Comparing a blue lives matter flag to pride flags

Comparing a blue lives matter flag to pride flags


Think about it. You’re a teenager wearing a cape to school. Your mom is posting how proud she is of it. And you think you’re a badass?


"i'm mommies special little badass."


She’s buying me tendies tonight if go boom boom on the potty


My mom buys me tendies even when I don’t go boom boom on the potty 😎


Shit on the floor? That's right. Tendies time just as soon as I change my underwear.


Psh… “I change my underwear” fucking nerd


I’m sorry, but the phrase “Go boom boom on the potty” has me giggling uncontrollably in the middle of my workout. Grown men, large men…are looking at me oddly


Sweet bro. I’m proud of you! No more pull-ups for you!


Why am I hearing Ralph Wiggum's voice in my head saying that?


Ralph Wiggum in **Mommies Special Little Badass II** *Mommies coming after you.* "Haha, you're in danger."


"My mom bought me a cool shirt, when I wear it I'm the shit. I'm really not that legit, my mom bought it." I Play it Off Legit, by Ween


Thank you for introducing me to that song.


This just reminds me of the movie Role Models and now I want to watch it


“You should be embarrassed” “You should not be fighting” “You look like a young Marvin Hamlisch”


You white, then you Ben Affleck


You just described Kyle Rittenhouse.


It’s unlikely the kid had much to do with the decision, and has almost certainly grown up in a closed minded environment.


It must've been so hard for all those kids to build up the courage to come out as cops to their parents and risk being kicked out of their homes.


That will happen if the lgbtq community isn't stopped /s I have a feeling at least a few of those nutters think that and I'm fairly certain similar wording has been in screenshots in subs like r/insanepeoplefacebook


This is r/insanepeoplefacebook


Imma be honest if my kids ever start saying weird conservative shit or "come out" as a fervent thin-blue-liner, I will probably kick them the fuck out and make them test their love of "free markets" and see how good the cops treat em when they're homeless.


“It…it just happened so fast! First, he was tasked by the teacher to collect papers, then he started checking for papers as a hall monitor, and now he’s going around putting zip ties on kids for not showing their bathroom pass! He’s skipped so many days of classes to play at being a cop that I don’t recognize my son anymore!”


Honey, have you tried *not* being a cop?


Why can't you be like everyone else and get a job as an accountant? We know it's just a phase and you are looking for some attention


"Mom! I told you to respect my pronouns - don't call me 'Honey' anymore... it's SIR! "




Assigned Cop At Birth


The free market is so good I don't have to raise my kids because that's socialism let the free market take care of them


inb4 right wingers come in and claim that you're a danger


"Hey, the LGBTQ community and their allies are having a moment in the spotlight. How can I make this about me?"


POV: Your son will be bullied in school.


And therefore will grow up to become a cop. *🎵Nants ingonyama bagithi baba🎵*


The circle of life


IT BULLIES USSS ALLLLLL\~\~\~\~\~\~\~\~\~\~\~


In the circle jerk. The circle jerk - of life.


The circle of ~~life~~ hate


after he will go on a celebratory spree of \*checks notes\* \-Shooting someone's dog \-Harrassing minorities \-Beating his wife \-being a waste of life edit: bonus points if he ends up with children of his own because they will def be be abused in some way as well.


Surely there aren't [statistics saying that between 25-500 dogs are killed by police every day](https://www.overtoncountynews.com/lifestyles/don-t-shoot-the-dogs-the-growing-epidemic-of-cops-shooting-family-dogs/article_98757e76-318f-11ea-8d4f-e35f8b517936.html). Ed: Probably should say why the variance. 25 is DoJ estimate, 500 is from puppycide a website with a viewable database that encourages victims - or victims' owners if you want to look at it that way - to report incidents with them.


Didn't they stop recording these numbers? Can't have a problem if you ignore it


ffs what a shitty country


This is how 40% of the population wants it to be


A wife beater, an alcoholic, a racist and a murderer walks into a bar. The bartender says "What can I get you officer?"


Stealing this


Cop: "I can't be racist, my wife's eye is black!" Freebies all around!


Go for it, I stole it from someone from last year. My favorite joke to come out of the whole civil unrest last year.


All proud mama moments.


Not really sure what you mean...I was bullied relentlessly, some by assholes who indeed became cops, and I'm as ACAB as they come. Pretty sure the bullies are usually the ones who become the cops. They leave high school and have no easy targets left to bully, so they become cops to bully whomever they please.


That is exactly what happens! The bullies just look for jobs that allow them to bully.


Which is why I'm so confused people think that the kids who GET bullied are the ones who grow up to be cops. I'm not saying it DOESN'T happen, but it isn't the norm.


