The grave of H.R. Giger, the Swiss sculptor/designer who designed, among other things, the alien creatures for the movie Alien.

The grave of H.R. Giger, the Swiss sculptor/designer who designed, among other things, the alien creatures for the movie Alien.


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Did he design his own grave?


It was designed by his wife, Carmen Giger: > We selected this particular stone because its golden mineral inclusions resemble a star-scattered night sky; they evoke Nut, the Egyptian goddess of the sky, rendered by Hansruedi in his painting ["Hieroglyphics"](https://i.imgur.com/g7Ki6PT.jpg). Said painting, loved so much by him, was our original choice for a grave adornment, but it was rejected by the Commune de Gruyères. [source](https://www.hrgigermuseum.com/index2.php?option=news&pg=4&lang=en)


That makes sense, it would have been a massive penis like monster if he made it.


the quote \*does\* say it evokes NUT


That detail did not escape me lol.




Assss you wissshhh Massster


Indeed, ass is what I wish.


A very nut evoking statement


This evokes the nut


Your mom evokes NUT


Mom, no!


Thank you sir


I was expecting a full sized version of his train: https://a2-images.myspacecdn.com/images01/95/01848c89bef26c46454b3ef3fd750dc1/full.jpg


If there's ever a bat-train then that's it.


We need a Wild west Batman.


Jim Wayne, the prequel


Is that you Jim Wayne? Is this me?


Who in tarnation said that!


They've done that multiple times. https://external-preview.redd.it/n2FtLYuSWUEAN9awkmzXBMTOWJhgMWFzBR9d7PNBhkQ.jpg?auto=webp&s=f1a44543fddaea3648bdb617f373e3fb63a675be https://static3.srcdn.com/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2021/03/Batman-Superman-19-Cover-Header.jpg https://www.tradereadingorder.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/12/Batman-The-Blue-The-Grey-And-The-Bat-He-Aint-A-Stoppin.jpg


Ideally bursting through a vaginal hell mouth


can she design my grave stone?


> but it was rejected by the Commune de Gruyères. I like to imagine the people who made the call never watched the movies and wondered what sort of demonic fuckery she was trying to put on her husband's grave.


Well the area where he is buried is actually very small, and when you get there it's like stepping into a postcard (not exaggerating here). He's also buried in the cemetery next to the church. So I can sort if imagine them wanting the stone to be less suggestive and evocative of, essentially, pagan deities. Which is also ironic because with the museum, the bar, and his work on display at the chateau his influence is on about a quart of the village :') I've been there four times now, been to his grave three times, and honestly, the pictures don't do it justice.


Yeah the Giger Bar's pretty rad alright :D


It took a minute for that to *click*


Take your filthy upvote you pun making genius.


Oh no way, is he buried in Gruyère? I went there a few years back and of course went to his museum. It was great! I loved how completely different the inside and the outside of the museum was, as in: i peaked behind a curtain which blocked off the window so as the museum was purely dark and atmospheric but then outside it looked like a chocolate bar advert type of scene! Rolling greenery and cattle.


Yup! I also missed his grave three first time I went, but I made up for it by now :') and the rest of the village... What can I say, when I went the first time, I parked my car, opened the door, and wondered what the hell that *noise* was I heard... Until I realized it was the cattle in the pasture, with bells on their necks, and I definitely felt like I was in a commercial as well!


When I visited we had a cow scraping up the hood of our rental with it's big bell. That was interesting to try to explain the rental company...


It's such a cool little place to visit. As I remember it, you walk up this hill into this idyllic village, enjoy a traditional cheese fondue at one of the restaurants, then keep following the main road and reach the bar and museum, leaving the flowers and cow bells, for this dark atmosphere full of spinal columns and more or less allegorical penis art.


He was very involved in demonic fuckery before the movies picked up his art.


I mean, I think seeing the film or not, it's understandable that a town wouldn't want that on a stone slab in their graveyard. It's not like you could have told the panel of deeply religious octogenarians making this decision, "No, no no, you don't understand. He was a creative force in this movie about aliens who burst forth from the stomachs of their human incubators".


I mean it was worse than that even, the implantation and eruption was about male rape and forced pregnancy, that's why it was so unsettling, it was sexual terror. Not many movies really have the balls to go much beyond jump scares.


I mean, it is kind of strange that they'd reject that and at the same time have no issue with the bar and museum that probably make up a huge majority of their tourism industry. Let the man have whatever he wants on his grave!


Regardless of them watching a movie or not, grotesque alien titties and dicks are typically frowned upon as ornaments in a graveyard, where people come to grieve for their loved ones.


