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Do you know where it drains to? Cool stuff


these are common by dams, they drain to the other side of the dam.


If you jumped in and were pulled into one of these things, guaranteed death?




Interesting that it says she's the only one to have this happen. I wonder what she was thinking swimming towards that thing.


My guess is that she severely underestimated how strong flowing water is.


From SF Gate article in 1997: “ Authorities said witnesses reported seeing Schwalek swimming toward the spillway at about 6:30 p.m. Sunday. The woman dropped out of sight after gripping the edge of the hole for about 20 minutes, witnesses said. There has never been a documented case of anyone else falling through the Glory Hole, said Don Burbey of the Solano Irrigation District.“ Must have been a horrifying 20 minute. Sure she you’ll hear the water washing into the 200 foot drop. Man…


I hate the thought of spending the last twenty minutes of my life feeling really stupid.


Also don't really love the idea of having "died by glory hole" on articles about my death, or on my obit.


That's actually something that I might consider.


If you don't want to feel stupid for long, you can always just let go.


Also in the dark


Ugh, that was the worst part. And I’m guessing it was too dangerous to attempt rescue. She probably held on as long as she could knowing that it was pretty much the end for her.


I’ve spent the last 60 years feeling stupid. Why should the last 20 minutes be any different?


is glory hole a scientific term? Edit; Oh Jeez that's a lot of likes


I don't know about this structure, but glass blowers use a glory hole all the time.


I'm surprised they get any work done.


All kinds of blowers really.


In British Columbia, Canada, our health minister suggested the use of glory holes to prevent the spread of covid. So, yes.


Man, 2020 was really the wild-west for a hot sec there


I remember this, it was glorious. Much better than any suggestion from Ford in Ontario tbh.


Lol please don't remind me


As a scientist, I’ve used it a couple times for research.


If using a gloryhole makes you a scientist then I am something of a scientist myself




This scared me.


I mean most people struggle hanging on to a pull up bar for one minute... Imagine holding on to dear life while tons of water dragging you down...for 20 minutes. Even her super human strength trying to defy death wasn't enough though


That is an awful death. Knowing for 20 mins straight that you’re going to die and can’t get out of the situation. Good god.


Why is there not a grate over the top of it?


It said the water flows into an 8-foot wide pipe. It's weird because it seems like she'd be completely submerged. But obviously she couldn't have held her breath for 20 minutes. I wonder how she managed to keep her head above water?


The water levels change. The hole is to drain extra water out so the lake doesn't get too high. A lot of the time there's no water at all flowing into it


She only held on for 20 minutes because she didn't want to be remembered as the first woman who suffered 'death by glory hole'.


It’s an extremely common issue in California. Even a slow moving river can kill you. The stat I’ve heard is that an average of 100 people a year die on the American river. Usually no life vest because “they are strong swimmers”.


I’m a river rescue guy in a city with a couple rivers. People drown in our rivers due to a combination of a few factors: they underestimate the power of moving water, they overestimate their swimming ability, they don’t use flotation devices, the water is colder than they expect, and alcohol. Don’t fuck around with water. Water will win if you’re not up to the challenge.


Sometimes even when you are up to the challenge. Agree people often overestimate their swimming ability. I've had a few people tell me they are good swimmers before doing some kind of water activity only to watch them doggy paddle and not be able to hold their breath for more than 5 seconds.


I’m a “good swimmer” in a pool aka I know how to swim but if swimming is required to survive I’m prone to catch a big air bubble and have trouble breathing lol. I have learned though that (for me at least) that I can let myself sink and refocus to get over any panic then work towards a plan to get safe. I’ve been swept away by fast uncontrollable water a few times though and in those situations I try to go limp until I can catch something like a rock and then focus on a plan. These moments weren’t even extremely dangerous though and still easily could die slamming against something so yeah water is not something to be messed with.


There’s a lake near San Antonio called Canyon Lake. It’s known for killing a lot of people. Something about it causes weird currents. People go out in the water, and some of them can’t swim but think they’re safe because they are able to stand up. Then one of those weird currents comes along sucks them away, then they end up dead.


I live in San Antonio and have never heard of this reason but that's scary as shit.


