I saw this and thought it was a creative alternative to confetti! Maybe use some brighter colored leaves though

I saw this and thought it was a creative alternative to confetti! Maybe use some brighter colored leaves though


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I’d say the colors in the picture would be better than brighter leaves. Something about the colors just feel nice, it’s hard to explain.




It’s the magic of pastel


I agree. They are very natural and gentle.


Most professional designers would agree with you. CYMK over RGB any day.


You mean comfy vibes


They're eucalyptus varieties. Muted tones a speciality.


That’s why they seem like the right colours to me. The colours leave should be. And confetti, if one needs that in one’s life.


Agreed, It’s a fantastic palette.


It's easier on the eyes, which I whole heartedly appreciate because of the massive headache I currently have.


Perhaps because you like pastell colors?


*Uses poison ivy because I'm pissed I have to attend a gender reveal party.


So many years ago we had some extended family over for a "weenie roast" which is just what it sounds like for any city folks reading this. We literally cut branches from trees, speared hot dogs on the sticks, and hold them over an open fire to cook them It's a proud and happy tradition. Even fairly young children get to roast their own hot dogs (with plenty of adult help) and we all sit around the slowly dying fire and chat. So hours later the fire has burned down to coals and the adults are chatting a bit away from it but still in easy sight. The youngest guests were between five and nine (three girls) and were having fun tossing single leaves or blades of grass onto the still smoldering embers to watch them burn. The adults are keeping an eye, but the girls are staying several feet away from the remains of the fire and they aren't throwing anything dangerous, so they were allowed to play a bit. By six or seven that night, it was noted that the girls were looking a little pink. So their folks decided it was time to call it a day, thinking they'd had a bit too much sun. They went home, gave the girls all cool baths to try and help their nascent sunburns and thought nothing more of it for a few hours. Late in the night, the little one isn't breathing too well (she had some pre-existing health problems) and the older two are awake and complaining their skin hurts. All three of them are swollen and lobster-red from head to toe. Every inch of their skin, even the palms of their hands and the soles of their feet are swollen and red. So the kids are rushed to the doctor who can only say it's an allergic reaction. There are no separate hives, they are reacting on every inch of their skin. So the doc is a bit stumped. He can't figure out how they got such even exposure to their entire bodies. Until the next day when mom checks out the now-cold fire pit and finds loose poison ivy leaves scattered on the ground, some lying on the coals half-charred. The girls had found a poison ivy bush and the smoke from the burning leaves had carried enough toxins to completely cover them in rash from head to toe. The little one was in the hospital for several days because she had poison ivy reactions *inside her lungs* which was why she had trouble breathing. The moral of this story is: Don't play with poison ivy, folks. Seriously. It's a cute joke. But don't let it become anything more than that, please.


My brother had a similar thing happen to him with poison oak. Be careful around toxic plants, please!


I agree with you. though teeeeechnically, it's an allergic reaction, not a toxic one.


I wanst really aware of that. Thanks for the knowledge!


Same goes for giant Heracleum on this side of the pond. Do NOT burn this. Don't touch it without gloves, best wear full body protection. Don't mow it down, just a clean cut when the seeds are big but still green and put them in the garbage bin (cutting it off earlier only makes it grow back). Make sure it can't fall on you when you cut it off. Thoroughly clean all tools that got in contact with it. They're both toxic, and extremely phototoxic. Sometimes even artificial light can be enough to lead to blistering burns days later wherever the plant had skin contact. Like poison ivy the reaction isn't immediate. They're huge, and look fascinatingly weird. People have burned themselves trying to take fun pictures with the odd weed.


