Expose a huge underground hornet nest

Expose a huge underground hornet nest


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I’d be wearing a bomb squad suit as well


I can't help but notice how surprisingly thin those gloves look though. They look like surgical gloves. Edit - Can we stop comparing honey bees to hornets? I have bee hives too and gloveless is fine... this is no honey bee hive.


pest control guy here. in many, many cases we don’t even have the bee suits. i often deal with wasp nests wearing my standard uniform of a button up shirt, work pants, and thin rubber gloves. we practice the fine art of spraying the nest and running away. edit: well that turned into my most popular comment to date on reddit, ever. i was having a rough day yesterday, thanks for making it better guys. i loved some of the hilarious replies and talking to some other pest folks.


>we practice the fine art of spraying the nest and running away. Hey! I practice this on an amateur level!


Make sure you try out for the olympics next year. Unfortunately u/HostileHippie91 can't participate anymore since he's gone pro, though the IOC has been discussing getting rid of this restriction.


Wait, Kevin Durant is still an amateur?


The last time the us sent an amateur BB team was 1992


So u/hostilehippie91 has a chance! Wasp spraying dash just needs to be added to the games


i would definitely compete in this. i’m one of the only people working for my company who has yet to be stung on the job (knock on wood) and it’s been a little over two years. but then again, my co workers are idiots and like to take pictures holding the nest in their hand whereas i just spray it, knock it down, crush it and move on quickly.


I just hate it when the neighbors are looking and I’m running away with the temporary quickness that a man my age shouldn’t possess.


The only old men I see moving fast are vets and men who spray nests


If you ever see a man from the gas company running like hell, join him.


A seargeant in motion outranks a lieutenant who doesn't know what is going on An ordnance technician at a dead run outranks everybody


Sometimes rank is a function of firepower.


My grandpa worked for the gas company and loved this joke.


>An ordnance technician at a dead run outranks everybody.


Ive got a friend who loads bombs onto planes in the Air Force. He said the EOD guys at his base have shirts that say 'EOD If you see me running you better beat me there'.


Never underestimate a 5’2 280 pound pudgy old man falling out of the back of a fedex truck on his forklift and performing a captain America leap… greatest physical achievement I’ve ever seen


I saw a tiny, fat, middle aged capoeira instructor flying through the air while doing kicks and flips. The guy looked like a meatball with limbs and I've never seen anyone else so agile in my life.


My taekwondo instructor as a kid was a 60-something Korean guy as round as he was tall, but he was the most graceful, flexible, light-footed man I've ever met.


Can confirm. I carry a bee suit in my work van but the amount of effort it takes to put the thing on and duct tape all the openings is not worth it. Plus peak season for Hymenopterans is hot as balls and that suit makes it so much worse. At most, usually only when I'm doing an underground nest, I'll put on the bee suits gloves but 90% of the time it's a spray and run ordeal.


The last time we had a wasp nest, my husband put on his chem suit. It took forever, but the nest was in a covered bbq pit so spray and run wasn't an option. He was super happy he did it because they fucking swarmed immediately.


Should’ve had a bee bee q


In the pest control office I worked in there was only one bee suit and it would get passed around between 14-15 different field techs. The only problem is no one ever knew who had it, and no one ever brought it back to the office when they were done, so most of them just spray and flee like you guys unless it's a big job with lots of nests. Also I always thought it was rather gross that one suit got passed around to so many sweaty people (and never washed). I have no idea why the branch was so cheap and wouldn't buy at least a handful of suits. Of all the other things they spent lots of money on, bee suits were relatively cheap in comparison, and I even sent my boss an Amazon link for fairly priced suits but they never got ordered.


Man, I wish I had thought to run the first time I sprayed a nest. I don’t know what I thought, but I remember spraying the nest thinking they wouldn’t come out or care, then the wasps all started flying out pissed off. Got stung a few times since it took me a minute to realize I should gtfo. They then proceeded to seemingly camp outside my front door until they died.


when you get stung, they inject a chemical into you that acts as a beacon to tell other wasps to target you. so if one stings you and you’re near the nest, my advice is always to flee because the rest are now going to be gunning for you like guided missiles.


