Samuel Adams' 2021 Utopias Beer is 28% Alcohol By Volume, Making It Illegal to Sell in 15 US States, and Costs $240 per 25 oz Bottle

Samuel Adams' 2021 Utopias Beer is 28% Alcohol By Volume, Making It Illegal to Sell in 15 US States, and Costs $240 per 25 oz Bottle


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Tastes like cooked dog shit.


Haha really? Never tried it, but can't imagine it would be too pleasant.


Every once in a while I splurge on cool shit, just to try it. You know for a 1oz pour of Pappy Van Winkle it was something like $150. After having it I realized that I could have bought two whole bottles of good bourbon or even 5 bottles of Maker's Mark for that. Wasn't worth it. Same as this beer. Try it for the memes if you want, but honestly just go buy a case of Old Rasputin and thank me later.


Try Dragon's Milk.


Bourbon County stout! But that dragons milk reserve 2 is really good, too


100% agree with you on the Pappy. Realized my taste isn’t refined enough for it to be worth it. Rather get 2-3 bottles of some decent stuff for the same price.


I bought a bottle of Pappy 20 year bourbon years before the price skyrocketed. I paid less than $150 for the whole bottle. It's not worth what it costs now, not even close. My favorites are Booker's, Rowan's Creek, Noah's Mill and while it's not bourbon, Willet Rye.


You kidding? That stuff is amazing! Sip it and experience it, don't try to chug it like it was a can of Bud Lite. One release is never the same sa another. Every blend is unique. But what do I know. I try to steer clear of taste sampling dog shit.


That's 740ml for those needing the conversion.


Good bot


Bottle is actually ceramic.


Good bot


Not beer. Barley wine.


Yeah, no thanks.


Tried it at a festival a few years back, seemed like a novelty beer, plenty of other BA beers that I would drink instead of it. The bottles are beautiful though.


that there is an insta drunk


Haha, no doubt about it.


Ahhh, marketing. Make it super expensive, and dummies WILL buy it, regardless of how shitty is may be


In the UK you can get Durham Brewery Temptation Russian Stout 500ml 10%. It tastes delicious and it only costs £5.50 a bottle. 2 bottles for a good nights sleep, 3 to last all evening and be merry, 4 and you'll wake up on the floor wishing you stopped at 3.


Snake Venom by the U.K. brewing company Brewmeister, is the world’s strongest beer, with an ABV of 67.5%...£33.99 for a 330ml bottle...Nope!


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