They let him make the most spectacular museum. They knew. He loved them dearly for it. (He was always hurt that his hometown sort of ignored him.) It’s an incredibly picturesque place and it’s jarring yet so cool to find his museum there.


>> We selected this particular stone because its golden mineral inclusions resemble a star-scattered night sky; they evoke Nut I evoke nut every night


I'm proud of you, son


> > We selected this particular stone because its golden mineral inclusions resemble a star-scattered night sky; they evoke Nut I evoke nut every night I evacuate nut every day.


You didn’t have to make this comment.


You didn't have to make this comment.


It is certainly a beautiful stone and a beautiful memorial


biomechanical weenie monsters


Possible. Maybe roughly 300 years from now because he knew what would happen and left a time capsule to be sent back so his younger self could find it and design what sentient alien life would be like.


In Gruyère Switzerland (yes where the cheese comes from), there is a HR Giger Museum and [bar](https://hrgiger.com/barmuseum.htm).


Yeah the museum is incredible. Quite the funny juxtaposition on top of a pretty hill near a pretty castle, next to many tourist trap shops, above a pretty little Swiss town. It was odd going there at 10am and looking out the windows to see typical lush Swiss countryside and mountains and turn around to see an alien with 10 cocks and [Satanic mecha-orgies](https://i.imgur.com/0X04vtr.jpg).


I did not expect to see full on penetration on a giant mural like that


When I went in 2019, I did my best to obey the no pics rule, but that piece and a lot of others that are *much* more.... graphic, were just too good to pass up. I, like it seems you are, were aware of his work on the Alien movies and some other stuff, but that's only the tip of the iceberg. In a way, it was better that I didn't know what to expect.


His design of the sandworms is one of the many reasons I wish Jodorowsky's Dune was made.


Damn it's such a shame. That movie would have been fucking wild.


I can only dream that it would have been released uncut, in all of its 14 hour glory.


I would be fascinated to hear what someone who enjoyed it liked about it. I went there recently without knowing much about it and found the first several sections mildly unsettling and then the higher rooms downright upsetting and disturbing, in particular the works of other artists like that one with a sainted Charles Manson wearing his victims around his neck. There was a family admiring it and calling it pretty, and I could not get out of there fast enough.


I’m a huge HRG fan, but I do find some of the sexuality of his art gratuitous. What I love are the details, his landscapes & settings, and the style overall. Even his most penisy work blows me away (pun unintended) both with the amount of detail he puts into the work, and how he can render something familiar into something completely alien.


Art isn't necessarily supposed to be pleasant. People probably like it because it is disturbing. I mean that's why Alien was a success, it was a new and disturbing monster and his art added a lot to that.


+1 to bucket list, gracias.


I think this might be his Baphomet rendition. Fuck, I love his art!


You're not supposed to take pics in the museum, but I had to sneak a few like this one and it is really impressive in person. If you're a fan, nothing beats that place and you owe it to yourself to visit. They have lots of sculpture and furniture pieces too, like a whole dining room set - all done like Xenomorphs. Even the little sitting area outside has like giant vertebrae surrounding it. Then go next door and get a coffee or beer and lunch.


“Would you like to try the Chestburster shot? It Jaegermeister and Pop Rocks!”


I have a picture of me and my husband in front of the bar's baby wall on my credit card. They gave me the option to personalize with my own photo, it seemed perfect!!


We sat at that table as well! The pictures are....disturbing.


The term “baby wall” is very unsettling to me...


That looks amazing!


You have changed my life. Thank you.


I went there with my grandma, not knowing that he did anything besides the alien design. Despite the immense amount of genitalia and just crazy shit in general, it actually turned out, because my grandma is one of the least prudish people in our family.


Ha, I've been there. Didn't even know it existed. I was visiting Gruyere with my wife on a trip through Switzerland and while we were walking around the small little village I saw these insane seats in the window. Went inside realized what it was got a beer and it was great :-) I believe there's actually a museum across the way from it. I could be mixing it up with something else but I know after I had my beer at the bar I went to a museum about something :-)


I am from there and I visited the museum twice. It is really worth it. Then you can go enjoy the Gruyère at the cheese factory close by.


That is amazing! Think I have a new destination on my bucket list.


Thought that said 940 - 2014 until I zoomed It would feel right if it did


It takes many years to master a craft... ...and this man was one hell of a master


Its crazy to think how different pop culture would be if not for him


Imagine the countless kids across generations who wouldn’t have had nightmares because of him


Well the Aliens movies sure wouldn’t be as good!


