You can’t keep your socks on, you would be slipping and sliding on the mats. And I’ve rolled with several guys that have been different. One specifically that had lost several fingers. Get a feel of the gym and see how they treat one another. A good gym would never put you down or allow anyone else to


Yeah did my research and socks are a no, I will be showing up today, thank you for the reply!


[this is exactly how anyone in a jiu jitsu class would react to your foot ](https://youtu.be/spo1jK4CCEU)


The benefits of starting far, far, FAR out weigh some awkwardness that you might feel. I promise that if you find the right school/gym that awkwardness will be temporary!


I don’t really see a problem, as long as everything is clean you should go and try it out


Clean just unappealing, but yes I am going to try it out. Thanks for the reply!


Absolutely go …. Fantastic sport and if anyone is a dick about it, you won’t want to roll with them anyhow. I rolled regularly with a woman who had a huge burn on her neck. Never an issue for anyone.


Hell no, go wiggle that shit at the blue belts and make them heel hook it!


you're right, fuck it! maybe my repulsive foot can be used to my advantage too lol. I will be showing up today, thank you for the reply!


Hell yes! Go get some man.


I genuinely don’t think it will bother anyone there! I’m sure they will be welcoming and if it really bothers you, I bet you can talk to the head couch and ask him to let you keep on your sock/s (wich generally isn’t allowed, training is barefoot) maybe bring one of these “rubberized” socks so you have enough friction on the mats. Have fun!


I considered the rubberized sock just for my left foot! Thanks for the reply!


Did you end up going? How was the class? :)


Yes I did! A lot less people than I expected and everyone there was more supportive than I expected! Thank you for following up my boy skinny penis! 😆


More often than not the people at jiujitsu places aren’t judgmental, if you want to go and learn jiujitsu then go and enjoy it. Don’t let this control who you are and what you do with your life.


All the people I have met at bjj are really nice and supportive people. I have seen people train in slipper socks with the rubber grips on the bottom. You could use that until you feel more comfortable but I wouldn’t worry about it.


There is a guy at my gym who has an empty eye socket. No one cares, cuz he is awesome. No one will care about your foot if you’re a good person. Have some good rolls


You CAN roll with socks on, they make grappling socks that are like 11 dollars a pair (sanabul). I had foot surgery three times so my feet are pretty disfigured. I don’t wear them anymore but I promise nobody cares about your feet if you choose to go barefoot either.


I have foot issues as well, and I was nervous about the same exact thing. Never once had anyone said anything. Just go for it! Enjoy your first class! 😁


I’ve trained with several people that had missing digits or limbs. I’ve trained with people with super bad burns and scarring . No joke, after about 20 seconds, no one notices or cares. Trust me . I’d be super surprised if anyone even asked you the origin of your condition. You are there for YOU!


Saw that you said you're gonna go ! Have fun ! ( from someone who extremely self conscious and has ocd so can empathise ) .


Yeah dude idk if you should go. This one time I pulled my penis out and it got really awkward.


No one is going to care. If you care get some wrestling shoes.