Dude this makes so much sense. I always wondered how all the bees knew where the target was. I just imagined that the queen bee had like a cool command center from where she was directing the ops, kinda like Amanda waller in suicide squad.


while your idea is way cooler and i headcanon that concept hard, yeah it’s an attack chemical that basically signals the hive “here is what to destroy,” so people that get stung need to immediately clear the area because if you ever, say, just jump into a pool, you’ll notice that about a dozen of them will hover above the water waiting for you for quite some time before giving up and leaving.


I'm just imagine some big pest control academy where they teach the spray and run techniques. Then next to it they teach the "flailing limbs while running when your spray is out" techniques. SGT: MORE ARM MOVEMENT JOHNSON


you’re honestly not too far off haha


Well I don’t feel as silly about my method anymore


> the fine art of spraying the nest and running away Wait, you can make a living doing that? I've been giving the game away for years!


i do what others can’t or won’t do. it’s a solemn living. am i a hero? i don’t wanna speculate, but yes.


When dealing with things like this at home I almost always start running before I’m done spraying.


early morning before they wake up you can soak the whole nest before they can make it out and they’ll all be insta-dead. early morning is the best time


Im sure they have several layers.


Like onions


Like Ogres


Cakes! Cakes have layers!


I recommend watching this fellas youtube channel. [Hornet King](https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCb-mXwDehQf0pEgS0rlGJ9w) His slow methodical disassembly and destruction of these wasps, hornets and other ungodliness is strangely satisfying and calming. I've become much less terrified of these creatures after seeing him casually dismantle these massive nests with both respect and admiration. He uses a standard shop vac (with water pooled inside) to suck up all the soldiers and foragers, then he rips their comb up, sucking their workers and fresh hatched up. Bags it up and takes all the remaining children (larve) and feeds them to his domesticated dinosaurs (chickens).


I don't think it would help you to much, I'd order an air strike.


Once, when I was a child, I saw a hornet fly into a hole in the ground near the fence in my front yard. The hole was directly under a lose fence post so, of course, I give it a tug. The hole collapses and out swarms the nest to chase me, screaming and crying, into the house. Painful lesson learned.


My mum did something similar with a rotten log while wearing a jumpsuit (this was the 1970s) and they swarmed up her legs. If I remember correctly she had something like 60 wasp stings and spent a couple days in the hospital.


Something similar happened to my dad when he was a toddler. He crawled into a bush that happened to be a wasp nest and couldn't crawl away. He was covered in stings from head to toe and had to be rushed to the hospital.


I almost died when I was a young child due to a hornets nest. They all swarmed me at once and the doctors said I was lucky to live through it. They stung my face many, many times.


any complications?


Other than being considered a pest and the urge to find a queen, none so far.


Was playing catch with some family members as a kid and the ball got loose and rolled down a hill. we pick the youngest cousin to go get it and he comes barreling back up the hill stripping off clothes as he ran. He got inside sobbing and clawing his skin, turns out the ball came to rest directly on top of a yellowjacket nest. They swarmed up his jogging shorts and stung him dozens of times on his bits. I don't remember if we took him to the hospital. Edit: Holy shit, I love the comment thread below 😂


Where did you bury the body?




Yes hello I'd like to unsubscribe from the horrifying facts newsletter


No. In fact here are some more wasp facts. Common wasps are only carnivorous as larva and they produce a sweet nectar that the adults consume. During the spring and early summer u may notice that wasps don't bother you as much and that is because they are busy hunting prey for their young (which they provide a very important role in controlling pest population). Once the larvae have grown they stop hunting prey and seek out sugars which us why in late summer they are always buzzing around your drinks.