We have it stateside too, just called giant hogweed or giant cow parsley


They are actually different plants. While there have been a few cases of giant hogweed in the US, they are considered noxious and invasive. If you spot any, it is supposed to be reported and in most cases a crew from the conservation department will come help you eradicate it. Cow Parsley looks almost identical, but is completely harmless. I have tons of it growing on my property. The easiest indicator to tell the difference is that cow parsley is about three meters shorter than giant hogweed. Also, it's doesn't cause a nasty photosensitive rash. If you are in the US and you think you've seen giant hogweed, check out [this webpage](https://www.invasivespeciesinfo.gov/terrestrial/plants/giant-hogweed) for help identifying your plant and more information about what you should do next.


Go after them with a vengeance! They're an invasive plant here too, and a decade or two ago the nature protection agencies and even fire departments would come and take care of them. By now we've surrendered, they're *everywhere*. I can't let the dog sniff around the river anymore, not much fur and no instinct to avoid the plants is not a healthy combination.


LEAVES OF 3 LEAVE IT BE. For all y’all city folk.


As city folk, I have no idea what that means.


"[Leaflets three, leave it be](https://images.app.goo.gl/4weG8ykJCr5ejruK9)" means if you see a plant with clusters of three leaves, it's likely poison ivy. I know you are probably joking, but just in case... There are some mimics out there that are not dangerous. But don't take a chance. Poison ivy can grow as a small (or even large) bush or as a vine.


[Poison Oak](https://img.webmd.com/dtmcms/live/webmd/consumer_assets/site_images/article_thumbnails/slideshows/poison_plants_slideshow/650x350_poison_plants_slideshow.jpg) (West Coast from Baja to British Columbia) follows the same rule. [Poison Sumac](https://www.thespruce.com/thmb/USQVsJveJkjTpwxJvu3ClUpomDw=/2893x1929/filters:no_upscale():max_bytes(150000):strip_icc()/poison-sumac-pictures-4071931-6-bf543ac6620d44c0a6b79cfeaa0caeef.jpg) (Eastern and mostly Southern US in swamp/peat areas with lots of clay), does not.


And then there's [giant hogweed](https://i2-prod.mirror.co.uk/incoming/article4609227.ece/ALTERNATES/s1200c/Giant-Hogweed.jpg) as well that can cause some super nasty allergic reactions if you come in contact with its sap. I'm not sure if it's dangerous when burned, but I'd assume it is until confirmed otherwise.


Don’t listen city folk, this is just the country folk hiding their most valuable leaves!


The real saying is Leaves Of Three Rub My Peepee


I've never heard this before. I dont think we have poison ivy up here in Alaska, but we have devils club, and thays really easy to spot. It looks like horror movie rhubarb.


There are a lot of species of poison ivy but most don't do well over hard winters. An especially cold winter where I am generally means less poison ivy for a few years. I know there are a few species that can handle really bitter cold and still come back, though.


City folk here. Just brushed up against some in the alley a couple weeks ago. I finally just rid myself of the rash. I wanna eliminate it but don't want to get the oils on me again... But yes pretty much leaves of three...


If you need to handle poison ivy, wear heavy work gloves and long sleeves. Dispose of it immediately. Then remove gloves and clothing. Put clothing to wash with a soap that breaks down oils, like dish detergent or car wash soap. Also, bathe with dish detergent. If you do so immediately, your chances of a rash are drastically reduced. To treat a poison ivy rash, wash affected area thoroughly with a soap that breaks down oils. Treat affected areas with calamine lotion or Ivarest cream. Benadryl cream is also effective, as is oral benadryl, but don't use both at once without consulting a doctor. A fresh rash (less than 48 hours) can actually spread to other parts of the body and occasionally even other people, so avoid touching rashes. But don't cover the tightly as airflow helps reduce the rash faster. An ice pack applied directly to the rash can help relieve symptoms, but make sure it's either disposable or can be thoroughly scrubbed to prevent spreading the rash. I know people who will swear that dousing a rash with household bleach stops the itching immediately and permanently. But they also say that it feels like holding a flame to your skin for about five minutes, so... Either way, it is not generally advised to apply bleach to a wound, so use caution. And if you have a poison ivy rash that covers a large part of your body (I think 10% is the rule of thumb) then you should consult with a doctor to be safe. Just throwing this out there because I haven't seen any suggested treatments in this thread and some should be here.


