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Sad as fuck


Its a bit melancholy but also a little hopeful for the fate of humanity from the perspective of the people there who saw it as a coincidental moment that highlighted the day and that racism was learned. Robertson(the photographer): believes “that racism is a learned process." “I don’t think this kid really thought any differently about him(the officer) being there than being anywhere else on a Saturday or a weekend,” he said. “He might have thought it was Halloween.” The officer: "Me and this kid, neither one, made a choice to be here,” Campbell said, recalling his thoughts at that moment during an interview Tuesday. “The state patrol made me come, and his mom and daddy brought him.” “It’s the last holiday of the summer. We all get together, have a barbecue and adult beverages, and have a good time,” Campbell said. “But here I am, at a Klan rally in Gainesville, Ga., protecting the rights of Ku Klux Klan.” Source and a good read on it here: https://www.gainesvilletimes.com/news/trooper-photographer-reflect-on-iconic-photo/


>Robertson(the photographer): believes “that racism is a learned process." See Rogers & Hammerstein's ["You Have to be Carefully Taught"](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VPf6ITsjsgk) from South Pacific (1949)


Photo was taken in 1992. I was really hoping for 1960s.


You wouldn't have had that many Black cops together in the South in the 1960s.


You wouldn't have had hightop Reebok Pumps in the 60s either.


Holy shit. I've seen this pic several times before but never realized it was taken during my lifetime. That makes it hit much harder. 1992 wasn't that long ago.


As someone born in 92 who recently turned 30.. it was too damn long ago.


So this kid is 30ish now? I wonder what they've become


30 flat this year, so the kid either grew up the way their parents raised them or they grew up to brake away their parents' mold.


Newborns can’t walk… and while I’m at it: break away.


Sometimes kids don't completely change from the way their parents are but they might take a step away and their kids might be even further removed. My grandparents were victims of a cult-like megachurch that took advantage of them so thoroughly they were never able to retire all the way up until death. My dad is not involved with a church in any meaningful capacity beyond going when visiting family. He still gets very unhappy when someone says "God damn it" or something to that magnitude. I'm straight up agnostic and don't really give a shit what your religion is so long as it doesn't negatively impact others. You can say whatever too; I don't care.


That was the general issue with the 90's a lot of people acted like everything was fine and it wasn't.


The 90s was the best decade in the past 100 years.


It happened the same year as the Rodney King riots. I don't know anyone who was around then who would consider that time "fine."


Yeah. We have people in this country that believe everything was fine until Obama made everything a race issue


His mom and daddy brought him...saddest part of the whole thing.


Racism is absolutely learned. Or rather, endorsed. We all have an instinctual tendency to fear "that which is different." Its just old outdated tech from when we lived in the jungle. Racists exploit this. They indoctrinate people by telling them this hate is natural. They shape the emotion, give it a language amd a mythology. The antithesis is educating people, encouraging diveristy. When you are exposed to something and see that it is no threat, that primitive knee jerk reactiom goes away, and the racists find it much harder to establish a purchase on that person's soul. This is why racism flourishes in rural areas. Not because those people are "stupid", but because theyre never exposed to diversity. And so those whispers in their ears, telling them their fears are JUSTIFIED, that they indicative of some hierarchy handed down by God, become much more persuasive.


Little Wizard Of White in training.




Harry Potter and the Race Replacement Theory


Wrong movie series buddy! Butt good reference all the same!


butt haha


Hopefully the baby realizes that their parents are twatermelons


‘Twatermelons’, interesting. I shall add that to my collection


It’s my absolute favorite word


It is now mine as well


It's joined my list of favorites as well as shitnuggets today!


Sign me up to get twaterboarded




Im stealing this insult


Grooming. But actually.


Same reason why conservatives are against education. Stupid and uneducated people are much more likely to subscribe to their bigoted and backward worldview.


Also super easy to molest kids who have no idea that you’re touching a private part, whose parents refuse to acknowledge their discomfort around certain people, and who have no words to explain what’s been done to them. Lol but remember, gays are grooming kids by providing comprehensive sex education and encouraging them to speak up about abuse.


