Wtf is Jen doing that she lost custody of both of her kids? Especially to Ronni who has been arrested multiple times for domestic abuse. That’s wild


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Jen had domestic violence charges on her before their relationship , Ron didn’t have any until her so that’s the only thing I can think of . And Ron has $ for better lawyers etc


Please correct me if I’m wrong because I know nothing about the judicial system and would love to be informed but….this man has been arrested three times in three years (including this year) for domestic battery or assault…and he got full physical custody over the mother. What does this mean? Does it mean Jenn is THAT much worse? Are there other factors? I’m genuinely curious. If he got his life together for good, I’m proud of him. One thing I never questioned or side eyed was his love for his daughter.


So, you already answered your question. Yes! Jenn is that bad. This decision tells you all you need to know.


Not really. Money talks in court rooms based on how much you can pay a lawyer. Which I’m guessing Ron can pay much more vs Jenn


IDK between the click bait and the CBD stuff and without jersey shore.... How much do you really think he has? He's mostly doing club appearances now.


Yeah I’m not too sure but I’m guessing what little money he has is still more than hers. But in my own experience, I have family that had a lot of evidence against them, they hired a good, expensive lawyer and all of a sudden that person was relatively innocent in a court of law. Which is horrible and wrong but it happens. Doesn’t take millions to make it happen.


The judge rules from the bench. In Latin bench is bank. The judge rules for the bank. Whoever has the money wins.


This isn’t a trial by jurors where a high priced skilled defense lawyer vs a lowly public defender. It’s fact based. Ronnie is a POS no doubt but the facts against Jenn must be staggering. Isn’t there a responsible relative ??


I hear ya. I don’t think you have to have jurors for an expensive lawyer to pay off. To my understanding, an expensive lawyer can make certain histories disappear or they are so good at lying they can turn it around against the other person in that case. It’s wild what can be twisted in court. But idk all the details, I’m just assuming Ron’s lawyer is a magician cuz I have no idea how he could have walked away from this situation with full custody. It’s baffling tbh.


Exactly. A good lawyer can make all the difference


Yes, the fact that Jenn has an even worse record definitely plays a major role but I think it should also be noted that: Ron is wealthy. He could afford a better lawyer in a custody battle


That’s true. I had no idea Jenn had a record worse than Ron’s. I only knew about the one time she was arrested that they talked about on the show


I have friends who work for child protective services who told me it’s extremely difficult to get an order to permanently remove a child from one or both parents. I’m guessing he gets custody because there are no allegations he’s ever directly put his daughter in danger- like directly abusing her. I’m sure he does put her in situations she shouldn’t be in (like probably using around her, or her being present for domestic violence situations) but guessing this was never brought up in court


Didn’t he go after Jenn with a knife while she was holding the baby?


And he abused saffire while Ariana was in their care


Yes. This was my main concern. Ariana was in the midst of that turmoil


Jen has never even had custody of her older son.... so this is no surprise. Yup, she is worse. Ariana is at least safe with Ron. Jen is careless with who she lets around the house, drugs etc..


I forgot she even had another child…didn’t know she didn’t have custody of him. I don’t keep up with her on social media.


Even if you did, she posts him maybe once a year around Christmas...


He was arrested in april 2021 the last time and has since became sober. Jenn on the other hand has been arrested since and is THAT terrible of a parent, correct


The one with the most expensive lawyer always wins. Always. I know from experience


Jenn posted In the comments of one of her photos on Instagram stating that family court records are not public and she didn’t lose custody ? Not that I believe her or Ron. The baby should just stay with a family member.


I saw somewhere that she still has visitation in the state of Nevada. There’s like a parenting/visitation plan. And she still has joint legal custody, but Ronnie has the tie breaker in a disagreement. Edit: Here’s the quote: Meanwhile, Ariana's mother, Jenn, 32, who Jersey Shore fans will recall had a tumultuous relationship with the reality star, was granted visits that may be exercised in her home state of Nevada.   "During the school year, the mother will have custody every second, third, fourth and fifth weekend from Friday at 6 pm until Sunday at 6 pm," the judge ordered, while Ronnie will keep his daughter for the first weekend.  "Parents have joint legal custody and in the event of a disagreement father shall have tiebreaker authority after making a good faith effort to meet and confer," the judge added. In the ruling, the judge ordered that "neither parent will consume any alcohol during his or her custodial periods."


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How bad is Jenn if they didn’t give her custody of her daughter?


I think she has one or two more assault record than Ron and an act of a hate crime I think??


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I wholeheartedly agree! Not to mention family court can make decisions on where the child lives based on one PHONE conversation! Like the abuser can’t be on his best behavior for one phone call! It’s absolutely terrifying the amount of per one person/ one judge has. There are many judges who don’t believe DV victims-so naturally they won’t be impartial. They are just one person making a decision about the rest of your life. There should be more than one!




Hope he really got his shit together. That child needs somebody in her life.


So he is returning to the show?


I honestly wonder if he will?


It’s kinda seeming like it, with all the press that he’s been getting lately, but who knows!