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“What emotions does he support?” “Mostly fear.”


Smart alligator is just patiently playing the long game. “Clever girl”


waiting till they're older and bigger for a nicer meal, just skin and bone at the moment so may as well wait it out


Why have one big meal when you can have tons of small meals for life?


Alligator: "I hear they get real big in Florida."


As a zookeeper I've got to say, this is a really bad idea. Not necessarily to have the alligator (as long as you know how to handle it), but to have it around other people (especially children) without restraint. This is just an alligator that hasn't bitten *yet*. You can't completely tame a wild animal. There are always things that can go wrong. This isn't a case of "he's so friendly and loves everyone so he'd never bite," it's more like "he is very used to humans and is pretty docile" but one day someone might annoy him a little too much, he might get startled, or maybe he'll just realize he's gotten a lot bigger than the children around him. We've all heard storied of people keeping dangerous exotic animals that "would never hurt them," until one day they do. Yet people keep thinking that their pet is the exception.


As a HVAC repairman I’ve got to say, this is a really bad idea. It’s a fucking alligator.


Why was my first thought "yeah this guy must run into alligators in vents" and not "he has no experience with alligators but knows not to fuck with them"


Maybe I do! Maybe I live in Florida and run into alligators in vents all the time! /s


“Florida man doesn’t fuck with alligator” that’s a new one


Ah shit. I’ve been caught in my lie. Fantastic deductive reasoning.


As a multi-media artist, I'd love to talk about graphics and storyboard for a documentary series called "What THE Fuck Were You Thinking? - Alligator Edition."


>This is just an alligator that hasn't bitten yet. This will eventually end similarly to the woman who lived happily with her pet chimpanzee right up 'til the day he removed her face from her skull.


It was actually her friend that was attacked. She survived through the severe damages thankfully


Charla Nash and Travis, for those who have been blissfully ignorant of the story up until now. I will not go anywhere near our close cousins after reading about that incident.


Bonobos, sure. Chimpanzees, get those poop slinging, blood thirsty savages as far away from me as possible


One thing a lot of people don't seem to understand or just completely ignore is that reptiles *do not* have the brain capacity for higher emotions such as love, compassion, etc. These creatures are still the same as they were prior to the extinction events they survived. This isn't an alligator that "loves his keepers". It's simply a *curremtly* docile wild animal that has yet to harm its keeper. I used to keep a variety of reptiles, they don't love anything but warmth and food.


Oh shit you mean they refer to our base impulses as reptilian brain for a reason?


Alligators are cannibals, they literally eat everything that they think they can get away with


Oh yeah? Tiger King guy never once was attacked by his tigers. The tiger bit off his employee's arm, not his.


Actually he was Remember when the tiger grabbed his leg, and he shot his gun near it to scare it off Then he thought carol baskins had someone put a scent in his shoe so that the tigers would do that


Not true! Remember the ‘tuna juice on the boots ‘ incident?


That’s the thing. If anything, I am less reassured by the fact that it is friendly. If, and more likely, when, it bites, it will be sudden and unexpected. Everyone knows to stay away from the vicious alligator.


No, the emotional support really works. Soon she will have no emotions.


eMoTiOnAL dAmAgE


There’s a guy on YouTube who has alligators and he swims with them, hand feeds them etc. He says he trusts them not to attack him but.. he explains that they don’t handle the unexpected well. That if he were to have a heart attack or faint, then he would no longer be “him” to the alligators and they would immediately attack him. He gave the example of two alligators he had, a male and a female, that lived together for a number of years. But then one day the female had a seizure and the male instantly attacked her. Alligators aren’t able to generalize that the person they know and the “thing” doing something unexpected are the same thing and their instinct to attack kicks in.


TIL I have the object permanence of an alligator


You're weird. ATTACK!!


*"It is strange and unfamiliar and must be destroyed!"*


Fortunately children are well known for behaving in a calm, predictable manner.