Canyon is weird like that. Several people die out there every year and it’s always the same story. They don’t know how to swim and think they’re safe staying in shallow water. Then some weird undertow sucks them out and they drown. Let me see if I can find a link.


Yeah i live in seguin about 40 minutes away. They have like weird sinkholes I heard too. The guadalupe river has the highest body count as far as rivers go in texas..I believe. It's a very unpredictable river. One minute it will be calm and the next bend it's whitewater.


Almost drowned last year in Canyon Lake. Tried to swim to retrieve our inflatable only for it to continue blowing further out and away in the wind. I had no life jacket. Thought I was a gonner for sure and could hear people yelling but they sounded far away. was pulled out in time by a boater before going under for good. Lordy scariest 10 min of my life.


Well, this is a cheerful thread


It's only 1000kg or the weight of a car for every cubic metre. Nothing too heavy. /s


There is a line that is there to forbid swimmers and boaters from getting too close to the realm of the drain.


The Realm of the Drain has good book series potential


I'm on it. Chapter One by Tuesday. Edit: If I were to actually do this, my first order of business would be to channel the lady who got sucked in via seance.


that is my hometown and my mom was a figherfighter/emt at the time this happened! From what i was told, it was suicide. The bottom of the glory hole has a metal grate to help break up debris that get sucked into it. Think like a garlic mincer...or potato slicer.


Damn this just keeps getting more savage..


Oh ewwww


Yikes, I wonder what was going through her head during the *20 minutes* she was stuck frantically holding on to the edge. Must've felt like an eternity.




*Having hope you'll be saved*


And possibly thinking you may be rescued.


You can’t see it in the video, but about 50 meters away is a big net stretching across the entire reservoir that goes a few feet above the water all the way down to the bottom. This women must have climbed over the net or tried to go swimming right next to the glory hole. My point is that she was being stupid. It’s nearly impossible to get sucked into this thing if you’re swimming or boating in the designated areas


I wouldn’t want to be in the same body of water as this thing, ever. I wouldn’t even want to take a fucking bath in the same town as this piece of shit. Fuck that thing. I don’t even wanna think about it anymore.


Congratulations, you win evolution


I’ve been to Lake Berryessa a few times. It’s a popular lake for boating and all kind of activities. The lake is pretty big. The drain is at the end of a winding arm of the lake. The remote location and the safety equipment means there is practically no danger. But we still don’t go near it. There’s no reason to.


They're is a sign on the net that says 'Glory hole this way'


Yikes >The woman dropped out of sight after gripping the edge of the hole for about 20 minutes That really sounds horrible


Imagine slowly coming to terms with that you’re going to die like that. The adrenaline wearing off and you go through your options realizibg there are none. Panic, then probably acceptance.


I wonder if she died from drowning or the impacts caused by the water flowing?


It's a 200ft drop onto concrete so that's more than likely what killed her.


Yeah that would do it


Yeah. Here is a [photo of some people skating it](https://www.riverdavesplace.com/forums/attachments/jp-96-97-b-jpg.767825/), and here is a photo [where you can see the height of the dam](https://www.thereporter.com/wp-content/uploads/migration/2017/201703/NEWS_170309966_AR_0_YPQICGJAJECH.jpg). It's quite a drop.


The guy on the left in the picture was the editor of Thrasher magazine and would address readers letters in the mail column. As a kid I wrote a letter to him asking for directions to the "glory hole" that I had seen in the magazine. He didn't respond. Lol. RIP Phelps.


Wait, the report said the opening is only 8ft wide. That looks way bigger.


There appears to be something happening with the inlet where it curves inward and then has a secondary hole at the bottom that is a little smaller- you can see it in the GIF. So maybe that's what they meant.


If there's water at the bottom she should be fine though, that's how it works in Minecraft at least


So - super dead, then.


Looks like you drop 50m (about 150 feet) when you enter the shaft. The water will provide some cushioning but you're going to hit the concrete outflow pipe bend at the bottom with considerable force. That's what would kill, I'd imagine. Even if one managed to keep breathing amidst the masses of cold water 😖


Why don't they just swim up like in Mario?


No frog suit.


