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Also devastating that the husband of one of the teachers died today after the memorial. Heart Attack. Left 4 little ones behind. Edit: Changed at the memorial to after.


Sounds like Takotsubo cardiomyopathy to me. In medicine we call it broken heart syndrome, where your heart literally just stops working properly due to stress.


My always sick aunt passed away a week after my grandma passed away. She lived with her for years, they were always together. She didn’t want to be alone I think. She was sick for years before that.


Awww 😭 my grandad passed 4 hours after grandma. mum said he just gave up and fell asleep. just a shell without her.


I've always found it both sad and fascinating. I personally know about two old marriages where the other person died of a broken heart within two weeks even though they were quite healthy for their age. One of them were my own grandparents, the others were my best friend's grandparents so I was very close to both.


Link please. That’s gruesomely terrible.


I had originally read the [NYT article](https://www.nytimes.com/2022/05/26/us/irma-garcia-husband-death-uvalde.html), it says how the oldest of the 4 children is 23 and their siblings are all teenagers... There just aren’t even words. Their poor kids already lost one parent. Their mom, Irma, was an undeniable hero who had went above and beyond what the best of humanity can hope to be… and now they’ve also lost their father, Joe Garcia, who had gone that morning to visit his wife’s memorial at the school. According to his nephew, when he got home from that visit, he collapsed. They had been married for 24 years. Edit: In case that NYT link has a paywall, know that “When the authorities went inside the classroom moments after the shooting, [her nephew was told] they ‘found her body there, embracing children in her arms pretty much until her last breath.’” It’s important we don’t forget Irma Garcia’s name.


Died from a broken heart. Terribly sad :(


Not op, but I think I've [found it](https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.theguardian.com/us-news/2022/may/26/texas-school-shooting-teacher-husband-heart-attack)


Fuck that's terribly sad. This whole thing is a nightmare.


What is there to say? Totally appropriate, and representative of how we all feel inside.


And what do the birds say? All there is to say about a massacre, things like "Poo-tee-weet? -Kurt Vonnegut


So it goes...


Fucking loved that book


Which one? He uses so it goes in all the ones I’ve read!


Oh, I only read Slaughterhouse Five so I didn’t know he used it elsewhere. I assumed this was the only one since the poo tee weet line was also from this book.


poo-tee-weet :(


What book was this from? I used to read a lot of Vonnegut years and years ago. Now I don’t read at all, but it seems like his writing would be good for me to try to get back at it


Perhaps his most famous work, *Slaughterhouse Five*. He's talking about Dresden in the passage, where he was a prisoner of war when the firebombing happened.


Thanks, it’s been almost 20 years since I’ve read it. Though, I read Cat’s Cradle around the same time and probably remember quite a bit more. I think it was the first Vonnegut book I read and it had a big impact on me


I would recommend my favorite, Sirens of Titan, if you were looking for more. I myself am looking forward to reading Breakfast of Champions, as well as Mother Night. >"I don’t know what’s going on,” said Boaz in his thoughts, “and I’m probably not smart enough to understand if somebody was to explain it to me. All I know is we’re being tested somehow, by somebody or some thing a whole lot smarter than us, and all I can do is be friendly and keep calm and try and have a nice time till it’s over.”


Galapagos is another great one. Also the short story, "Harrison Bergeron"


Not to make light of an absolutely horrific situation, but I interpreted it as a dark page in history….


The way I see it is that everything that can be said is in that black ink. Every formation of every word can be made out in that ink. This is everyone's voice being printed at once.


no i dont see it like that at all, in fact i see it as quite the opposite. its basically a statement "beyond words". something so awful it cannot even be expressed as words, like when someone finds out their loved one is dead, they dont speak they just collapse or wail or scream. somethings are beyond words.


I think thats what makes this such a powerful image. It can be interpreted as a piece of art rather than just the front page of a small town newspaper.


But no one is listening. The words get muddled, jumbled, and drowned out behind identity politics and career politician's interests. The blackness isn't absence, as much as it is the deep layers of hopelessness


And then nothing happened


Nothing happened after Sandyhook. This didn't beat their record, so it'll be forgotten in 2 days when the next shooting happens. Worse, the right will spin this to push for more guns, less regulation, more police funding and somehow it'll be the transgender immigrant's fault.


Oh nice, a list of all the members of the Uvalde Police Department who did their jobs during the shooting.


As you can see it's a long list


Just devastating. Those poor little kids. Those poor parents. I just can’t even imagine sending my baby to school and s/he being murdered. We have to do something to prevent this.


So devastating. Saw an article that talked about the victims. One 10 year old was pictured with her parents that day, mom on one side and dad on the other, all smiling. Apparently there had been a ceremony for kids who made honor roll and got other awards that day so the picture is the last picture of that kid alive. Child was dead within an hour of that picture being taken. Cannot imagine the grief of those parents.


