I think you should practice what you can from Islam and also learn what those practices represent and go to the bottom of it. Everyone's journey is different, may allah SWT guide you in the right path in your journey


💯 please do! May Allah SWT guide you and may your life become easier by adopting islamic teachings into your life InshA Allah


Definitely this. I mean I would say you *could* practice certain parts of Islam (its highly encouraged) and forget the rest and youd be benefiting from it. But without the context and knowing what Islam truly is youd be missing out on a whole plethora of benefits in your life. Lets say you want to fast because its beneficial for your health, you can and it would benefit you here in this life, but as Muslims we believe that without doing these things for the sake of Allah (God), it is kind of for nothing. And dont take this the wrong way, you are free to do as you please, but I am just trying to give you some context. May Allah bless you and guide you.


As long as you don’t identify as Muslim and be in situations that can mislead others thinking you are, it’s fine. But without knowing what you choose to do and leave out, it does sound strange for me to nit-pick, as you will most likely miss the real meaning behind it and it’s true purpose. At the end of the day, you mustn’t kid yourself and please know that whatever it is that your practicing is not Islam.


idk last Ramadan I fasted & read the whole Qur'an as a Christian with my Muslim friends and no one told me I was being disrespectful or anything. I was told by one of them that for that month I was more Muslim than he was lol


Which practices are you referring to?








Well i am not sure about this but you can try but quick thing when you convert to islam (i hope so) remember when thing islam is either take it all or leave it all As for should i do these practices or not i think looking at trustworthy sources for this question is your best choice since i personally did not like the response of other on this post or you can go to a mosque and ask someone who knows about things like this like the imam of the mosque or something


First of, good on you for seeking the truth Now, the core question you’re really asking is: is anyone going to be offended if you practice Islamic practices without considering yourself a Muslim. The answer to that is a clear “no, no one will be offended” (not even the folks who’re being silly and telling you not to do it) There is zero harm in doing these actions, and these acts are prescribed to benefit us in both this world and the next. By practicing them, you may acquire some of the worldly benefits, and you may find your heart open to accepting the rest of Islam as well Ignore the folks saying not to do it. I’m sure you’ve also met Christians who spoke faster than they thought May God guide you on your journey, and feel free to send me messages (private or public) if you have any questions


Convert and do them with your whole heart, what good is it if you you do something half heartedly ? Ä commit and do it right, it will be much more fulfilling


You can do something whole heartedly and still not be a Muslim. It’s common practice where I’m from (majority non Muslim) to give up your seat for the elderly, disabled, or whoever needs to sit down. There are many parallels of goods that happen around us coming from non Muslims and it is our duty to encourage this kind of behaviour - even before/without conversion. انما الأعمال بالنيات and only god knows what’s in our hearts - Muslim or not that’s what our religion tells us (we have no claim on making who performs practices half heartedly or purely for intrinsic good). So if Islam encourages certain practices for the goodness it has on us, we should be encouraging these practices to others as well - it is the image we must uphold as Muslims. I hope you agree with me brother!


Of course. Even king Charles when he was prince fasted alongside Muslims in Ramadan. Practicing Islamic beliefs will help you understand Muslims and experience Islam the way Muslims do.


Thats how I started. I was a Christian most of my life. I still haven’t gone 100% so to speak. I think one of the most important things is to educate yourself on the subject. There’s so many ways to gain knowledge about Islam (although the source is important). I even went on TikTok and joined a few Muslims groups there as well as the local masjid. Things just start to shift naturally. My advice is to keep progressing; keep learning; don’t become complacent. Islam is beautiful, truly. May Allah (swt) guide you.


