Go to the station to make a formal complaint.


Yeah going to wander down today! Thanks!


How'd it go?


Landlord actually went first as he came by to check the damage to the lock. They asked for me to go down so I did straight away. Was then told to come back when the night shift was in cos it’s the same squad 🙄


Go over their heads, that complaint is getting torn up and binned if you hand it to the lads responsible


They’re already on the whole passing it on to the next shift bs


I’m not surprised at all by this. Especially their reaction to immediately pass it on get you out of the station and hope you don’t come back. The only meaningful interactions you will have with the gards is them after you for driving in a bus lane or some minor issue that does not affect anyones immediate safety. You can be guaranteed a huge amount of resources dedicated to that. They simply have no interest in helping or protecting people it’s just that simple. Was the victim of 2 bad assaults first time was asked ‘well what do you want done about it?’ Second time was told ‘I should move one with my life’. Reported a hit and run on my parked vehicle causing damage. Called to my house serving me to produce my insurance within a week. Came after me as if I committed a crime. Later worked out it was most likely a gard or Garda relative that was the perpetrator and explained a lot. Wouldn’t even bother going near them again but this is exactly what they want!


If they refused to take a complaint, this sounds like GSOC territory.


Did you ring 999 or the station? You could have gotten an idiot in the station who never bothered logging it or sending it out over the radio. I reported a drink driver (swerving all over road and drink a bottle of something while driving) by ringing station. Guard on line had no interest in it, says no cars available at 1am on a rainy Sunday night. Asked my brother (guard in a different area) to check if anything was done about it and no log/incident created on dispatch or pulse. He said in anything requiring a response always ring 999, as calls are logged and traced back from call taker to the guard who dispatched it from control to the districts.


Called 999 3 times and the station once.


Go to the Garda station to make a complaint about the Gardaí? I think you’re looking for GSOC hun


Yeah I need to do a good dig for the correct GSOC forms. Just came across forms for complaints about an individual Garda. I’ll also go to the station though as I also called them and they said they’d send someone and never did.


And your local politicians. GSOC aren’t exactly renowned for justice.


I recently contacted 2 local TD's about Gardai not responding to a recurring problem. No reply from either


As someone who works in public service, most of the Cllr/TD/Senator Representations go like this 1. Member of public emails elected rep with complaint. 2. elected rep forwards email on to public service body sometimes with a message but regularly not 3. Public Service Body responds to elected rep with info/update/resolution 4. Elected rep doesn’t always respond to member of the public


Is there supposed to be a problem with this or something? Step 3 is effectively what the complainant wanted to happen, especially if the body is roused into doing something that they should've been doing.


Not sure how it would work here but I remember reading something similar on r/unethicallifehacks or somewhere, basically some Yankee claimed that if you say things like "I think they have a gun" or "they said they have a gun" so that it warrants a quicker response. No idea if it would work here but if I ever feel like I need Johnny law I'll be using this one.


Is just giving them the garden hose not an option? In the US, it's not considered assault


What are local politicians going to do?


Councillors generally hold meetings with Garda officers on a regular basis, eg monthly, and can raise issues that their constituents bring to them.


Hopefully put the pressure on. Here’s GSOC: “Gsoc commissioner Emily Logan: 'We are rightly criticised for slow inquiries'” https://www.irishexaminer.com/news/arid-40836332.html I’m not discouraging a GSOC complaint, but I wouldn’t put faith in that changing anything. Real change will only come from politics. Encouraged by speaking to politicians (and media).




Penny's hun


I remember this happened to me and my housemates ages ago in England. A couple together just decided to batter the door down. Never found out the back story. Landlord said he hadn't a clue who they were but I doubted him. We were students at the time and had a load of gravy made up for sausages and chips (which we'd have a lot). So we launched that out the window at the them cold. Absolutely in stitches when the roar went up from your wan covered in cold gravy 😂. Good times.


Hahahaha I’m gonna be prepared next time, might put some dye in it and turn them green for a while


Parsley sauce could be good.


Hot sand 😂


Make a complaint to the superintendent. That's shocking. When I was burgled in 2020, they showed up within 10 minuyes. If it happens again try and get your neighbours to call as well as the more calls, the more pressure they are under to show up.


Yeah got talking to the neighbour across the road after and he called too. So did one of the girls in the house. Get the same “very busy” excuse despite people’s safety being at risk. I’ll be making a complaint, thanks for the advice!


not sure if its in person or by email but if its by email then CC your local representatives too.. doubt they'll be much help but no harm


Yeah I need to do a little research but that’s a good shout


definitely do this, if anything it removes all chance of you getting ignored.