Spoilers cuz it's sad as fuck: >!Her dad is a first responder, he was attending to another child who was wounded and crying that her best friend was dead. Dad asked her best friend's name, it was his daughter.!<


The child was covered in blood, and he found out it was “Amerie’s” which was his daughter and he realized he was looking at his daughter’s blood. Absolutely no words.


How do you ever recover from that? That would just totally break so many people.


You don't. I know people who've lost children to more ....normal? Things (heart condition, car accident etc). They didn't recover. The hardest thing I've ever done, or likely will ever do was go to a friend's funeral and look her mom in the face. I didn't know someone could experience such pain and be alive until then.


You don't recover from it


Yes. There's some things that don't go away. You don't recover from that, but you learn to live with it.


>Her dad is a doctor Not a doctor, but a first responder (as stated by himself a medical aide). https://www.yahoo.com/entertainment/uvalde-father-tells-anderson-cooper-that-he-learned-of-daughters-death-from-her-blood-soaked-friend-070521477.html




And then even beyond the children who died and their families, the children who witnessed these events and their families. Kids who will never see school the same way again. The kind of trauma they're going to live with for the rest of their lives. To lose their friends, children, in this way and to see it happen. They will never forget that kind of fear. These events in politics get treated as scattered, isolated incidents and not acknowledged as real shockwaves where there is visible, lasting damage. To have my son come home from school yesterday asking me questions, trying to fathom how that could happen. Children far away from these events are starting to experience a creeping fear that it could happen to them, too. I'm sure you feel it already as a teacher, I certainly do as a prospective one.


The Parkland kids are in various states of university or starting their lives as adults. The Sandy Hook kids are just starting to apply to college and getting ready to graduate high school. I cannot imagine how they feel right now


It’s a with certainty recurring reminder of one of the worst days of their Lifes. I can’t even fathom living with that.


Columbine kids have children in elementary schools. Must be so agonizing for them


I still remember a post on here that was talking about how they were getting ready for the first day of school. A high school student said they were writing and saving goodbye notes on their phone incase there was a shooting, that they could quickly copy and paste them. I fucking hate this world that a teenager feels that THAT is what they need to get ready for the first day of school. Not practicing their makeup, or trying on every outfit in their closet to find the perfect one. Or going shopping for new shoes, a backpack, whatever latest school supplies. Nope. Writing goodbye letters for when it is their turn to die.


If that's legit than fucking hell. That's the sortof stuff I'd expect from a warzone


I recently finished my senior year of high school, and my main feeling was relief that I will never be the victim of a school shooting. Yeah.


Congratulations (on graduating… but also not dying)! I’m glad you made it too. It’s so sad that that is worth saying. It should be the kind of sarcasm of congratulations you didn’t get hit by a meteor! But no… it is something much more likely. I’m sorry the adults have failed you in not making this something as crazy as saying you didn’t get hit by a meteor.


Yes I had a family member die recently after an illness so I saw the death coming and they weren’t that young but it’s still messed me up. I absolutely cannot imagine how those parents can even manage to get out of bed. How do you even go on living?


Tbh, I probably wouldn't. I'm a single parent with one kid who has a lot of years of schooling ahead of him. It's not that 'he's my world' or anything as cliche as that, but I have no interest in living in a world without him. I think if he died this way, I'd want to do something really extreme to somehow punish who I thought was responsible, and then go die.


Thanks, fixed it


Jesus Christ


That was my exact reaction. Just terrible


The husband of one of the teachers killed died from a medical emergency, likely heart attack from grief and stress. It was either yesterday or today. [article link](https://www.cbsnews.com/amp/news/irma-joe-garcia-texas-school-shooting-broken-heart-syndrome/)


I still don’t understand WHY? Other school shooters have a motive, like “they bullied me” or something. But what could a bunch of elementary school aged kids have done to hurt this guy? Was there a strained relationship with the kids parents? Faculty? Had the shooter been a prior student? Was it purely mental illness? I don’t understand! He had shot his grandmother earlier that day, too, and posted about it on Facebook. Then later he posted that he planned to open fire on the school. I DON’T UNDERSTAND!! When the Beirut explosion happened, it was an accident that wasn’t unexpected. The twin towers was an act of terrorism. Prior school shootings often release the shooters “manifesto”. These things got explained to me. I feel like I need an explanation for some sort of closure?


It’s the way to inflict the most pain on people. You murder a child it affects not just the parents but the entire family and community. Imo it’s the most evil thing someone can do.


