I think she listed all the things she has no clue about.


I don't think she listed all of them.


that list would be farrrrr too long


If we had that list, Curiosity would no longer be stuck on Mars


I don't think we have that many terabytes of storage.


So English language arts are bad now? TIL that


Well we don't want kids thinking and getting ideas do we? And if they can read, they can go online and discover things. Better to just have them memorize things. Easier to control that way.


But you know, we don't want our kids to learn any languages other than English because "DIS IS 'MURICA, SPEAK ENGLISH!"


Hell no, they ain’t speaking that foreign garbage. They gonna speak AMERICAN /s


English? Why the hell would we want them to learn that? We fought a revolution against them. Its like I heard that they want to teach our kids Arabic numbers too. Our kids need to learn to speak AMERICAN, and learn American numbers. /s


1776 baby! The Queen can suck it! Red White and Heeeehaw!


"Ideas are more dangerous than guns. We don't let our enemies have guns, so why let them have ideas" \- Joseph Stalin (Possibly misattributed, or fabricated completely)


If they can read, they then might learn critical thinking. Armed with the ability to read and think critically, they might read the Bible and constitution and understand them for themselves. It's hard to indoctrinate your kids when they can think and read for themselves.


I mean, the TX GOP came out explicitly against teaching critical thinking skills because it "challenges deeply held beliefs". They want you dumb.


Reminds me of how kids from Catholic schools used to be warned against studying certain subjects at college because they would make them loose their faith.


And they wonder why we have so many school shooters. SMH


“Speak English!” “Okay, teach me English.” “No.”


They don't like it because they read such "woke" books as To Kill a Mockingbird, Animal Farm, 1984, and Huckleberry Finn.


That damned Huck treating Jim like a friend and father figure instead of property!


We can’t have children learning to read


Its because of the pronouns. She's very anti-pronoun. Or pro-antinoun.


Pro-antinoun made me laugh harder than it should have


I think it’s because historical books about segregation, woman’s suffrage movement, and slavery are part of ELA curriculum.


It promotes reading comprehension, and not having someone above you tell you what something means is bad. /s


When we teach kids about English they eventually learn what pronouns are. These type of people think that's a bad thing for some reason.


You know what kids LEARN in ELA? PRONOUNS


Their thinking must be along the lines of [Family Guy and movable printed type.](https://youtu.be/YJhIkgsw1L4)


Well we CANT have them LEARNING PRONOUNS now can we?


It's the alternative to learning


**A**ll-American **N**on-Traditional **A**lternative **L**earning ... I think I know what this meeting is really about.


Madison Cawthorn has entered the chat


Center for ANAL? Sign me in.


Seriously. She wrote this whole post and never said a word about what kids *would* be learning. Just listed all the culture war buzzwords she is “stopping” to signal her membership in the in-group. None of this is actually about improving education.


In other words, she would probably be voted into Congress if this was her running platform


My voting packet is FULL of exactly this. It's so sad...


There is a woman running for state representative where I live and she has her posters up all over the place. The word "conservative" is the biggest font and it's at the top and bottom. She has listed No CRT in our schools, Honest and FAIR elections, No mask or vaccine mandates and prayer allowed in schools as her platform. Nothing about taxes, infrastructure, education (other than allowing (christian) prayers in school) or the economy.


>Nothing about taxes, infrastructure, education (other than allowing (christian) prayers in school) or the economy. Those are real, complicated problems that take actual knowledge and thought to deal with. That's too much for these people. Far easier for them to just make up bogeymen and stand against those.


>She has listed No CRT in our schools It's really easy to not teach something that already isn't being taught.


My guess is they'll be "learning" about why thinking critically about race is bad


I’m sure the lesson plans will bear a striking similarity to whatever Tucker Carlson was ranting about the night before.


probably a bunch of bible classes except that inclusive part from jesus just the hellfire and brimstone parts. maybe some grooming on the side


> maybe some grooming on the side More like whole semesters dedicated to a wife's duty to submit to her husband in all things and at all times. That's even before the pedos that inevitably flock to positions of authority over children. Especially children easily manipulated with religion and shame in an environment that fosters unquestioning obedience.


Thats kind of the whole thing with the right though, they have novel sized lists of what they're against but struggle to tell you what they're actually for


Today we are excited to announce our ongoing commitment to a curriculum which continues a proud, uninterrupted history of nearly 250 years devoid of any learning or insight about diversity, equity or inclusion. Pls note, can all students pls ensure clan hoods and robes are clearly labelled on the inside seam with a non-white laundry marker as ownership disputes are often difficult to resolve, as you will learn in class. /s


dress codes are actually great for students, even if they hate them


I won’t send my kid to a school with non white markers.


