a few times, but never to the point where I’ve tried to hurt somebody. I’m definitely able to control it better when I’m on the mats. It’s a work in progress. Anger management classes (court-ordered in my case) truly helped. It shed light on why I get angry and made me think about my triggers, and how to deal with them before shit gets out of hand. And that was a few years before I started bjj. I’d suggest something similar, and don’t wait till the judge makes you do it either. This clip seems relevant (it definitely was for me): https://youtu.be/C6BYzLIqKB8


I feel like lifting weights will help you release the energy better . Jiu jitsu training should be a calm place


Not very good for anger problems unless it’s something you enjoy, but that’s doesn’t seem the case for you here. As someone who doesn’t suffer from anger problems but suffers badly from mental health I find that I enjoy doing it and it benefits me, I always feel better As for someone with anger problems I imagine if you wanted to do a combat sport that would benefit your anger problems then just buy a punchbag, learn a few things and take your anger out on that. But on the other hand, fighting isn’t at all an alternative for anger management and I would definitely say to seek professional help


No, I once saw a guy who lost his anger on the mats. He was a “hothead” and got angry because he kept losing to lesser belts. He needed up trying to hurt people during exercises and was eventually kicked out. Prior to this guy being kicked out, the dojo lost a few other members as they didn’t want to be in that type of environment. They wanted to learn.


A few thoughts: 1. By the end of practice, you won't have enough energy to even exert anger. 2. You'll learn that exerting emotion while you're rolling doesn't work and actually does more harm than good. If you apply this logic to other aspects of life then that would help. 3. You'll learn that calm, logical thinking is the most efficient way of overcoming an obstacle. Edit: P.S. make sure you're willing and ready to be humbled. In the end, it's good for you.


The may is the great equalizer


Any physical workout helps. Jiu jitsu should work.


>Edit: a lot of people think I am talking about taking my anger out on the mat, which is not what I meant I’m sure that wouldn’t be an issue. I mean is it good for managing anger off the mat. I should have been more specific. why did people jump to this conclusion wtf? its perfectly obvious what the point of your post is.


Haha me too and let me be blatantly clear, fuck yeah! I lift in the morning (CrossFit) improves mood for sure…evenings jits gets that “this day was fucked up” release. Like meditation. Don’t worry your not alone, I am short tempered and angry and this is my medicine


Nice good to hear. Thanks


Still not sure who the f would downvote god advice, I was only sharing my perspective but that POS clearly doesn’t get it…lol












Ah got it, so because I had an opinion I shared about it helped in response to a question makes me a moron except you have yet to provide a single valuable opposition…lmao


In all Honesty you should give it a shot and see if it helps. These morons telling you to call a mental health professional because you have a bit of aggression could be good advice but it could also be something you might consider if it doesn’t help. It helped me and helps me. Sorry it got so f-Ed up by the morons with nothing meaningful To share . Feel Free to reach out direct if you need. But I think I’m done with the keyboard warriors in this channel lol


I’m pretty new, only a couple months but yes. I’ve been trying to be calmer lately and I believe it’s helped with that a lot. I was busy this week and skipped both days I normally go and have lashed out at multiple people in the last 2 days. For shit that doesn’t even matter.


Anger is often the result of Inflated Ego and lack of energy released. You will both get your ass kicked and get more tired than you likely ever have. You won’t have the energy to be angry anymore. Get started!


if you want to get your anger out, just break something, i get angry all the time and the rules are, the more angry i am, the more expensive the object that i break.


It is a good way of controlling anger but be warned if you do not accept a humbling moment and want to push through a tough sub or start acting all angry then you will get humbled and embarrassed real quickly. But it does help clear the poison out of that makes sense


There are already so many relevant people replying to this post here's my opinion. I've done BJJ for 1.5 years and got two stripes in white. I joined during a difficult time for me, some personal home shit. It was great and it helped me get in shape and was the fittest ever. Or so I thought. After I got my two stripes this one person I was rolling with who was blue belt, took out their frustration on me. This lady was twice my weight at some 100kg and senior belt and was 10 years younger to me. Most people avoided rolling with her coz she stank. I feel bad writing that but that was an issue. Me being me rolled with her regardless. during practice I gave her the benefit of being blue belt and better than me in Martial arts as this was a first time experience for me, I wanted to learn. So unlike most others I rolled with her. She had some things going on that is clear, a girl in her 20's regardless is going through things simply coz the brain and everything else is at its peak. I can imagine the hard life she was facing outside of class, as people can be assholes. Anyways during one practice she crushed me and I because of that injury didn't go back to class. I did call her out on taking out her days frustration during class. I did go to class for 2 more months then I was told to discontinue due to the injury to my spine. See the thing is want to live and for that I need to earn and for that I need my spine! BJJ as I understand is more about understanding the body and mind not a mindless come get your frustrations out and beat the shit out of people. Simply coz there is more to BJJ. It's functional and yes if you are fit you can exercise these functions. Long story, right the end is that it's been 4 years since I went back to class. I realized it's also the gym I went to where they didn't care who joined and they even advertise MMA BJJ as a get your frustrations out kind a thing I guess. Though not directly. In the past year I went to therapy to handle some of my issues, anxiety kinda stuff. No tablets, just therapy. Someone thought me how to control my thoughts, my actions and gave me tools or methods I can use. Just like BJJ shows you how to control another persons joints and gravity this shows how to do it for your own mind. So now, I am starting BJJ next month. In a new gym, and I think my mind is in a better place to learn. Get your mind in a better place first with therapy and running, BJJ is brutal tackle it next. Thank for reading this book. Lol.