Adults collecting meat for larvae I'd still still count as eating meat. Didn't stop the yellow jacket from "eating" the turkey piece sticking out from my sandwich.


>Adults collecting meat for larvae This is why we had to send Ender Wiggin to take out the Formic homeworld...


\*Signing you up for your free horrifying facts podcast\*


Check out some videos of yellow jackets just absolutely going to town on chicken meat. Saw the video of an exterminator who used chicken meat as bait and I thought to myself,” odd… thought maybe something sweet would work”. The yellow jackets absolutelyloved eating the meat.


I make yellow jacket traps with empty 2 liter pop bottles and I've tried some strange combos of bait. Right now they fill up within a day or 2 when I use a chunk of raw hamburger, a piece of watermelon and 2 "glugs" of cheap box wine. I have a lot of time on my hands haha!


Dude you need to write a book and sell it. I just finished mowing my lawn, and had a near successful run at dodging all the yellow jacket holes. It's like playing minesweeper in real life, I hate them so much.


"In an effort to keep with our reputation, we'd like to inform you that opt-out is unavailable. We trust you understand. - HFN"


When I was a kid, we were camping by this forest and the bottom was just pure moss, everywhere. And the best part was, it was super bouncy. We found out the hard way that it was a nest


I did not have a Yellowjacket, wasp or hornet accident but I did just drop my bread buttered side down so


This is why I always strap my toast buttered-side up to the back of a cat.


Something similar happened to me once! I was sleeping in a tree branch, waiting out the snobby kids who were bullying me from the ground. When I woke up, they were asleep, so I cut a nest of tracker jackers free so it fell next to them to murder them


That sounds like a fucking nightmare .


yea seriously. its the 70s. last chance to pimp a satin onesy and she goes jump suit.


Most 70's clothes are downright reckless, tbh. For example, culottes are terrible protection against wasp swarms, too. It's a onesy or nothing, for adventuring.


I live for this misdirect humor




"Five bees for an onion", you'd say. Good thing your dad had an onion on his belt -- it was the style at the time


I wonder if it was a white onion or if he had to make due with one of those big yellow ones.


You couldn't get the white ones, cause of the war


Come on guys. I’m trying to sit on the shitter here.


I guess we shouldn't tell him about the toilet snake?


I can do snakes. They’re supposed to be able to hold their breath. It’s when the spiders that are the size of your closed fist start crawling up the drain into your toilet bowl that I go grab the flame thrower


You fucker you made me snort laugh lol


When I was about 6 I was at the park and stumbled onto a large underground nest next to the slide. Had about 40 something stingers in me. Ambulance came to the house put me on the table and removed em all. Even had one my eyelid. Yeah traumatic as fuck


Wasps and hornets don't lose their stingers.




If they were 6 when it happened, I can definitely understand them misremembering details like that. The EMTs might have put something topical on each sting, but weren't removing stingers. How would a 6 year old really know? Or they're full of shit. It's the internet so could go either way I guess... Who knows.


I had something sorta similar in a way. Growing up on a dead end dirt road with a drop off at the end of the road. Lived at the end. Pretty much everyone dumped their yard leaves off the end of the road. Had a basketball hoop at the end of the road , ball rolled into the leaves , I went after it and accidentally discovered a massive underground wasp nest. Stung six times and the mofos followed me right to the house. Fuck those bugs are assholes.


I've stepped on these so often in the woods, that as soon as I get the first sting up my pants leg, I swat hard and start running at least 20 yards.


I was riding my bike on a trail behind our house that yellow jackets had built a nest in, almost the entire width of the trail, nearly 3 ft wide. My front tire went down into the nest and I went over the handlebars. No idea what happened, I laid there assessing the damage before I felt the first sting, then I heard the noise of the swarm. Luckily there was a creek not far so I bolted for that and jumped in. I did a cannonball in, rolled once and just sprinted for the house. Felt pretty lucky actually that I only got stung 17 times. Thought I was gonna get My Girl’d.