Depends on where you live. In my University mosque people were very nice and host iftaars where non-muslims would come and join us and sometimes pray maghrib in congregation too In my country’s mosques (back here in Pakistan 😔) people fight if someone from a different sect (totally haraam) prays in congregation with them. This is a common occurrence in most parts of Pakistan. So if you ever want to let people know of what you’re doing, only tell people that you KNOW will understand. May Allah protect and guide you! Edit: Do follow whatever you want to follow 😁


If u practice them without taking the shada “Muslim oath” then none of your worship benefits you. If a non Muslim prays salah the salah isn’t worth anything because u don’t truly believe in Allah


Well it would be beneficial cos it'll give this person a feeling of what islam is like and they might fall in love with it. This could be their journey to becoming a muslim


I don’t mean it won’t benefit them spiritually or emotionally I mean it won’t earn them any good deeds


Not a Muslim, but curious - shouldn’t the worship and practice benefit someone here even if they aren’t Muslim. What if they get a sense of relief? A sense of peace? Treat others better and live a better life because of it? Wouldn’t those be beneficial even without being Muslim? Not saying that they would get the full benefit.


I'm a non-Muslim who goes to jummah, maybe I can weigh in :) I think the meaning of the word "benefit" is different from a Muslim or non-Muslim (especially non-religious) perspective. For myself, I love going to jummah because of the sense of community, the moral lessons from the khutba, and because prayer and ritual are calming to me. To me, those are benefits. But from the point of view of the other masjid-goers, I'm missing the real purpose, the benefit that will last for eternity, which is pleasing Allah. Of course it's nice that prayer eases my anxiety, but from their perspective, that won't matter on the day of judgement. Any benefits on this earth, in this life, are nice but temporary. This is also why I understand and don't mind when people express a desire for me to convert. If you believe you have found the way to true happiness and eternal life, I think the highest form of love is trying to share that with others. My friends are happy when I come to the masjid, study Quran, pray, and fast, but they naturally hope for me to become a Muslim some day and enjoy permanent, not temporary, benefits.


This is a dope story. Mashallah.


Thank you, jazakAllah khair <3


It is highly encouraged to look after yourself and pick the right choices when it comes to your health and we’ll being in Islam. It is our duty to take care of our bodies even if “anxiety” (your health and well being) does not matter on the day of judgment - it matters in this world that is relatively a short life yes, but you are still tasked with the duty to take care of yourself (and study/seek the right way to do it for yourself). As Muslims we believe that we should be doing this, but only within what is halal and what is allowed - unless drinking alcohol or eating pork are the only options left that will literally save your life for example. So when you start finding things like prayer to cope with your anxiety and to better your mental well being, it is actually a form of duty to yourself that God has instructed us to do. As for whether there are good deeds or not - that might be a different story and I am no scholar. But there is definitely no bad coming out of this so what’s the harm!


JazakAllah khair, thank you for letting me know this :)


So if you understand all that, what do you feel like is preventing you from taking the next step?


Sorry for the delay, I wanted to make sure I gave an adequate response. What stops me from converting is, most simply, my atheism (or technically agnosticism). I could write more or less the same paragraph about my Christian friends who want me to be Christian; I understand and respect their beliefs without actually believing the same things. Currently, my view is that I can't disprove the existence of God (in fact, I think it may be impossible to prove one way or the other) but I haven't found a reason that personally convinced me to believe, so I don't. Another factor is that I'm still learning, and probably will be for quite a long time. I was raised without any religion at all (my parents believed it should not be forced, and I never felt any interest until very recently). Now that I am trying to learn, I don't want to limit myself, so I'm exploring many different religions, to the extent that I can. I'm supposed to visit an Orthodox church soon to observe their worship and discuss some questions and doubts about Christianity. I'm hoping to also attend a gurudwara after that and gain some knowledge of Sikhism. I think it's beneficial to compare beliefs and practices across different religions, and that if one of them is true, it will become obvious to me over time. For now, it’s a bit of information overload at times 😅 If I do end up becoming religious, I want it to be sincere. I don't like lying, nor do I think it's a good idea to publicly claim belonging to a religion you don’t actually believe (I think there was a word for this, munafiqoon?). That's why I don't take shahada just to make my friends happy; it wouldn't be sincere. Paradoxically, I know this is all going to sound impossible because of the Islamic belief that anyone who sincerely tries to understand the religion will come to recognize it as truth. Maybe that just hasn't happened yet? My religious journey, even when it comes to Islam, is definitely far from over. I go to jummah every week, along with Quran lecture/discussion every Monday. I’ve seen some people say that reading the Quran sincerely will reveal the truth of Islam, so I’m working through the English translation slowly, marking the verses I have doubts about. Recently a sister has kindly volunteered to meet me after jummah each week so we can discuss what I’ve read and she can clarify the parts I don’t understand. I do dhikr most nights before bed and make sincere duaa for any higher power to show me what is true and what is false. All of this only started a few weeks ago—I’ve been to jummah a total of three times, and haven’t even fully learned how to pray. I have no way of knowing what will happen in the future, but I hope you can trust me that my honest intention is seeking the truth, even if it will take a long time. I also hope that my response was clear and helpful to you :)


