Anyone dating someone whose mbti type is not compatible with yours??

The red means it has the worst chemistry lol.. My bf and I def sometimes have differences in opinion and we argue about stupid small thing from time to time but so far nothing serious has happened in between us. When it comes to personality, I can tell we are quite different. What are your guys' experience?


My experience? Such tables are completely meaningless in real life and with real people. Even from the viewpoint of stereotypes and prejudice i have many doubts about how someone came to such table...


Ah yes i dont have blind faith in mbti chemistry thing but i was just wondering if anyone has problems in mbti difference with their SO


Yeah. I feel like me and my INTP are perfect together and was surprised to see it wasn't in the green


How do you know you're isfj and not infj?


I did research. Studied the differences between the two.


I really hate it when people overlook MBTI, it doesn't make sense IRL.




It shouldn't be taken to make every or most decisions; MBTI is not bad, but it's not some religious book that's 100% accurate to decide who I should talk to and who I shouldn't; it's like you get to decide on someone you never knew because of a test he made on a website; at least get to know them first. Edit: Just like the commenter said, whoever came to such a table was a human, which means his personality was from MBTI; even the MBTI inventor was from it, so I hate it when someone makes a question like "Is ISFJ female best for INTJ male?" because whoever is going to reply is a human who has an MBTI personality too, so you need to ask God, lol, or just date them and see if they're good. I'm pretty sure there's some good INTJ for ISFJ and some bad INTJ for ISFJ, so these tables make no sense, as the commenter said.


Yessss, my gf is an INFJ. Been living together for 1,5 years now and we get along very well. We do argue, but our problems and arguments mostly stem from communication issues and misunderstanding eachother. These tables are mostly generalisations made by people with a mediocre understanding of mbti, who base their knowledge on stereotypes. I would take the information with a grain of salt :)


I was very surprised when I saw on r/infj how many infj's who were with isfj's 😯


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*bowl🍚 of salt


My husband is an ENFP. We have a one year old, a very stable life. We aren't the same and it's quite ok because we have the same relationship, the same goals and the same respect. Sure, I don't understand why he wants to hangout that much with friends, because people exhausts me. But I respect his needs and let him have fun. He is an amazing artist and creator, very artistic, which I am not. I appreciate him showing me his art. I am more realistic than him, so we balance each other perfectly on some stuff. Not knowing this chart, I would never believe that we would be in the red zone. We aren't perfect together, because it doesn't exist, but we are very close to it.


I resent the fact that NFs apparently can’t date Sensors at all (except ENFJs with ISFPs for some reason?)


I have no knowledge about that, I wouldn’t know!


I mean that’s what the chart says


Ah sorry, English isn’t my first language!


Married an INTJ, dated one other previously. Also dated an ExTP who thinks he's an INTJ, and maybe he is just unhealthy idk. We were compatible but immature.💀 Easiest relationship for me was an INTP. XNFPs were emotionally smothering, XSFP was fine short-term but arguments were like we never spoke the same language. 😅 INTJ pairings were the most passionate but also most aggravating, I don't really recommend INTJ for ISFJ until later in life when both are mature. 💀 INTJs bring pain but also growth. Loooool Tldr; xxTP matches are most comfortable, xNFPs are suffocating, XSFPs are ok if you can communicate well, INTJs are the most life-changing PAINS IN THE ASS imo. It's just a matter of what's a priority for you.


Hello could you elaborate on XNFP smothering


My ex xNFP was fun but not great at dealing with his own negative emotions (CONSTANT emotional dumping), also had poor impulse control, insecurity, and anxiety, so tbf that factored in and had nothing to do with cognitive functions. BUT... Fi dom can kinda be "me vs you/the world" and "if you're not with me, you're against me" if unhealthy 😕 I find Fi aux is more chill but FiTe still clashes with FeTi unless both are mindful and respectful of their differences. xNFPs make great friends for me personally, they are such deeply creative and compassionate people. But romance, not so much. That's just *me* though. 😅


that makes a lot of sense, thanks!!


my boyfriend is an intj, always wonder can we really work out till the end 😫😢


Ofc you can, it's just a matter of mutual patience and effort


MBTI theory wasn’t described with compatibility in mind. If you want a system with a solid theory on relations get into socionics or psychosophy


I saw once a different table where ISFJ and ENFP was a match. Well I had a chemistry and relationship with an ENFP. It was a really good relationship. I can't complain about him or anything. We've teached new things eachother. He helped me to socialize, I helped him with his studies, stay focused and cleaning his room lol. I'm totally grateful for that even if it didn't work out.


INTP. Get along flawlessly with everyone.


What does the blue mean?


Mother#$=_>$@&!!!!!! What does yellow mean tho?


I don't know who made this table but isfj and enfj are always good matches


Well not dating yet but I have a thing going on with an INFP (we're definitely more than friends though)


For fellow sensors, you don't pay attention to those things. It is on an intuitive to "see" how the relationship is going nowhere. In short, take same S/N letter who has two different functions (ISFJ - Ti/Fe or Si/Ne). I made a big table with 2 subtypes (shadow focused, aka paying attention to opposite functions), or alter-ego focused (aka likes to use inferior function and understands people with the same functions). For ISFJ - shadow ISFJ thinks about Fi and Se, so "balanced" partner would be a Fi-Ne user, "perfect" would be Fi-Se. Fi-Ne with same Sensory is ISTJ, ESTJ (Fi inferior warning, ESTJ must be alter-ego subtype to use Fi in healthy portions), Fi-Se is ISFP, ESFP. Alter-ego ISFJ likes fresh discoveries, breaking routine more than once a year, Ne-users and preferably Ti, with S it would be ESFJ, ISFJ (alter-ego subtype), if we get Ne with Fi it would be ESTJ, ISTJ (alter-ego subtype). As you can see, no ISTP and ESTP are mentioned, ISFJ x ISFJ has to be both same subtypes (1/4 chance and it might change any moment). W/o sensory vs intuitive bias, we can add xNFPs, xNTPs, INTJ, ENTJ (alter-ego subtype), INFJ and ENFJ do not really fit anywhere. On paper, ESTP/ISTP should be good with ISFJ due opposite functions. Yet, they never satisfy "progression" part. Also subtypes may change, so taking middle ground should be a safe call (in this case, ISTJ). INFP has Fi and Ne, but INFP themselves want Te or Ni, which ISFJ lacks (unsatisfyed relationship in one side), still it is a green for ISFJ.


Hi I wanted to know why you are saying alter ego subtype


NT beeing salūts 😆


This grid is bullshit. You don't even know the meaning of the colours




because the grid was cropped, ta-da! https://www.pinterest.com/pin/314689092690978985/


why so fast to judge? the image is cropped, here is the full grid: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/314689092690978985/