>The moral of this story is: Don't play with poison ivy batman said this too


lol Take your upvote and get out.


This happened to me at a big bonfire once... No hospital stay for me, but I shed an entire layer of skin like a snake, after a few days of redness and itching. I knew enough to know about the poison ivy reaction, but my sisters told me that humans shed just like snakes, once a year, and I just didn't notice the last time my skin was peeling off in sheets... So I waited and watched for the next time I was going to shed, so I could save it like a snake skin. I was a weird kid.


Poor babies! That sounds absolutely awful :(


Oof that sucks, I'm very tired and thought the problem was that they where out in the sun long enough to be covered head to toe in a visible sunburn


Yes, I could have stated the development of the rash more clearly. That's on me as much as on your exhaustion. Get some rest. I'm declaring that you deserve it!


We were having a bonfire in early winter and my husband accidentally used a poison oak branch to roast his marshmallows. He had a similar reaction to the girls in your story. The upside of it all is that he barely reacts to the plant now, whereas he had been very sensitive to it before the incident.


Ouch. Something like that happened my uncle with a similar reaction. He was always highly reactive to poison ivy. He got shots of some kind every three months because just the pollen in the air could set him off. He moved out of the city to our farm one year and had a run-in with some poison ivy. I never got the full story on what happened, (I expect it was something embarrassing. he made a few "city boy" mistakes that summer and once got lost in the woods for three days) but he ended up at the hospital for a day. But since then he barely reacts at all to poison ivy. I really think that my "immunity" is the same. I've been exposed to it my entire life. There's so very much of it out here in the woods, it's everywhere. Even before I could walk, I was being exposed to it in trace amounts on my family's clothes and skin. I've walked through it with bare legs, torn it out of the ground with bare hands... I've cut it and burned it and slashed it with the weed whacker... I've never gotten a rash, not once.


Better moral of the story: remove any poison ivy growing on your property before holding a cookout and inviting over kids who don't know any better not to play with it.


We always tried to keep it out of the yard. But we have twenty acres in southern Missouri. The poison ivy battle is not easily won. Most kids raised around here know better than to go near it by the time they can walk. You are right. It was an oversight on everyone's part. My folks didn't consider that the girls wouldn't know any better. And their girl's parents didn't know that there was a possibility of there being poison ivy in the yard. It's still a lesson on how dangerous poison ivy can be and why we shouldn't play pranks with it. A specific lesson that I hold close, because I'm immune to poison ivy and would underestimate its effects if I didn't have warnings like those poor girls to remind me.


Thank you for the longer explanation, I apologize for my snark. I grew up in the suburbs and I forget not everyone has an easily maintained yard. Your story was well told and a good lesson for everyone and I thank you for sharing it with us.


No worries. It's often difficult to remember that other people in different areas have completely different lives. I was flabbergasted to read questions about how ice scrapers work one day. It had legit never occured to me that there are people in the world who have never once had frost on their windshields. Objectively, I *know* there are places that don't get cold. But it just never really clicked that there are people out there who have never scraped frost off a windshield. One of the most beautiful things about the internet is the opportunity to see things from wildly varying perspectives.


I’ve spent almost my entire life in Hawaii… I probably would say forget the ice scraper and use a blow dryer… would that work? 🤣🤣😅


In theory, if it's just frost. That's how the defrosters on your car work. It would take forever, though. You also have the problem of running an extension cord out to the driveway. If things are actually iced over, hair dryer won't cut it. Might as well wait for the sun, it'd be faster.


A friend's elderly parents came here (to Canada) for a visit from Jamaica. We had a late snowfall, which they had never seen; they were frolicking in the snow like little kids.


oh hey this happened to me when I was a kid! we were camping and the campground hadn't been too careful about the wood they supplied. we had a bonfire and everything was fine until the next day, when my eye swelled shut. turned out poison ivy smoke got *into my eye* the weekend before high school started. it was not pleasant.