Alternative learning for alternative facts


Curriculum Coach. So not a teacher, but what? Associate Grifter?


As a teacher, she's going to write the lessons. This company probably isn't a school because in most states you have to work to get accredited (But not all! Thanks to Betsy DeVos's literal billions of dollars to privatize schools, states like Michigan and Ohio have next to no oversight on charters!) So it's most likely a series of worksheets with guides for parents/homeschoolers to print out and give to their kids to keep them ignorant. Because being a human clown car and having thirteen babies cartwheel out of you isn't the only job for a Quiverfull mother--she also has to keep them from dangerous activities like independent thought.


I tried to find something about this "center" online, no internet presence at all. Probably just a scam running out of some fuckhead's basement. EDIT: Its a Church.


So a scam then.


The pastor of the church contacted me and said they are not affiliated, the church rents space in the same building.


Ah, so like a community space with rentable units.


Thanks. This really expands beyond the obvious theme. It's so damn depressing. We need to spend billions on education to stop this from poisoning any more people.


This woman is no educator and the place she is working is not a school... But I can speak to the curriculum coach role from my experience in actual schools with actual teachers. Typically, because there are not enough hours in a day, teachers don't have time to write all of their own curriculum and design every lesson. Districts often hire folks from the classroom to write curriculum that everyone can use, but the downside to having someone else write your curriculum is that it sometimes requires translation and tweaking when you get it in front of the actual kids. Someone in a role of "curriculum coach" is probably both writing curriculum and helping teachers implement it effectively (during coaching meetings on their off periods or planning times). It's generally considered a promotion, since you need to be really savvy with content, pedagogy, and lesson design to do the job well. God only knows what it means here, though.


I’m a Curriculum (Literacy) Coach in a public school district. We do all of the things you listed above, but I also model lessons , co-teach, gather resources, and serve as mentor for less experienced teachers.


Absolutely true- I was in that role too before moving to corporate and you're totally right. I didn't mean to imply that was the full extent of the work, but wanted to help non-EDU folks understand (at a high level) what kind of job this woman was talking about.


I doubt this person is working in the public school district. They’re probably either contracting to private schools or (what seems to be alluded to here based on the individual students needing to sign up) they’re doing home school curriculums.


Assistant to the Grifter


What's the rule for abbreviating hyphenated words? Because I'm enjoying the thought that this is the Center for ANAL.


I was thinking CAANT Alternative Learning. Because the kids probably won't be able to spell "can't" and probably won't learn contractions before they learn the Bible.


Holy shit. No language arts?!?


The fear of pronouns is that deep.


No need to know the difference from their, there or they're


"Your" vs "You're"? That's why Jesus invented "Ur."




Can’t have students *reading* they might expand their minds and learn to think for themselves.


I can understand the need for home schooling in some of the more remote areas, but wasn't there a time when you had to have proper accreditations to run a school and teach other people's kids?


I'm thinking this has to be an informal setup, along the lines of Vacation Bible School, because even Illinois would never give the OK to a formal school without English classes. But "language arts" could mean English lit, so no danger of critical thinking involved.


So this is the KKKindergarten?


The Ku Klux Kids


No social OR emotional learning. So basically they act like emotionless robots and don't socialize at all? Do they just put a text to voice recording on and the kids listen all day?


I think the point is that they don't want kids to learn social skills or develop emotional intelligence. They want kids to be illiterate and overly emotional so they can be manipulated rather than having the intelligence to think rationally and make informed decisions.


Feed them yummy snacks, play games and tell them what Sky Guy expects of them. What else do they need to know? Then accuse everyone else of grooming and indoctrination. It would be laughable if it wasn’t so detrimental to so many young people.


Just like George Washington and Jesus would've wanted it when they sat down to write the Bible and the Constitution on the 4th of July 1776.


Honestly one of the hottest collabs of all time.


Obviously, you don't want kids thinking they're free to express their emotions or learn to navigate social situations themselves. You want them to be wholly subservient to your emotional needs and social demands.


This is how narcissists raise their children. That certainly fits the direction these folk have taken with their politics and lives. If we think the suicide rate is bad now? Things/places like this are going to make it worse.


They don't want the kids to accidentally learn empathy for other human beings.


Empathy means you are weak and spineless, not that you have the confidence and skill to help yourself and others, duh! /s


Hey, I got sent to Catholic schools specifically to get that exact education. My autistic round peg didn't quite fit their square hole though.