24:39 As for the disbelievers, their deeds are like a mirage in a desert, which the thirsty perceive as water, but when they approach it, they find it to be nothing. Instead, they find Allah there ˹in the Hereafter, ready˺ to settle their account. And Allah is swift in reckoning.


That's a good clear way of explaining it, thanks :)


OP, please don’t listen to rando’s on Reddit. First of all, many Muslims are so flawed as any human on this earth would be flawed in their own ways. You end up with various opinions here that are aggressive and shun you out before even trying. The problem with many “born Muslims” is that we never actually go out of our way to learn what true Islam is about and unfortunately end up saying stupid crap like “what good is it for you to do something half heartedly” this person would know that in Islam, god slowly introduced rulings so people can slowly become ready. God didn’t say stop drinking alcohol overnight, he slowly told people to reduce it until he then finally brought down the ruling of stoping it completely. That’s because our god is understanding, and knows things happen in stages. God doesn’t expect any Muslim to be perfect because perfectionism does not exist for humans. God understands people try until they get better. God would rather you do something half heartedly if it means it’s the first step towards getting better and closer to what’s best for you. Forget every comment in this thread telling you “it won’t count” because you said it yourself, you are a teenager. You are in your journey of discovering what works for you and what doesn’t. Many Muslims know in Islam if you drink alcohol that prayers aren’t “accepted” for 40 days. But does that mean we don’t pray for 40 days because “it doesn’t count”? No. God expects you to pray even if you just finished a completely heinous sin. Because this is the one thing no matter how much you stray in life you must do. Your prayer will still count as something “done” if you drink alcohol all god means is you don’t get the benefits of it. But you still need to check it off your checklist. Again, many Muslims speak without knowledge and it’s harming anyone who’s in the religion or wants to try join it. Many reverts “tried it out” before reverting to Islam. They just didn’t post it online for hundreds of people to judge them and discourage them. So please don’t let these people demotivate you and please always know humans don’t represent a religion we represent our own shortcomings. Ignore the person who said nitpicking is called hypocrisy in Islam. Again, we clearly don’t read our own book before spreading misinformation and spreading misinformation in the name of Allah is a huge problem people need to be more worried about falling into. Hypocrisy is for those who act like they are Muslim but are internally disbelievers. It comes from having bad intentions. Your intentions are clearly coming from a good place of exploring something you’re just learning about and taking on things you are slowly learning of and believe in. Whether in time this draws you closer to Islam or not, we don’t know. But we shouldn’t stand in your way or ever stand in the face of God one day having to explain to him how we shut you out by telling you it’s an all or nothing thing. It’s not. Not even for those who are already Muslims. The only thing you need in Islam is praying 5 times a day and not believing in any other god except Allah. Every other thing you do or don’t do will definitely matter and be in your record, but it will never take you out of your religion. Many Muslims nitpick, many Muslims sin, all Muslims are imperfect. None of this means we should leave the religion. None of this means we can’t be Muslim. It means we’re trying. I don’t know why these commenters are expecting you to be doing it “all or nothing” when they themselves aren’t perfect in their religion. Plus OP never said he’s gonna practice Islam without being a Muslim forever. He’s clearly in the BEGINNING of his journey. Exploring. Slowly. Just started. خافوا ربكم


OP, this☝


This is the closest thing to a perfect response, Mashallah. OP should definitely read this if they want their answer.