These are the best behaved children, that's why they survived.


[not pictured] poorly behaved children


Their bites don’t hurt as much though.


You ever been bitten hard by a toddler?


Seriously….. I’ve got marks, my dude!


Ah! The ol' [Reddit child-a-roo!](https://www.reddit.com/r/todayilearned/comments/uj46ko/til_the_american_dental_association_supports/iqcxphp?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share&context=3)


Hold my Croc’s, I’m going in!


It's an ambush predator that has occupied the same ecological niche all the way into a third major global extinction level event. It can't even chew its food, but it knows its business and business is good. Any primate that thinks it can understand it and break into its market is delusional.


I mean, do you own 2 alligators?


Depends on whether both boots came from the same gator


This is what infuriates me about certain "animal people" who say they love and respect animals when in fact they have projected onto the animals a romanticized idea about them. It may cost those children their lives someday.


That alligator is gonna shit in the pool


Honestly that is the least of my concerns with this situation


The shit in the pool can lead to an infection when the alligator ripps your arm of with a death roll.


I still feel like the shit in the pool is not the biggest problem in this scenario


Yes infection is definitely a bigger problem...


Technically yes, the shit is the least concerning problem


Coming soon to r/Whatcouldgowrong


WCGW teaching kids that alligators are cuddly pets?


Seriously. Wally is gonna snap one day and it won't be pretty.


That alligator is gonna emotionally support somebody’s arm off.


Reminds me of that parasite that bites the fish's tongue off and acts as the new one. What if I had a fucking gator for an arm?


You'll become the lord of everything that is golden and then be killed by some naked dude with a katana. Which subreddit am I in again?


That's easily avoidable. They can just not feed it for a few days ahead of time!


Im going to shit in a pool


One intrusive thought for that alligator and it’s over


Don't eat the human. Don't eat the human. Don't eat the human. I'm hungry eat the human


Ok ok I admit that was bad, but I wouldn't do it *againnn*


Tasted pretty good though


One spook, one reaction, one startle. Fuck all that noise.


“Support alligator eats comfort food. Film at 11.”


I literally snorted reading this


That alligator is living his best life


Bro was like "hold on if I just don't eat them they'll keep me fed and I don't gotta worry about getting shot? Sign me the fuck up"


Alternatively: "I'm still pretty small and can't kill any of these jackasses. But if I act docile for a few more years while I grow up, I bet I can surprise them and kill them all."


It’s an alligator, not a house cat.


The real reason it's good that cats don't keep growing.


They will keep growing if you give them a larger tank and an adequate supply of oxygen.


Take my word for it, putting them into a larger tank with an adequate supply of oxygen doesn't always work. My kids, for example, didn't grow up to be any larger than normal folks.


You had emotional support humans too? Big mistake


Every failing relationship tries that.. shockingly that doesn't fix it


Look up pocho the crocodile, a fisherman rescued him from dying in costa rica. They formed a bond for 20 years until the crocodiles death.


I've seen this gator before. It was a rescue. Severely malnourished and stunted before it was rescued and given a great deal of tlc. Probably explains its attitude. Its not getting any bigger.


So this alligator is actually 30 years old and can drive?


Pays taxes too.


That is both sweet and sad. It shows that some humans actually have a huge capacity for kindness and that it can be reciprocating.


That is what I was thinking, remembering back to that dude who raised a super gentile hippo or something as a pet for years until it suddenly snapped into its instinctual behaviors one day and mauled him to death.


Prob fair to make a distinction between this 3', 25lb gator and...a hippo


Long con babbbyyyy!


Turtles are like "see, we told you!"


If they’re like dogs in 10,000 years we’ll have pug gators


Have you ever swim with your burger?🤣 Edit: Wow! 500 upvotes, thank you everyone. Edit2: Over 600 now, thx again :)


No, but I'm gonna try it. Look how happy he is swimming around with his food. Must be a feeling of food security or something.


