I don't think that should be required, according to Citizens Info anyway >If you are 24 or under and living with a parent (or a step-parent) in the family home, the JA means test will assess some of your parents’ income. Find out more in our document about how living with your parents is assessed in the means test. https://www.citizensinformation.ie/en/social_welfare/social_welfare_payments/unemployed_people/jobseekers_allowance.html https://www.citizensinformation.ie/en/social_welfare/irish_social_welfare_system/means_test_for_social_welfare_payments/how_parents_income_can_affect_jobseekers_allowance.html


Tell them your parents refuse to cooperate. Neither you or they have a right to your parents financial information. They then have to proceed without it..


Why is jobseekers so hard to get and so easy to retain.


This actually astounding to me as well. I moved down from the north when my mam got sick after she retired. Fighting even a medical card down here at first was awful. I came down went to the dole office and was told go get a PPS and you’ll just get it because we can get your national insurance contributions from the North. Got 4 weeks while I was job hunting but the hoops others had to do and possibly needed it more. They were even trying to throw carers stuff me and I was look I’m not really a carer as I just had to help with money and be there just in case




I guess I'm looking more from the outside looking in. I seen some highly dysfunctional people been on the dole for years and to my knowledge theyve never done anything to find work or have sabotaged the welfare offices attempts to find them work woth zero repercussions. I'm sure some do get shafted into jobpath. Can I ask did any people end up with good progression from jobpath that you've seen?


I was an intern for a software company back when it was Jobbridge. I had graduated college and was looking for work as a programmer but couldn't find anything at the time because this was during the recession. The welfare office cut me off the job seekers right before I got the internship because I could only avail of the benefit for like 8 months or something like that. The only option I had was to apply to Jobbridge to get €50 a week ironically it ended up costing me more than that a week to commute to my workplace. The job was basically software support and had feck all to do with programming. I actually ended up doing more marketing work for them than IT work. By working there though I was given an opportunity to interview with a business partner and I got a job with them. They were basically outsourced IT support and this is what kicked my career off in IT. I didn't end up being a programmer and Jobbridge did feck all for me except help fund my commute but the whole situation got me a job in the end I suppose.


Interesting journey. My first employer pretended it was jobbridge but basically were like here's a hundred quid a week, we note youre on jobseekers you figure it out 😂. It was at taxassist and I wanted to be an accountant so I suppose it was experience. Lucky for me it was a 20 minute walk from me so no commute costs. Somehow I broke even on the 100 quid a week goes to show how little I spent back then. They kept piling work on me and not training me and in the end I left after 5 weeks due to stress. On my next job I put summer internship on my cv even though I was only there 5 weeks. But I suppose in a way the 5 weeks I was there gave me the skills I needed to interview confidently for the job I eventually got. Still pure exploitation thougg and I'm glad I don't think people would stand for it anymore. Maybe I'm wrong, well see next recession.


This is something that never stops amazing me. There is full families reaping the benefits of the system, gaming the system to the ground. Then there was me few years ago, got made redundant after 6 years in a company and really struggled getting a job, and while I did get my jobseekers benefit for 9 months, getting any feasable extension was pretty much out of question. Even though, I have gone through few courses supplied by social welfare office to reskill myself and I was attending all their meetings even have provided all my declined emails from job interviews I have tried(there was many of those).


"Hard to get"? The government just requires a birth cert and financial info before they give you free money for life. But overall you are right. The dole office puts all its effort into investigating you when you first sign on. Then you can be the biggest laziest waster on earth and they'll never let go of you.


Yes I mean moreso the mistrust, overall the process has become quite smooth over the last few years.


I don't know what the actual rules are! But I agree it's no fun going through the process. They seem to have a depressing view that everyone is out to scam them. At the end of the day? You're just getting what you're entitled to. So don't feel bad, and stick with it! Sending hugs and best wishes. I know it's tough dealing with it all! 🙂💚


A lot of people feel entitled to jobseekers allowance, but many forget that you are only entitled to it if you are actively looking for a job. Most long term recipients in this country should not qualify


What your parents are earning has absolutely nothing to do with you or your jobseekers payment. This is neoliberal FF/FG policy. Tell them you can’t get that information. They will fight, you will have to appeal. But you will get back payment when it’s eventually approved after 5/6 weeks.


It does if you are 24 or under, otherwise every scumbag in Christendom would just sign on at 18 and continue collecting forever while mommy and daddy supplement their income


Your deciding officer is in the wrong here. Go to your local social welfare office and explain, print out the relevant details if you need to so that you can show them. Some of them are stubborn fools, but once you can quote a rule to them they usually back off with their tail between their legs.




Wow your parents seem fair sound!


Bring your girlfriends details, you are cohabiting with her so they will need to see that. They don't need your parents details if you dont live with them. The person you are dealing with probably doesn't believe that you are surviving on your own without any means of support.


It sure is a lot of hoops to jump through but it’s like that for a reason , every Tom dick and Harry would be scamming the system if that wasn’t there, it’s bad enough with people scamming already.


Did you apply online or in an intro office?


Allowance is means tested so it has to be done


Thought parents aren’t taken into account when you’re over 24, no?


Yep 25th birthday on it doesn't factor


There couldn’t be any more jobs out there