>Brazilian house visits happen about a billion times a week *about a brazilion times a week...


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are you new to reddit or something


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It's a joke that gets made on every single subreddit whenever Brazil is mentioned. It wasn't funny then and it's not funny now unless you were dropped on your head as a kid or something


Are you saying that the joke has been made a brazillion times?


sure why not


For someone named daddychill.. you're not very chill 不不不


why do people on this site think they can infer someone's mood from a few lines of text 不 People can pass comments on stuff while not being in rage mode yanno 仄


What can i say 仄領儭 your replies aren't very *chill*




I'd say you're overthinking. Just act yourself and be respectful. Since you're not Brazilian I doubt she expect you to know the ins and outs of their culture, as long as you make the effort you should be okay. More importantly relax and enjoy yourself. If you plan on inviting her back to your place just tidy it up if messy or dirty. You don't need to have fancy decorations or anything.


Brazilian here. You are definitely overthinking Just to be on the safe side, you can always ask her if you need to bring something. If it's a proper dinner, offer to bring maybe wine or a dessert. If they like drinking, see if you can buy cacha癟a and some limes. Tell them you are bringing ingredients to make caipirinha for everybody (very typical brazilian drink similar to mojito) and that you would love to learn how to make one. I'm pretty sure they would appreciate the gesture. If it's not a proper dinner, just bring some snacks and you will be fine But as I said, it's just to be on the safe side. If I am inviting you to my house, I'm not expecting you to bring anything, besides your own alcohol maybe, and I wouldn't be offended if you turned up with empty hands.


Cacha癟a is hard to find would better to find sake for sakerinha no? Cacha癟a is an acquired taste for some Irish. But definitely yes ask her if you can bring something. Maybe palmito?


nah caiprisokas are the way in ireland :)


I forgot about that one


You sound like a very nice person, I wouldnt worry too much, you'll be grand


Take a shower. Bring some beer or something.


For context, Irish man with Brazilian wife, points below are based on personal learnings over the years Stop stressing. Brazilians are the most chill folks you'll encounter. Ask if she wants you to bring something, food/drink. If she says no, bring something anyway. If you are anyway handy in the kitchen, bringing something you made, that can be shared, will go down well. This can be anything from a stew, to a desert. Another point, one thing that I found weird at the beginning was you serve your own food. They won't put a plate of food in front of you. Also, you being the guest will be asked to serve yourself first. Go ahead and take what you want without restriction, but don't take more than you will eat. Its normal to take smaller servings and go back 2 or 3 times for more. Expect music and if dancing starts, forget about having 2 left feet, and just join in. Extra smooth bonus points if you ask them to teach you how to move, note mimic the moves of your corresponding sex, not the opposite sex. The men are basically slow/subtle moving props for the women. You also move to the flow of the music, not the beat (took me years to get my head around that and I still struggle) Enjoy the craic and laughs that happen. They love the craic as much as we do. They'll tease and joke, but not maliciously. Their sarcasm is VERY VERY mild so tone down the Irish version of this. It goes down like a lead balloon. One last point, and live by this with Brazilians, don't say no to opportunities or offerings, go with the flow, let them show off their culture to you and just relax. One last, last point. Don't ever make a joke about them needing a visa. Just don't.


When visiting Brazilians, the most important thing to do is to bring your own teabags. You'll be sitting there gasping for a cup otherwise. After that, no Brazilian will care if your place is a state for the reciprocal return visit.


Brazilian here. On the other hand there will be infinite amounts of coffee lol tea is not a common thing in Brazil unless its cold tea with lemon or peach flavor


They don't even have kettles over there. I was boiling pots of water on the hob with my Barry's Was absolutely pounding coffees all day during work though from the dispenser you squeeze down


Your gona love the house tour.... But seriously you will be fine, its not like you going to visit some mad different culture... Friends with plenty of Brazilians, you will be made very welcome, and take something along, most people will, or they will all share the cost of the food, if ye are having food that is... Just ask your friend


Hahaha 1 - Don't go expecting you need to now invite her to your house, if you're not comfortable then don't, invite for a coffee/cake or something. If you WANT to invite her just tidy up, your interests/hobbies don't matter; 2 - Honestly don't worry, we're very welcoming people and I guarantee she will be more worried about being a good host, the only thing I'd say is don't be expected to be babied around, don't be on the corner by yourself, talk to people (if there's more people) even if they don't have good english they'll try.


You sound like a good dude, amigo. Plenty of please & thank yous, plenty of smiles and yer golden, brother. Enjoy


As long as you're house isn't dirty it's an expression of you and they won't mind.


There is probably less cultural difference than you think. We're probably just more touchy-feely than others. In regards to cooking, just bring snacks and it's all good. Like cheeses and charcuterie usually do the trick.