Agree. Beautifully expained.


Yes... I.a Slowly you will see the beauty of islam


It's better that you keep Islam outside of your belief system, one of our priorities when it comes to our faith is to keep it pure, and away from those who will twist it to their own liking.


Why can’t this person practice any Islamic practices? Might open his or her heart to Islam down the road, no?


No, not really, Islam is about belief and intention first before action, he wouldn't be praying to Allāh (SWT), so he would simply be misguiding himself.


Shahadah is the first pillar of Islam and there is no doubt about it. However, it is possible that OP might ponder over his or her actions down the road.


Considering the fact that they are building their own belief system instead of exploring other belief systems, i highly doubt it.


They are 18.




It is obvious they are exploring different options as curiousity and trying not to disrespect anyone. that is innocent he needs kind guidance and not criticism.


Based on how Islam works anything Islamic you do before becoming Muslim doesn't really benefit a person. The first step to being a Muslim is to take the shahada without that those things seize to provide meaning if you don't believe in Allah to begin with. Everything we do is in worship of god.


Nobody is denying that. Let me ask you another question. What’s the harm in OP practicing these Islamic practices?


My point is to practice parts of Islam is to worship Allah. You cannot logically worship Allah if you have not committed yourself to Islam(except for those who are on the cusp of reverting). That's what it comes down to. We don't even know what OP is trying to replicate in his life.


This is very true and solid.


the problem is when Muslims imitate non-Muslims, not when non-Muslims imitate Muslims. The largest wave of conversions in American history was people leaving NOI and coming closer to Islam in following WD Mohammed. Likewise, so many converts (myself included) start out experimenting before committing. I can't imagine if someone told me I couldn't fast or pray unless I took the shahadah then and there. Don't shut to door on people trying to peer in, may Allah guide us and them.


>The problem is when Muslims imitate non-Muslims, not when non-Muslims imitate Muslims. It is definitely both, when we imitate them, we misguide those within our community, and when they imitate us, they misguide those in their community. >I can't imagine if someone told me I couldn't fast or pray unless I took the shahadah then and there. I did not say nor imply that akhī, my point is to make sure that people do not twist our faith and change our image.


> and when they imitate us, they misguide those in their community. non-Muslims are already misguided, but some forms of misguidance are closer to the truth than others. How many people have had their first (positive) introduction to Islam through rap, hip-hop or jazz music from non-Muslims and it led them to want to learn more? This is a story of many converts. >I did not say nor imply that akhi, my point is to make sure that people do not twist our faith and change our image You told the person to keep Islam out of his belief system. What would you say if you met me when I was a non-Muslim fasting Ramadan, attending jumu'ah, and performing salah sometimes before I took my shahadah? And where does it end? Should we tell non-Muslims not to read the Qur'an because that is an act of worship we do? Or not to fast for fast-a-thons anymore because fasting is part of Islam and they are not Muslims?


>You told the person to keep Islam out of his belief system. Yes, because that would be a heretical act, mixing our faith with other faiths. >What would you say if you met me when I was a non-Muslim fasting Ramadan, attending jumu'ah, and performing salah sometimes before I took my shahadah? I would be proud of you and happy for you, because you are not creating a heresy, you are walking on the straight path, as-Sirāt al-Musstaqīm. Do not attempt to misinterpret my words or twist my tongue, I would never discourage a non-Muslim from imitating us in a positive way, however, I will never encourage people to even think about adding and subtracting beliefs/practices from Islam to add to their useless, ignorant piece of religious heresy.