Yeah. A majority of animals kill for food, not pleasure or because they feel threatened. I'm sure this little guy is well fed and definitely doesn't feel threatened, so no need to kill. He can just chill in a pool all day lol


But this guy is still a massive exception. No one should think they are going to have the same success if they try keeping a pet alligator.


Of course. It was probably raised from a baby as well. You might not have the same success going to your local swamp and getting an alligator lol.


I wonder at what point this man went "Aw, he seems so sweet and cuddly, Imma let the kids play with him." Like, where is that tipping point?


Yeah, he gets fed every day and there are two packed lunches just floating around. That's pretty much the gator dream, surely?


Now that's an alligator with a toothbrush


Looks like momma was right


No Col. Sanders you’re wrong!!!




No he has no medulla oblong gotta!


It's neat and all, but there's no way in hell I'd let my kids play on the water with a goddamn prehistoric murder lizard, no matter how tame this one is.


Bro, in the video, *a little girl was literally playing by with its fucking teeth!* like goddamn man, holding it is bad enough but that shit? That’s asking to lose a limb, or two, or your face.


Lmao "he just refuses to bite" until he doesn't. That is a dinosaur it does not think it's part human you idiot.


"And we sure try to get him to bite!"


Lmfao that was my thought when she started fuckin with his teeth like damn he’s nice but y’all are really pushing it


And people worry about leaving dogs alone with kids.


To be fair, dogs bite a lot more kids than alligators do.


Most shark bits happen in shallow water. Yea, thats where all the people are.


Most accidents in a car will happen 10 miles from your house. Yes, because that's where I live.


You are most likely to die in your home. Because that is where I am most of the time??


You're more likely to cum in your eye than on your feet Well I do masturbate hanging upside down like a bat where else is it gonna go ?


People die when they're killed Well, if they didn't, I'd be pretty concerned


Everytime, and I mean EVERYTIME, I find something I lost, it was the last place I checked!!!


It's like no shit! If I buy a pool I immediately increase my odds of drowning! What do they think? I'm gonna buy a gun and shower with it like EHHH!?


To paraphrase bill Burr, no shit. Most kids don't ever go near an alligator.


I'm inclined to say the same, but (back in France) my dad and grandmother kept an alligator as pet for many, many years. It's wild to see pics of my young grandmother hugging and kissing a gator that's bigger than her.


>no matter how tame this one is. That's because it's nowhere near fully grown Baby humans can be petty docile as well


C’mon! Let your hair down! They’re only kids


You can make more if you need to.


My hair stood up on the back of neck the whole time while I was watching the video. Very nice alligator but…no.


Just imagine if it attacked the kids while filming this video and they just edit that part in as a surprise, partway through the interview. It’s all uplifting and fun and quirky and then the guy is screaming “Wally!!! NO!!!” as the water turns red.


Like that video yesterday from Vices documentary on sex offenders. Gator: I'm just living my life, doing my thing. Just making it happen and I'm grateful for the chance Narrator: The next day, Gary the gator ~~sent a dick pic~~ ate our producer.


This can only end well. 👀 🍿


What could go wrong?


Nothing can possibli go wrong


That’s the first thing that’s ever gone wrong.


It's absolutely impossible for anything to go wrong...


We’re all out of BORT license plates at the gift shop. I repeat we need more BORT license plates!


One of the kids won’t need a college fund.


Finding the silver lining. Good for you.


What could possibly go wrong?


Risk/reward ratio seems well considered here. Labradoodle? Nah, f*** that, let’s get the gator.


Honestly, I agree with you but is that a common thing for them to be that chill being manipulated like that?


I think he probably just got genetically lucky (just real far end of the bellcurve in terms of genes for aggression and passivness). If we bred it with another of his kind that was about as passive and calm we'd have increasingly domestic crocodiles that could be as trust worthy as dogs For more info look up russian fox domestication.


The floridians are salivating at the prospect of more pet gators


Personally, as an Iowan, I'm pretty stoked at the idea too.