Nah, these kids are usually the bullies.


Probably gets picked on for worshiping authority figures while being mildly racist.


Don't forget transphobic!


Lol nobody’s being bullied for being transphobic, it’s still very much in style to make fun of trans people in high school


Oh, I meant, the kids who are mildly racist are also transphobic. Most assholes are assholes about several types of people.


could be both. if there’s a lot of kids with pride flags it’s probably a more liberal area, so i don’t expect him to be very well-received


I mean, bullies aren't usually the most popular kids in my experience.


With parents like this he probably is a bully himself...


It's not bullying it's job training


they fantasize about being persecuted for their beliefs and made into martyrs but this kid probably goes to a white as sour cream school that's mostly as redneck as he is so he won't be bullied at all. the pride flag kids probably will.


i mean if there’s a lot of kids with pride flags it’s probably a sign that it’s a more accepting area, they likely wouldn’t wear it if they were being bullied. and if it’s a more accepting area, i doubt he’ll be physically bullied, but people will probably give him dirty looks, try to avoid him, call him names, etc.


How many is a lot though? For all we know it could be 1 person and the kid just wants to be a bigot. Of course this is conjecture and there very well could be several.


>How many is a lot though? For all we know it could be 1 person and the kid just wants to be a bigot. I had the same thought. Just like how a racist sees 2-3 commercials in a row that don't have white characters and concludes that minorities have completely taken over society. Kid sees 1 or 2 other people wearing pride flags as capes and tells mom the gay kids are taking over and the school is bowing down to them.






Bad mom moment


She 100% refers to herself as "Momma Bear"


and she’s 100% the size of a bear


Oof size: large


Please don’t kink shame him. He didn’t choose police sexuality. How would you feel if you keep getting raging boner inside police stations. His favorite jerk off material is Law & Order


Oh I thought it was Paw Patrol


That’s out of compliance with the US Flag Code. He should show his country more respect.


It’s banned on military bases too


Well, it’s not specifically banned. There can only be certain flags.


God hates flags!


As far as the "no worshiping false idols" thing goes, he probably hates the US flag.


If my sunday school teachings are true, he also hates it when you look up to other humans like say... a politician or a news anchor lol.


My only regret is that I have but one upvote to give this comment


Not only is it out of flag code, the flag itself is a violation. You are not supposed to alter the colors of the American flag. There used to be one with a shield in place of the stars and that was ok but this version should not be allowed. As far ss I am concerned, it flies as a testament to officers belief that they don't have to obey any rules and/or regulations.


That is the exact feeling that flag invokes in me. It really gives me movie villain vibes.


You know how in videogames, movies, or TV shows where the main character has an arch-rival but with an inverted color scheme? That's what I think of anytime I see that blue lives matter flag.


"Oh look it's the American flag" "WRONG!" *walks out of the shadows* "Oh no, it's the Nega-American Flag"




Gives me homelander, "U.S. is ruled by a dictator who changed the flag to suit his ego" vibes


“ I cAn Do wHatEvEr I wAnT”


Gives me the willies! I just associate it with bad murdering cops.


Pretty much this. That flag is also a stealth symbol for the new American Fascist.


Yep, just a tri-colored dog whistle is all it is


The family at the end of my street has a 20ft trump flag flying off their house and a thin blue line flag on the hitch of their truck. What makes it worse? The dad is Hispanic and the mom is black.


I feel like everybody treats flag code as a fun trivia fact, rather than an actual set of rules. Like, I’ve never heard of it actually being enforced anywhere, unless it’s in a military or federal setting (and even that’s just me assuming). I agree that flag code is meant to be respected, but I doubt anyone’s going to care about it anytime soon—least of all these fanatics who literally worship The Flag™️. Considering how popular/widespread these are, I’m not surprised cops think they can use it without consequence; they basically can.


The flag code is only rules/regulations for state facilities, and mostly enforced on military bases, then somewhat on government-funded properties. Legally speaking, the flag code is otherwise meaningless, and people can do whatever they want with it. Socially/Politically, though, it's fucking mind-boggling that the people who whine so much about respecting the flag are the same ones who wear blue line flags like this shit. They're trying to have their cake and eat it too.


Right. Like the Trump fuckwads who live down the street from me who have been flying their US flag upside down since Biden won the election. They even kept it that way on Memorial Day. They, of course, also have a Trump 2024 banner and some other bullshit signs about supporting the local sheriff (because the sheriff said he would refuse to enforce mask laws). These are the same people who freak out about someone taking a knee during the national anthem, yet they blatantly disrespect families of fallen servicemembers by flying their flag upside down on Memorial Day. I am pretty sure it will still be upside down for Independence Day and Veterans' Day as well.