You are forgetting the worst part... if they get used to gay people being cooler to hang out with than rage-filled bigots, then you begin to get perspective on how a person treats others is more important than "*why*" they treat them that way. Imagine putting in all that work, letting Tucker Carlson irritate you down to your last nerve, and then finding out that, if it weren't for the random nature of destiny, you could... admittedly, still find him annoying, but you don't force yourself to let him agitate you until you are at your wits end, but feel an obligation to force yourself to absorb it. ...Instead, you might wind up like your kid, who happens to like their gay teacher.


That's a little racist for sure


That behavior doesn't come naturally, is taught. Unfortunate for this kid he has to grow up with that kind of influence.


I think the sad fact is that it is very readily picked up. Nelson Mandela was wrong when he said love comes more naturally to the human heart than hate. They both come quite easily.


100 percent. Humans aren't programmed to be racist per se, but we are programmed to be tribal. We will always find a reason to hate people who are different than we are.


I could be wrong but I assume old mate means the kid is being groomed to be kkk


Every racist is grooming their children to be racists. Fortunately it’s not always successful


Yeah not much of a racist.


What are you referring to?


Nah you’re just dumb as fuck


My daughter is roughly twice as old as the baby in that picture. Just today she commented on race for the first time. She noticed that the guy on TV was "brown". She truly had never noticed a difference; despite having several minorities (black and Asian) in her daycare classroom. It's unfathomably awful to think that someone could be telling a CHILD there is something wrong with someone else because of the color of their skin. I'm just glad the only thing she hates is when the sauce is already on her food.


When I was but a wee lad, maybe barely three, I was moving rocks from one side of the driveway to the other with my toy dumptruck while my dad was working in his shop in the backyard. My mom was in town. A jeep pulled up that looked just like my aunt's jeep so I ran right up to it, and two black women stepped out. They asked where my parents where and then handed me a pamphlet from some church and drove away. I went to give it to my dad who was reasonably concerned that I had an entire interaction with total strangers and he was oblivious to it, and that's the first time I met a black person. It's also the first time I had the "stranger danger" talk. You can see what happened here. For the next couple years lil orcand was an accidental racist. That ended when I was at the grocery store and had a full conversation with a red headed lady and when I got done my mom said "You know you're not supposed to talk to strangers" and I was like "but she's white?" and my mom was like "...." and so that's how my misunderstanding was corrected. Shortly after that, I had a sudden epiphany and exclaimed in the car, "MOM, we know black people!" (I was thinking of my cousins, who were half Mexican and very brown). And she was like "Well duh" and began listing a bunch of black people that I knew, including my teacher who I loved, and I was just sitting there dumbstruck like "Huh, yeah I do know all of those people." Race is a weird thing to learn as a kid and a pointless social construct.


My niece is 6 and still blissfully unaware of race. When she mentions colour it’s always in relation to hair or clothing. Hoping to keep her there for as long as possible


It's horrible in my mind to think about how fortunate my daughter is in that respect. She doesn't have to be made aware of race, unlike some of her friends who have it forced upon them.


I’m lucky we live in a fairly multicultural area. While I was growing up my schools were pretty diverse so I never really noticed much until I went to small towns. What an eye opener


No shit…. Wow


Yes. Kid is a victim of shitty parenting and the policeman has to be so resilient and strong to abide and enforce the law in a society that is so flawed where the victim must protect the rights of the agressor. And, as bad as it is, we can’t find a better way to hold freedom of speech.


That's how racist are grown. They aren't born racist, they are grown into it by their racist environment


Now That’s grooming.


Ku klux kiddies. Very real and very sad.


In I think 6th grade, we had a lesson about the KKK. A girl interrupted the teacher and said in no uncertain terms that she didn't like what the teacher was saying because her grandpa was in the KKK and he had showed her his robe and she thought it was very pretty and she loved her grandpa. The teacher clearly felt uncomfortable and uncertain about what to do, and just pivoted the lesson to something else entirely, so we didn't talk any more about the KKK. Grew up in the rural South.


Geeze. I can only imagine how discussions regarding social justice turned out


lol what discussions. In 12th grade IB bio, we voted on whether or not to do the module on evolution (the way IB bio was designed, there were more modules than you would teach in total, so there was some amount of choice regardless, but evolution was obviously a popular one to go over).