One of these, yes. But check out this story. https://www.mmamania.com/platform/amp/2021/8/2/22605896/bj-penn-sucked-into-wave-pool-engine-room-nearly-died-like-movie-saw-mma


I stopped reading after "BJ Peen sucked"


Then, sadly, you missed out on the part about how he survived: his "history with tough cunts".


[this site](http://www.russellrazholder.com/eventpics/2017/170303gloryhole/thumbnailsx.php) has some good pictures showing how it works. Edit: looks like it’s down. [Here](https://web.archive.org/web/20220320205218/http://www.russellrazholder.com/eventpics/2017/170303gloryhole/thumbnailsx.php) is the way back archive someone posted below.


That website is a blast, copyright 1996!


And what a glorious thing it is. Loads instantly, contains all the necessary information, super simple to navigate, not filled with ads, nothing moves around. I fucking hate the state of today's internet.


Whatever server it’s running on must be getting overloaded because it won’t load for me here Edit: imagine it’s just some dudes home pc that’s been sitting there running for years on it’s last leg and we fried the fuckin thing. Unintentional DDoS


Reddit hug of death, probably.


Whatever it's running on can't hold much volume at all. I've never encountered a hug-of-death from a 2nd-level comment at ~700 karma. It's as if it's hosted on some dust-clogged Gateway running for 25 years straight.


Wayback machine archive of it: https://web.archive.org/web/20220320205218/http://www.russellrazholder.com/eventpics/2017/170303gloryhole/thumbnailsx.php


Gen 1 raspberry pi in a dust filled shoe box




Took a minute or two for me as well but it got up Reddit hugged too hard


annnnnnnd it's gone.


I think we hugged it to death 😞 Edit: it’s up at the time of edit


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The cat eyes at the top blink when you hover over them lol!


aaand.. it's hugged to death


Yep, Reddit has killed another one with our glorious hugs.


Well. Now we know where Pennywise is living.


I’m actually from the area. It goes from the reservoir through the dam and then it comes out to a creek. One time in the summer we climbed into the exit hole for this. It’s just a giant concrete tube.


There was a dammed lake where I lived that [allowed water to flow over a section and had drainage at the bottom as well](https://www.neel-schaffer.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/03/laketuscaloosaaerial.jpg). The bottom drainage kept a constant minimum into the former creek while the spillway prevented flooding. The really cool thing is that the water from the bottom of the lake was pressurized so it shot up like a fountain, and it was much colder since the lake was deeper than sunlight could reach. This meant that below the dam would be like 65 degF ambient temperature while it was 100 degF everywhere else. It was technically illegal to visit but we used to go there during the summer to swim in the warm water from the top of the spillway. The cold air and warm water combined with the landscape that was left from using dynamite to create the space for the dam made this a surreal location that felt like you were on the surface of Mars or something.


18th hole of minigolf


feels weird that they put it so close to a road? like I can 100% imagine people just going there and throwing shit in it


Imagine blowing that corner and flipping your car into it


Horrible way to go for sure


An article linked above said that it's a 200 feet drop. I guess that's enough for an instant death on impact


What the fuck?!? That’s terrifying!


Way less terrifying than being in an underground river for the rest of your life though


They will be in it for the rest of their lives


They have a curve to them, there's one in the UK, I think the fall would still kill but you'd hit that curve with some force to be sanded down rather badly before you're shot out the end.


I’m surprised some prankster hasn’t gone out at night and built a fucking ramp on the guardrails


Sounds like a 'Get the secret VHS Tape' objective from Tony Hawk's.




Yeah but at least it's rated the 2nd largest.


// I'll bite Which one is the largest?


the one at my house


Calm down there, Tuna Can Terry.


*stretches legs* *stretches arms* “Your...” *cracks fingers* *cracks neck* *dies*


Hello? Is anyone there? I seek glory!!


I wonder who the highest is 👀


Your mom


Genuinely wondering how this affects the wildlife environment in the lake?


Imagine being some fish just chilling and then you just got sucked into another dimension outta nowhere


Imagine being some fish just chilling


Ain't that the dream


When people ask what animal I'd be if I could be any animal my answer's always been a jellyfish. Just floatin, eatin, and vibing out in the ocean with literally no ability to have any worries.