I agree, it is the most evil thing you can do. I wish I could cry, but I’m so desensitized to these things. I just want to sleep.


very few schools hooters have coherent motives, more and more likely reason seems to be some form of attention-seeking, unmanaged aggression or political radicalization. this shooter seems to be motivated by a fascination with guns, and violence.


But why kids? And why kids so young? It feels like it’s the worst time of life to target. Not so young that they don’t understand the world, but not old enough for any big experiences. My son is 5, I just registered him for kindergarten last month. I can’t comprehend wanting to target that aged person with deadly weaponry! Even if I try my hardest to understand the evil persons motives, I.e. *“Hitler *thought* he was enacting God’s will”*, I still can’t figure this one out. Why didn’t he go shoot up a local McDonalds? Or a park? Or a highly crowded place, even? But I’m a bit grief stricken, and my brain feels too tired to think lately.


Soft targets. He had already had a shoot-out with law enforcement.


A coward, wanting to cause mayhem and pain while easily being provided access to the tools to accomplish and succeed. Don't think so hard, it's not that difficult of a notion. He got what he wanted. Because we as a society don't know what we want or stand for. We fundamentally don't care for each other. People who care about others don't make ideological excused to impede a solution to a problem that literally ends the future of our children. We are a nation of cowards willing to capitulate to comfort and fear, to the fantasy of being the Hollywood hero and self importance driven calculus. We are cowards to amoral ideology and to the money and power it drives. From every person who peddles in fallacies until nothing gets done, to those of us who have allowed it to prevent conflict or having difficult conversations. Taking a stand for what's right involves risk. We all have failed the children. Congratulation to us. The largest most inefective and cowardly cohort of "adults" in modern history.


This is a horrible world to be born into right now. I look back to my own childhood and compare it to my sons… I’m not just being a bitter adult when I say that I wish my son could’ve had my childhood. It was safer, happier, quieter. I had so many opportunities. My son is 5 and cannot remember a time before COVID. Soon he’ll be learning how to properly hide and defend himself from an active shooter, and he can barely write “mom”. I don’t know. There’s more I could put here but I feel so depressed lately and thinking takes so much work. I have a therapist, just to disclaim! I’ll be seeing them in a few days where I’ll bring this all up.


What's odd is this guy was clearly having a mental break and driving so erratically ppl called the cops, cops engaged and had a shootout and watched him enter the school... I just don't understand their purpose at this point -_- The shooter is gone, pointless to think about why he had a mental break. **Make guns harder for people having a mental break to access.**


The story keeps changing. Now the police say there was no exchange of fire and he entered the school unimpeded. There is likely some CCTV footage that the police have discovered that contradicts their initial hero stories, so they’re adjusting the lie on the fly.


Didn't they kill him at least? Edit: turns out the cops were shameful. Disgusting human beings who rescued their own children and meanwhile denied other parents the ability to rescue thiers by barricading the school and tasing parents who wanted to storm in. All this with shouts of kids getting murdered in the background. Like it was point to me, border patrol came in on thier own. What a Shameful day.


Border Patrol was actually the one to kill the shooter, not the local police


Most heartbreaking interview I’ve ever watched. I almost couldn’t finish it. Just sat there and cried listening to that dad. Every politician needs to see that.


This just fucking ruined me. I’m crying at work. I used to work EMS and I have a preschooler going to kindergarten next year. I cannot fathom this hurt. It’s breaking me. My heart is so fucking broken for all those people poor souls


Well, Ted Cruz has a solution. Just have fewer doors.


1 entry and exit, that way the shooter rvan open fire, and then hide and wait for everyone to book it to the 1 exit so he can get a killamanjaro


Well that sounds counter productive. What's to stop them from starting a fire at 1 door and waiting to mow them down at the other.. Only possible upside I see is that maybe at least there would be fire fighters at the scene. They might actually be able to do something other than wait outside


Reminds me of that TIFU post where OP had corporate terrorism response training, and they asked why a terrorist wouldn't just plant a bomb at the assembly point and pull the fire alarm.


That's basically what the Columbine plan was. Set off bombs in the cafeteria, have the school evacuate to the parking lot where there were more bombs, set to go off , and pick off anyone who was running. We were just lucky the shooters couldn't make a working bomb.


> We were just lucky the shooters couldn't make a working bomb. I think you mean: lucky the shooters couldn't go the bomb store and buy a bomb.


The shooter was 18. Meaning that he had gone through active shooter drills in school. He already knew their responses.


There are shooter drills in American schools? That is honestly making me cry.


Yep. Here's on that took place at the shooter's old high school on March 22. [https://nypost.com/2022/05/25/texas-shooting-salvador-ramos-hs-held-active-shooter-drill-weeks-before-massacre/](https://nypost.com/2022/05/25/texas-shooting-salvador-ramos-hs-held-active-shooter-drill-weeks-before-massacre/)


Never thought of that, American kids are trained for this shit.