Yeah gonna find a few names to include I reckon!


[here you go](https://www.whoismytd.com/)


Thanks a million!


Not joking, tell them there was a smell of Cannabis off the mad woman and theyll be there within 30 seconds.


COVID is doing a number on Garda numbers at the moment, the same way it is with hospital staff. In a number of districts cars are being double-crewed by senior officers due to the number of rank-and-file staff having to isolate. Obviously they aren't is a rush to advertise this but they really are stretched right now.


A few years ago someone was trying to break in to my house, I rang the guards and told them I was getting the shotgun out of the gunsafe if the person managed to get in to the house. they were down to the house fairly sharpish and caught the fucker


Yeah next time I’ll be mentioning that I’m getting ready to have to defend myself


It does work i know a few guards and they say it's the best way to get the local guards down in a hurry.


Ah that’s a great tip so, thanks!


That’s far too mild. “If ye aren’t here in 5 minutes I’ll grab the shotgun and deal with them myself. “


That's awful. Make a formal complaint. That person could have had a weapon on them and attacked you if she had got into your house


I honestly was expecting to be attacked, was just a question of if she copped the window would be an easy entry point.


I hope you're ok. Definitely make a formal complaint to the ombudsman. Also complain at the local station. If you were able to take a photo of the crazy woman then show it to the Gardai


All good thankfully, just wrecked! I will make a complaint, didn’t manage to get a pic though cos I was a little afraid she’d see me and go berserk.


Honestly, I'd throw a bucket of cold water over her.


Wish I’d had this thinking at 3 am 😂


She'd be getting the kettle.


The whole thing, metal and all.


Piss balloons.


I rang the Guards on behalf of a neighbor about ten years back. Some lad acting the maggot outside her house. Trying to peep at her in the window and trying the door. Went on for about 40 minutes with her none the wiser. Called the Guards and yer man says “And you think that was worth calling me over?” Fuck if I know. Want me to go out and ask him what he’s up to?


"Oh, sorry, sure, do you want me to call back once he's inside and battering her? Or should I wait until he's left and ring you to clean up the crime scene? What time would suit you best?"


If you had gone out and grabbed the lad yourself they would have been all over your for assault. Can't win.


Not guarding any peace there was he


Not quite as immediately serious but a few years ago I would always see this heavily mentally disabled, completely nonverbal kid going on walks with a carer near St. Enda's Park in Rathfarnham when I was strolling goem from work. One day, I saw him hop the back wall (he lived in a very noticeable corner house near the park) and run off up towards Marlay grunting, shouting and highly distressed. I went to the front of the house, knocked and rang a few times, but no answer though of I recall I could hear someone inside. I then called to two or three neighbours who said the family were very quiet but the boy (maybe 14-15 getting out on his own like that woudk be a sign of worry). Called Rathfarnham garda Station directly as it didn't seem like a 999 call, just seeing if it might be worth them having someone take a spin up around the area to see if all is ok. It's a quiet station, generally quiet area, and was about 6pm on a weekday in summer. I wasn't expecting them to go and deploy the whole station or anything, just figured it was at least having on record in case he was reported missing some hours later etc. I also let them know he was nonverbal which might have been important for context. Instead, I got openly mocked by the Garda who picked up the phone and who thought the whole thing was hilarious, particularly that the child didn't speak.


Precrime division of the gardai


Hahaha and what dya expect me to do? My job? Ah here now.


I've been fobbed off by two garda stations on multiple occasions over shouting/music/noise disturbances. I live kinda in the middle of two and they both love to say "ring them, they're your local station", then I call the other one and they tell me "that's their problem not ours". Not exactly an emergency so can't call the 999 number but so fucking annoying that they won't just pop round.


"I think he has a knife" will sort pretty much any fobbing off. Casually throw it in and then if they give you guff when they get there say it was a bad angle or the light was funny it might have been hisbphone


Say not to hurry as you've taken care of her and she needs medical attention.


“Hi can I change my call to ambulance services please”




You had a puff of a joint 2 weeks ago and you're going for a drive


Guards don't inspect TV licenses?


Bollocks that this is how it is but: say it’s a man. I had similar before and gardaí weren’t showing after multiple calls, so I called again and said a man had joined her. They were out in 10.


