I wonder if this will sway his voter base even a little. They've been pretty good at ignoring all the horrible shit that's come out about him so far


Women are not people to them. None of this will have any effect on the election.


If anything his numbers will go UP. Republicans arent normal - they think and act like the people they elect. They really are a reflection of the type of people that vote republican.


not a chance. this may have hurt him during the primaries but now that he is their candidate in the general election, they will vote for him no matter what.


Yup, as a certain someone once said, he could shoot somebody dead in broad daylight on 5th Avenue and Republicans would still vote for him.


Herschel Walker's brain does not work. He lacks the cognitive ability to articulate even a single political policy or point of view. The equivalent of hiring a blind deaf mute as a security guard.


I consider him the perfect Republican candidate. All of their ugliness wrapped into one figure.


As someone who doesn’t entertain America politics, this perspective seems like the same thing. Just the opposite side. they’re all evil! No they are! Oh wait, you’re all just a bunch of fools.


Which Democrat does Herschel Walker remind you of, exactly?


> There’s no exception in my mind. Like I say, I believe in life. **-Herschel Walker** (on banning abortions without rape/incest/life of mother exceptions) | [Source](https://thehill.com/news/campaign/3495657-herschel-walker-says-he-wants-total-ban-on-abortion-theres-no-exception-in-my-mind/) [Register to vote against him](https://mvp.sos.ga.gov/s/) | [Mail Voting](https://securemyabsenteeballot.sos.ga.gov/s/) | Deadline to register is Oct 11th. Do not let this moron win.


Lol this is exactly my point. He’s hbad so democrats are good, so republicans are bad and it’s some big idiot circle all the way. im sure some retard on the right would have a counter example, just using a different politician they don’t like as “proof”. they’re all scum, and anyone who plays into this nonsense is a moron.


Wow, what an incredibly enlightened and prophetic take! So original. Have never heard it before (only 10,000,000 times on social media over the last 15 years). To be so above the process and not see a difference between Herschel Walker and (put the name of any Democratic running for office here). Truly a person with only the finest in taste!


> There’s no exception in my mind. Like I say, I believe in life. **-Herschel Walker** (on banning abortions without rape/incest/life of mother exceptions) | [Source](https://thehill.com/news/campaign/3495657-herschel-walker-says-he-wants-total-ban-on-abortion-theres-no-exception-in-my-mind/) [Register to vote against him](https://mvp.sos.ga.gov/s/) | [Mail Voting](https://securemyabsenteeballot.sos.ga.gov/s/) | Deadline to register is Oct 11th. Do not let this moron win.


Also prophetic? That would indicate I’m trying to tell the future? sweet try at a big word though. Maybe crack a thesaurus and try again?


and I’ve heard your shit a billion times. All day. Who’s the idiot, the people objectively looking at the issue and saying hold on, they’re all stupid! or you and the moron masses. ​ and you keep talking about Herschel walker like a give a fuck about him. ​ this is the real problem. You’ve been tricking into joining a team. ”my side is right”! ​ you are the useful idiot allowing our political process to decay. Thanks.


Most of us progressives, lefties, and liberals don't even like the Democrats, honestly. The Dems in office are mostly compromised of right-leaning centrists. The only reason we vote for them is because they are the only thing standing in the way of fascism and immense amounts of unnecessary suffering. Biden doesn't have many fanboys like Trump does. That's because they only reason we voted for him was to oust Trump. Most people don't really like Biden, even amongst Democrats. The Dems have done plenty of nefarious shit over the years, but they are by FAR the lesser of available evils. (Especially now) The ultra-conservatives truly are that much worse and more dangerous than the moderately conservative Democrats. Hell, I wish I could vote for a truly progressive candidate, but the only viable choices are Republicans or Democrats in the major elections. (They are the only 2 VIABLE choices) While both Republicans and Democrats suck, the Democrats are CLEARLY less evil. It's worth talking about and getting angry about. We don't want to see the USA turn into a Christofacist nation. Sorry American politics it's so nasty. I've never seen it this polarized in my 44 years. Historically I'm no doomsayer, but I'm more worried about the future now than at any point in my life....


You are mistaken. Your rhetoric is identical to that of the right. You could literally take what you wrote and replace the names and it would get upvotes on a conservative sub. Think about that.


> There’s no exception in my mind. Like I say, I believe in life. **-Herschel Walker** (on banning abortions without rape/incest/life of mother exceptions) | [Source](https://thehill.com/news/campaign/3495657-herschel-walker-says-he-wants-total-ban-on-abortion-theres-no-exception-in-my-mind/) [Register to vote against him](https://mvp.sos.ga.gov/s/) | [Mail Voting](https://securemyabsenteeballot.sos.ga.gov/s/) | Deadline to register is Oct 11th. Do not let this moron win.


I think there was an element of cruelty in pushing him into this contest.




