150 meter uncut footage of underwater atomic blast 1958

150 meter uncut footage of underwater atomic blast 1958


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The birds are like “WTF?!?!”


You should see the fish’s reaction




Poor dolphins and whales miles away had the equivalent of having their eardrums blown to bits.


Humans being dicks


Yep. First thought was about how much marine life that killed and wondering how far that shockwave traveled underwater. If there were any coral reefs nearby... Was that test necessary? Etc. A little sad now.


When the US military started above ground testing in the 40s, they were told by Los Alamos to locate testing to the East coast, so prevaling winds would carry fallout to the ocean. Military concluded that it was not convenient, so they tested in the Mid West and dumped radioactive fallout over most of the US population. To this day, we can detect radiation in medical samples harvested from Americans in that time period. These pacific tests completely irradiated people in the Marshall islands.


Watched a doc on the Marshall Islands and the utterly disgusting fuckery and total disregard the gov't had for anybody.


I heard you said "total disregard the gov't had for anybody". What I hear was "total disregard the gov't has for anybody." FTFY.


We’re still treating them like shit. There is a good amount of Marshallese here in Arkansas. Some lawmakers tried to change the law to let them become police, so their community could have officers who speak their language. GOP here shot it down. They can join the military and die for country but can’t serve their own community.


Wtf? I live there with populations of Marshallese nearby. What bill was it and who pushed it through.


Lest we forget the “Coffin” on Bikini Atoll island in the South Pacific. Native tribes again paying the price for American exceptionalism. https://www.whoi.edu/oceanus/feature/putting-the-nuclear-coffin-in-perspective/


Never forget the coffin, didn't that thing start to leak radiation pretty substantially recently?


Seriously though, humans kind of suck sometimes. 😒


I work in animal rescue - humans suck *all* the time.


I don't know...sometimes they rescue animals.


☺️💜 thank you


Perfect reply. Bless you both.


I think that's the cutest commemt I've ever read on reddit.


Fucking beautiful.


I would love to work in animal rescue but I think it would just make me terribly depressed. Which isn't great for somebody who already is.


This! I’d be crying as I helped the poor animal. I’m too emotional for a job like that.


Volunteer at your local animal shelter. Volunteers get all the fun jobs like taking the dogs out and playing with the cats. Minimal sadness and you're still helping the animals. Also it could help with that depression.


Sometimes!? We’ve just killed a whole Biosphere…


wait till you hear what happened to Japan


We also tested nuclear bombs in various levels of atmosphere as well. We straight up caught the sky on fire for about 3 hours during the starfish prime trials.


To be fair, that was in space at an altitude of 400 km, and the 'fire' was an aurora caused by the sudden release of a high volume of charged particles interacting with the Van Allen radiation belts surrounding Earth. It did fuck some shit up though, the electromagnetic pulse generated by the detonation took out a bunch of satellites and caused damage to things like power and telephone lines in Hawaii.


I'm so glad you went in depth for me, I honestly didn't know the science about it. I could only find articles on "US catches atmosphere on fire with nuclear tests." And there's not alot of readable reports from the government on it from what I could find. Thank you!


No problem! If you really wanna go down the rabbit hole, you should read up on Operation Fishbowl. Starfish Prime was only one of several tests conducted by the US in researching the effects and applications of nuclear explosions in space. It was the biggest one, though.


Is *any* nuclear test necessary?


Any mammal with air in its lungs died. Water is not compressible, the air in lungs is. Crushed.


They literally nuked a whole civilization of aqua nation.


Everything changed when the water nation was attacked


u/gr8tfulDED Jesus Christ. Those poor animals that died. But you're right so much just...suffering too. Ugh. Makes me so sick.


They thought it was an epic whale fart. They were more surprised when, instead of a nasty stench, their bills started bleeding, their pin feathers fell out, and they got a letter from Monsanto, informing them they're being sued for stealing patented neutrons.


This took me for a ride


150 meter of what?


150 meters of footage lol


150 meters deep. Not great, not terrible.


You didn't see water because there wasn't any! He's in shock




I presume that was the depth of the explosion.




Well I know they would measure film in feet when it came to animating cartoons, i.e. 16 frames per foot.