I think you’re right tbh


A shop in my town was being robbed a few years back and the owner called the Guards, they said they had no cars available. While the owner made his way to the shop he sent his wife to the Station which was near by and she took a photo of three cars parked outside the Station. Absolute joke.


Yeah like the phone in the station was answered right away and all and still no response.


No car available means no Garda available and qualified to drive the car.


I realize that but there's something wrong somewhere if there's three cars parked outside the station in a small town and no Garda to drive any of them.


Give your mother a key to the place and this won't happen.


She’d put the car through the poor woman


A fella broke to my house when I was still living at home. I was 20 at the time and had my 1 yr old daughter in the bed with me. Yer man comes into my bedroom brandishing a knife and I froze in fear and must have screamed as my mam rushes in. She caught yer man and launched him him down the stairs, followed him down and proceeded to kick 5 kinds of $hite out of him as he tries to stumble to the front door to escape. I’ll never forget that night and my 5’4 mothers total disregard for her own safety. I was as much stunned at her reaction as I was stunned at a strange man coming into my bedroom with a knife.


Guardai being useless? Must be a day that ends in y


I had faith in them before but clearly I was in the wrong


Happens to all of us eventually


Glad my taxes are being put to good use on *checks notes* Oh wait


Had the exact same thing happen to me in Skerries. Skerries Garda station closes 5pm or something so Balbriggan is closest Garda station. I come home at 2am and I notice a neighbours big window fully open and blinds wrecked and someone with mobile light / flashlight upstairs. I call Garda at 2am and said they will send someone, 2:30 nothing, I call again and said they will send someone, 3:00 nothing so I knock on the door and wife tells me lights turn off upstairs and 0 response after 10 mins of doorbell and knocking. I'm not going up and I'm wrecked (just got off a late long flight) so I go home across road and go to sleep. I wake early next day and go across and someone answers and I'm surprised it's the neighbour. They apparently had a heavy party and someone forgot to close window. They must have been trashed but no Garda ever came. If that person was being burglarized or worse the Garda wouldn't have done jack shit.


I reckon the gardai never came by here either tbh, fell asleep for a couple of hours


Encountered something similar with a friend over the weekend. Assaulted in the city centre, gardaí said they were too busy. And that was it. A taxi home, patched himself up as best he could. Does anyone know if these calls go into crime statistics? Deputy commissioner last year was arguing crime has stayed the same and she has all the resources the dept needs. Clearly the service is falling apart.


Did he report it at his local station after the fact? He should if he hasn’t already.


He was told to by all of us, his friends, though understandably was a little banged up at the time and in no humour to go to the people that provided zero help when needed. This was about a week ago now and i don't know if he has gone yet.


The local Garda station is only down the road, they are completely useless. It once took them 30 minutes to cross a car park respond to a robbery in the local Xtra-vision.


Such a joke!


Contact the media. If an article is published, they will try a little bit harder to come next time something similar happens. At least that's what I'm hoping.


Not a bad shout tbh, thanks!


The media will probably be onto you themselves after reading this post.


Any contacts I’ll give them the story gaha


Just a quick query did you call the Garda station or the emergency number?


Called 999 first but after no response for a while I called the station about a 5 min walk away.


Going forward I wouldn’t recommend calling the station directly, there’s a chance there might not be anybody there to answer the phone, the emergency number is dispatch, the station you’re just reaching an office who don’t have access to dispatch


Yeah was more hoping someone at the station would swing by in a squad car and scare her off tbh cos dispatch weren’t doing anything


It all depends on who’s in the station, if the person on the phone is the only one there they can’t come!


Yeah can’t know like! They said someone would come by but like if they’re not going to don’t tell me they will 😅


"999 no response" is the headline here


When you speak to the Guardai, explain your disappointment in them and write this on the complaint. You needed a hero, You were holding out for a hero until the end of the night. He had to be strong, and he had be fast, And he should have been fresh from the fight. Where was he?


Where have all the good men gone??


Next time - god forbid, but you know? - I'd try keeping them on the phone. You're terrified, you're being threatened and you want them to have at least an audio record of events unfolding. The emergency service do that as standard, they keep you on the line until they know the first responders or ambulance crew are with you. If you're in an unsafe situation, make the guards do the same.


Yeah good shout!


https://www.justice.ie/en/JELR/Pages/PR12000003 Did some digging in case you or anyone reading is curious on the details


I always tell them that someone is about to be seriously assaulted in about 15mins. They often get there within 10.


Can I do the “call an ambulance, but not for me” line?