>Luckily there was a creek not far so I bolted for that and jumped in. I think it's interesting how common of a reaction this is, especially when it happens to kids who haven't had the experience to know what to do. Maybe it's an evolutionary memory to immediately know where the nearest water is and sprint for it?


We are imbued with a lot of conditioning from past survivors of our kind. Evolution is cool as fuck like that. Some of these things are just imprinted inside us. I imagine in this case it's a combo of instincts and problem solving. Moving water def has a lot of instinctual connections to safety and spiritual connections to cleansing/renewal. Excuse my stoned ramblings, the question you posed got my gears turning.


Saw really interesting study where they bred 15 generations of chickens indoors so they had never been in the wild never been outside. They put him in a room with a projector pointed towards the top and they would flash pictures of like airplanes and the chickens would have no reaction. Flash a picture of a hawk and the chickens would lose their minds. Chickens for 15 generations that have never been outside still knew to fear predators that they had never seen. Edit. Corrected the many errors voice to text made.


Playing catch with a football in our back yard when the ball hit an old clothes line post. My brother went to get the ball and the post spewed wasps like an angry smog from ferngully. He was stung about 50 times. Wasps fucking suck.


There was a story of a guy who put his ear up against one of those phone things on the playground and there was a wasp nest inside and it stung his whole ear .


I am never going outside again after reading this thread


I just ran over one with my lawn mower the other day. There we hundreds of them. Luckily only got stung 4-5times. And luckily had some commercial grade insecticide that I unloaded into that giant hole in the ground. My wife had stuck her foot into it earlier and apparently they all wired for me.


Imagine if two giants appeared in the sky, dug up New York by the foundations, and tossed it aside.


We'd probably nuke them. Our version of stinging


But what if they wear giant anti nuke suits


Their gloves would be very thin so their hands would get burnt


They would be so burnt they would have to apply cold water for 10-15 minutes, take that giants!


If we’d been indiscriminately stinging them for years seemingly just for fun I wouldn’t blame them to be honest


I am both amazed and alarmed.


It's like a luxury high-rise condo


A small underground nest appeared in my yard a couple weeks ago. Needless to say I didn't know it until I fired up the lawn mower. After seven painful stings I went back with an old window screen, a cinder block and a gallon of ammonia. They're not a problem anymore.


Window screen, that’s smart


Wow so much pain could have been avoided if I had thought about that.


I was mowing the lawn one time and didn’t realize there was a small wasp nest in the tree so I got stung on my ear lobe. I was so angry, I made sure they all died an excruciatingly painful death using a spray bottle full of bleach. Fucking Chad wasp thought he was the shit by attacking me, I’ll bet the rest of the colony was pissed at him. “Chad, you fucking idiot! You couldn’t have just left the giant alone?! Instead, you brought genocide upon us just because you wanted to show off your big stinger energy.”


I used to work in auto detailing and some wasps built a good sized nest at the top of a metal pillar in my workstation. I have a severe phobia of bees and wasps, but my employers didn't give a shit. I took two pressurized bottles of engine degreaser and obliterated the nest at dawn. My heart was racing because I knew I wouldn't be brave enough to hold my ground if even one managed to close the gap. I counted around 25 dead wasps when it was over.


Next time leave and get proper wasp killer, you can spray that stuff from a good 20 feet away and my experience is they look for stuff attacking the nest real close, so they won't go that far to sting you.


Also that stuff works fast, they won't have much more than 5 seconds before the poison starts to slow them down and they're dead 15 seconds later.


Still a pretty nerve wracking 5 seconds when you find out that nest you just sprayed had a *lot* more wasps in it than you though.