It looked like she was about to poke it's eyes! If you poke any dogs eyes it'll likely nip or run away. What happens when the alligator panics or tries to defend itself, does it know it's dealing with children?


Somehow I don't trust a lizard brain. Feels like it'll be fine for ages and then some 100 million year old instinct says "bite".


Crocodilians are Archosaurs like birds, so the lizard brain issue isn't a problem here. Komodo Dragons, on the other hand...


Most wild animals kept as pets are tame and charming until puberty when all hell breaks loose - as it does with human children! Only when these guys come of age, they take your head off. Male alligators hit puberty when they're 6 feet long and 8-12 years old. This one is 5.5' and 7 years old. Tick tock, delusional humans!


Now I’m curious how puberty works with reptiles


Pretty similar to humans, but it's more dependent upon size and body condition than age (e.g. animals that didn't get to eat a lot won't mature until much later). Mammals have this too, but aren't nearly as flexible with growth and timing. Once it hits, it's what you'd expect - breeding behaviors start occurring, males will fight each other (if that happens in the species), females will try to dig nests even if they've never met a male, etc. Many species fast during the breeding season, and this will sometimes happen even in captives kept without breeding. It's usually most intense right after maturity, then they settle down a bit.


>Mammals have this too, but aren't nearly as flexible with growth and timing. Yep. My whole family reaches full height around 14. Including my son he's 6'5. I have stomach issues and don't eat nearly enough. I reached full hight at 20.


tick tock tick tock tick tock oh no it's following me! a new meaning to Captain Hook's stalker lol


I can't wait for the look of shock when the alligator acts like an alligator


"He has never bitten anyone" But what happens when he decides to do it? That aninal only has to bite once


They always say the axe murderer was "such a quiet guy, kept to himself, very polite" The alligator doesn't have to decide to do anything, it just has to be itself, for 1 minute


I saw a zoo trainer once with alligators, iirc he said he would only go in the pool with them if they were already fed beforehand, even then those ones are the ones trained a lot from a young age


They did this with chimpanzees too. It always turns out great. Amazing how smart people are. Just before "accident": "Look, nothing has happened yet. He probably thinks he is a human."


It's literally not even about instinct, but ability. I've heard from zookeepers that big cats like tigers are fundementally very much like housecats, they can be friendly, playful, affectionate, and seek affection from human handlers. Housecats also bite, and scratch, and attack your feet for fun. Tigers will too. But it's very different when they do it. Same with the chimps you mentioned- Apes can be very smart, and they probably to like their human friends and may even feel kinship to them. But then they do behaviour that worud be fine chimp on chimp, or even human on human, but when chimp on human... Yikes.


I mean... That one ripped a lady's face off. I don't think he was just playing.


Human soon to be emotional support lunch


It’s a give and take


Hes just patiently fattening the meat


Lulling its victims into thinking they're safe... gaining their trust.


This support system works for elderly people too, my Dad has a pet alligator and it helps him get over his reptile dysfunction problems..


I admit it, I LOL'd...


Disaster waiting to happen.


Seriously, did they run out of dogs or something?!


Yyyyea fuck no… this is so stupid (as in dangerous and wreckless)


"...and then one day he just snapped"


As someone who as owned a lot of reptiles in the past, this is comically stupid. Like, call CPS stupid. Sure you can make reptiles docile with frequent handling, but they're never going to be totally 100% safe. Their brains do not register things as "friend". They don't have the ability to grasp social constructs like mammels so all handling does it train them that you aren't an immediate threat. The first time one of those kids puts their face next to it after having eaten some chicken and the smells are still there, they're dead.


Was just about to comment this. I have a lizard, he is cute, but realistically he doesn’t care about me because that’s not how reptiles think. As far as he is concerned I am a vessel for food and that’s it. It’s the same problem with cohabitating geckos together. It’s cute at first until they start eating eachother because they don’t feel love like we do. That’s not to say you can’t have lizards for emotional support, it’s just dumb to get one that can rip your children limb from limb.