That's something we were always super careful with for bonfires. We have a lot of poison ivy vines around here. It likes to grow up the oak trees. But we also have a harmless plant known as "Virginia creeper" that looks a lot like poison ivy. Once the tree is felled and cut, all you can see is a vine along the log. Not many people think to pull the vines off the tree before they cut it, especially if they wear work gloves while cutting and splitting. You learn real quick to watch for that when you heat using a wood stove. My sisters got a lot of rashes from cut logs in the fall before they learned to look out for the seemingly dead vines.


This is the most pure fucking evil I've read in one sentence in a very long time. May you ascend to godhood and be given your own hellish realm to rule over for eternity.


Best. Comment. Ever.


Which gender did you turn out to be from that party?


Goddammit, I was gonna say that, and call it Chaotic Evil lol


Damnit! Beat me to it lmao


I am incredibly allergic to poison ivy. I started off immune, but turns out poison ivy don't care, the more you're exposed the more you develop an immune response! *(Whee!)* A few years back I got such a bad case of poison ivy that I was on sedatives and had to wear socks on my hands so as not to scratch my skin off in the middle of the night. I had to wear bandages because the, um, seepage was really bad... It took two years for the scars to fade from my forearms! My GP was concerned and said that if I ever go hiking I should make sure to get a prescription for an epi-pen in case of poison ivy exposure. I say this to establish my credibility here. I understand *exactly* the kind of death and destruction u/1Strangeartist is trying to invoke. And shit, y'all, this fucking *gender\* reveal party* godsdamn nonsense ***has to stop***. If it takes infesting everyone with trauma-level poison ivy contact, *so fucking be it.* I would willingly walk into a bunch of poison ivy before I'd willingly attend a "gender reveal party." ​ \*GENDER is a specific term that applies to how we socially perceive an individual and their adherence to certain social norms. **This shit ain't a gender reveal party, you AHs!!** At *best* you are having a *Genitalia = Pink or Blue Explosion!* party, which is pointless and frankly embarrassing. At worst, you're showing everyone the impossible expectations that come along with your antiquated rules of societal structure, and the reason why your child will seek serious help in their teenage years.


At least this is better than spreading bits of plastic confetti everywhere


It's now June. There are still pieces of the foil confetti in the grass near here from New Year's


This shit should be illegal to make wtf. We banned plastic beads in body soaps for the same fucking reason


Geniune question, why did soaps have plastic beads? I can’t imagine any practical applications for it.


It was for exfoliating. You basically use mild abrasives to take the top layer of dead cells off and make your skin softer. Plastic beads were one (environmentally horrendous) method.


Apparently it helps to exfoliate your skin. Of course, there are ways to do this without releasing micro plastics into the environment, but who needs all of those pesky fish swimming around, amirite?


It didn't actually do anything. Just tricked you into thinking it did.


Feels nice though. But I dunno why people can't just use salt or something less ridiculous.


The facewash I use now uses grounded rice bits to exfoliate, which is better than salt since that can dry out your skin


Exfoliation iirc


How are we still alive?


Exfoliation I’d guess




Not gonna lie, I didn't even know there were foil confettis. I only ever saw paper ones, which while not the best still, can at least be washed of and decompose by itself after a little while.


I work in landscaping and find confetti pieces from last summer's graduation parties.


I did buy paper confetti cannons for a school event once… you how hard it is to find, especially when you are trying to find information and the shop clerk can’t even answer your questions. I called a lot of customer care lines that time to find a brand that was 100% biodegradable projectiles, I considered getting my brothers to help me make some air powered cannons and just buy some paper confetti


There are lots of instructions online for making spring loaded confetti launchers. Most are even reusable. You can either use a compressed spring in the base or a rubber band stretched from the top (think slingshot style) and can use any kind of tube from a pipe to a simple paper towel roll. Tissue paper makes the best confetti for cannons. Cut into strips about three times as long as they are wide if you want them to catch air and rally scatter. Confetti cannons also work best when there's a breeze. If the air is still, set up a fan ahead of time in preparation. (Your guests will thank you for this for other reasons if the air is hot and still. Fans at outdoor gatherings are massively underrated.)