Yeah but they freak out touch the othee contaminated wasps Hell i watched 3 writhe in pain for 30 minutes I had one nest that was cool w me and ate the aphids off my plants That other nest sign signed their death warrant tho. I had never been stung before so i didnt evem realize they were attacking my foot ( literally just my foot, i was also high af so it wasnt bad kinda like a pov nature documentary) Both nests were under a deck not 4 feet from each other ( they couldnt have been the same fam tho the first nest I accidentally stepped on one and he just flew off and i kicked another twice and he gave no fucks) The chill nest gets to stay until they fuck up or i do


Why am I seeing hundreds of wasps screaming "you've doomed us all Chad" in my mind and laughing hysterically.


Only female wasps sting, because their stinger is actually the ovipositor used to inject eggs into hosts, usually.


you're telling me I'm pregnant?


"Congratulations, u/dashboardrage, it's a wasp!"


Fucking Stacy wasp


Damn, they're even assholes about their own reproduction.


"The world will know that free men stood against a tyrant, that few stood against many, and before this battle was over, even a bug-queen can bleed." - a22e as s/he strapped on his/her window screen


I used to bartend for weddings at a venue with a few different places on the property where people could have their receptions. One of those locations was outdoors, and there was a yellowjackets nest that we found once everyone started gathering post wedding. We moved everyone inside, and me and the other bartender got the gas can we used for the golf carts. Long line to the underground nest, and about a gallon underground. My buddy hit the trail with his lighter (not smart) and we heard a boom, felt the ground move a little, and never saw those fucking things again. I hate yellowjackets


This sounds like some caddyshack shit lol


You gotta be real careful doing stuff like this. You might catch old roots that slowly smolder and spread and start a fire elsewhere


You need to be careful lighting fire to gasoline?? Jk jk


“I know that causing underground explosions might sound completely harmless, but you realllllly gotta be careful guys. Always check for roots. Safety first!”


This actually made me laugh out loud, that's sure one way to get rid of them!


Read by Morgan Freeman


I get yellow jacked or ground hornet every year. The safest way to deal with it is to either get some foaming wasp nest killer. Wait until night time so the whole nest is in for the night. And soak the hole with the foam. Other options boiling water, pour that down at night. Get an electric fly swatted, tape the switch to the on position, place it over the nest and listen for the sweet popping noise from those fuckers.


I just call an exterminator. Worth $100 to me to not get near those stripey fucks. Let someone else deal with them while I watch from the safety of inside.


Ammonia may mess up your soil and sounds like a bit of work. They make a foaming spray you can use that you can pick up at any hardware store. Wait until dusk when they're all inside, stick the nozzle in, and start spraying. The foam will fill in entrance and gradually seep in. You can keep pumping it in. I starting jumping up and down on the hive to get them to try to get out through the foam, while trying not to evil-cackle.


> while trying not to evil-cackle it's not healthy to suppress bodily functions man. - Chong


That stuff has NEVER worked for me but I've only had hornets that nest in trees. 5 nests in 3 of the 5 years I've lived in my current house. Twice I called an exterminator and the last time I seem to have caught them quickly enough before the next generation went to hibernate. I swear he held the spray nozzle directly up in their nest for 3 full minutes. Eventually it fell down after like 2 days and I wanted to get a look at what was like inside so I grabbed some gloves to open it and toss it to a fire pit and I shit you not the fucking queen was still walking around inside after a full week. Everything else was dead as could be, but she was still trying to make it work. I was simultaneously impressed and terrified. She went directly into the fire.


Shout out to all the single parents out there trying to make it work. I feel that queen wasp energy.


I had a massive nest and just waited until night. A screen, some dish soap and a hose running for awhile worked like a charm.


I did the same with a mower once and luckily saw them pouring out of the hole in my peripheral vision before I got stung. As I was madly dashing for my life a small part of my brain was complaining that gravity was not strong enough and was capping the speed of my adrenaline-powered strides. Never had that complaint before or since.


God damn you earth!


Pop a quick H on that


They keep flying up the tube and stinging me


Stinging me on my face and lips


My favorite part of Reddit is that no matter the sub, there is a decent chance that the comments will have a sunny reference in it.


this way we all know its full of hornets


Trying to smoke them out to get all of that delicious honey?


