It was pretty satisfying to watch someone confront Myorkis over the absurdity of the Disinformation board.


Rand Paul’s dopey toupee is the biggest lie amirite


What a surprise! The 729th video in a row that seems designed to fondle the balls of conservatives and MAGA people In reality, what's dystopian is to have a fascist ratfucker like Trump who tries to corrupt the election by having this own fraudulent electors inserted, totally defacating all over our democracy. And then when that fails, he has his hoards of braindead loser cult members invade the capital building.


I think your missing the point of the video. The TDS is so intense with some, people's whole focus of what is being said is lost as soon as the word "Trump" is uttered. They are trying to shove this down or throats, and to be able to edit people's online speech specifically on Twitter, all because Trump might come back... Twitter was extremely bias in thier operations, and now that maybe it might change maybe, the government is trying to put in a "ministry of truth"... the worst idea I've heard this year. But because somebody said Trump, many people will be in the side of censorship and that blows my mind, and that's what is dystopian sir.


You're very wrong in writing that free speech is something only 'conservatives' care about.


I don't think that free speech is something that conservatives care about. I think that conservatives care about conservative speech, and would happily restrict everyone else's speech. They love burning books, they are very anti-science and would be thrilled to ram their religious dogma down everyone's throats.