And the winner was?


Narrowly voted to teach the module. Was very awkward tension between the two groups of students in the room. Presentations for that module were very preachy and condescending (including mine).


Ku Klux kiddies sounds like a 90s cartoon with a bangin theme song


Yeah it was on Nickelodeon!




You're thinking of *Kenan & Kel*. Only two Ks.


The child has no idea what race is, this is sad as fuck.


You would be surprised what preschoolers parrot out! Major red flags!!


i once said the n word out loud because thats what i had heard black people referred to as by my dad and his family. my (moms side) aunt shut it down really fast and i learned a valuable lesson that day.


Exactly, up until certain age we just copy what we hear at home. There are several phrases I used well into adulthood before I really discovered/researched the true meaning and ceased to use them. Now I'm very careful with any figure of speech and if I think it might be harmful a double check its origins. Like I heard someone say if it takes one second to think of some other word to not hurt somebody why wouldn't you do it!


i wish i could say that was the last time i used that horrible word, but i would be lying. i had one of those "edgy and offensive = funny" phases and i am disgusted with my past self. i have since been educated by myself and friends.


You self reflected and realized that it was wrong. That shows growth!


I was being bullied by a black girl when I was in the 6th grade. For context, I was in a middle school in the boonies of a decent-sized city in Alabama. I responded by calling her the N-word, because I knew it was derogatory but heard it all the time. My immature mind thought of it as calling her a B**** but I figured that would sting more. My black very good friend was standing next to me. He immediately shoved me away and I thought he was going to beat my ass, he didn't. He just walked away silent and disappointed. I went to him and tried to defend myself, saying shit like "I didn't mean you, she was being a huge bitch, etc". He just told me "dude it doesn't matter. That is out of line". I immediately resolved to not say that again, but it took me many years of growth and getting an idea of bigger picture to realize how fucked up it was what I said. I appreciate him and his friendship even more today, many years later. The brainwashing down there is real.


Thank you for sharing. Im in SC, so trust me when I say I know. BLM had a rally not too long ago at my Highschool. A bunch of grown men and their teenage kids showed up with nooses and the cops did nothing. It was and is disgusting how prevalent the Klan is to this day.


He was taught I'm sure, and not in a good way.


Really a shame we can’t get away from the concept of race, but there’s no way to even have that conversation without coming off racist in the modern sense of the word. Best I understand it the world used to be much closer to that. Was much more focused on culture, and sure shit used to be way worse but still the concept of race is so inherently damaging. Being black could be an identifier you were much more likely to be from a certain culture you may not like but you weren’t as likely to be categorized by your skin tone before the most recent few centuries. It’s a weird mix of problems. “Fuck your people and your culture.” is still a horrific problem but it’s a lot easier to tackle when it’s not just inherently tied to your skin color alone as a recognized category/concept. Not like discussing it much would help a ton at this point anyway I suppose.


Yeah "race" in the modern sense has only been around a few hundred years. To the Ancient Greeks, if you spoke Greek you were Greek. In Egypt, if you spoke Egyptian you were Egyptian. There were high ranking officials in Egyptian government that were black and are represented in paintings, and there was about 200 years of the New Kingdom when the Pharaohs were black.


It'd be nice if the media would stop identifying people as black white or whatever when it has absolutely nothing to do with the story.


This is what i call child abuse no doubt.


Parent's like, "You go, kid, put 'em in their place!" Kid's like, "There's a kid that looks just like me trapped inside this plate!"






Don’t you bring drag queens around our children! They shouldn’t be exposed to that!


I would rather have a drag queen around my grandkids than the Proud Boys. First time I heard of the Proud Boys , I thought they were a new gay band.


So true lmao. If you ever talk to a young conservative about politics or people different than them you can instantly tell how propagandized they have been


Hence why conservatives are so against education. People who are stupid, uneducated and sheltered from knowing people who are different are more likely to embraced the bigoted conservative worldview.


To be fair I dont think comparing a Drag Queen to the child or the police officer is a good comparison - more so because this looks like 1950’s era.