That was back in 2018 when I graduated but we ended up building two 3inch pipes with air hose coming out of the bottom connected to the big air compressor in the shop not to far out of the gym, we hid all this in pillers and when the time came a ball valve was opened and confetti hit the top of our 20ft roof it was loud but spectacular Though our outdoor ones that we had the undergraduates set off for us as we left needed to be handheld


Very cool. Using the already available compressed air lines was clever.


I mean I come from a place where building your own air powered potato cannon and shopping cart go cart is common


Visited the Palace of Fine Arts in SF last week, there were a lot of different photoshoots going on but I was very very upset when I found a spot absolutely covered with confetti, then noticed because of the wind it was getting in the adjacent pond. Really hurt to see.


Did I miss something about the post or isn't this literally the point of the post?


Confetti is just the b-version of glitter, a substance so diabolical that it's used as shrapnel in the war against the most despicable people to walk the sidewalks: porch pirates.


*Mark Rober intensifies*


I love his videos! So fun and genuinely interesting without any of the shock value tik Tok era shit.


I help to produce a horror fan convention located at a hotel. We've had every manner of presentation: merchandise, film festivals, horror-themed drag shows, celebrity panels, etc. The most horrifying thing I've ever seen happened a few years back. I stumbled into the drag show while searching for something to do on a rare low moment. On stage, the drag performer was reenacting the pigs-blood scene from Carrie. She backed up to the prom arch with her roses and the pail hanging above her head tipped towards the audience. For a brief second, I saw the sparkle at the bottom of the pail and realized they were about to dump about 10 cups of red glitter on to performer... and the carpet of the hotel's main ballroom. It took about 6 crushing seconds to empty the pail over her.


In a former life, before I changed my name and moved to Texas, I had a career in facilities management. I can think of nothing more nightmarish than glitter raining onto the main ballroom floor, the sparkling cherenkov radiation blinding the bulk of the audience, the rest enraged as they inhale the insidious dust. A rampaging mob sweeps through the halls destroying exhibits, splashing their glittery infection on the vendors, the Jason cosplayers, the Pyramid heads. The women screaming as their hair begins to glisten with silver and gold flecks that will still be washing into the drain after a thousand shampoos... Only the noble and mighty maintenance staff with their hot, sucking wet vacs and weighty, girthy keyrings of power can save them. God bless the maintenance staff.


Thank you for your service. Something I failed to mention that may disturb you beyond your senses: it was only the 2nd performance. 4 other acts followed. No one cleaned up in between.


Oh no! The horror!


My friend has a legit fear of glitter. This would be his worst nightmare.


As a sound engineer this terrifies me, I’ve worked cleanup crew at Burningman in the late 90’s and the most common lament among the crew was “fucking glitter”


Should have used real pig’s blood instead. It’s biodegradable!


I found confetti in clothes I wore like once at a village fair when I was 5... We know because my aunt got my old clothes for her son and apparently there's still confetti sometimes and she just doesn't know how or why


To be fair, organic glitter made from minerals is available. (on Etsy)


That's really good to know. However, my primary objection to glitter has less to do with its environmental impact (though that is a factor) and more to do with the fact that it is impossible to clean up. One greeting card with some glittery writing on it shows up in my house and I'll be finding glitter in random places for the next year. Oh, here's a true story for you. In 2009 I went to a halloween party with my boyfriend in his old car. I wore a costume that utilized lots of glitter, even spray glitter in my hair. He sold that car a few months later. We laughed about the fact that he'd finally be rid of all the glitter from my ill-chosen costume. In 2017, I ran into an acquaintance who invited me to a demolition derby he was driving in. He invited me in part because he recalled that my former boyfriend had owned the car that he was driving. (That's a thing, around here. If you're driving in a demo derby, you invite anyone you know who's connected to the car you're destroying.) It was the same car from the party. It had been through three more owners and two wrecks since then. My acquaintance's number one complaint about the car? There's *still* glitter all over the passenger seat.