Went to a park in California. There was this Japanese garden and we were sitting next to this authentic tea house and watching the squirrels near a lake. And oh, to die and come back as a fat squirrel in a quaint Japanese garden inside of a gorgeous park in the spring. What a dream.


I mean sign me up......as long as no one's gonna put a giant hole in my lake


The intense quick pressure difference usually ruptures their swim bladders and they die slowly not being able to regulate their buoyancy.


Poor bastards


To be fair it’s incredibly rare for it to actually be spilling over like this. When the water level isn’t high like this from severe rainstorms (which being in California I would say drought is far more likely) then it’s just a hunk of concrete in the middle of the lake.


Can confirm. Went to the lake last year and the gloryhole is like 30+ feet above water. The lake is very low at the momment. [here](https://www.thereporter.com/2021/05/17/lake-berryessa-shows-effects-of-ongoing-drought/) is a picture of it from last year


I grew up near Berryessa, and used to go up there every summer with friends who had a house there. I've never seen it anywhere close to that low. Fuck.


I was so confused about how they built this but now I've seen that picture it makes total sense.


I was gonna say, it probably hasn't spilled over in quite a while with how dry we've been the last decade. I can't even remember the last time the yolo bypass weir overflowed and flooded the fields there. It used to be every year like clockwork.


Was just thinking the same thing. I wonder if they eventually learned to avoid that area. I’m imagining how many ducks have gotten sucked in….or people.


at least one person and one duck


The person died, the duck did not


Nets? Probably nets / barriers


One person died, no idea if they installed a net after that incident or not. Would make sense for them to put a big chain net over it or something.


Am I the only person shi#ting bricks looking at this cuz my mind is playing out scenarios of what all will happen with me as I get sucked in that drain?


You will die. https://www.sfgate.com/news/article/NORTH-BAY-Woman-Sucked-Into-Lake-Berryessa-2849821.php


It drops down 200 feet? Fucking scary ...


Thanks, but holy shit the ads on that site are out of control


For the record, on Firefox with uBlock Origen and Privacy Badger, no ads at all, on both laptop and mobile. Both are free.


“She hung 20 minutes on the edge before falling in.” Jesus Christ.


That.. would... suck. 🙄


Imagine going straight off the edge of the road in a car and going straight down. Would be biblical


It would beat the space Tesla to the worm hole


Authorities said witnesses reported seeing Schwalek swimming TOWARD the spillway at about 6:30 p.m. Sunday. 👀


So…what’s at the bottom? I know it directs water somewhere but is there a metal grate? Just a massive hole? Falling 200 into water wouldn’t necessarily kill you. Did it spit her body out somewhere? Damn, this thing terrifies me and I need more details for my nightmares this evening.


It's best to just google it. There's a dozen videos of people/drones going inside of these things on youtube. Quick image example: https://i.pinimg.com/originals/ed/3d/f2/ed3df260e634b2ed2d03a134625039e6.jpg


Imagine exploring the tube, looking up out of the top and suddenly see water flowing in 😬


Yup. That would definitely kill you dead.


Getting killed dead is the worst


Childhood video game knowledge leads me to believe you will be fine as long as you have a skateboard.


Fuck, imagine surviving the fall and the time underwater just to be stuck in front of the metal gate, 10 feet from the exit, with all the dead bodies that drowned before


The exit is a quarter mile away, not sure how long it takes the water to go that distance tho.


Shit! I think I saw that scene once in a mission impossible movie. Fuck. That. Noise.


Hello, may I introduce you to MrBallen on YouTube?


When it's not draining any water out. The inside of that is a [legendary skateboarding spot](https://64.media.tumblr.com/7558cd0ed258cc9da787351d00cb9529/tumblr_nz1a6eOVjP1tp4km3o1_1280.jpg). lots of folks travel out there to [skate it](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=re3SjqPQ8LA)


Wonder how they got the graffiti so high up in the tube? I can't figure how one would place a ladder without it just sliding out on you.


Whoever came up with that name was very cocky




I mean if you’re a giant it’s fair game right?


The lady of the lake is just waiting down there.


its dontput


Mars: Are you stuck step sis?


I would prefer to have some kind of cage surrounding the vortex.