It’s an old photo but look at the kids shoes. I think this in the 80’s


Here’s an article about the trooper and the photographer. It’s a good read https://www.gainesvilletimes.com/news/trooper-photographer-reflect-on-iconic-photo/


Thank you for posting this! I grew up a little ways from where this took place (in the 2000s but still). I have stories from relatives who had KKK members try to give them fliers around the Forsyth Co. Courthouse and they all refused. Don’t get me wrong a lot of my relatives are still racist as shit but starting in the 80s and especially the later 90s the KKK really started losing their foothold in North Georgia. However many pockets still exist in middle and South Georgia.


I recall the periodic Klan Marches that took place there, then it became urbanized - as did much of 400 - and those pockets dissolved. I grew up around Stone Mountain FWIW, Forsyth was that last little pocket of peckerheads.


I left Forsyth a few years ago and at least when I was in high school in the mid-2010s I could see a noticeable increase in diversity. But I remember the elementary schools in the early 2000s were still very predominantly white and now I know why and that it wasn’t by accident. I didn’t even know the racial history of it until after I left, the whole “running black people out of the county a few decades ago” thing that no one above the age of 40 really wants to talk about. If any non-Forsyth/non-North Georgia natives are reading this and you like learning about shushed history, read about Forsyth County or North Georgia’s history with this stuff in general. It’s brutal and not often talked about, even by the people who live here.


Very sad - that kid is being brought up to hate - hopefully this isn’t being your kid to work day


That kid is in his early thirties now and we can guess what his voter registration says.


I work with a guy who's dad is an unabashed white supremacist. The guy has disowned his POS dad, and was upset when his dad was hospitalized recently but made a full recovery


That's Human. People can be horrid, and we can recognize it, but at the same time still love them. It's a good thing. Not easy, not simple. It's the only thing that gives the 'evil' a path to change, or lets a tyrant have a child genuinely love them. It would be far more tragic if people were only good or bad... The important thing is to not tolerate, forgive, or forget the evil anyone commits, even if you still love them.


The way it reads, he was upset about the full recovery.


I read that as he was upset that he recovered.


Well said.


Yeah don’t write everyone off so soon. I turned out nothing like my parents. They are smart and incredibly nice and I’m a thick dumbass racist.


Chet Hanks enters the chat


When you doing an IAMA T Carlson?


You may be surprised. Over the years, I’ve heard about Klan Kids who grew up to be pretty progressive. In a lot of rural communities, Klan membership was just sort of a given if you lived there, like belonging to a certain gang in some neighborhoods today. I feel like people raised in it were often more clear-sighted and successful at getting out than those who chose it as adults.


I hear Mitch Mcturtle's kid's hate his guts and are registered democrats.




Don’t be so sure. A great majority might have grown up to continue hating but check out the story of Derek Black who was the son of and heir apparent to the guy that created stormfront, white suprematist website. He was all about that until he got to college and speaks out against everything his father stands for. It’s a fascinating story.


You can tell with that smile He’s thinking “this poor adorable baby”


Or thinking 🤔: would I rather fight 10baby sized kkk’s vs 1 giant kkk


Or in his mind he's like if I were to yeet this lil thing it'd go sooo far!


Damn I don't have a free award to give you


He’s thinking how he will make a great cop some day


My son who 7 was in class messing around he said he was playing with the kids pencil hiding it the kid got upset and said see this is why no one likes black people my son told me he doesn't want to be dark skin like me because no one likes people with dark skin shit broke me man I'm like man who are these kids parents 🤦🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️I had to sit him on my lap and just hug him trying not to cry man 🤦🏿‍♂️


Yikes. And people say racism doesn’t exist anymore…


Oh it exists and it's exhausting


Look at that man's face, he's just so...disappointed.


I just see a man (probably with children) looking at a toddler with love, as they try to work out the world around them. He looks around 2 and my pair were both going wherether they wanted at that age, looks like that little one is doing the same, and the police officer knows this. Hopefully this remained in that kids memory and he worked out the bullshit he was taught was just that...


Yeah I definitely see an endearing smile on the officer's face. It's got some tragedy in there, too, but he's got nothing but love for that child.