When I'm stuck giving an *obligatory* card or gift, I always choose something with glitter on it. That stuff *never* goes away. If you get a gift from me and it has glitter, know that I despise you and want you to suffer.


Takes notes...


I’m bothered by how inefficient they were at using most of the leaf space on individual leaves.


I had to scroll way too far for this. Maybe the leaves were brittle, though?


If you want different colors, you have to spray paint them. I feel like I'mma need to /s this.


You're mocking, but you you *could* actually spritz them with food coloring to enhance the colors while still making them "environmentally friendly."


Isn't confetti just paper?


Sometimes... A lot of the stuff sold in stores now are plastic die cuts. Once upon a time, confetti was all paper but now it can be made from a lot of things. Like leaves.


It's not the decomposition of paper that is a problem. It's the *manufacture.* Too many people focus on "they plant trees just to make paper" which is true. But the manufacturing process creates literal tons of pollution. Anytime we can reasonably avoid using paper, we should. (And by *we* I mean mostly corporations and government, who consume more than three quarters of all the paper produced annually. But little things help, too.)


A lot of paper is highly processed and uses a lot of water. Leaves are more eco-friendly and are great fertilizer for your lawn! (although a thick layer of leaves can be bad for soil)


Depending... mostly yes, but some of ith is really thick pressed and soaked in so much chems that microbes cant break it easily. On top it alters ground composition of nutrients and PH scale through the chems, possibly affecting plant and microbe life there.


I actually considered this before dealing the joke instead. What ran through my head was a corn-starch based colored slurry... But very loose. Maybe mixed will alcohol to evap quickly. Add whatever color you like and get a heavy-duty squeeze spray bottle. The corn starch should absorb the color and reflects white before the dye so it will be opaque... Sort of a makeshift spray paint. But then stuff has to dry.


Corn starch would flake off and make a mess. You'd have colored powder everywhere. It doesn't need to be a solid layer of color, though, since it's just confetti. Just a bit of enhancement would be more than enough. An end result of "speckles" of color would do fine for most applications. A food dye suspended in alcohol sounds perfect, though I haven't tried it. The key would be choosing leaves that were already close to the right color. Start with red/brown leaves if you want darker colors like red or purple. Paler green or yellow hues for greens and oranges. You could also just dye the leaves first, since they would punch out better if they were soaked in water first anyway. Spread the punched shapes on screens to dry. Add a bit of glycerine to the soak for better color and to help prevent crumbling.


Just cook some beets and spray with leftover liquid. Or if you want to be fancy, soak the leaves in beet water, dehydrate, then hole punch




Nobody likes confetti of any kind


Confetti cake


Agreed, never in my 50 years have I thought about using, let alone purchasing confetti.


But other people do, a lot of parties have confetti guns and stuff. So this would be a nice alternative for them


Once. For revenge.


Revenge that is too mild for glitter.


Buddy of mine broke up with a live in girlfriend, he took off for a few days to let her clear out. She put glitter on top of the ceiling fan blades.


My MIL sent my daughters pre-Christmas presents that we opened during the 12 hour drive to their house. They were little toy ponies covered in glitter. When we arrived I noticed there was somehow glitter on my husband’s face. He saw some in my hair. There was glitter on every piece of luggage we owned. There was glitter when I’d change the toddler’s diaper. It’s been ten years and I still notice the occasional glitter on my clothing after driving in that car.


I washed a bag of hand-me-down baby clothes for my daughter before she was born, it had a sparkly fucking onesie in it. I just found a piece of that glitter today, kid turns 4 next week and we've moved house and gotten a new washer and dryer since washing that fucking onesie.