We have fire drills.. earthquake drills. And shooter drills.


I went to school during the cold war. We had bomb drills back then.


Oh I wanna see that post


Welcome to Triangle Shirtwaist Elementary School


Except the Triangle Shirtwaist fire lead to a lot of reforms.


What about tickets to Cancun? No way that shooter will reach your kids if you just take them to Cancun.


This is a bit of a rant but I remember a few years back, when my son started kindergarten the orientation for that school. Now, I was a single parent then. I lived in a low income neighborhood, and prior to registration for school I visited my neighborhood school. Walked in, went to the front desk. Didn't like the vibe of the place overall. Staff was unfriendly, building was unkempt, grades for the school were overall very low. I read reviews on the best schools in my district and decided to try for a variance to get him into that school. I was accepted. So when I went to go there and visit during school hours and pick up the paperwork, I was stopped at the door. It had an auto lock system on it. You had to page the office to enter the building, a common feature now of newer school buildings. I remember the orientation, where they were discussing the new security features and sending him off his first day and just thinking during the time: "he might not be safe there". That schools are proudly showing off these systems which - don't get me wrong - are clearly important right now. But the necessity for them is terrifying. And furthermore, the fact that the lower income school in my neighborhood didn't have this system. Their building isn't as new as the one in the nicer neighborhood. And it just pisses me off, the way our tax structure is designed to where lower paying neighborhoods have less secure schools (in addition to other things I'm sure you're all aware of). The whole thing is just insane to me. Not only can people never be sure that school of all places may not be safe for their child, but parents that have the misfortune of a lower economic status can't be guaranteed any of the extra layers of protection that higher income schools have. I work in a low-income school myself now, and we had a lock down a couple of weeks ago, where all we knew is there was an "active assailant" on campus per the alert. Fortunately, it was not a shooter and no one was injured. But at the time we received the alert we didn't know that. We just had to lock down, in a room full of kids with disability, some of which we weren't able to easily move. We're the closest classroom to the parking lot. And I remember there considering for a moment what could possibly be happening and going home later realizing that we're so desensitized to this happening now we all sprung into action and expected we could be under an actual attack. It's just surreal and dystopian.


Now put the faces on there of the spineless policemen who ran away!


Are you serious that policeman stood outside doing nothing? Im just catching up to the news now and this is crazy


Not only did they do nothing for 40 minutes while the shooter was murdering children, they restrained and pinned down parents that were desperately trying to go in and save their children. And on top of that, a few police officers actually snuck into the school and saved only their own children. It’s reported that a police officer actually encouraged children to yell out if they needed help, causing a young girl to yell for help, which caused her to get shot and killed. It’s also reported that there was security at the school originally before the shooter even turned up, and they failed to prevent the shooter accessing the building. There are currently disputed reports of whether the original security even shot back at the shooter, many sources saying the security didn’t shoot at him despite the attacker running towards the building carrying guns. However I’m uncertain how well founded these claims are


I'm speechless. I didn't know all that. Imagine being a parent and have to fight the cops to save your child. Imagine the agony, the pain the devastation. This will never heal. The poor kids are not coming back either. This is a trauma for life