Not sure, but saying that someone is going to get hurt works well. Same for dogs in hot cars. "Hi, there's a car here about to get it's windows stoved in and a dog taken. See you in 8 mins."


Hahahaha yeah I reckon you’re right here!


Tell them she's got a bag of weed and hasn't paid her motor tax --> they'll be there in a minute. But seriously, I have no idea what to do in this situation. Maybe tell them there's someone trying to break into your house, and you're going to do whatever it takes to defend yourself and your family. Maybe the increased likelihood of conflict would motivate them. Or maybe they'd just arrest you for not letting her break in. Hard to know in this country.


Yeah the defence angle would have been good to mention, shows immediacy of threat. Hopefully there won’t be a next time for me to use it.....


Yup, let the Gards know they don't need to worry, you've McGuivered a blow torch using a can of hair spray and a lighter, you might have some highly flamible silly string left over from Halloween, maybe some vodka too, and worse cases scenario you have a really lovely butcher's cleaver in the kitchen drawer. You're just letting them know because they might have someone in the area that can deal with her before you do.


I’ll ask them if they could also send a fire engine, not so confident in my DIY


You could mention you think she might be armed, they'd send someone very quick then. I know people are saying that covid has effected Garda numbers but it doesn't mean they don't need to call, especially after the second call.


Did you call 999 or the station directly? Either way there should be a record of the calls and the actions that were taken by the person on the phone and the guards if they went to the call. U would obviously have a record of the times you called. Send an email including that to the stations district office and what the person on the phone said to you each time. State the truth too that you were in fear. The other occupants couldn’t get home and that you communicated this to the person on the phone. If you email it’s on record rather than going down to the station I’d recommend that tbh Go to the ombudsman office too on abbey street but they aren’t the best. Someone suggested a politician? Wouldn’t be a bad shout either.


999 first, then the station after a while. I might go to the station first, there’s an off chance something else serious happened nearby so I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt for now! After that this sounds like the right course of action


I’m in South Africa and this is an everyday occurrence for us. You basically have a 1 in 50 that chance the cops will come. We rely on private security companies instead to respond to issues at home.


A similar thing happened to me last year at my house in Blackrock but the guards came in 4 mins so I guess it's just a luck thing?


Blackrock vs north inner city sounds like the explanation here


Tell them she was smoking weed.


Armed response just to be safe!


Tell them she has a gram of weed


I had the exact opposite this weekend. I was worried about my mother, who lives on her own and has fallen a few times. It's a long story, but I am a 2 hour drive from her at the moment. My wife and I couldn't get her on the phone; someone sujested trying the local Garda to do a welfare check. I haven't had much interaction with the Garda in a long time and wasn't sure if I would be just annoying them, but they were great. Needless to say, the situation with my mother needs to change, but the Garda were very professional and good. He said they were very busy but would get a car to check it out the next time one was passing and call me back. About 1 hour later, he called me back to say they had been there and everything was OK. In the past, I have had mixed interactions with the Garda, but overall, they do try and are under-resourced and stretched. Drop into the station and talk to them about it. I know its at the lower end of what they were probably dealing with last night, but still, they should have made some kind of contact with you.


Glad to hear they could help with your mother! The whole bit about a car passing is exactly what I needed them to do last night. O’Connell st is a 20 min walk away so all they needed to do was slightly redirect someone on patrol in the city.


A welfare check is easy for them, if it was an actual crime you would have been left waiting.


I have dealt with them on more them one occasion for an 'actual' crime in the past. Though I will admit that the interactions were mixed in terms of engagement, they generally did do what they could. I would not just write them off like some on here are.


If other people's experience is that they've been let down then they're perfectly entitled to write them off.


I have been let down by them in the past. I am saying that overall, we live in a very safe country. I would still consider Ireland to be one of the safest countries to live in. Let's not go over board with the Gardas are useless boggers only interested in TV licence enforcers and weed possession jokes.


This is sooo unacceptable I cant believe it. Like you said, it would've been very easy for her to break a window and if she had a weapon she could've killed you in seconds. Definitely go into the station and make a formal complaint.


If this was the USA someone in this equation could have ended up dead and the cops would swoop in to charge.


This was exactly my thinking at one point!


In USA policing quality is measured not so much on conviction rate as response time. They understand that incidents like this can escalate very quickly.


I'll give them that, response time in a situation like that is important.