They want emotionally and socially stunted child soldiers for their Christian nationalist hit squads. The address is some weird church after all.


Everyone knows you should roll all your emotions into a little ball, bury it deep inside you and top it with alcohol.


Our school board candidates are all about "getting back to the Three R's." None of that namby-pamby emotional snowflake stuff.


Reading Riting Rible Ruh roh Raggy


Wonder if they’ll still teach maths with Arabic numerals? 😂


Billy, hold up one finger on your right hand. Good! Now, hold up two fingers on your left hand. Good! This equals four.


You adding binary over here, or what?


Roman numerals


Who needs to know math? That sounds like some dangerous thinking right there, friend.


“White children only.”


Probably gotta show up with your same-sex marriage certificate that pre-dates the child's birth date by AT LEAST 10 months, proof of church, and note from the hospital saying "Parents refused vaccinations" or whatever that bullcrap is.


>same-sex marriage certificate Think if you showed up with that, they'd burn you and your spouse at the stake after exorcising the demons from you.


Say you're racist without saying you're racist.


I mean she straight up said "no integration" I can't hear a louder red flag if I ever did hear one.


Yeah, “all-American” is 1,000% a dog whistle for “white passing only”


Equity bad


Can't have kids learning about financial responsibility and owning their own homes.


At least they're open about not wanting equity or inclusion. Easier to fight the enemy when they show you who they really are.


"All are welcome" is a bit confusing in this context.


Welp, better grab some popcorn for this shit show, amirite? Those of us raised by parents with no social-emotional learning can predict how this is going to go! Should be a lot of unpredictable fun! No English language arts? So they won’t read either? That’s real weird. It’s almost like this person doesn’t know anything and plans to teach her stupidity to other idiots kids.


Beyond the obvious fear of gen-alpha using critical thinking skills to realize that their platform is bullshit. They’re probably just embarrassed and hold a deep hate for English language arts because their reading comprehension level stopped at 5th grade.


They don't want the kids to actually be able to read the bible outside of what the pastor wants them to read or know. That's how you make atheists and agnostics.


It’s like these people need a safe space for themselves


It’s easy to scream about “dems” being snowflakes and needing safe spaces, from their own safe space echo chambers. Kind of like how they constantly cry about “facts don’t care about your feelings” then completely ignore facts because of their feelings.


Jesus Christ. This is the next town over from me.


I hate Illinois Nazis.




Dog whistle must be broken, because I'm pretty sure anybody with and without functioning ears can hear that high-pitched whining noise.


Since when was English language arts a controversial subject?


Since their reading level stopped at 5th grade. Can’t have gen-alpha obtaining a higher reading level and sniffing out all their bullshit.


By 3rd grade my reading level was post-high school level. Not because I'm a genius, but because books are crack for many kids who are given full access to them. These fuckers HATE that idea.


"Stop indoctrinating our children with your disgusting beliefs! Now excuse me, i have to go and indoctrinate children"


Bitches out here really wanting the next generation to be emotionally stunted assholes, I feel horrible for any kid that goes through this and ends up realizing how little they actually know later in life when they enter the real world


No English language arts? The rest is just stock standard "we're too stupid to read a single credible article on this so it's scary" but English language arts? Listen, I didn't like reading Shakespeare or writing poetry as much as the next guy, but at least I see it's value.


Boy, that sure is a meaningless word salad of concepts I doubt the OP (of the screenshot, not the poster here) can even define, let alone actually understands!


Kids who go to a school like this will forever hate their parents for it. Likely to have little to no access to sports or arts activities. No chance of passing the SAT or going to a college or trade school. You can’t stop kids from learning this stuff when the internet exists. They’ll just find what they want online and do it themselves.


"Non-Traditonal Alternative Learning" is a fun way to rephrase white washed history


Ever go so alternative you make alternatives to alternative learning?


[http://www.axchurch.com/aboutus/](http://www.axchurch.com/aboutus/) The address is the same as a non-denomination church


I live in the area. I just posted on Facebook and tagged them. ETA: the pastor contacted me, he claimed they are not affiliated, just in the same building.


Kind of refreshing for them to just openly admit they want to shape a bunch of stupid, bigoted emotionally crippled narcissists


“I’m proud to teach racism to children!” What the hell


25 students, only. So... This is a Karen who plans to operate a 1 room schoolhouse in her living room.


No. It’s actually at a storefront church. ETA : pastor claims they are not affiliated, just in the same building.


So that kid is either going to be a neo nazi and/or a school shooter. Got it.