Would love an AMA with this kid. They’d be about 32 years old today (photo from 1992)


He’s been identified in media reports as “Josh”, but current whereabouts are unknown.


I'm pretty sure he's balls deep in his sister-aunt


Probably in a trailer somewhere I reckon


That’s def not what I see. I see a lot of pain. Especially when you see the other black officers face.


Your right, there is some pain too (especially for man on the left.) But more a sad love if that makes sense???


i thought he was smiling for a moment like he is thinking "hello little guy, you wanna play with that other kid in the reflection, he seems nice"


The officers thoughts on his interaction with the child… “Me and this kid, neither one, made a choice to be here,” Campbell said, recalling his thoughts at that moment during an interview Tuesday. “The state patrol made me come, and his mom and daddy brought him.” https://www.gainesvilletimes.com/news/trooper-photographer-reflect-on-iconic-photo/


Incorrect. He said he zoned out, didn't even notice the kid until after the pic was taken.


Talk about “the terrible two’s”. Sheesh


I went to school with a handful of kids who told me their parents were legit racist and for whatever reason never felt right about their attitude, and never adopted their beliefs despite their families suggestions. Hope that kid's one of em.


born and raised in Georgia, had several friends who's parents were racist (in a weird way too, they'd never say it to anyone's faces but always behind their backs. worse if you ask me), but with my middle and high schools being very diverse they didn't care to take up those views either.


Babies first New Balances


Look like Reebok Pumps...culture appropriating lil grand wizard


Looks like quite an old photo.


Pic is from 1992 ... Look at the kid's shoes. I was eating beans at raves then. It's not that old.


I wonder what became of that kid, he’s the same age as me. Edit: he’s probably a few years older actually, assuming he’s 2/3 in 1992, but you know what I mean.


When I lived in Ga , there were annual rally’s at recent as 2005. Could have occurred after that somewhere else , but thankfully my county had enough of it and ran them off .


What kind of beans are you eating at a rave in 1992?


mitsubishi beans


literally the eclipse was one of my first rolls.




Seconding this question. Need answers.


1992??? I assumed it had to be from the 70s, when I was little-little! There were still Klan rallies in 1992?!?!


Thirty years is pretty old for just about everyone mate.


Unfortunately it is that old. This pic is to you what 70s pics were to you as a kid. Depressing af.


Your right ... It does feel like a long time ago now. Because of the lack of the internet the proliferation of bad ideas was somewhat stunted. We felt things were getting better for personal freedoms and progressive ideas ... maybe it was the drugs.


When I was a kid, 70s pictures were just called pictures.


If it’s actually from 1992 that’s not old at all. That kid is probably under 40 years old.


It is an old photo.


The kindness in the officers expression says everything.


Hopefully this baby grows up and is able to think a little more freely than what they're being taught


This pic is from 1992 - They have grown up.


Ahh okay. Well hopefully the baby is leading a better adult life


Idk I’m from 92 and I’m not sure if I’ve grown up…. But in all seriousness I do hope this poor child is now at the very least a decent and respectful adult.


Derek Black, the son of Don Black, who created stormfront online, is no longer a neo nazi and is an anti-racist advocate. I think if kids like that can make it out and make it to the other side, then so could have this kid. https://www.npr.org/2018/09/24/651052970/how-a-rising-star-of-white-nationalism-broke-free-from-the-movement


Just a little racist


“Racism is not born, it’s taught” is a quote i grew up with. Children aren’t born racist, they are taught it. Very sad


Heart shaped box


Bruh what


It is always nurture not nature.


When I was around 3-4, I (white) had my black friend over. Our moms were in the kitchen talking. We had the most HILARIOUS idea to switch clothes and she’d let her hair down and I’d tie mine up in twists and see how long it took them to catch on. When we went out there, we called each other moms “mom” and they of course played along and acted surprised by our big reveal. It’s soooo silly to think about now, but we were laughing so hard and thinking they may have actually bought it. I really do cherish that level of innocence we had, even though we were a couple of idiots lol. It’s terrible to think that people would violently discourage this.


Happy Independence Day!


Photo by Todd Robertson, 1992.