Nah, If your close your dead. A fence is only a net to hold you as you drown, probably require to much maintenance clearing debris too.


> Powerful as it looks, the spillway probably wouldn’t pull you down to the netherworld if for some reason you found yourself in the lake. Although it could still be dangerous (and there are safety barriers and buoys to keep people away), you could probably swim away from the current. “It’s a lot of water, but not a lot of velocity,” Mr. King said. https://www.nytimes.com/2017/02/22/science/lake-berryessa-spillway-california-glory.html Not guaranteed to kill you, there are also safety barriers absent from the gif


You can see yellow buoys at the top edge of the gif at the beginning in the water and if that other poster is right and there an 8' fence on the road it's fully enclosed.


Someone did die in 1997 but that's it.


It’s crazy to think how she died, it says she swam towards it then held onto the edge for about 20 mins before falling in and disappearing it’s a 200 foot drop down a 72 foot wide pipe in total darkness with tons of water, then at the bottom it narrows to 28 feet wide, turns 90 degrees and runs for hundreds of feet underground before spilling out on the other side hopefully she passed out on the 200 ft drop, would be a horrible way to go


Results of the Drought: https://www.davisenterprise.com/files/2016/02/GloryHole1W1-1024x792.jpg


wow that’s a really interesting viewpoint. thanks for sharing!


holy fuck, this should be higher up. that’s a LOT of fucking water


Holy shit this is a great picture! Thank you!


So cool lookin! I wonder if there any near where I live. I’m going to google “glory holes near me” and see what I get….


Well, what were you able to find?


Im quite afraid this user probably got too distracted by the glory holes, u/CumInAnimals. Let's wait.


Is this the same lake where the Zodiac stabbed that couple?


First thing I thought of, too.


The same. Every small town around there has a “zodiac shack” that supposedly is where the Zodiac killer would hide out from the police in secret. In reality, it’s just local kids making up stories, and it was always some generic creepy old shack on the outskirts of town. Source: I grew up 25 minutes from there. We had a zodiac shack, so did the next town… and the next town…




And then somebody stabbed the lake?


Most certainly, also yes.


They don’t….actually call it that, do they?


It’s official name is Morning Glory Spillway at Lake Berryessa. But you can probably see why it got the nickname it did.


From SF Gate: “The spillway, which drops straight down more than 200 feet, is known as the Glory Hole.”


Wrong. I’m pretty sure that’s a portal to another dimension and/or other side of the world. Stay clear!


That's probably what the fish in the lake see it as


That’s a bit terrifying.


This makes the front page every time it gets posted. I live right next to this place. Its not as impressive as these photos/drone fly-by vids make it look. [Most of the time the water is a lot lower than the top of the hole so it's just this weird giant Rocky tube sticking out of the water, until CA is having a good rain year then it's overflowing a bunch like this.](https://images.app.goo.gl/ySVT8L5CTZpceBQaA) It drains into Putah Creek(yes, as in Spanish puta, like "bitch/whore"). The story I was told as a kid is that a whore house used to be along putah creek and they'd bathe in the creek, hence the name. The local kids commonly take a drive from town to the lake and find a place to park and smoke a blunt. We'd call it the "happy trail", I feel like every town had a happy trail of some kind but this was ours. I live here. Not important or cool, but AMA.


I've seen this plenty of times, but I always wonder why they made it so close to the road. Hide that shit so no one can jump in, right?


Right? Looks like it'd be easy for a car to go over the edge and straight into that too




theres a high fence that blocks it so you cant just fall in, I guess you could technically still climb it tho


fingers, but hole


Anyone know the science behind why it's falling in from the left side like that?


It looks open on all the other sides so my mildly educated guess is the current from the lake flows around the circle and then the opposing sides run into each other because the shore blocks it from going elsewhere and falls in. Water is flowing in from all sides but the pulling from the water falling creates a vortex sorta like a whirlpool which is what causes the extra flow around the circle. source: a couple years of fluid mechanics, take it with a grain of salt


Why isn’t there some sort of fence around it?!


Theres a 10+ ft tall fence (unsure of actual height but point is the video doesnt do the fence/wall justice) next to the road and well as warning signs if I recall correctly. You'd really have to go out of your way to access it.


Kayakist nightmare.