What is your biggest fear?

Death (of my family and loved ones, but also my death as a close second)


Death (of my family and loved ones, but also my death as a close second)


I see... It is gonna come one day though...


Yep! Working on a stoic mindset


I'm trying to accept it before it happens.


Losing those I love, They're only two I'm willing sacrifice my life for.


I've got three big fears and one irrational fear: Failing my loved ones in some important way. Losing my loves ones permanently (death or separation). Not achieving any of my dreams/life goals. And frogs.


And frogs haha ok. I agree that disappointing loved ones is really hard thing to deal with... but my biggest fear is to live inside myself, metaphorically, not being the part of the picture which my loved ones in it. It is not like I am afraid of being alone but I used to make myself out of the group without noticing... and I wasn't hurt by it much most of the times. But now, there are things that I also want to take part in, so I can't do such thing anymore. It would be so hurtful to watch...


Existential? Unavoidably becoming a recluse towards my friends and family. Irrational? Spiders.


Don’t search recluse in google images then


Why just why did u say DONT when u know i hate spiders and i will search 😭😭😭😭


People disliking me for who I am if I want to be friends with them






Losing loved ones, being separated from the people/animals I care most about


Being unable to support myself, fend for myself, or make a living. Being cast out of society. Death never scared me, oddly enough.


Absolutely the same for me. Plus, being humiliated or my family facing humiliation


>Being unable to support myself I agree... It is more hurtful than the death. I would say my fear is living in myself, like my close ones are in a picture that I am not in. But this fear lose it's importance when I am not self-sufficient enough.


Not really afraid of death or loss in the same way as some other people. I think my biggest fear is not being in control or being overpowered. I won't be graphic but there are some pretty specific physical situations that I wouldn't want to be in which are a manifestation of that.


Death. For me, I feel like I haven’t become a good enough person yet to die, and I can still improve as a person and right my wrongs. If I’ve gotten to that point then I wouldn’t be afraid, but as of now, it’s the one thing that scares me


Losing the people I love/who are close to me.


Existentially speaking death, other than that I'm really scared of throwing up and illness in general...


Something happening to my eyes (being gouged out or needles in my eyes 🤮)


Oh God... 🫣😰


This reminds me of a funny experience of mine. When I was in first years of high school, I had to make a presentation about cancer and one week later one of my eyes was twitching because of probably sleepless nights. Since I presented a presentation about cancer one week ago, I thought a tumor was growing in my eye as I looked at the mirror and see it twitching. It took me only 1 second to think the possibility of tumor in my eye, having the thought of my eye getting removed, accept living with one eye etc. Basically, I went through 5 stages of grief in one second and gave "you are unbelievable" look to my Ne xD I enjoy being over dramatic by myself hehe


Others hate me




Mine is probably having the people I want to be around or loved to think that I am not enough to be around them or they don't need or want me.