He dreamed up some amazing things that were definitely ahead of his time.


Had that Old God energy


He CREATED what we think of when we say Old God energy.


He created the old gods.


I feel like these statements here about Giger are very insulting to Lovecraft


Tbf we probably should insult Lovecraft


That is patently ridiculous. HP Lovecraft was a human being that had faults and in modern times the fault of racism is expanded upon as if it was his core personality trait. This was a man who lived such a sheltered frightened life that he wrote a story about his fears of air conditioning because he stayed in a hotel with an AC unit and was so disturbed by the fact that he wrote a story about a man using air conditioning to preserve his body after his undeath. You can speak of the fact that he was racist all you want but he lived in a time period where ignorance about such topics was much higher than it is now and yes he had a cat that he named after the n-word But to distill the entirety of the man that was Lovecraft into just a bad person we shouldn't respect due to racism is to ignore the other qualities that made him a living breathing human being. The Man created some of the most influential stories of horror ever put on paper and helped define what became a genre that shares his name. To judge him solely based on outdated views on race is ridiculous


Even other racists said "Hey Howie, lay off the racism a bit"


Lovecraft tho


So you're saying that these aliens creatures of his are a coming? when? is this what happens next after covid?


No the disease is the 3rd of 5 waves we need 2 more before the aliens come Edit: correcting errors.


How better to finish out the last four and a half years of complete fucking insanity?


He actually made the crashed alien ship too, and used actual animal bones to create the biomechanical look he's known for


Same thing crossed my mind: "Yeah, that seems plausible...."


Wait what does it say then? Doesnt zoom so far in


The Father of BioMechanical Art. Necronomicon I and II contain amazing works of art, including the images that were shown to Ridley Scott before he filmed Alien, and which were subsequently borrowed and worked into the movie. I'm a huge Xenomorph fan, I have a ton of collectibles and stuff involving H.R. Giger such as that Li II statue by McFarlane. Good stuff! RIP Sheer Legend!!


He also was commissioned by Jodorowsky to do artwork for his (ultimately failed) Dune movie


Yes! /u/SobridMusic if you haven't you should watch the "Jodorowsky's Dune" (2013) documentary which features interviews with Giger and concept art he made for the doomed project.


I managed to get the biomechanics book for 50 bucks with a busted up binding. The necronomicon is expensive as shit.


40 years later and the Xenomorph is still the apex in design ever made. Not just the look, but the entire species itself.


The Xenomorphs is a god-tier design.


I mean, it IS a giant, walking penis...


It’s structural perfection is matched only by its hostility


A while back there was a [a collection of Ibanez guitars](https://ibanez.fandom.com/wiki/Category:H._R._Giger_models) with his designs on them. Really cool looking instruments. My old rhythm guitarist had one.




I actually have one of these and am trying to sell it I think. It also happens to be signed by Joe Satriani which is kind of random. Edit: Link for for those who were wondering. It’s an RGT HRG1 https://imgur.com/a/flK2zCX


Tell me more about your guitar?


What is it worth? I may be interested. PM me if you'd like


Will you upload some well lit pictures? The ones I find online suck


Gives me TOOL vibes


Chet Zar did the artwork for ÆNIMA and his work is very Giger-esq


I love the artwork for that album. Also my favourite Tool album.


Same here


I will say, my neighbour got the deluxe edition of Fear Inoculum when it came out almost 2 years ago and *that* is **the most** elaborate packaging I’ve ever seen on an album. I mean it has a fucking built in LCD screen. The 3D artwork on 10000 Days was pretty awesome too. But musically? ÆNIMA is still their best by far IMO.


Giger did a lot of album art himself, like ELP's brain salad surgery most famously, but one of his closest collaborations was with Tom Gabriel Fischer from Celtic Frost and Triptykon. The cover of Melana Chasmata is an amazing piece of art. Fischer and Tiger were close friends and I think he was actually Giger's assistant or something at some point.


Alex Grey (TOOL visual artist) is another artist on the same tier as Giger in my book. Both are/were absolutely amazing artists.


Whew that Iceman is actually really cool


Fun fact: The Pokémon Gligar is based off the facehuggers designed by H.R. Giger, and this is made more evident by the Japanese name for Gligar: Gliger.


It's so surprising when I learn Japanese artists and designers take influence from western designs, I don't why it surprises the hell out of me


Damn, he was born in 940


RIP, Hey Really Giger.


Baby tacos for babies, Chad.


The only HR I know, besides Human Resources. And that's #1 with a bullet.


Have a piece of his artwork tattooed on my chest. Geiger was a brilliant artist.