Yeah, i applaud her creativity, but thats a fucking war crime. I would come home from hanging out at his place years later still and find red glitter on me. Hes moved states now and i bet he still occasionally finds that red glitter in his stuff.


Craft herpes never goes away.


In my youth, I popped the awkward end off a tube of glitter to glop it down on top of a swipe of fresh paste or a gobbagoo glue. The worst of it then was mixing the different glitters. This was simply resolved by placing cast off glitters and accidental spills in bowls, usually in styrofoam (which are notoriously stable and weighty when handled by small children in tight spaces /s). Now, glitter is an absolute evil: there's entirely too much of it to be accounted for, when it enters the ocean it breaks down to microplastics, and people have taken to using it to literally punish others.


I work at a high end restaurant and we don’t even allow it for private parties because it’s literally impossible to clean up. People who still decide to bring it are charged a cleaning fee (due to private parties signing a contact agreeing to it). And In my experience only trashy people still use confetti


Oh god I worked in restaurants for 25 years. I fucking hate confetti. Especially that metallic plastic stamped into shapes. I don’t know why we never made this rule. And you’re right. It’s usually only trashy people who employ it.


Also related: Silly String. Fuck the man who invented Silly String.


at my school on field day, we'd be divided into teams, and gain points for our team through the day. one year, my team won, and we were hyped because the prizes were usually bubbles or candy or something. we got silly stringed. the second place team each got a can of silly string and bombarded us with it. god, it was fun but also super annoying. it stuck in my hair a lot. still better than confetti or super-fine glitter though.


Ever see someone presented with a lit birthday cake get sprayed with silly string? Happy birthday; here's those third-degree burns you wanted!


Awww silly string is great! I have a tradition with my sister that every year on Christmas morning we’ll have a spontaneous silly string fight as soon as she opens my gift. Sometimes I still surprise her too lol. It’s been years since we’ve done it though so I’ll have to bring it back this year.


I get anxiety from confetti




Nice award you got there, mate


Just use food coloring on some oatmeal.


confetti photogenically flutters to the ground only to gently picked up to dance once more from the slightest gust of a bride's swishing skirts. With a fairy-like quality it spins and descends and skips along the path - swept upward once more by a sunbeam, an emotion, by promises, to settle like petals on lapels of the dearly beloved - blessing the shawls of babies and bridesmaids alike. To be rediscovered in years to come, clasped in the fibers of bonnets and suits and laces of shoes. The enchantment lives on. this guy: oatmeal


Don't try to discredit his genius. It's midnight on new years day, and you're drunk. What would you rather have confetti? Or some free oatmeal?


Ah yes, blind drunk packed into Times Square, desperate for food. From the sky, dry flakes of God's psoriasis. I weep, for the Lord loves me.


Well, you’ll need to cook it first: if you throw it when it’s still raw, it’ll make them sick.


Is paper confetti not biodegradable or at least are we not able to make a paper more biodegradable?


Paper is often biodegradable but does have some extra chemicals in it that might not be great. Also, paper is super water-intensive to produce. So if it's something single-use like confetti, this more natural option may be more eco-friendly. And would be great for a rustic outdoorsy wedding!


Please do not use attached tree leaves


Realizes how much work that is........... Buys confetti.


Or: don't use confetti.


or just you know, dont use confetti, cause we all know that shit is annoying as fuck


1. Paper biodegrades too! 2. Dry leaves crumble. When you punch these, they're going to crumble. So, you are going to need leaves that are still at least partially moist. Moist leaves often contain sticky substances... 3. Bugs! And their eggs. 4. Mold!


This works until the leaves crumble 10 seconds later and now you’re just throwing dirty shards of leaves on your GUESTS


On your? On your what!? The suspense is SUSPENDED. (edit)


Is ? Is what ? This is really getting


Getting? Getting what!? Your response was a little


It was guests - I could’ve sworn I typed that but whatever


The shards of leaves got him!


