Doubtful. The problem is that the price to build single family homes has gone up exponentially and the people who are being approved for mortgages currently do have the ability to pay higher prices, pricing our lower income people from home ownership. In 2008 there were tons of people who had mortgages they should have never been approved for, they defaulted on the loans and the system crashed. I'm currently in the home searching process and you'd be amazed at the level of shithole people think passes for a 375k modest home currently in my area. It's depressing.


I have a bad feeling lots of exhausted and impoverished working Americans won't be in a position to ride out the crash or benefit from the drop in prices.


Just because prices have increased does not equate to a bubble. There continues to be almost no inventory in my region outside of new construction. Everything placed on the market is selling in a weekend at the crazy asking price or well over the reasonable asking price. Demand is driving prices. That's not a bubble.