I was going to say, that's close enough to literally /r/killthecameraman


~~Radius of explosion~~ I am sorry, it wasn't the radius of explosion. The test conditions were met on May 16 1958 allowing for the nuclear device to be detonated. Within a second of detonation, a spray dome was created that reached a height of 840 feet (260 m) after seven seconds. The overall shape of the spray dome resembled a cone with 45 degree sloped sides. Plumes were seen breaking through the spray dome after six seconds in every direction. The vertical plume continued rising until 12 seconds after the blast while the lateral plumes traveled for 20 seconds before collapsing. The diameter of the spray dome was approximately 3,800 feet (1,200 m) at the 20 second mark.\[4\](p237) The base surge reached a radius of 8,000 feet (2,400 m) in the downwind direction after 1.7 seconds. The downwind surge aided by a 15 knots (17 mph; 28 km/h) wind reached speeds of 21 knots (24 mph; 39 km/h). This base surge could be seen for three and a half minutes and for longer from the air as it continued to move across the ocean. When the spray dome and base surge had dissipated, a foam patch could be seen spreading from the surface zero water to reach over 6,000 feet (1,800 m).\[4\](p238) The nuclear blast was calculated to be 9 kilotons of TNT (38 TJ). All fallout stayed within the predicted fallout area with a maximum of 0.030 r/hr. The target ship at 5,900 yards (2.9 nmi; 3.4 mi; 5.4 km) was directly hit by the shockwave, vibrating the entire ship and shaking it violently. The Moran merchant marine ship moored at 2,346 feet (715 m) away was immobilized due to shock damage to its main and auxiliary equipment while also suffering minor hull damage. One hour and ten minutes after detonation, a five-gallon water sample was taken directly above the blast location showing 5 r/hr. The retrieval team entered a 3.8 r/hrfield after an hour and thirty five minutes. [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ydWLkyMRfaU](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ydWLkyMRfaU)


OK, Wahoo. Was a small one, yes.


My excellent father in law was there beginning his new life of turning into on large basal carcinoma. Went right in after it.


My father was in the British army on Christmas islands for nuclear tests and was asked if he wanted to go watch from a nearby ship. He said fuck no.


When radiation effects were poorly understood and not common knowledge I would have took a front row seat to see “the giant boom”


>The retrieval team entered a 3.8 roetgen Not great, not terrible


> Not great, not terrible Yes, the explosion is well under control.... now we must contain the spread of misinformation


hahah. i get joke.


This man is delusional. Take him to the infirmary.


I think there’s graphite on the ground, in the rubble


You didn’t see graphite


in the show, when he grabs the graphite rubble and his hand like melts... SHUDDERS


Or when they got closer to the burning reactor & their skin goes red & they vomit from the exposure…gnarly.


Keep in mind that the show is dramatized. Radiation effects do not show up on nearly as fast of a timescale. Ironically, if they did, it would be safer since more immediate pain and injury would let humans avoid the danger. I don't want to downplay the severity of the accident, but I also don't appreciate some of the over the top false narratives that just spread fear unnecessarily. Additionally nuclear meltdowns in reactors are an entirely different kind of entity than a nuclear detonation. Equating the two promotes fear of one of the safest forms of energy production that exists. Keep in mind, that *including* Chernobyl and Fukushima Daiichi, nuclear power still has the lowest fatalities per electric energy production of any major energy source.


Everything is fine here back to work. *vomits and passes out*


Sooo... 150m of what?


He doesnt know. He copied that wall of text straight from the youtube video description where he got the video.


Of uncut footage. Film stock was measured in meters in the old timey days of film.


Is that true?


Yes. Guess where the term "footage" even comes from. Exactly, from the country that uses "foot" as a length unit. edit: the "yes" is towards the fact that film was measured by its length. IDK if OP's number really means that, or they rather mean some other size.




There is no way this is 150 meters of film. This video is around a minute long. 150 meters of film is around 30 minutes for 8mm film, or 22 minutes for 16 mm film. Even if it is 65mm film, it would still be over 4 minutes long.


That is terrifying


Right? I had a knot in my stomach waiting for a huge wave to come to shore 😅


Very disappointed we didnt get to see said wave reach the shore. EDIT: u/austin0matic [Kinda Sorta Found it!](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y53vDnNPiA4)


That’s a crazy video. The narrator casually mentioning they climbed a tree to avoid a 4-5ft wave that swept the island


and not just any wave, a nuclear wave.


Spicy water


I think Nestlé is selling it as Water+


It's got what plants crave!