The Uvalde shooter was killed by a federal officer because the other police officers kept waiting for more and more backup https://www.wsj.com/articles/suspected-shooter-at-texas-elementary-school-in-custody-after-incident-11653422735 A mom of two children at Uvalde was put in handcuffs after urging police and law enforcement to enter the school. Once freed from her cuffs, she jumped the school fence, ran inside and sprinted out with her kids. New from @WSJ https://www.wsj.com/articles/uvalde-residents-voice-frustration-over-shooting-response-11653588161 Cops stood outside the school while the killer rampaged inside. Onlookers yelled at them to go in. They didn’t. "One parent urged bystanders: “Let’s just rush in because the cops aren’t doing anything like they are supposed to.” "Spoiler: that parent’s daughter died in the attack while he was begging cops to save the kids. My God." https://apnews.com/article/uvalde-texas-school-shooting-44a7cfb990feaa6ffe482483df6e4683 https://twitter.com/AndySpecht/status/1529643462953521153 At least one additional kid died directly because the cops were incompetent. “When the cops came, the cop said: 'Yell if you need help!' And one of the persons in my class said 'help.' The \[shooter\] overheard and he came in and shot her," the boy said. Video: https://www.reddit.com/r/PublicFreakout/comments/uydcpe/fourthgrader\_who\_survived\_uvalde\_school\_shooting/ https://www.kens5.com/article/news/special-reports/uvalde-school-shooting/its-time-to-die-fourth-grade-survivor-uvalde-shooting-recalls-what-gunman-told-student/273-51cc4e26-7a0a-49c0-ba7a-48cdd47fa235 https://twitter.com/paleofuture/status/1529708434995683329 Uvalde is a town of just 16,000 people. But it apparently has a SWAT team. We’re regularly told small towns need SWAT teams so they can quickly respond to events just like this. The killer was in the building for an hour. Photo op of SWAT team: https://twitter.com/radleybalko/status/1529679652154920960 The school district for Robb Elementary has its own police department with 5 cops and 1 security guard. The city of Uvalde's police department recieved just under 40% of the entire city's budget for the year and got a 500k grant from the state. Neither stopped today's massacre. https://twitter.com/NeeNeinNyetNo/status/1529220708601151491 More kids have died from going to school than cops have from going to work https://twitter.com/JP\_1U/status/1529213380044668928 Cops will only do their job when the public stops criticizing them for murdering unarmed people. @JackPosobiec I'm not defending the actions of the officers. But we've demonized law enforcement to the point that there are far fewer rewards for being a hero https://twitter.com/paleofuture/status/1529835589847027712 cops whine and bitch about risking their lives to defend people, and when a shooter shows up in what looks like (but isn't) body armor, they run & hide while a massacre unfolds. an unarmed teacher was brave enough to try. https://twitter.com/revrrlewis/status/1529454699275075584 There’s a common mythology in law enforcement, pushed by quack groups like the Force Science Institute, that police ofticers’ memories improve over time. It contradicts all the scientific research and, oddly, apparently does not apply to non-police. https://twitter.com/radleybalko/status/1529946586058571794 Police lied about the timeline. They lied about shooter having body armor. They lied about him being barricaded. They lied about border patrol on-scene. They went in and got their own kids. The armed resource officer failed. Local PD/DPS/tactical PD waited for SWAT. https://twitter.com/SawyerHackett/status/1529819943608496128 Now the police are investigating themselves to tell us whether letting the school shooter in for an hour while keeping parents from saving their own children’s lives was a policy violation. https://twitter.com/samswey/status/1529863659677048836 One of the greatest culture shocks when I arrived in the U.S. was the blind veneration of police. After years and years of living here and reading about this country, I now realize that it's the structural pillar of white supremacy. https://twitter.com/EmilKerenji/status/1529789802551427073 My town has announced that in light of yesterday's tragedy there will be an increased police presence at the schools. As a black father I now have two potential threats to be concerned over. https://twitter.com/ShanePaulNeil/status/1529436129061224449 Again - the police will continue to change their story until they find the one white people will accept. Don't fall for it. Parents were on the scene - teachers were there. Talk to WITNESSES NOT THE POLICE. https://twitter.com/LeslieMac/status/1529909067782705153 This is a much bigger problem in America than we realize because Republicans use conservative culture wars "guns and gays" politics and "control the narrative" tactics, the police department control of local news dependent for access, the camera footage evidence (getting caught deleting camera footage again or after 3 years or released immediately if it helps police), the "law and order" politicians, the arrests ("black and white Americans use cannabis at similar levels" but black Americans are 800% more likely to get punished for it and even after legalization), the statistics themselves (see how the police stop better crime statistics "FBI may shut down police use-of-force database due to lack of police participation or how they block their own domestic violence research showing "400% higher in the law-enforcement community") More examples from r/Bad_Cop_No_Donut: Epidemic One-third of all Americans killed by strangers are killed by police. Police solve just 2% of all major crimes Police Are Deleting Smartphone Videos At Crime Scenes Even Though It’s Illegal Bodycam Catches Cop Planting Drugs During Traffic Stops (parents lost their children due to these felony arrests) All of NYPD's worst misconduct officers are paid about $200,000 a year with substantiated serial abuse records Arrests at End of Shifts to Rake In Overtime Pay Five Police Captains are to take salaries of 450k EACH in town with population of 50k and a budget deficit of 5 mil 374 cops working for Seattle make more than 200k a year, and median pay was 153k a year. Public defender explains why she quit: "Cops lie. The system is built on it" An inmate died after being locked in a scalding shower for two hours \[skin melted off\]. His guards won’t be charged. (More examples of guards laughing while murdering) The LAPD and LA Sheriff together have 67 full-time employees working on PR and propaganda. People don't realize that they spend a lot of money and time to plant these stories: https://www.latimes.com/california/story/2020-08-30/police-public-relations https://twitter.com/equalityAlec/status/1470790952558243848 https://twitter.com/equalityAlec/status/1484966547244433416 "LA crime talking points" news report using an actual serial killer police officer to argue increasing police funding even though LA is one of the safest cities in America Undercover reporters went to multiple police stations & attempted to get the forms to file complaints against police officers. They were refused & even threatened at nearly all of them. "What will I go to jail for?" "I'll create something, you understand?" Full CBS4 news report: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vnJ5f1JMKns Just Texas recently: Texas examples: https://www.reddit.com/r/WhitePeopleTwitter/comments/uy57my/damn/ia32t2y/


Do you have a source on this? Going to share.