>Do not attempt to misinterpret my words or twist my tongue you sound like some old school vampire right now. Miscommunication happens by accident more often than intentionally. What is the difference between the experimenting that this guy is doing and the experimenting that I was doing? I fasted Ramadan with a similar mindset to what he described (exploring different religious systems, trying to take the good from wherever I found it), but the experience and the interactions I had opened up the door for me to want to learn more and eventually to becoming the Muslim I am today.


>You sound like some old school vampire right now. That's what you call being elegant in your speech. As for you, I don't judge people's personal experiences, I judge them based on measures which were already put in place.


overly dramatic is the vibe I was getting; nobody is trying to twist your tongue Ok, so what measures which were already put in place would you use to guide your response to a non-Muslim if they wanted to try out some practices of Islam like fasting Ramadan or praying?


Faith in the One God and in the Prophet Muhammad (prayer and salvation of God be upon him), while respecting the other prophets (peace be upon them) are the conditions for practicing the Islam chosen by God for the servants of God.


Can. But it would be better to dive full into Islam for the true effects.


Such people in Islam are called Munafiqs, Hypocrites. Those who nitpick, choose what they want to follow from the religion, what suits them and leave what doesnt suit them. Learn Islam, read about it, read the Quran, understand it. Its not about following the major religion its about accepting and following the truth. Islam being the only, the only religion left that is monotheistic. If it so much aligns with your beliefs then why not learn and understand more about it and accept it. Your best starting point to understanding Islam, read the Quran with the translation and tafsir (explanation), best source, The Clear Quran, [Quran.com](https://Quran.com) Read and Learn about the Prophet (PBUH) and his life, Seerah of the Prophet is the perfect book.


>Such people in Islam are called Munafiqs, Hypocrites. the munafiqoon are those who outwardly claim and display Islam but conceal disbelief in their hearts. This person is openly not a Muslim.


Munafiqs is a term that applies to Muslims. OP isn’t Muslim


>Islam being the only, the only religion left that is monotheistic. Judaism has a really similar concept of God to Islam too, so I wouldn't call Islam the only monotheistic religion that is left.


The quran admonishes the rabbis and preists in Judaism who write with their own hands and claim it is from god. Look at the Talmud, exegesis of the old testament as well as a source of lawmaking when Allah is meant to be the only source of laws. From this perspective, the Jews deify their religious clergy, meaning they aren't monotheistic. Also look at the whole story of the Jewish tribal archetype, they believe their forefathers wrestled with God in heaven and beat God. This is the antithesis of monotheism when you believe your own ancestor is more powerful than God.


I'm not here to argue for Judaism, since I believe Islam is the true religion, I'm just saying that Judaism is a monotheistic religion as far as I know >Also look at the whole story of the Jewish tribal archetype, they believe their forefathers wrestled with God in heaven and beat God. This is the antithesis of monotheism when you believe your own ancestor is more powerful than God. I don't know how true this is because I haven't seen anything like that, the closest thing I've heard of that is that Jacob fighting an angel in a disguise or God (some interpretations say it was God, some say it was an angel) then he was given the name Israel after that episode.


However, Islam is the only true religion.


What do u mean the only true religion ? God sent the Torah and Evangile before. I think I might be misunderstanding the meaning of « true religion » here.


Yes, but the Torah and the Gospel got corrupted by man. Because Christianity or Judaism was meant for a specific nation.


Yeah, true.


Judaism is way more polytheistic than Christianity…at least Christian didn’t claim that their priest understood or have more rights on their text than Allah (SWT) for exemple.


Judaism is not as freely accesible as islam though. You can become a muslim by saying 1 sentence. For judaim, u have to be born in it. Or go through years or so of some things and i think even then u are not in the same class as someone born in it. Its what ive heard though could be wrong


That's true but the way he phrased was like Islam was the only monotheistic religion which is false.


Not Hypocrite. He is clearly saying he is non-Muslim.