Never call the station directly always call the dispatch on 999 or 112 etc. If they're dispatched it's followed up on and they have to explain why they didn't go out. If you ring the station you're basically hoping the fella that answers the phone is not a complete chicken shit


Yeah I called dispatch first but was hoping I'd get a sound Garda who'd sort it faster


When I was a kid I called the gardi after getting out from my foster parents house,they never my social worker was shocked.


That's awful, sorry to hear that


At least you didn't try to defend yourself or your property - they'd have been on you like a fly on shit


I've a piss poor opinion about the Gardia. I once had an issue in our hotel and it took them an hour to eject the the guy. They then let him go without charge and then one of them came back saying that the same violent man might come back to the hotel? In Killarney they regularly walk passed people pissing in the streets and just sit in their cars. Street drinking is also a major issue with under agers and we're not talking of small groups here. It's like a Jimmy Savile wet dream on some weekends. If I ever got mugged in Ireland I wouldn't waste my time in reporting it.


I live in a rough area with little to no garda presence. I caught someone trying to break into my house, we called the guards and they turned up 3 days later to ask about it. Most of the time they never come. Its been like that all my life and it gets to the point where you get your own justice.


This happened to me in Dublin 1. I was on my own in work, a man in a hospital gown starts shouting at me through the window and banging on the door. I was concerned for him because he should obviously be in the hospital but he was acting extremely aggressively so I locked the door, at first when I called the guards I was told someone was on the way, a half hour later the same story, eventually the guy passes out, I call for an ambulance and am told to go try flag one down (like a taxi). Eventually a group of good samaratins gathered around, one of them was a nurse so I just left. It was more than an hour after I should have left work and when he was trying to get in it was actually terrifying.


I think after a certain amount of time if you’re still waiting on the guards and the threat becomes more pressing you can take some action yourself.


Fuck sake. So disappointing to read. The Gardai do very little to actually protect the public. They're only there to catch you out and try get a few quid in fines off you. Policing shouldn't be like that. Felt like we had a very different relationship with them before the recession.


This is entirely my view of the Gardai now tbh, have previously only ever had respect but I've now had far more negative interactions (or lack of) than positive.


I dont see a point in calling anyone in ireland. Ive had to call more than two ocassions and never an ounce of help. Take it in your own hands, as clearly, nobody, ESPECIALLY , the garda cares at all. I visited belfast this week for 2 days, there was police patrolling almost every corner. May have been a coincidence i dont know. Was my first time. But security guards in malls and police out and about was great to see. This was wed+thurs.


Yeah it was clear the gardai weren’t gonna help!


Just don't expect anything from the garda. They are useless.


Ring again and say its grand as you've shot her. Instant response guaranteed.


Should have tried “Garda what if she wants to steal my drugs” Disclaimer is the only drug I have is paracetamol :)


IIRC crimes involving firearms go down a different response pipeline than ordinary 999 calls. I think the unethical protip is that if you need the guards in an emergency you tell them the person has a gun and you hear gunfire. When they show up you apologise for having shit eyesight and mistaking a car engine for shots. They'll be pissed but being an eejit isn't illegal.


"*Garda, she's ranting and raving about driving around uninsured, get here quick!"*


Sure they’d have already been there!


Document what you can, if she tries again or gets inside I don't know how garda not showing up can or does affect 'reasonable force' if you fear for the safety of you or your loved ones


Yeah at that point it would become trying to isolate her to one room


If she gets inside and is making threats especially after having tried to break in already, you're well within your rights to restrain or fight back


Yeah I reckon part of the lack of response was because she wasn’t in the house *yet*


Fr tho next time it happens call not to say someone is outside but that they're back again and if she's trying to get in that you're implementing reasonable force and this call is the heads up to come pick em up 'when you're done' lmao. Maybe not that last part but you get what I mean


Absolutely get you, next time I’ll be making it clearer they need to be there fast!


Hope this helps some way, no one should feel under siege in their own home. All the best ❤️


If there's only one way in and out you need to keep a few red bricks in the upper room to smash over the head of the person trying to get in next time.


Yeah I’m also thinking some ice cold dye could do the trick, Gardai should be able to find the person soaking wet and green


Blue. Nothing gets blue out.


If there's only one way in and out you need to keep a few red bricks in the upper room to smash over the head of the person trying to get in next time.


if there's something strange in your neighbourhood, who you gonna call?