What about the confetti making jobs? Think of the jobs. /s


Millennials destroyed the confetti industry


Unbeleafable idea!


nice one dick nipples!


You can also use poison ivy and poison oak leaves and throw them at people you don't like


Yea easy, just have a kid stand out side with a leaf blower


Why even hole punched them? They are leaves, they are already ready-made confetti


Biodegradable non paper confetti is the only type allowed in the UK for some time now.


if i remember correctly, paper is biodegradable though, is there a reason that it cant be paper? i understand not using plastic but paper breaks down and can even be composted


It’s probably something that makes biodegradation quicker / easier


Wait a sec: isnt confetti just paper and paper is from trees? Or am i just completely talking shit


Paper is biodegradable 😂


I just think about pocket sand


Boil up some Mountain Dew; it's gonna be a long night.


That’s maaaaad work lol. Jk


Who tf has that much time and patience? Just don’t use confetti if you’re against it


Perfect way to keep young kids occupied.


Get a heart-shaped paper punch and go at it while watching some movies. I love doing easy repetitive crafts like this to keep my hands busy while I'm watching something.


There are a lot of us who doesn’t have much going on for us at the moment


Or in general


…….uhhhhhh no


Taking away food from vegans is fucked up


Or we can make confetti out of plastic.. so they can last lomger and people can re-use them


This is definitely one of those situations where the picture online isn't what you're gonna get in the mail.


What if you live in the desert?




That's simple : cacti


Don't do that to living trees please, use the leaves on the ground


Confetti is also biodegradable


Maybe don’t touch trees at all?


You know confetti is made from paper witch is made from trees so this just came full circle tbh


Paper is just as biodegradable, you don't have to go through the trouble of making it, you're not tracking dirt or bugs into your house with it, and it's non-toxic for whatever pets or toddlers you have around the house who put everything in their mouths. There's literally no reason to do this.


Or, y’know, biodegradable confetti which is also a thing you can buy! Or dried petals! No need to hole-punch leaves for a biodegradable option!


I usually do this. The hardest part is cutting down the tree to harvest the leaves. Punching the holes isn’t bad though once I get my hole puncher gassed up and running.


What’s wrong with just using paper confetti or tissue


All fun and games till corporations start punching holes in healthy leaves of healthy plants/trees


idk abt you guys but we use biodegradable confetti, made out of Japanese paper. Still, this one is waaay better for the environment. But if you want an alternative to the plastic/foil-y confetti, then Japanese paper is ok.


Pls tell me that the leaves were already off the tree


Or just toss leaves. Do they have to be in a certain shape?


Brighter colored leaves are probably still alive. As they die, they lose color, which is why it isn't damaging to the environment. For brighter colors, you'd have to take the leaves from the trees, which could cause harm to the trees


What do you think confetti are made of in the first place, though?


Isn't paper already biodegradable


Uhmm you do know confetti is made from paper right? Well unless you get the plastic ones. But idk why you would get those.


Now you will be able to annoy someone even more


Isn’t confetti usually made of paper... ?


But paper is biodegradable too isn’t it? What’s the point of this then


To make whoever posted it feel superior


I mean what about just paper? Seeing as it's made of wood it must be possible to get something that is certified biodegradable and you wouldn't need to pluck a fuckton of leaves off of plants which would make them uglier and possibly deader


Confetti is already made of shitty paper, it'll barely take any more time to biodegrade than this


So basically paper without the extra steps.


This is midly interesting at best.


Paper is made from literally the same thing...trees. just as biodegradable.


Trees, but with extra steps that dump chemicals and both solid and liquid waste into local environments. Paper manufacturing doesn't *consume* forests, as the trees used are planted specifically for the purpose. But it does *kill* forests due to pollution. It's not how biodegradable the paper is, it's how many thousands of gallons of toxic byproducts were created to make it.