In Islam, you can't take what you like and leave what you dont like You cant for example implement the punishment of theft without implementing the laws of zakah (giving money to the poor) Our religion is perfect, you might look at a thing and say i don't like that i don' t agree so I'm just not gonna follow this thing, but that thing actually is good and very important you just can't see how, or you can see how but that implies some other thing that you like is actually wrong Idk if I've done a good job explaining, let me know if you understood me


i think so however, i am not a scholar. Muslim just means believer so if you are a "christian" practicing muslim practices, it is really all the same as long as you realize the jesus was a messenger and Allah (or you could just say God) is god and seperate from Jesus. Allah, Yahweh, and "The Father" they are all the same. That is why we are all lumped together bc it IS the same god. Muslims believe Allah (SWT) is just the arabic name? Christians in arab speaking countries even say "Allahuakbar" bc it is the language. It also is with your intentions, intend to seek the truth. Inshallah that will be islam for you ameen, bc I believe islam is the truth (as should most if not all muslims). If you intend to use islam to strengthen christianity... idk at that poitn.


Might be worth a try, start with jihad and see how you get on.


Just be careful with closing your heart this way. Not believing is one thing, but mocking will cause you more trouble in the hereafter. Be mindful of your existence and don't be among ungrateful and ignorant 🤲


yeah thats pretty chill idk


if you're THIS close to this beautiful religion why not just accept it? Learn the basic Islamic beliefs and you'll see how this religion is right even LOGICALLY.


Islam was perfected and ordained for all mankind; there is a reason you're attracted to it; it's human nature.


This is an interesting issue. What you are talking about is called Heuristic thinking. In modern Western society, due to the breakdown of organised religion most people tend to think and reason about their lives using this mode of thought. Heuristics are essentially mental short cuts to arrive at decisions; simple strategies that humans, organizations, and even machines use to quickly form judgements, make decisions, and find solutions to complex problems. Often this involves focusing on the most relevant aspects of a problem or situation to formulate a solution. While heuristic processes are used to find the answers and solutions that are most likely to work or be correct, they are not always right or the most accurate. This is opposed to a body of thought which emmanates from a body of tradition, is built up from strong foundation, and is congruent logically at every level such as the Islamic religious tradition. A type of thought which is social and binds you to a group going back hundreds of years. You need to make a decision of what you are actually looking for. If you want to take bits and pieces that might be helpful now, but can change later depending on your particular needs, then go ahead. Maybe you will give up drinking or try fasting and it will help you lose weight or whatever. But if you want the real gold then you will submit. Once you submit your reason to the collective effort and thought of over 1400 years of trying to maintain the absolute clarity of pure revelation about how a life should be lived, then you will see how feeble your reasoning compares. After that it will be difficult not to defer to what is obviously the authority on whatever subject you are considering.


Just pray to that higher power to show you the right path. And when the signs came follow that straight path and dont ever look back.


Do what makes you happy and stop asking people for permission


Please do and I highly encourage you to explore the religion as well on the side


Well I’m no theologian but my mom and dad from from a long line of imams. Take this with a grain of salt but anyone who is pushing you away from Islam is a jerk. I see no reason to explore the faith in whatever way you see fit. So long as you’re respectful of the faith and other people. Maybe I’m just progressive. Allah knows your intentions, to thine own heart be true.


It is in fact encouraged to do anything that Islam preaches when it comes to your personal life - because according to Islam, God only prescribes to us what is objectively good for us. He also gave us the free will to choose these things and asking questions. We are all his creation and if there’s anything you take from Islam that you think is an objective good - then that is what God wants from us and for us and it is completely encouraged for you to embrace that if you want to. Why would God, who is more merciful than a mother to her child ([hadith](https://www.abuaminaelias.com/dailyhadithonline/2012/08/08/allah-more-merciful/)) not want you to do something that he thinks is good for you? Even if you are not Muslim. However, make sure that if you are going to practice something unique to Islam only (eg rules on zakat or family matters, etc) then as Muslims we are obliged to think deeply into it, study the proper ways to perform these actions, and investigate the essence and/or context of why you are performing this action. Not doing this might lead to performing a practice in a way that is not supposed to be intended or for the wrong reasons. Many Muslims including myself even face this. If you have any questions - ask us to provide reliable resources. Most of us won’t try to be pushy or convert you on the spot, but it’s our duty as Muslims to educate others when they can, and to seek knowledge regularly (about everything not just religion).