I just don’t think there’s any science to support that


There is some very basic science out there supporting that. Its actually a fact its not even science.


As I’ve tried to explain before, you can’t get honey from a hornets nest.


Probably something delicious in there that they do make


Worst Cinnabon ever




Purchased at Tim Hornets


Honey crueller




The motherfuckers are living in a whole ass apartment complex


Holy crap! I watch some yt channels of guys that do wasp and hornet nest removals. This is way bigger than any I've seen them take out of the ground. That's a monster!


What channels?


[Hornet King is good](https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCb-mXwDehQf0pEgS0rlGJ9w/videos)


Best part of hornet king is watching his chickens annihilate the larvae and hearing the little sounds they make 😂


Hornets just wake up and choose violence


"Peace was never an option"


"Violence was never the answer. It is the question. And the answer is yes."


When your born that big of an asshole the least you can do is have a little empathy.


Really? European hornets are really chill and don't bother people. The opposite really, because they eat wasps and other pests.


We must have a nest near bye. Fuckers keep knocking on the windows to get in around dusk. Creeps the shit out of me!


At least once a week I discover the world's worst job on reddit. This is the currently worst.


They're adequately protected, and get the exterminate these devil spawn. sounds like one of the best jobs to me


Yo dawg, I'm gonna need more than adequately


If my hornet-proof suit isn't on fire - and also by extension fire-proof - to prevent them from landing, then it isn't adequate!


Fire seems necessary


It actually is: those white pockets on the bottom are eggs


Technically, those are pupae, first, an egg is deposited into one of the cells, it hatches into a larvae, which is fed by the adults, probably human flesh from the looks of these bastards, until they seal the cap off and form a pupa, eventually emerging as an adult murder hornet.


Every cell is used to make another adult wasp, and that looks like at least a thousand there. Queen must be exhausted


She isn't exhausted now with onlyfans closing soon


Forbidden omelette.


It is a thing... https://duckduckgo.com/?t=ffcm&q=youtube+aluminum+wasp+nest&ia=web


Are these those giant japanese murder hornets? They seem huge!


Looks like them.


And all of the white on this bad boy is *eggs*


I think those guys nest in trees. Basing that exclusively on the memorable photos from the nest removal last year near Seattle. https://www.reuters.com/news/picture/murder-hornet-nest-vacuumed-out-of-tree-idUSRTX84XY4


they actually prefer underground nests, ideally around tree roots - but they'll nest above ground if they find a good enough spot for it


How on earth did they manage to catch tag and release one of those monsters?


At some point theyre big enough to just tackle them, i guess.


Imagine you’re drinking a cup of tea in your kitchen and all of the sudden your entire city just gets picked up by a giant entity with no explanation.


Hopefully they were walking it to the edge of an active volcano


If you can get those larvae out, they’re the best fish bait you’ve ever used-


Good chicken feed


That’s a lot of soon to be hornets


Nuke it from orbit. It's the only way to be sure.


Hold on, hold on one second. This installation has a substantial dollar value attached to it.


They can bill me!


Might as well do the whole shebang and take out the milky way galaxy just to be sure none of the eggs survive.


Activate the Halo rings


I need a weapon


When you first saw Halo, were you blinded by its majesty?




"Inquisitor is it wise to doom near 8 billion souls to eternity" "Captain did you see how large that fucking nest was! There lucky I'm laying one Exterminatus on there asses"


Suffer not the Xenos


Trypophobia has entered the chat


The intelligence, planning and engineering that went into creating that underground structure is astounding. The insect world does not get enough credit.


Totally agree. That’s a well-developed city.


If they're so smart why did they fill their city with hornets


They took brutalist architecture too literally.


They made it out of Legos


That's not a hornet nest That's a fuckin military base


Put that thing back where it came from or so help me!


This videos ends too soon.


The hornets switched off the camera.


Where is my flamethrower??