Being a Muslim in secret is killing me

I cant stand praying in fear that my non-Muslim parents will walk in on me, I want to pray to Allah in peace of mind, I want to freely read and recite the Quran, I want to visit a masjid for the first time, I want to be a Muslim freely,

maybe I need more trust in Allah? Maybe this fear is not valid? I pray and make dua all the time begging for peace of mind and for the strength to be given to me, I always make the 5 fardh prayers, but doing it secretly is so hard, it’s sometimes so hard to focus because I have to listen for footsteps.

Is it bad that I stop my prayer when I hear somebody coming?

Is it bad that I feel this way?

Do I not have enough trust in Allah for feeling this way?

Shortened up, being a revert is hard, and it’s even harder doing it secretly in a non Muslim household.


May God bless you πŸ™πŸΌπŸ™πŸΌ


Think of multiplied love and rewards from Allah for harder struggle. May Allah Make it easy for you. Also stay in touch with other converts too?


Are you family members Islamophobic? Would they hurt you if they found out?


is your parents open minded? is there a room where you know they wont disturb you when you pray?


Op, im Curious in what country would you be prosecuted as a revert muslim? Is it a western one?


How do you change clothes, do you not lock the door? Make dua that your parents never find out you are praying or walk in while your are praying.. Or. Make dua you are out of the house.. You know my boss old one used to feel scared of the Quran, open it slightly and she used to talk a bit and then run.. Can you pray outside, garden or something


May Allah make it easy for you.


May Allah Make it easier for you and facilitate both your parents' acceptance and conversion to the Deen of Islam. May Allah give you strength and courage and perseverance. The struggle is real and the enemies of Islam work none stop to stop the spread of the religion of Allah. But the deen is inevitable. Try to make friends with some local Muslims so that you are able to go visit with them and practice your faith openly insha'Allah.


The shaytaan also disturbs you with creating was was and making noise, scaring you while praying


How old are you? What will your parents do if you embraced Islam? What will happen to you? Why can't you go prey in a masjid secretly? Why can't you prey outside the house? Doesn't need to be a masjid Buy a bag put a sijada in it and download a qibla app and you can prey wherever you want. In the street in the garden in the backyard etc I hope allah guides you my brother


what would your family and friends reaction be if they knew you became a muslim?


It will not be forever this way believe me. I was where you are now 15 years ago. Ir cost me 3 years to live that secret but when it came out i could finally be myself and in sha Allah it will be the same for you. in sha Allah sooner. Take your time, hold on.