>Why is he so nice? >We don't even know A kid is going to end up with a nasty scar on their face for life and that animal is going to be put down. Sad for everyone involved.


Common sense dictates this has 0 happy endings


Well that’s good because a handjob from an alligator sounds rough.


It's great that it is so docile. Until it isn't.


Does Chlorine not affect reptiles?


In Florida they find these and other reptiles all the time in pools. So maybe not the worst thing.


This guy also lets the kids play with his loaded gun and matches.


I get why they would play with him depending on how it looks in the video but can't they at least put a muzzle or smtn on his mouth when he is playing with children? If ur an adult u deserve what's coming but the kids in the vid see them as dogs by the looks of it.


Tbh piece of string would do. Crocodilians have weak jaw opening force and big clamp-down and holding on one.


Ah yes, the predator that nature and evolution deemed perfect enough that they remained the same as they were since dinosaurs were walking around. The creature that is famous for something called a "death roll", where once they manage to bite down, whatever is in their mouth rarely manages to leave it due to the sheer bite force of the creature. The creature that is a very patient ambush predator, laying in wait for its prey for however long it takes. Sounds like a perfect playmate for little Timmy!


“Yes...let the child grow fat before I feast...”


"...and on that day, Wally realized what he was.."


Poor gator he looks already dead inside


He wanted to get away from Florida man, but Florida man wouldn't have any of that.


Wally here is actually from Philadelphia, PA.


He's probably this docile because he has brain damage. So you qre probably atleast half right


Just looked it up and have a quote "He said he was surprised when WallyGator, then 20 inches long, didn’t try to bite him when he held him or fed him chicken legs and dead rats. “He wouldn’t eat live rats, and he really showed a love for cheesy popcorn,” Henney said. “I thought it was different, but I was still very cautious around him.” That alligator is probably mentally deficient.


That's what I was thinking. He is disabled some way


Nah it could also just be really weird genetics. Gator autism that happens to make him pretty domestic.


User name checks out


If you can get [Williams Syndrome in mice through a gene deletion](https://williams-syndrome.org/resources/medical-journal-article/animal-models-of-williams-syndrome) there may be a chance it could occur naturally in alligators. Wild speculation though.


Is that good for the alligator to be in a pool with chemicals?


From the amount of videos I see about alligators in pools, I’d say it’s not that bad. Alligators have a [nictitating membrane](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nictitating_membrane?wprov=sfti1) they use to cover their eyes and still see while swimming, so I imagine that (chlorine getting in the eyes) isn’t too much of an issue. Butt I’m no crocodilian expert.


Are alligators crocodilians?


Well, they’re from the [order crocodilia](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Crocodilia?wprov=sfti1), which is more what I meant. They aren’t true crocodiles, from the family crocodylidae.


Something something all squares are rectangles...


Triangles are shapes “I’m helping”


...and children?


The kids won't hurt it


Might get stuck in his teeth.


So dumb. It’s an eating machine. It has no morality. It doesn’t care if you die. So fucking stupid.


I think Wally forgot who the fuck he is


You know, this alligator could decimate everyone in that pool at any point and I wouldn’t be able to justify blaming it


What could -possibly- go wrong?


These people need to stop.


Just you wait until wolly gets to be 200 lbs. He'll end up being an alligator and bite someone, then they'll end up killing the thing because he's "dangerous".


Even worse than the “oh fuck no”, these kids probably think all alligators are cute and cuddly now


Forget the gator for a second, look at that pool. Check them filters and the Ph levels. Too cloudy.


Alligator pee will do that


That'll be fun when it's older and the higher testosterone starts making it more aggressive 🙃


Of all the stupid S I’ve seen this might be near the top.


When she was poking his little snout, I knew nothing could possibly go wrong.


Is…is this man from Florida?