Police representative just on the national news said the suspect was NOT engaged/confronted at all before entering the school. So if there was security there, they did not try to stop his entry.


That conflicts with previous reports that he wrecked his car and shot/shot at two cops before entering the school


The police representative also said there were many officers present, but they had to wait for border patrol to arrive. 4 border agents eventually showed up and went in to take down the shooter. Why border patrol? I don’t get this at all.


There is literally video of it.


Fire and arrest every cop that stood outside that school with their thumb up their asses while that piece of shit was inside killing children.


And let me know when and where the shooter is buried because I will drive to Texas just to stand in line for my turn to piss on his grave.


Something tells me he’s not gonna get a proper burial and gravestone


Thank god we aren’t mentioning that shitheads name, he’s dead and should be forgotten. I haven’t seen his name once and That’s good, usually the media plasters the shooters face all over.


Headline should be... "LOCAL COPS PIN PARENTS TO THE GROUND WHILE THEIR CHILDREN DIE" A fucking hour they sat outside. Gunshots going off which is another child dying. Boom. Boom. Boom. And nothing... Parents try to rush past to do SOMETHING and they're pinned to the ground as more shots go off in the distance. Boom. Boom. Boom... Then, after an hour, and nearly 100 cops responded, 4 Border Patrol guys go in. Not local police. Not state police. Border Patrol.... THAT is something to talk about today.


don't forget the admission that cops saved their own kids while restraining other parents.


Wait fucking *what*? Is there more on this?




Saw a YouTube comment saying “cops are too overwhelmed with the border crisis and are understaffed.” Um what.


This is the ultimate irony because Border Patrol were the ones to actually enter and kill the shooter.


Also uvalde is a town of 16,000 people, located 60 miles away from the border. Uvalde PD inevitably has little to no involvement in any "border crisis"


Don’t forget that some of the police officers actually went inside to get children out… The thing was, it was **their own** kids. They wouldn’t let other parents get theirs. Edit: [see for yourself](https://www.reddit.com/r/PublicFreakout/comments/uybog7/police_officers_were_able_to_get_their_kids_out/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf)


A kid giving an interview said a girl was hiding. A cop yelled out, "if you need help, yell out!". The little girl yelled "Help!". Gunman heard her. And murdered her. So many thing went wrong that day on the police side. So, many, things.


> A cop yelled out, "if you need help, yell out!". The little girl yelled "Help!". It boggles my mind that this would be done DURING an active-shooter event. Isn't the entire point of Police Training.. to quickly identify and nullify the threat ?


Have to get rid of the polluted force and hire people that didn't eat an entire box of crayons every week when they were in training.


Wait, the 6 months you need to go from being a school bully to be a "fully qualified" police bully don't cover "10 basic steps to prevent an elementary child to get murdered in an elementary school shooting"? The cop probably missed that powerpoint presentation.


What's that phrase they like to use? Something about if there was no blue line there would be chaos? Looks like we have that anyways.


“These colors don’t run” …inside buildings to save kids from being shot and killed.


Yeah, was wondering why there was so much police presence and so little done....these bastards were pulling their own kids out and leaving everyone else behind.


Any officer who did is the scum of the fucking earth. They should be in prison for abuse of power. While I absolutely respect that any parent would do whatever they could, doing it *only for yourself* while specifically empowered by the state to do something, and then *preventing others from doing the same* is a special kind of selfish evil.


That's pretty big. You have a link for this? Wanna confirm it before I spread the word.


https://mobile.twitter.com/_sir_perfluous/status/1529584296415186952 It’s in the second half, you have to listen closely because he tries to sandwich it between bullshit.


They protected the shooter from the parents


God forbid I ever have to deal with this but I will 100% be shot or arrested because I AM GOING IN TO TRY AND SAVE MY CHILD.


I'd get in my car and just barrel into them if I have to. I'm going to get my fucking daughter. Period.


I mean at that point in a situation like this what can really be done to you that’s worse than HEARING CHILDREN BE SHOT AND KILLED and one of those children potentially being yours? Fuck that. I’m getting my daughter and your either going to kill me or get outta my way. I don’t care if I get in and get shot and/or die. If my body protects my daughter and other children and they get out alive I did my job as a parent and a decent human being. The rest don’t matter. I do not understand why police officers stayed outside while this was happening. The last time a shooting happened and a cop waited outside for backup (even tho he was alone) while the shooter was actively shooting people he was branded a coward and nationally smeared and his life basically ruined. How are these police officers (multiple ones!) waiting outside for backup any different?