[You think he’s like these 2?](https://youtu.be/yWrXGw5-Vvc)


Do I think this man who can't articulate a single political policy is similar to two career politicians with an incredible amount of acumen? No and I think your brain might be a garbage can


Ask your friends if Trump shot Melania and Baron would they still vote for him? What percentage would? Any non-zero number tells you all you need to know.


More of them would bite for him.


The Loch Ness Fraudster


Completely disagree. This election was too close anyway, if even 1-2% of people flip from Walker to Warnock, or even don't vote at all, it's game over. It also hurts him that the allegations are coming from his son (who's also a popular conservative on TikTok), because even though he's trying to say it's the "liberal media," his son's not a liberal. In fact, what seems to have set the son off, is that Walker paid for an abortion, while pretending to be anti abortion (I think his son is genuinely anti abortion).


The same base who voted for and continues to support “grab em by the pussy”? These Bible thumping hypocrites are bereft of morals. Watch them turn out to vote for this wife beater.


Such news will elevate him more in their eyes. He seems to check all boxes of being their true representative.


No. Unfortunately, the conservative base accepts any wrong doing. Either saying, it's fake news or justifying. They have done this with all of Trump's lies, tax evasion, sexual assault allegations, Gaetz's child sex trafficking of the teenager. None of it matters to them.


The moral majority ladies and gentlemen.


Remember 2016?


Honestly this very likely increases his support with the Republican party


“I don’t care if Herschel Walker paid to abort endangered baby eagles. I want control of the Senate.” -- Dana Loesch, former NRA spokesperson


> They continue to try to fool you that they are helping you out. But they’re not. Because a lot of money, it’s going to trees. Don’t we have enough trees around here? **-Herschel Walker** (on the climate bill) | [Source](https://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/2022/08/22/walker-georgia-senate/) [Register to vote against him](https://mvp.sos.ga.gov/s/) | [Mail Voting](https://securemyabsenteeballot.sos.ga.gov/s/) | Deadline to register is Oct 11th. Do not let this moron win.


They beg for this info to come to light after. So no, conservatives do not care at all except that they have an R by the name.


Nah, every terrible thing a republican does or says is excusable as long as liberals die.


Things like this are not really targeted at making people vote for someone else. Their impact is that they motivate people who would already vote against him to get out and VOTE and they demotivate people who would have voted for him from voting at all.


"Just another young, dumb black kid who thinks he's better than us." - Georgia Republican voters, probably


Nope. Will not change a thing and seems perfectly acceptable to that base.


They couldn't care less https://twitter.com/patriottakes/status/1577442950044426240?t=KaSDjRKiMq5tyFgBQDQeGA&s=19


It doesn't matter what he did/does. He isn't a damn dirty liberal so they will vote him. Just like how trump said he could kill someone in the middle of times Square and not lose a single voter like he is Frank Lucas or something.


Not at all. The Trumpanzee army, as should be plain to see, couldn't care less about logic, reason and truth. They're SOLD on whatever and whoever Trump endorses.


Unfortunately, trump and biden have lowered the bar so much for what is expected of public officials that I doubt we will ever see a return to sanity. Democrat or republican or otherwise, it’s pretty hard not to see that


Lol, yes Trump AND Biden. BoTh SiDeS aRe BaD


Trump is a racist criminal and Biden is a racist who doesn’t know where he is half the time and sniffs kids. If that isn’t lowering the bar I don’t know what is. Sorry I didn’t suck your team’s dick hard enough


you’re the low bar


How much of his voter base thinks domestic violence is acceptable?


Knowing his base, all of them.


Its acceptable until they can politicize it to there advantage


This is such a red herring. As conservatives, we abhor domestic violence. But compared to taxing our rich friends, it’s just the lesser of two evils. We need that senate seat to keep our money, ergo power over the unwashed masses. If we had complete power, we would not accept domestic violence. /s not a real dumbass


His base will simply choose either not to believe the allegations or they will simply ignore them.


Depends who’s doing it.


"it's not domestic violence if they were asking for it. she must have done something to deserve that beating. if she had kept her mouth shut then that wouldn't have had to happen." /s they don't think it's domestic violence because they can justify it in their own minds and have others who encourage it


Yep. In their tainted worldview, God is on their side and wouldn't allow Republicans to be guilty of godless behaviors. This mentality enables Republicans to behave worse and worse with no recourse.


I think you miss how powerful the abortion issue is for many people. It reframes the question to “who do you want to vote for: the domestic violence guy or the guy who advocates for baby murder?” You may not see it that way, and I certainly don’t, but that doesn’t matter if that’s how his supporters see it. The October barrage of “this is a bad guy” news doesn’t override folks’ policy concerns.


And they can forgive a past abortion; they focus more on what group someone is part of than what they actually did. I get it; I think that people can change their priorities and opinions, and can regret and repent of their actions, and there should be a pathway forward for them. I’m in favor of forgiveness. It’s just when it comes with such hypocrisy and judgmentalism.


Don't forget Hershal Walker won a Heisman in 1982. That's about his only qualifications for being a senator. What can go wrong here?