Those parents need the shit beat out of them. How awful.


That’s the saddest thing I’ve seen in awhile, wonder what happened to the kid


And they think Queer people are the ones indoctrinating children. Don't make me laugh.


Conservative accusation is projection




Nothing worse then inherited hatred.


I feel like if you do this to your kid, people should be able to call CPS.


your the Grand Wizard Harry


This picture depicts why I choose to actively give certain kinds of people the benefit of the doubt. You always get more bees with honey. A recent example would be a lady used the phrase "he's so slow." while others attacked her for it she became naturally defensive. I told her that she probably didn't mean it *like that* but it *is* very offensive. And that people will judge her before they even get a chance to know her, when they see that kind of language. She immediately thanked me & denounced her comment, apologized & said she'd be more careful in the future. Disclaimer: I'm in no way suggesting one conversation can resolve such nuanced, complex issues. I'm merely sharing something that might plant a seed of change in someone else. Over time, with enough, people can sometimes change for the better.


What, they attacked her for that? I would have tought that that was the inoffensive and carefull version insted of saying retard or something.


**They did. This was her comment:** *"Omg....she actually interviewed this kid for her podcast! It took Kristen and Kail both to pry answers out of this kid. He literally sounds like a child!! A shy child that doesn't want to talk.* ***Omg he is so slow!*** *It's blatantly obvious that she runs him!!!"* **And my response:** [https://www.reddit.com/r/TeenMomOGandTeenMom2/comments/vjqn4n/comment/idm5dbo/?utm\_source=share&utm\_medium=web2x&context=3](https://www.reddit.com/r/TeenMomOGandTeenMom2/comments/vjqn4n/comment/idm5dbo/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=web2x&context=3) When we compare the words "retarded" "slow" & "developmentally delayed" with each other, I believe that retarded is currently seen as the most offensive descriptor. With slow being seen as a good alternative for many people. But not everyone. And developmentally delayed being the most popular choice. So, slow is still much better than retarded. But not as good as developmentally delayed. At least, for now. RemindMe! in 5 years to reread this & see if & how term preferences have changed. I recently made a post about how these things happen. You might be interested because you sound like a linguist: https://www.reddit.com/r/OldSchoolCool/comments/voogds/comment/iefdcor/?utm\_source=share&utm\_medium=web2x&context=3


that kid is probably a senator now.


No way that kid is old enough to be a senator. You have to be like 80 or something


kids got fire kicks tho


Are those instapump reeboks?


I dig the hat


Poor little bugger doesn’t know any better, people that do that to their kids should be in prison


Respect to the police, the shit they have to endure can be crazy. Also, poor kid.


Hating another skin color is taught.


Racism is taught, nobody is born with it


Im thinking field goal


Racism is learned, bigotry is learned, hate is learned, and fear of those different from you is learned.


"The kids don't understand what the parents are forcing on them" - Homophobes talking about queer people's existence and acceptance Double fucking standards.


Disgusting degenerates. Babies don’t deserve this


I am not from usa biut how the kkk still a thing?


Children are not born to hate. Fucked up adults teach them to hate! Sad picture!


This is the most heartbreaking photo I’ve ever seen. The officer is smiling at this little baby because he is seeing just an innocent baby while at the same time the officer knows full well that this baby is going to grow up to be taught to hate him.


I want to know what happened to this poor child. I hope he grew up to be a better person than his parents.


"The KKK took my baby away"


well we can cancel out being president for that kid


Regardless of what one is advocating for, the one thing I cannot stand is when people use their children to make political statements, and I think this photo does a pretty good job of demonstrating why.


I so badly want to make a Cartman-ghost-costume joke here, and make no mistake, it would make me laugh, enough so that I have to at least mention it before conceding that this photo is far too solemn in its stark irony to appropriately be the canvas upon which humor is painted.


Oh Jesus Christ I wanna call CPS on whoever that kids parents are


Aren't they toddlers once they're walking?


The real groomers


Always have been


you can tell he has no problem with the black guy at all


Earliest known image of Tucker Carlson.


I'm all for free speech but there should seriously be common sense limits on hate groups. This is just appalling. And that child will be psychologically abused. Guaranteed.