Always wanted to Giger's Lilith tattooed on my back but never had the time or money






>Geiger was a brilliant artist. Giger?


> Giger? I barely knew her.


Giger. I’ve always thought it was gei but knew I was wrong when I looked at the gravestone.


Got a pic?


There are several versions- have a look: https://www.google.com/search?q=giger+lilith&client=firefox-b-m&sxsrf=ALeKk00x7Aj-Q7PdRbQ7icLQ9sTJFam8vg:1621200460194&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwiGj6isks_wAhWCPewKHaLmBN8Q_AUIBigB&biw=360&bih=647 I'd go with v2


I was asking SpacelyHotPocket about his chest tattoo - thanks though!


I don’t unfortunately. I’ve never photographed my artwork. There are several of mine in artist profiles in Albuquerque NM if ya ever get out there! Perhaps I’ll ask the wife to take photos at some point. With no Facebook, where would someone post something like that?




Thanks for the link!!


I plan on getting a Giger sleeve to cover up some shitty tattoos I have on my arm. His work was incredible. *edit: stupid autocorrect doesn't recognize greatness


I have a piece of his covering my entire forearm!


Sadly he passed away at the ripe age of 1074 years old


Came here for this. Comment above didn't do the math


He also did the "Penis Landscape" (not sure if that's what it's actually called) art featured on the poster that came with the original Dead Kennedys record, "Frankenchrist." One of my best friends in junior high school was suspended for bringing it to school when we were in 8th grade (I think) back in the late 80s. Anyhow, a couple years later during his "No More Cocoons" spoken word tour, me and said friend got to meet Jello and he spent nearly an hour talking with us and signing our DK records, which was fucking awesome. He later sent my buddy a signed copy of the original poster, the school administrators never having returned the one they confiscated. I've since learned that like most of us, Jello has some character flaws, but the way he treated us was unbelievably generous and inspiring.


Giger suffered from chronic night terrors when he was younger, specialists couldn’t really help. He started sketching them as he remembered them. Some of the visions he had in his darker episodes inspired the alien franchise. Talk about turning a negative into an opportunity. But those dreams must have been mind bending.


Heard James Cameron had a fever dream about terminator then made it a movie. Wish I'd get sick lol


A person sooo very far ahead of their time. My Oma’s nephew. Fortunate to have gotten many opportunities to meet. ☺️


What was he like?


He was incredibly intelligent, very thoughtful & also quite kind.


Would have expected a much more elaborate and well built grave site for Giger, I wonder if they've had trouble with looters?


I think there’s a wide variety of celebrity gravesite styles. Frank Sinatra’s is famously modest. Not everyone wants to be like [Oscar Wilde](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oscar_Wilde%27s_tomb)


I Googled Sinatra's grave out of interest, did a bit of digging when I noticed there were two quite different markers - very interesting story as to why! https://www.palmspringslife.com/frank-sinatra-grave/


> I Googled Sinatra's grave out of interest, did a bit of digging...




Holy cow! I was NOT expecting that in-depth of a narrative on something as simple as a gravestone. There’s treachery, betrayal, vandalism, even… Zeppo Marx. That writer deserves a medal.


What the actual pharaoh fuck is that thing?


Or [Nicolas Cage](https://www.atlasobscura.com/places/nicolas-cage-s-pyramid-tomb)


And he requested to be buried with the Declaration of Independence.


Steve Jobs's grave is unmarked IIRC.


Hey Really Giger!


I designed this for Raddddddly Scouch.


It’s a territory, Chad


He also painted Penis Landscape (google with care), whose inclusion as a poster in the Dead Kennedys *Frankenchrist* album and the subsequent obscenity trial nearly bankrupted Jello Biafra’s great Alternative Tentacles record label.


I thought the date of birth said 940 and was struggling with whether I could accept H. R. giger being alive since 940 or if this might be an explanation for his designs.


I learned only yesterday watching "Aliens" that James Cameron designed the alien queen in "Aliens" not Giger as he was unavailable at the time. Obviously Cameron pulled off of Giger's designs, the queen was similar to the soldier xenomorph except bigger and had that big egg sac


Giger did comeback to do the dog-alien in the 3rd one though.


And the Species alien, probably my favorite but that might be because I was a pre-teenage boy when I first saw it




Yes boobs, nipples even which was pretty awesome until the tentacles. Confused my 13 year old brain, didn't have the internet back then really so most of my boob education came from National Geographic and Victoria Secret magazines except for the once a year Halloween slumber parties I was allowed to watch scary rated R movies at my friend's house.