40 years ago, I took a dump outside during recess in elementary school, but you don't see me still living off that fame and glory!


Pretty sure you are qualified for the house or representatives based on that. I don't think that makes you senate material, but I could be wrong. Maybe in Alabama or Mississippi you could be a Senator?


Don’t worry conservatives are already defending him. I mean why wouldn’t they - his violent /immoral actions are perfectly emblematic of the republican party.


Check out the [son’s Twitter.](https://twitter.com/ChristianWalk1r/status/1577284445367042049?s=20&t=m6IrJpOV9upMsNFx_TkTIA) https://twitter.com/ChristianWalk1r


He’s pretty conservative and deeply in love with DeSantis from reading his tweets. I’m surprised he would be honest about his dad but I guess that’s the redeeming quality.


Conservatives mindset, it's not an issue unless it happens to me, and in that case, it's an exemption, definitely not hypocritical.


If you listen to him speak it’s incredibly obvious he’s gay which makes it all the more funny when he rants about Starbucks pushing gayness on customers


This dude is a conservative and homosexual?


Stuff like this can sway the votes of Independents, even if it doesn’t sway the Republican base. The Independent vote can make or break an election. There are more Independent/unaffiliated voters than either registered Democrats or registered Republicans.


The party of Family Values has truly jumped the shark for picking this clown.


Just another Republican.


This will make Walker somehow more appealing to MAGAts. They need someone that will “fight” for them. Literally.


Welcome to your October surprise, Georgia. Now vote!


Herschel Uncle Tom'ing it for the Southern Republicans. He's dumb enough to do it.


His son is the most in the closet conservative I’ve ever seen


I was going to make a Lindsay Graham joke, but he’s isn’t a conservative. - an evil bigoted supremacist patriarchal conservative making a joke.


The Republicans are so desperate to take control of the Senate, they'd vote for a tree stump if they could make it vote their way. (And a tree stump would be a lot smarter than Herschel Walker)


In a normal world, this would end Walker's viability as a candidate. But we live in this world. Will this make any difference at all to voters?


Not even in the slightest. Trump wasn't wrong when he bragged that he could kill somebody and Republicans would still vote for him. They truly don't give a shit unless a Democrat does something wrong. Remember when Republicans absolutely lambasted Michelle Obama for wearing a nice sleeveless dress because it was too revealing and unprofessional? Fast forward ~~~~> They loved and accepted fucking Melania Trump. Lol Fucking hypocrites! They are seriously experts at hypocrisy and projection, though. I'll give them that.


Yeah with the GOP that’s a resume builder


Domestic abuse is 'deserved' until it's happening to them (conservative women). If it happens to someone in the 'outgroup', they will rationalize it as something that they deserved. They do the same thing with abortion. It's wrong if others have an abortion, but if I need one, or my daughter needs one, it's okay, because we're good people.


The problem is timing. Coming out now, even if true, comes across as a political hit.


You should read the articles.


This ain’t going to make any difference to his base,maybe he should grab some women’s private parts for a extra bonus,but you know the most mind boggling part,in Georgia he will most likely win the female vote,just like Donnie did. When the GOP takes back the house WATCH.


The sub-header for the story is “Democrats have spent millions calling Walker a domestic abuser.” As though somehow these are all just loose allegation? WTF Huffinton Post?


Republicans don't care they just want a congress majority


It's an accomplishment for Republicans. They will vote for him in droves.


Money says dad is going to be gunning for the kid when he loses.


The kid kinda fucked now, he was a openly gay black Republican who will now be completely rejected from the right who never really wanted him there to begin with. He's going to find out republicans play alot dirtier when it involves trying to take down their perceived enemies.


It will have zero effect on the R base: "Damn right, I'm lookin for a tough guy who don't take no shit from nobody." Might help nudge some swing voters. But then they'll remember that Democrats don't care if 2 guys kiss, and they'll pivot right back to Herschel.


Didn’t we all learn this after trump was elected? Republicans will elect anything to get their agenda pushed thru. It there were a good amount of decent GOP out there trump wouldn’t have made it a day after his escalator ride.


What does the line “which is fully funded by allies of Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer “ even mean? Do they mean democrats?


They don’t care. They elected MTG and she’s a nut job


Domestic Abuse? Sounds like the perfect GOP candidate for president.


This is like Herman Cain bullshit all over again. It all will disappear once he drops out of the race. They play this shit on Black Americans every time.


They playing it on Rev. Warnock? They accuse Obama of domestic abuse? Maybe this dude is just a POS?


So you think his son (who has a conservative radio show and strongly supports Trump) is making shit up to help the Dems?




Republicans cynical ploy is backfiring in a huge way and I'm fucking here for it!


I don’t care about Warnock’s ex wife; nor Herschel’s son. Both want attention and I (we) should all want better policy. Period. I think better policy would come from a change at Senator for GA, but if you disagree, this kind of he said she said tabloid October shit, needs to be left in the 1980s.