Respect Our Flag! Like this one I have...which has Trump's face and "TRUMP TRAIN!! TRUMP 2024" emblazoned across it.


Anyone else remember when these same type of people were mad when musicians were wearing flag capes on stage as an act of protest?


Well, that's the funny thing about actually loving your country and just wanting to say that you hate black people.


I'd bet that that kid is the class asshole.


I bet his shirt has a Punisher logo on it.


or the Joker


How else is he supposed to show everyone that he’s a sigma male? (/j)


Sigma balls


We live in a society!


Or the Deadpool "Did I offend you?" shirt.


I fucking hate how these jackasses ruined the punisher logo. I love Frank Castle. I have a punisher shirt because he's one of my favorite anti heroes in the marvel universe.


Cops and facists using the punisher logo is like bigots using "snowflake" from fight club, "redpill" from the matrix, or rage against the machine and trumpets. They completely missed the point of those things but still latch to them.


Destiny 2 is having the same problem right now. Current season's story boils down to: Bad robots invaded. We turn to a group that split off from a traditionally evil faction of space bugs for help since our (space wizard) secret services has been working with them behind the scenes for a while to forge an alliance. They help us fight back the bad robots. Side character is suddenly in the foreground and says this is great news for their subfaction (of our group)'s research. Side character goes full trump on the comms, claiming space bugs are not helping and maybe even the cause of the bad robot invasion while continuing to reap the rewards of their help. Bungie (the company that makes Destiny 2) makes it black and white for us that this person is a liar and an asshole by only letting us hear them talk right after we complete missions with the help of space bugs so we can see through the lies. Despite this, there are players being pro-side character and claiming the space bugs deserve death for peacefully existing on the outskirts of the space wizard (our) city while helping us.


Well, bootlickers have never quite mastered nuance. You show them a boot standing on someone's neck, and they get on their knees and lick it. Doesn't matter who is wearing the boot, or whose neck it's standing on, all they care about is that sweet, sweet taste of boot.


There's a comic written by his creator where frank literally beats two cops almost to death for having his logo on their cruisers and tattooed on them. Like people don't get it, the punisher represents ***the worst*** parts of humanity and the human condition. Frank is a broken and beaten down man that has nothing and no one in the world to care for or to care for him. You don't want to emulate frank cause he recognizes that he's it, the last peg to fall down. He represents a completely and uttely broken system that failed him, failed it's people, and most importantly for him failed his wife and kids. At no point should a cop ever see the punisher and think "Yeah, I wanna emulate that guy" because that means that society is failing and the cops are part of them problem in that equation.


Yeah, cool as fuck book that one! (And the hundreds of others…) Big on Punisher since way back when it wasn’t cool as fuck, very late 80’s/early 90’s for sure.


These people have no original ideas or creativity, so they grab cultural symbols as their own, twist them and finally ruin those symbols for everyone else. And I’m not talkin about US only, but globally. National and historical symbols, The Punisher, Pepe, memes, speech, signs and slogans. The list is endless.


I still have a badass Punisher shirt. Now I must ponder on how people perceive this when I wear my Punisher shirt, in contrast to how they perceive this when I wear my Black Panther shirt, for example.


If you are wearing punisher stuff I will probably avoid you like the plague. Most of the time someone with that stuff thinks I'm an abomination or something. Sucks assholes stole your fandom, they probably don't even read the damn comic. Context: I am trans and need to watch out for white supremacist types for safety.


Have you seen the artist's BLM punisher skull made to protest it's pro cop/white supremacists appropriation? "The Punisher Creator Reveals New Black Lives Matter Skull Logo" https://wegotthiscovered.com/movies/punisher-creator-reveals-black-lives-matter-skull-tshirt-range/amp/


It sucks that we live in a world where we need to judge others' apparel for our own protection.


Yes! And Shane from the walking dead was amazing in that role too!


He was the best punisher. He should be brought over to the MCU along with Charlie cox.


Oh, yeah. I thought Charlie Cox was blind IRL after watching Daredevil. He *is* daredevil in my head


well good news for you they both are, along with Jessica jones.


Iron fist raises hand: “No not you”


Right there with you friend


I have been a Punisher reader since I was a kid. I have hundreds of Punisher comics. Despite Gerry Conway, the creator of the Punisher, repeatedly telling Y'all Qaeda/ cops/ Q loons to eat shit and fuck off they don't listen. None of them are Punisher readers, they just embrace the skull because fucking Chris Kyle put it on all his gear. American Sniper is the exact same thing as the Nazi sniper propaganda movie from Inglourious Basterds. I fucking hate that movie. I truly believe they wouldn't have plastered the skull on everything if that propaganda was never made.