It’s got electrolytes


\#electrolytes \#Brawndo


Forbidden water




https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/m000b1gn I watched a documentary a few years ago which included a segment about British conscripts being sent to the Pacific to facilitate nuclear tests. Due to the secrecy around the nuclear programme they told these boys (and many of them were just late teens) as little as possible. They spent a few weeks thinking they were living in paradise, going from a dreary life in rainy England to doing work on a Pacific atoll. Then all of a sudden one day they were told there would be a bomb test and that they were not to look directly at it. Many of them recounted how scared they got when they were just continuing to work in their shorts and t-shirts when suddenly all the higher ups started putting on radiation suits. And of course they weren't told that in the following days they shouldn't eat any of the fish from the water nearby, or that they should expect to fill ill due to the consequences of the blast.


My granddad was one of these guys! have an awesome picture of him in shorts n sunglasses with a mushroom cloud in the background


Please post this…. r/oldschoolcool I would love to see it!


I’ve been meaning to for a while but it’s in an old binder in my parents loft. He was based on Christmas Island and from the sound of it everyone had a blast there aha. Stories of hula girls, crabs 🦀 and nuclear bombs. Bad part is most of his mates got some sort of cancer and they all went pretty deaf quite young.


What are the chances that you'd find an obscure comment of an event few people were part of and it was your grandfather! I hope he and you are well!


Don’t forget there were Pacific Islanders there who were living on those islands and atolls. The French also did similar which really impacted life for local people. Rough deal for many.


My mum worked with a gentleman who had been one of the boys. He (and many others) did turn around to peek a little once the blast had gone off. He was much, much older when he worked with my mum in a shop. She was born in the 60s, and obviously he was a late teen at the time of the blast testing. One day he went suddenly very white, and collapsed. He was taken to hospital and they found that he was full of cancer, and was given weeks to live. (Mum doesn’t recall what type of cancer). They were positive that he died years later as a result of this blast. Or so they said, anyway.


I also like how they weren't wearing shirts. I imagine they had a beer in their hands while filming and had sandals on.


Back then they were trained that above ground nuclear blasts were safe to observe (as long as you didn't look at the bright initial blast). That there was radiation, but in order to be exposed to a harmful amount of it you'd have to be close enough to where you would be killed by fire and flying debris first. I read an account of a sailor on a ship who was close enough to where some small pieces of debris landed on the deck of the ship he was on. He picked up a small rock and put it in his pocket. He lost that leg and hand years later due to the ionizing radition he was exposed to. That said, the undersea ones were probably much safer.


The part about radiation is true. If you're close enough to be injured by the prompt radiation you are within the danger zone of blast and heat. The undersea explosions were worse if you were caught in the spray. Ships that were intentionally exposed were difficult to impossible to clean.


"Then they sent a good old boy in a toy airplane to check on us, we hollered back that it was just a nuke tsunami, all good fun, nothing to worry about."


[Heres a worse quality one](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=egTaBf8UF8A) but has more footage of the waves


Imagine the kind of energy it took to move that much water in an instant. Water is heavy.


I could lift that much water just gotta have that Sigma grind, wake up at 5 AM every morning, read the Excellence section of the newspaper for tips, run to the beach, pick up a little water, go home, run my three businesses, go back to the beach, fucking drown myself, fail because the tide came in before I could die, contemplate what just happened, by now it's around 7 so it's time for three hardboiled eggs


Can have egg?


bro Like you're hustle bro but you gotta drive drive drive, hustlin' ain't drivin' bro, it's a subset of grindin' (i.e. intentionally drinking a gallon of seawater to challenge Neptune's dominance)


I like the bit about the pilot, slowing down so he could ask those on the beach if they're alright hahaha


From the first comment on Youtube: “Yeah, just a little cancer” lmao


I don't know how any marine life survived. Like I wonder how far the rippling from the blast went. Don't aquatic creatures rely on a kind of sonar? Geez, this crazy


First thing I thought about. I'd like to think the military gave it some consideration but you know they didn't. I wonder if the guy talks about it elsewhere in the interview. Surely they saw evidence of it at some point.


If they didn't really consider the well being of the 'witness' soldiers, I doubt they considered the damage to the animals.


The soldiers were probably just considered an experiment. I knew someone that was out west during the detonations. His sister swears that's why he died of brain cancer at 36.


Oh, they "considered" it I'm sure... as in literally thought about it and didn't go further.


Yes, we will be killing a lot of fish, but you know will kill more fish? *The Soviets.* We therefore must proceed.


Or even how much water became radioactive because of an event like this.




Well, it is a nuclear weapon after all.


You know, we always hear about nuclear weaponry and the mushroom cloud has been shown to the point it becomes fable-like Seeing how it affects real things like water, though, it’s shocking to see


Fuck this fish in particular


And that kids is how bikini bottom was formed where SpongeBob lives.