The best part is, several cops on scene had children in the school, and did go in to pull their children out quickly, but then they came back out and stood around threatening other parents with tazers. Police are trash human beings.


Ya no chance I'm gonna stand there for an hour listening to my kids and his friends die. I would be armed and would not care about me at that point. Fucking cowards every police officer in that town should be publicly shamed. Protect and serve my ass.


I can’t imagine. Unbelievable outrage. Just beyond words.


I cry for those parents. What did they do wrong? Tried to save their kids when no one else would? State sponsored slaughter is what that was.


Worst part is there were some officers that snuck into the school to save their own kids.


Yeah that is beyonnnnd fucked like this needs heads rolling police have civic duty its what you sign up for sickening that this is their police forces response


Wasn’t there supposed to be a law that first responders had to enter after columbine? Or did that just get swept away too. Fuck the police.


Supreme Court already ruled that police don't have a duty to protect citizens unfortunately... https://mises.org/power-market/police-have-no-duty-protect-you-federal-court-affirms-yet-again




Scrolling like is this the end of the list yet? No? Now? Fuck. Oh god


Yeah, and this is just school shootings. This doesn’t count grocery stores or movie theaters or churches or any of the other locations that have unfortunately been home to mass shootings


It's not even ALL of those - I didn't see Bethel High School on there.


Lemme find out when that happened and I’ll update the list (trying to keep them chronological)


Also, Heath High School... '97


[here is my hometown although nobody ended up dying at this one](https://law.justia.com/cases/south-dakota/supreme-court/1993/17834-1.html)


Seminole High School - Sanford FL should be added


Or Texas Tech. I was in a Discord call with a friend who went there and it happened while we were on call together.


God, the time it took to reach Sandy Hooke is heartbreaking. Fucking hell.


I’m pissed about how long the list is AFTER Sandy Hook.


and yet the list persisted


I’d like to add from my hometown. Lindhurst High School, May 1992 I think. Ex student Eric Houston, who never graduated, shot and killed 4 with a sawed off .22 semi auto rifle and a pump action shotgun, and injured 10 others in a close to eight hour standoff with officers. Held students hostage and all. My dad was one of the hostages, one of his best friends was killed by the gunman. The guy is still alive awaiting his execution that has been set in stone since 1993. Edit: It’s crazy to think this was like the first OFFICIAL school shooting, in my hometown. Sad times we live in folks, and shoutout to the kids and teachers dying to protect our 2A rights. 🫤


Hey. This week is probably hitting your dad pretty hard. Give him a hug.


Adding it now, thank you


Just a note. I left off all school bus shootings, and there were a good number of those as well.


What a horrifying footnote to this list.


Just added these schools to my original list, started adding dates, and also adding bus shootings as well. Humboldt High School 11/30/21 Wilmington Park Elementary School 12/06/21 Ewing Marion Kauffman School 12/08/21 Auburn High School 01/04/22 Chowan University 01/09/22 Valley High School 01/11/22 Seminole High School 01/19/22 Oliver Citywide Academy 01/19/22 Col Zadok Magruder High School 01/21/21 Beloit Memorial High School 01/29/22 South Education Center 02/01/22 Bridgewater College 02/01/22 Catonsville High Schools 02/08/22 Minneapolis, Minnesota bus 02/09/22 Olathe East High School 03/04/22 East High School 03/07/22 Tanglewood Middle School 03/31/22 Erie High School 04/05/22 Edmund Burke School 04/22/22 University of District of Columbia 04/22/22 Suwannee, Georgia bus 05/09/22 Walt Disney Magnet School 05/17/22 Robb Elementary School 05/24/22


Fuck. I've been reading a lot of comments that have made me emotional but... the sheer length of this. this is first one to give me actual tears.


The worst part? I’m not convinced this is 100% complete. But maybe it’s just impossible to find any one tragedy in all that.


It's not. It starts in 1992 but they're about this many more starting in 1840.


That's it. That's the post that got me. I've been a funeral director for over 25 years, and I'm a parent, but the length of time I had to scroll to get to the end of this post hit me like a bag of onions to the face.


so many times I thought I was at the end of the list and it just kept going


The onion, famously, says enough on this. "No way to prevent this, says only nation where this regularly happens"


Their website today has ONLY this headline on every link you can click on their site. It’s pretty powerful to see all in one place how many times they’ve used this headline: https://www.theonion.com/


They've used it 21 times now. And since there were 21 victims on Tuesday it feels particularly appropriate that all 21 articles are up on the home page.