Don’t bother with the gardai anyway :)


I dialled 112 once, no response. It wasn’t a life and death thing but imagine it was like


This was one hard object through a window away from it tbh


Go out with a golf club and start swinging


Let the clubs in my parents house 😓


Should have said you murdered her and see how fast they come then


No need for the gardai any more, send an ambulance, I’m going to bed


Just tell them that you think someone stabbed a guard at your location and there will be 10 squad cars there is seconds


Take a shit in a bag and leave it at the desk of my local station


I would take something heavy and go out and confront the person (doesn't matter male or female, an attack is an attack), and would probably run threaten them a couple of times and only clobber them if it escalates or they attack. If I already know they are armed, i would stay inside and wait for them to come in (so i can have an advantage) and if they succeed at coming in they get hit. They will never be at an advantage coming into your home. Safety of my house and family is first and I dont really give 2 cents about the consequences when it comes to this.




Randomer as far as any of us could tell


Next time tell, on the 2nd call tell them not to worry as you've stabbed her to death. They'll show up pretty quick. (Don't do this it's a joke, but do call 999 and if needed embelish things.)


Call a different garda station and ask them to patch you through…


Actually didn't think of this at all


Call them and tell another garda was being attacked, or ask them that you recently practiced domestic violence and need protection.


If i was ever in that situation i would tell the gardaí they have 15 minutes before im calling an ambulance for the offending party


Should've told the gardai she had CBD in her possession


“But Garda she has a funny looking cigarette” *tires screech*


This is a familiar situation all around the country , what can you do? I’m not really sure to be honest with you. You could try making a report , will something be done? More then likely not , but that’s the problem with the guards in this country , never held accountable for their actions, something has to change, Corrupt from top to bottom.


Yeah that’s exactly my thinking - they didn’t respond to an escalating situation so why would they bother responding to a complaint! I love paying taxes in this country when they won’t even try to protect me from someone breaking into my house!


Did you call 999 or the local station? We had an issue in our old estate and when a complaint was made, it became apparent that where residents called the station, their calls weren’t being logged. They had to submit copies of their phone bills to ‘prove’ they had called.


I called 999 first but after 30 mins or so with it only getting worse I called the local station too


You should have said she had a joint, they'd have been there before you hung up the phone.


You should've called and said that your wan had 4eur worth of weed on her. Probably would've gotten the armed response unit and all.


What would be quicker; wait for a Garda to show up or go through the process of becoming a recruit in Templemore and dealing with the incident yourself?


I’d say if you told the gards it was a man breaking in they’d have responded quicker. They’re fairly useless


Back in the old analog days, I had a scanner and we'd listen to the Garda for the craic. They would do anything to avoid arriving at anything that's grief. If you're every wondering why your car was randomly stopped, probably because call went out for a breakin.


Probably too busy nicking young fellas for smoking joints, sorry but this is a far more serious offence I’m glad our Garda do such great work I feel safe to walk the streets 😃


I remember this literally was the norm in my locale, Maurice McCabe was based here for a time and our humble little area was central to the whistleblower scandal. Guards refused to follow up leads, respond to calls, turned up to work pissed and filed reports on non existent offences just to name a few. These were the lads involved in the ‘rat incident’ with Maurice no less.


Having lived in Dublin 1 for 10 years (2011-2021) it's totally normal. Every Garda call I ever made went ignored, threatened with a knife at my own front door, my car being involved in a hit and run, even the guy that was beaten to death outside on wolfetone square. Every single call went ignored.


Could you have said, “She said she has a gun!”


Honestly if I was a Garda that would put me off more 😅


Next time call and say someone is smoking weed outside your house, they'll have a helicopter and riot squad.


Full armed support I’d say


I'm not making excuses, I've called the guards before to have the same happen but if we (the general public) ridiculed, abused, insulted, assaulted, undermanned, underpaid, underfunded and underappreciated any other group like the Gardai we wouldn't be surprised if they couldn't be arsed either. Submit a GDPR request for the information they are holding on you from that night. See if they logged the call and incident. If they didn't then it'll be kinda hard to cover it up. If they did they'll need a really good reason as to why they didn't arrive. Either way once you have the info, then send a letter to the Super asking for an explanation. Once they are being held to accountability they'll look to pass the buck and blame whoever didn't bother to do their job. Likely though all you'll get is an apology and a promise to investigate the matter which might mean a couple lads will call over and act concerned while asking questions about what happened.


Its their job. Might appreciate them if they do their fucking job, that our taxes pay for.


The data log is a great shout! My second call they said they could see the incident so they had logged it and just didn’t bother showing up