They aren't teaching about diversity, equality, or inclusion? Telling on themselves in spades here


Ohhh, that reminds me. There's a very long standing non-accredited "Christian" school a few towns over from me that's like this. They are, primarly, still stuck in the early 1900s. They never integrated. They went private when the state "forced" integration, and the Evangelical church they're assigned to is very choosy about who they let in their pure white chapel. That whole town is an inbred hillbilly nightmare. They had this MASSIVE Trump mural as a "Welcome to Hicksville" sign for YEARS. It, uh, caught fire late one night last year, right after the Insurrection. I was friendly in school with a girl whose family has been there forever. She went to elementary school at the Christian School, but by middle school her family moved her to the public school the next town over, where I went to school. She was a little behind for most of middle school, and that "school" is to blame. It was basically a white-washed Sunday school, 6 days of the week. The girls and boys were separated, and she wasn't learning much in the way of math by age 10 or so. Every few years, to this day, the conversation starts again on what to do with the place. They loudly proclaim to be up to state standards, but it's a local running joke to insult someone being stupid to insinuate they went to that school. Just a few weeks ago they sadly announced that Sunday school is temporarily suspended, the Bible Summer Camp had to link up with another awful church in the town where I went to school, and unless they can find a new teacher school will have to be like 3-4 days a week this coming school year. I keep hoping this spells the end is coming near, but it's hard to kill the Devil.


No inclusion lmao. Just come out say segregated schools at this point


Poor uneducated children grow up to be ignorant Republican voters, none of this is an accident.


White supramacy school where they come out even dumber than public school


So now we have a school specifically dedicated to teaching children to be bigots. Great


Foam “USA #1” fingers are mandatory dress code.


so they're not gonna teach kids modern social issues, and important topics then the children will grow up saying "they don't teach this in school"???


Classes from 6-8pm? Yeah that’ll get kids excited about being full blown racists.


I’m a bit scared to ask but… what do they teach? I generally don’t choose a course or some such thing based on what the curriculum DOESN’T involve. That might be me thing though.


Please join us in learning only about white America. None of that “woke” learning curriculum here at our school. We don’t need to learn about racism or being inclusive to everyone. White sheets as uniforms are optional (for now).


I’m glad she’s taking a stand and not teaching CRT to kids, just like every single class room in America! Now as to why English, emoticons learning and diversity and inclusion are bad… no idea, clearly insane


CRT is just the label they decided to slap on "anti-racism" because they know that if they come out against anti-racism people would laugh them out of the room.


CRT is taught at a college level mostly in law school. Haven’t seen any 6 year olds walking around Harvard.


Yeah it’s been around for decades, they’re just now co-opting it as something entirely unrelated to make it a scary buzzword and talking point.


For being the party to spit out “Facts don’t care about your feelings” they quite often ignore facts and push things purely off of feelings.


Human Resources Manager here... I cannot wait to not hire their kids. It's not discriminating of they can't write a complete sentence.


Oh my fucking god.


Wtf are they going to ooh and ahh and jump around a random black slab like the primates on 2001 a space odyssey


This is all stupid but what do they have against english/language arts? We dont wunt r foke 2 tok gud


I'd be willing to pay as much as it takes to fill those 25 spots, just so no one shows up. Who's with me.


So... their initialism is...ANAL ? All-American Non-traditional Alternative Learning = ANAL....


Lmao no English language arts!!


I'm glad all are welcome to this "school" against diversity and inclusion.


Not teaching about Diversity, equality and inclusion and ELA = a bunch of entitled illiterate assholes.


LOL sounds like those kids will be rocket scientists one day


So what are they going to teach them? How to speak for Jebus and how to reload an AK-47?


“We just scream at kids while they do multiplication tables and punch them when they make a mistake”


So what the duck are they teaching then?


Wow, so blatent and in the open! We won't teach inclusiveness, equality or diversity. Sounds like a KKK Kids meeting.


No English Language Arts 🥹


Five hundred one of the presented classes is bible study.


So they aren’t hiding it anymore? They are actively against diversity and inclusion. I imagine a scenario where the last slot is supposed to go to a black child but somehow someway a white child who was signed up after got in instead.


Thus is a woman in my area, small town about 30 minutes away. She's running unopposed for city council


We don't want kids to be emotionally capable healthy adults now?


When you’re so bad at reading you think no one else should be able to read either.


All are welcome but if you’re brown or have alternative views or lifestyles to me you *will* be ostracized for it


Good news. "Traditional schools" dont teach critical race theory either. English is.