If you're asking whether it would be rude or offensive, I don't think most Muslims would be offended. I've had nonMuslims visit our local mosque and join in congregational prayer before just to get a feel for it. Not ideal but tells you how comfortable some can be. But like someone else said, it would serve you best to look up the deeper meaning of any practice before you do it.


Yep, that’s what they’re there for. Became Muslim after hearing its haram to check out women. Tried it going through the airport and I was like, yep this is the way.


**100 percent sure u can practice whatever u like step by step .** **May Allah show you / your family the right path of islam soon , ameen .**


Yup, go right ahead.


Keep in mind Allah is God’s name in Arabic and is the word Arab Christians use for God as well. Allah is who Christians and Jews worship as well.


go for it! if youre doing it to be genuine and not mocking the religion, then there is nothing wrong about it


Islam doesn’t allow nit-picking/ cherry-picking Quran2:85 ...So do you believe in part of the Scripture and disbelieve in part? Then what is the recompense for those who do that among you except disgrace in worldly life; and on the Day of Resurrection they will be sent back to the severest of punishment. And Allah is not unaware of what you do > I decided to do more research into it to become more in tune with my beliefs Ultimately what you are doing is following your desires, and Islam is completely opposite of it Islam means submission to the will of almighty God. You should start searching for the truth and researching Islam instead of nit-picking things so they can be “more in tune” with your beliefs


Please do pick Tawheed :)


Yeah, nobody's gonna stop you from doing that and it's nice to see that you are interested


I don't think it is possible to fully appreciate Islamic practices without fully understanding the Islamic worldview




I mean it‘s nice that you ask but, who is going to stop you anyways?


The 5 pillars of Islam are the basic Islamic belief if you want to mimic it until you get to a point of making a decision of what you want to do. You don't have to announce anything to anyone but if I were you maybe let few Muslims know you abide by the 5 pillars of Islam just so they can ask Allah for your guidance or better yet forgiveness if you die while still practicing them.....it doesn't hurt to have some plans ahead. ​ Good luck!


You can (I mean it's kinda paradoxical, if you're not Muslim then you shouldn't care even if there is a prohibition to pray). Try and see what it feels like. If you decide to become a Muslim, you'll learn other practices. Maybe try to reach out to some reverts, a lot of people here see this through the perspective of a Muslim who was raised in Islam.


Of course you are allowed to practise islam, Islam is for all of mankind. I am a revert myself may Allah increase you in knowlegde and may you find peace in this beautifull religion. :-) Here you can read the Quran in English [https://quran.com/](https://quran.com/)


Why don’t you accept Islam, problem solved.


I don't know that you have to profess any one belief to show humility before our Creator by prostrating yourself to that Creator to demonstrate your humility. That said, I think Allah is a bit like the Highlander: there can only be one, so you're not praying or prostrating to one of a multitude of gods if you worship Allah. There's only one, no matter what we call him. I find comfort in reading the Qur'an, although I have to make do with translations, as I understand people do read who can read it in Arabic, so you might want to try that, and maybe at least take a look at some of the fundamental beliefs so you know why you're doing what you're doing and if the words of the Qur'an touch your heart.


« And whoever desires other than Islām as religion - never will it be accepted from him, and he, in the Hereafter, will be among the losers. » Quran 3:85 If you want to prostrate to ask Allah to guide you -> Yes, It’s a great idea…if you want to create your own way when the True is crystal clear : It will not benefit you (I think)


What parts of Islam do you want to practice and why? How did you become more in tune with your own beliefs through Islam? How are you determining right from wrong? What you want to do vs what you should do? Would you one day pray to the Islamic God and then to the Christian God and then the Jewish God? By doing so what would you achieve?