Isn’t Bikini Bottom supposed to be set at Bikini Atoll, where they did in fact test nukes?


That's the story


How else are the writers going to explain a talking starfish and sea sponge?


Childish wonder and suspension of disbelief?


Pfft look at this guy all healthy and normal…..


Yes thats the secret "lore" of spongebob from what i know (not much)


Yep. The joke is literally that they're all mutants, which is why they can talk and have advanced technology and stuff. It's never explicitly stated, but that's the implied lore.


I know the show changed up right before the movie, but Sandy came from land and immediately they all speak the same language. And whatever Mermaid Man or Barnicle Boy was.


[Not a Rick Roll, I swear](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UzV8pRV0Igs)


Nah *PLLPPT* thats how *PLLLLPT* Rock Bottom *PLLLLPT* was formed *PLLLPT*


Yeah. Fish and sea mammals 🐋 too. Sound travels really well under water. I wonder for how far this blast sound traveled. WTF is wrong with us? So destructive.


Wonder if the whales living today have heard of the tales of atomic testing from their elders in their songs. Maybe some of those eyewitness whales are still alive today.


> Maybe some of those eyewitness whales are still alive today. Quite likely. Many large whales live for around 100 years, and bowheads are known to live for 200.


Probably a lot of dead fish from the pressure of that blast


The navy (& other branches) actually have departments dedicated to ensuring this exact thing doesn’t happen. Tests need to be conducted in certain areas, those areas have to be cleared, & the area gets monitored until the actual test & if something is detected they call it off. The US’s most recent ship sinking (& missile test) was postponed due to some sea-life.


Take it from a sea mammal folks


Yeah I guess we don't care too much about whatever was living there...


Humans: Wow, look at all of these scientific advancements, just imagine what fantastic things we can do for the world! Also humans: .....Let's blow up the ocean.


My favorite is the Van Allen Belts. They wanted to [nuke them](https://www.wired.com/2012/03/starfishandapollo-1962/) as soon as they found out about them.


And every last whale.


Rights? Like sonar overload!


[Gotta nuke sum'n'.](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4IUxK_0WLbg)


Sea life HATE this one trick…


Sealife everywhere don't want you to learn this ONE trick to losing bellyfat.


Find hot sealife in your area NOW!


Because fuck literally all life on that coast


>it's diluted in the water, so it's safe I literally just read that argument about nuclear waste that got dumped into the ocean.


Is this in reference to Fukushima? That science is actually sound, it is so heavily diluted and will be released over such a long period that it will barely register above background radiation. The fallout from dumping a billion bananas in the ocean would be worse.


People worried about radiation exposure should not fly in planes. But even there, stewards and pilots do not have higher cancer rates. Also, many regions on earth have higher natural background radiation levels than Fukushima after the accident.


Water is good at shielding from radiation. You can swim in the pools used to store nuclear waste.


The nuclear waste in waste pools isn't dissolved in the water though. It's contained. This blast would have put radioactive fission products into the water itself


Unfortunately, in some early pools the fuel has now corroded, containment has been breached and general maloperation or human errors has led to a few extremely high hazard storage ponds dotted around the world. I linked to one further down at a UK plant which is classed as one of the most hazardous facilities in the world. Luckily, modern facilities are much better and more reliable and even when the fuel escapes, we've had sufficient knowledge and technology long enough now to understand how to manipulate the solution chemistry to partition specific radionuclides and other chemically hazardous species into less harmful forms. You're right though, there will be many radioactive fission products, actinides, lanthanides etc all distributed into the air & sea after that explosion, which will have caused significant damage to the surrounding environment and just as importantly, it couldn't have been contained or localised. Half lives of isotopes of various fission products and the like range from fractions of a second to millions of years and the environmental effects from this (and other) nuclear test(s) will be ever present.


And the air im assuming after watching the video


YOU can swim in the pools that store nuclear waste. I’ll be over here with a lead shield.


You are safer from radiation under water than out of it https://what-if.xkcd.com/29/


In Kim Stanley Robinson’s Mars book, they use water as a radiation shield on the Ares. They hide in rooms behind water tanks when a radiation storm comes. From what I understand, the science in the books is sound. Edit:Red Mars to be specific.


I believe in Michael Crichton's Timeline they use water shields to prevent outside transmissions during the whole time travel/quantum fax machine process.


I haven’t read that in many years and they don’t get into that in the movie. I remember the book was amazing.


That was a great book and terrible movie.