Did you also know the eggs didn't originally have 4 flaps at the top, but instead two? I don't think I need to explain why they wanted that changed :')


A lot of Giger's original designs had to be altered because they were very overtly sexual. Giger's artwork often involved blending human sexuality with alien or otherworldly aesthetics.


Yeah no kidding; the longer you look at some works, the more sex you see :')


That's why erotic horror is such an effective genre. Sexuality is hardwired into humans, so when you're faced with some deformed monstrosity that has vaguely sexual visual components, it causes an intense, subconscious feeling of dissonance. You want to flee the creature, but there's a primal, visceral part of your brain that finds at least *some* aspect of the creature appealing, even if it's in a twisted, subconscious way.


Absolutely; I'm quite used to seeing some of his works (most notably *Vlad Tepes* and *Mordor VII*, and yet, when I saw Vlad Tepes in real life and discovered intricacies i had never seen before, it felt uncomfortable to look at. On the one hand, your curiosity is piqued, and you want to speak in every little detail, but on the other hand, it feels *wrong* to be so fascinated. It's a very precious feeling, and you described it perfectly!


I believe that in response to the rejection of his original vagina-egg, he is said to have responded something like “ok then I’ll give it four flaps just like the cross you love so much”


He was also partly discovered (as were a number of the people working on Alien) after doing artwork for Alejandro Jodorowsky's version of Dune. Highly recommend the movie "Jodorowsky's Dune" if you like Geiger's artwork, Salvador Dali, and of course Dune.


He lived a lot of years.




Just had same experience with all the old Omni magazine cover art! Who knew!!!??


Out of curiosity, does anyone know what the 10 is for at the bottom of the tablet?


It looks like a plot number. I looked up the cemetery and every grave has one at the foot.


It means that it can fit up to 10 people.


Or number of servings.


Respawn timer


Giger Bars are literally the most psychedelic thing I've ever known to exist. We need more visionaries like him helping shape our ideas of what is possible.


the museum in Switzerland is great. i want to go again. the shirt was 50 swiss francs tho. kinda pricey, like most thingsSwitzerland.


Where is this? I visited his Museum and bar in Gruyere Switzerland. Going to kick myself if this was in the area.


I'm sorry but you'll have to kick yourself, it's in the same small village... (I'm in the same boat, visited the museum but didn't go down to the grave.)




Having an eye catching grave is probably one of the more superb things you could do for yourself in this world. it's too eternal to be lighthearted about but at the same time it's too materialistic.


Does he have any galleries on display still? Cause that would be a hell of a trip to see his gnarly work.


I look every once in awhile to see if any of his work tours, and I haven't found any. I guess the only way at this time is to visit his home, Château St. Germain in the walled city of Gruyères, Switzerland. Which is now a museum with the largest collection of his paintings, sculptures, furniture and film designs, dating from the early 1960's till 2014. It's on my bucket list.


I'm with you on that. Be awesome to see his works. My father made me a sci-fi fan before I can remember and Giger's stuff stands on the top echelon material.


It’s very cool, and just in front of the museum there’s a Giger styled bar that’s cool as well. And of course, it’s in Gruyères which is a very pretty place to visit by itself. (If you go, eat some gruyère cheese, it’s very good, there’s a cheese factory tour not too far away and a chocolate factory tour too)


Make sure to check out a fascinating documentary about him : Dark Star - HR Giger's World


Anybody else wanna base a religion on him ? Kinda like scientology but without Tom Cruise...


I was looking at this wondering when he died and if it was recent. Then I realised the obvious...


Looks like it’s ripped straight out of Darkseed


His art was also on many covers of [Omni magazine](https://snodge.tumblr.com/post/45867275273/image-found-in-omni-magazine-august-1991-art-by)


It looks like he died at either 74 or 1074 years old, because of a missing number on the tombstone.


He lived for a long time. A very, very long time.


Korn singer Jon Davis got this dude to design his mic 🎤 stand


940 - 2014 damn he lived a long life


His initials stood for "Hey, Really Giger" and one of his favourite hobbies was pickling black liquorice.


Did not know he was 1074 years old


He was only 1074 years old. Taken too soon.


He was big on the traumatizing event of being born and forced through the birthing canal causing a lifelong PTSD of sorts. He felt it goes this way for everyone born at least via birth canal and not c-section. Pretty interesting fella.


His idea on what Cil in species should have looked like sounded amazing She would look like molten metal glowing red to white when she got mad She would be see through normally


Anyone count how many dicks they see on his grave??? Giger was famous for phallic/clitoral imitation and representation in his art.