Just the front page. The news section has this one: "Entire U.S. Police Force Flees Country After Hearing Gunman Inside Nation"


First going in to get their own family out.


"Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell reportedly urged those affected Thursday to get their crying done now because he wouldn’t be passing shit. “Go ahead and shed some tears, trot out the families of the victims, do whatever the fuck you’re going to do, and then we’re going to go back to pretending none of this happened,” said McConnell" About right


And each one is a different city/town/state


All of which are places where mass shootings have occurred recently. It’s terrible and a testament to how awful American gun culture is that they can even make that many headlines.


Yeah they have Indianapolis, San Jose, Atlanta, Boulder, the list goes on and on...


Not quite. If you scroll down it gets worse/better. "Mitch McConnell: 'Get Your Crying Done Because We're Not Passing Shit'"


Meanwhile Beto gets attacked for caring too much.


He gets attacked because he said you need to reduce the number of guns. This is a completely uncontroversial opinion that is backed by gun violence stats the world over. More guns equals more gun violence. The US has more guns than any other nation. We also have more gun violence than any other nation not actively involved in war on home soil.


I knew about that from a meme yesterday, but when I actually opened it I had an emotional response I did not expect.


Same. Teared up. Haven't had that kind of reaction to anything shooting related in a long, long, long while... and that's the point


Holy. Shit.


Was like this all of yesterday too, good move.


If you check out [The Onion's](https://www.theonion.com/) front page right now, the first 21 articles are just instances of when they've re-run that same headline, each time for a different shooting. I'm not even sure if that's all of the times they've used it, and it appears this only goes back to 2014.


I mean there are already more than 200 mass shootings in the US in 2022 alone, so they have plenty to fill their page


The list I found said 252 mass shootings in the USA in 2022. So far. This is the 146th day of the year, so that's about 1.73 mass shootings per day. The Onion could run that same headline 12 times every week, and it would still refer to a new mass shooting every time. Oh, and while the definition of "Mass Shooting" is a subject of debate, this list was going by the most commonly accepted "4 or more people shot, which can include the perpetrator" definition. So if someone with a gun shoots one, two, or three people... that's not even included in this number.


[They went for the jugular today.](https://www.theonion.com/mitch-mcconnell-get-your-crying-done-now-because-we-r-1848977425) I wish these monsters could feel any shame.


That's savage. But as you said, useless when those in power don't feel any shame


As a former printer, doing this would be a nightmare


how'd you become sentient?


Holy shit a talking printer!


How are they not rioting at their local police dept


The police failed those kids


Well tomorrow they can fill that paper about the coward police department they have


Bill Burr is a pilot. He mused gun owners should start with qualifying for tiny one shooters and only move up with certification and strict mental evaluations for higher levels. Like a 767 pilot starts with a Cessna.


senators suggest.. "thoughts and prayers"


That paper is so dark, the cops will actually do something about it.


It’s been shredded for resisting arrest.


We need at least 60 more guns and 10 less doors. That is the problem - Ted Cruz’s thoughts


He spent like a good chunk of that interview he did talking about an 'unlocked door' as the cause of this pmo how these pathetic people are up there making decisions.


Can the parents who’s children passed away sue the police officers for not doing their job? That would be awesome! Every cop that was there should be fired.


Unfortunately, many court decisions have ruled time and time again that officers have *no* obligation to protect people actively being harmed or to stop someone actively committing a crime. If someone is mugged and beaten in broad daylight, an officer could legally stand there and watch with zero consequences. “To protect and serve” my ass. Just one of the many problems with police today


wait. what’s the point of police then…? isn’t that their whole job, to protect people?? i’m so fucking confused


Nope, their job is to protect property, apparently.


Their official remit is to protect and serve *the government* not the people. And the government is bought and paid for by big corporations thanks to lobbyism, so you can see who they are actually protecting and serving.


Not in the United States. In some places in the US the police are not an expense, they MAKE the city money by seizing property of 'bad people' and issuing fines.


This is America.


It says everything it needs to. One of the best news articles I've seen in awhile. No sarcasm




"How dare you make this political"


this is why I sometimes think that having kids may not be the best idea. I don't want to bring them in just to have their lives cut short like this


I am in my thirties. I've always wanted to be a mom, but... the state of life in America is really, really having me second guessing whether or not being a parent is a good idea.


The only thing I've ever wanted since I was young is to start a family, and give them everything I never had as a child. There's absolutely no way in fuck I can juggle being a loving father, own a house, provide completely with a shitty wage even while working a highly skilled job, then equip the kids with level 3 body armor just so they can become more educated than me. My new American Dream™ is to continue being able to make my rent every month, and keep my two cats fed. Family life is long gone, and I'm 29.