> “In our reactor?” He thought about it for a moment. “You’d die pretty quickly, before reaching the water, from gunshot wounds.”


>You are safer from radiation under water than out of it That still doesn't give me the warm and fuzzies


>That still doesn't give me the warm and fuzzies That's... the whole point...


This is exactly my type of humor. Something that’s science-y enough to make me feel smart, but stupid enough to make me laugh like Seth Rogen. It’s beautiful!


Depends very much on the pool and the facility. For example, it would be extremely harmful to swim in [this one at Sellafield in the UK](https://www.chemistryworld.com/features/stuck-in-the-sludge/8953.article). As a nuclear scientist, I wouldn't ever take the chance to swim even in the most modern storage pools, as there's a significant risk associated with potentially cracked or warped fuel rods, containment breaches for material stored in skips and plenty of other hazards.


Not to mention the armed guards that would shoot you dead before you even got near the water.


Well yeah there's that too. Seagulls are a big problem as they float on the pond, eat things from it, become massively contaminated and then shit all over the site and local community. Radioactive bird shit sounds funny but is a serious problem surrounding sites with open air storage ponds.


Not what I heard during a field trip to a nuclear reactor research facility.


Nuclear waste = / = nuclear weapons. It isn’t great, but from an environmental perspective a concentrated pollutant which diminishes within a few hundred meters is vastly better than the alternative, which is carbon dioxide literally everywhere on the planet.


Was the grey puff in the middle a ship or something?


After watching the reversed video, I think the gray puff in the middle is sand from the bottom of the ocean. It either was sand before the explosion, or whatever apparatus they used turned into “sand” during the explosion.


Well if were being pedantic, this video is actually about 30-45 minutes long if i remember correctly and you can watch the waves come in and swoop over the island.


Did this cause a tsunami or at least some very big waves? Yall fr upvote anything


yeah in the uncut video the camera is left rolling on the beach. It sits there filming for about 30 minutes before the waves make it to shore. They completely wash over most of the island from what i recall Ill try to find the video EDIT: [KINDA SORTA FOUND IT !](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y53vDnNPiA4) [HERE IS ANOTHER VIDEO WITH MORE WAVES BUT LESS QUALITY !](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=egTaBf8UF8A) This is all the time i can allocate to this while im at work lol This is not the video i was talking about as this one is only a minute and 45 seconds long, but it shows the scene i was talking about briefly where the waves crash over the beach. Action starts at 1 minute but in all honesty its a cool video and worth the extra minute Dudes literally had to film from a tree because the waves washed over the island lol


Found it?


Did they get the godzilla?


Godzilla was made 10x stronger that day.


Do you want a Godzilla because this is how you get Godzilla


I can't help but to think of all the animals killed that second.


And how far the sound of the explosion radiated under water.


They recorded the sound returning from Hawaii to Point Sur Naval station in California 2,500 miles away


The poor whales :(


The Welsh didn't record anything


A documentary I saw said they chose a "biological desert" to test this but statements from sailors participating said it was carnage.


Yeah, almost no where in the ocean that close to land is devoid of life. They're within eyesight of an island with greenery...


Are you sure they didn’t want to create a biological desert


But the US government wouldn't lie about something like that, would it??




That was my first thought too. This is so messed up. What are we even doing to this planet?


Uncut? What about that tsunami on its way to shore wtf


Surprised most comments are not about that. They cut the most interesting part.


Nothing to see there only your mom jumping into water


Instant lobster boil


That's really clear footage for 1958 wow.


Film is pretty great.


Fun fact in 1958 sound traveled at the speed of light.


the recording also picked up a womans voice that they must have had on loudspeaker giving out an URL address. huh, internet was around longer than i thought!


Right? Why would they ruin the video by adjusting the sound?


I'm not sure this is the original audio track.


Let’s kill everything in the area for weapon research


So that’s how all the marine life became def












"Pond5.com" audio watermark. They added a demo file of sound effects from Pond5 and exported it that way. I've lost track of number of clients I've had ask about that lady's voice when they see a rough cut of a video before we've bought the music.


The random voice you hear after the second blast says "Pond 5 dot com". Pond 5 is a [stock audio website](https://www.pond5.com/sound-effects/tag/ocean/). So my guess is that someone added the generic beach sounds audio to the clip.


*2 fish observe the bomb before detonation* “Hey Jim, look at this. Those land apes put this medal thing in the water.” “Probably a new kind of sea vessel, stupid land apes can’t swim like us Phil.” “Oh hey look it’s beeping”




Aren't all apes land apes?