She is refusing to teach Equity. Too controversial for her I guess.


When did ENGLISH Language Arts become an offensive subject? How are little Timmy & Tiffany going to learn, well, anything?


I'm perplexed by their use and understanding of the term "non-traditional". Dont these people usually adopt the "traditional" label?


Grooming? Indoctrination? Brainwashing? Propaganda?


I really hope no gay kids attend this hell hole disguised as a school.


Registration is limited to the first 25 *white* kids. There, fixed it for you.


Might want to remove those brown colored pencils- you know, to be consistent..


The Derek Zoolander Center for Children Who Can’t Read Good and Wanna Learn to Do Other Stuff Good Too


….English Language Arts?? Like you don’t teach reading, writing, or grammar? Jesus fuck, what a mess.


Are you mass shooter certified after completion?


Soooo send your kids to this safe space so they aren’t exposed to too much information, don’t learn objective historical facts, don’t develop the critical thinking skills afforded by exposure to varying viewpoints amongst one’s peers, and instead simply learn to become and remain mindless sheep. What a shocker.


This name reads like The Derek Zoolander Centre for Kids Who Can't Read Good and Who Wanna Learn to Do Other Stuff Good Too


Sounds like the Derek Zoolander Center For Kids Who Can’t Read Good would be a better choice. 🤣


Why would anyone let this dumb cunt educate their children?


So no reading or writing? Do they really not understand what English Language Arts (elar) is? They want to have control over their kids education but don't know a thing. Really sad for their kids.


Social emotional learning is the only thing that helped me graduate. If I didn't get put into that class, I probably would have dropped out


Every state I know of requires a completed credit of ELA for every year of schooling, or they can't graduate. So these kids would go here, and then be unable to get a high school diploma. It's like Trump university, but for children


That's a lot of words to say "I'm a racist maniac"


So they're just not going to teach reading or writing to own the libs? Interesting choice.


So they are working to create unskilled labor and a mental health crisis? We already have that. What are these kids going to do when they are faced with real social situations? What are they going to do when the sky fairy does not grant them a high paying job?


These people are triggered by treating people with basic human decency. It's super freaking weird.


I’m surprised they have a brown color pencil with all the not so hidden racism going on in this post


“No diversity, equity, or inclusion” “All are welcome” 🤯


What's she going to teach? Slavery, Christo-fatrism and Sharpie Border Corrections?


So redneck high?


Thankfully there’s only a few people living in that valley and most of them are already related to one another and don’t venture out of the immunity bubble the valley provides along with the space lazers and lizard lords stashed under the root cellar she got out back next to the chicken coop


I'm curious what they think English Language Arts actually is because I can't imagine they don't want their kids to know how to read or write. Maybe I'm still too optimistic though.


Haha yeah! Fuck equity and inclusion, two of the founding principles of our nation!! Seriously, what the actual hell. Also, social-emotional learning IS LITERALLY JUST TEACHING YOUR KIDS HOW TO BE HUMANS. IT’S DOING THE PARENTING YOU APPARENTLY CAN’T MANAGE AT HOME, KAREN.


So now it's "woke" to...read books and teach English language arts? I'm a little worried at how far the "anti-intellectualism" in this country is going to go. It's already bad enough, but good Lord.


The point of our push to democratize things was that people were more literate and better educated than ever before. Democracy utterly fails when these things regress far enough, and the GOP is more in love with the America that is a hyper-capitalistic, social Darwinism ethnostate than they are with America the democracy. If democracy fails, they won't miss it.


No teaching of diversity, equity, or inclusion. So they're going to be teaching racism, that racism is okay, and that excluding people you're racist to is fine.


Wait until they realize that by teaching against inclusion they can no longer cry about a war on Christianity.


Oh they can and will cry about literally anything, regardless of all external factors. It's based 100% on how the Tucker Carlson 40 minutes of hate made them feel.


I mean, sure, they don’t want to teach through the lens of CRT. I’m not so fragile in my white maleness that I’m afraid of a critical look at history, but whatever. Some people are terrified of having to reexamine their world view so I can at least understand the fear of that lens even if it’s ridiculous. Fine, don’t teach that way. But ELA? Seriously? Reading and writing is a problem now? Same with social emotional learning. You don’t want to teach kids how to be resilient in a complex world? Alriiiiight.


Critical Race Theory is just another right wing boogie man. I’m an elementary teacher that has taught in 4 different school systems. Guess what is not in any curriculum I have ever seen……CRT. The only institution I have personally seen or had any involvement with CRT was in a university setting.