I'm also autistic and feel your pain. My house is also full of weird shit, and I worry people will think I'm strange. But if you want to get closer to someone you have to let them see who you are, and I've found in adulthood most people either don't care or think it's neat. A lot of us get traumatized in our youth because people pick on us for being odd, but in adulthood as people get sick of their own boring lives they tend to grow more appreciative of the novelty of knowing someone who does things like collecting cow bones (also it sounds like your house would be right at home on spookycore Instagram). Other people have covered the general cultural differences in expectations for visiting, but on visiting people as an autistic person specifically: prepare to feel overwhelmed and be gentle with yourself for it. There will probably be some moments that feel like social mistakes, but the cultural difference actually works in your favor there and they probably won't think anything of it. Don't spend too much energy trying to think of what the "right" thing to do or say is, just relax and laugh off any awkward moments. Give yourself time and space to decompress after you come home, and don't beat yourself up if you feel socially exhausted.


Thanks, really appreciate the advice :3


Am an Irish introvert dating a very extroverted Brazilian. Best advice I can give is go with the flow. Brazilians are very passionate about lots of things. They will also want to know everything about you and your take on Ireland. My bfs friends are shy about speaking English (despite them being far better at English than I am at Portuguese) be super excited when they talk in English but also don't cut them off. It can take a while for a brazilian t繫 get comfortable with you but once they get over the initial fear of judgment from native English speakers, they will treat you like family. You're going to have a blast but do be prepared for sensory overload hahaha


Make an effort on looks - dont show up in a tracksuit! And bring a bottle of booze and something sweet (again make an effort - no Ferraro Rocher from the petroleum station! :-) ) Everyone else there will have done the same. Finally, learn a few words in Portuguese - hello, thanks, etc. its the small things that go down well.


I wouldn't be worried about the cultural differences with the Brazilians In alot of ways they're like us great craic, some households may be very religious but its still not that serious most of them are a cool bunch


Bring your own toothbrush, they don't like lending theirs


its the same as an irish house. except youll probably feel more welcome


Hope she is not a passport digger. I know many like these.


Don't assume she'll have condoms bring your own


It is a good craic, they will include you in their conversations. Look up a couple of popular Brazilian songs so you can at least talk about them if they put them on. Next buy something like one of those impossible puzzles so if you get frazzled make it look you are trying to do something. Or maybe bring a draughts or chess set and that can help keep you and one other person occupied. I personally brought my playstation because all the guys play games, it got turned off after an hour because we were all having such a good time.


Omg just enjoy


Just go with the flow and enjoy yourself, are you going on a date or just friends?


Brazilian here. Youll be fine my friend. Brazilian people love to show their culture especially when the get friends with Irish people. Expect some very tasty food and out of usual meals nothing that you will hate Im sure. Enjoy the night be yourself if that is romantic relationship youre grand too you might be invited to stay for the night. You can bring a drink it will be seen as nice but not mandatory


Lucky prick


You will be fine. Just be yourself. Thats what the Brazilians expect, they are out of their country and they want to experience different perspectives and culture. Irish and Brazilians get along super well, dont put that much pressure on you and have a good craic. Ps.: now if you really want to stand out, do the following: ask if you can bring the dessert. If so, order a cake at Dolce Sicily. It usually cost 35eur and it is absolutely fantastic and everyone will love it. Go for pistachio, Millie foglie or any with Nutella. You are welcome :)


The extent to which you're overthinking this makes me think its a romantic thing. If it is let us know as the advice will be different.


Not a romantic thing, I am just very autistic lmao


Just chill and be yourself because: 1. From experience (a brazilian living in Ireland), the cultural differences are not that big for you to be concerned. If this was a romantic encounters, those would be a bit bigger. 2. Unless you lied about yourself and tried to be someone else, your personality is exactly why she invited you in the first place. 3. Brazilians are quite adaptable socially. We can blend in quite well and we understand that not everyone knows our culture through and through. You both can even joke around that you were concerned about this (bonus) Not sure if this is a romantic encounter or not. If it is, hygiene and tidiness is a big thing for us (brazilians). Be sure to tidy up your place if she ever goes there.


Bring a nice bottle of wine if she drinks, or some nice cheese and crackers if she doesn't. Your home sounds perfectly decorated for Instagram? Those are all cool/fun decor things that you've listed! Invite her over for a takeaway and board games or watch terrible movies or Read some weird books together or something. You'll be fine!


I love the description of your Instagram unfriendly decor. Now I want to come visit


Brazilians are friendly fsmily oriented people but love trash talking and making jokes theyre nice and talk about anything. However since thry speak more than one language expect you wont see all of them the first time, theyll be very formal


Just bring a bottle of wine with you as a gift and relax


You are overthinking. They are people first of all, not Brazilian


Just be yourself and open minded about her culture.


He's cuban but the message remains the same ![gif](giphy|aJlKIh8Kh0NLa)


Cow bones? you alright?


Brazilians are very relaxed and friendly. Its probably more stressful visiting an Irish persons house tbh. In my experience, they tend to drink beer more than wine, in Brazil at least.


You sound really lovely to be thinking about all this. No advice to share I'm afraid (other comments look sold) but just try and remember she invited you presumably because she likes your personality and doesn't want you to show up as different person.


bring wine or chocolates or a cake. Wear nice socks as Brazilians usually don't wear shoes in their house. Dont mention Lula or Bolsonaro - Its as polarised as Biden vs Trump to Americans. Do mention that FC Vitoria are the best team on the planet - and agree when you get told who the real greatest team is. If stuck for conversation as them about the state they are from and how its different to other parts of brazil.