Three wolves howling at a moon




Because the blue lives matter flag is actually the flag to counter anything that is supporting marginalized groups in our country.


In their heads it’s not a flag for cops it’s a flag for “Our Authority.” Cops, law enforcement, etc. are on their side, in their eyes. The cops uphold what they believe is their authority, so any question of cops or policing is questioning their personal authority - and authority over others means a lot to angry, insecure people. Angry, insecure people tend to have certain political leanings. It’s why they take it so personally. It’s not about the cops. It’s about questioning “authority” which they feel they have and are scared shitless they’re losing.


True, as soon as a cop even questions what they're doing they become the enemy. So long as they are aimed at the right people, cops are holy warriors protecting gods chosen people.


Then said holy warriors arrest Grandma for not listening to a lawful order and they scream "muh rights!!!"


“How can you be right if I have authority over you?”


The salt in the wound here is the origins of pride as a reaction to continued arbitrary police violence.


Only blue republican lives. Blue democrat lives get pepper sprayed and beat with hockey sticks.


That's a great way to flip the script. Blue lives matter! Yes, Democrat lives do matter too. Thank you for your consideration!


Those blue lives didn't matter when your little insurrectionist friends were beating the crap out of the Capitol Police though, did they?


Bold of you to assume they base their world view on logic and a level-headed application of said process.


Iirc they yelled at cops "we support you if you are on our side, but if you are not we will kill you" or something similar. They only like cops because they think all cops support them. All others can rot for all they care.


They don’t really like cops. They just like what cops do to minorities


Unfortunately l think you hit the nail on the head


They always use the argument of “Oh but that was blown way out of proportion.”


And if it wasn't, it was antifa. And if it wasn't antifa, then you deserved it.


"It was antifa!!" "Oh, surely, you want an full investigation to put those Antifa terrorists to justice right?" "It was blown way out of proportion!"


A lot of them are straight up denying the attempted insurrection happened.


Its so weird, some say antifa, some say it was them, some say it wasnt as bad as people say because their uncle was there, some say it should have been worse, and some deny it even happened.


Paid actors!!1! /s


I saw a thread yesterday where someone commented that whenever they hear that response they link an article. I don’t have the article, but it was a Washington post article that said the DC police Union claimed over 150 officers were injured in the capitol that day. So not only did they kill one, but they injured a ton


I think you mean antifa and blm posing as trump supporters right? /s


It wasn’t an insurrection, it was a peaceful protest. /s


And if it wasn't, it's because it was Antifa! /s


I saw someone today claim that they had a right to storm the capitol because everything there is paid for by taxes, therefore it belongs to “we the people”


“What’s your sexuality, Thomas?” “I fuck cops”


"I allow cops to fuck me".


U.S. Code §8, Respect For The Flag: (d) The flag should never be used as wearing apparel, bedding, or drapery. (g) The flag should never have placed upon it, nor on any part of it, nor attached to it any mark, insignia, letter, word, figure, design, picture, or drawing of any nature. And they care about “aMeRiCAn vALuEs?”


There’s videos of a guy who goes up to people who have altered American flags, brings up this code, and then brings up the flag they have and 9 time out of 10 they don’t notice he was saying their flag is disrespectful.


That guy, who i also can’t recall the name of, is incredibly funny and ready with facts


You can’t fix stupid.


Oh I’m making magnets with this code to stick to cars that have that stupid flag on them. Maybe people will think they’re just trying warn us about those flags lol


He’s going to barely graduate, do a 3 month police course, and sign with the sheriff’s department. After a year of beating up county inmates over marijuana charges he’ll get his very own patrol car assignment. Then the real badass will come out to play with no oversight.


“I’m an ignorant asshole, and I’m raising my kid to be one too!”


A DIY pride flag. Someone help him color it in !


And when he gets home and recounts how everyone bullied him except for the kids drawing swastikas in the margins of their notebooks, his parents will tell him it's because everyone else is brainwashed and anti-American.


I have something to admit. When I was a kid, I was a fucking idiot. There is a building near me that, for as long as I've been alive, there was a swastika graffited onto it. Somehow, it took me until the 7th grade to realize what it meant, and only after I had been scribbling them into notebooks and onto binders. I wasn't even racist, I was just truly ignorant to what they were, and only saw them as a design. I stopped after realizing what they were. I still cringe thinking about that. I should have known better, but I didn't.


I don’t mean to be rude at all, I think this was an honestly really touching story. You seem like a good person. I just think it’s crazy that, as a Jewish kid, the other kids in our community and I knew what the Holocaust was before we could even properly read, or write, or do math. Because at this point in our lives, we’d already experienced antisemetism, and our parents had been put in a position where they had to explain why another person would say things like that. My first time was in kindergarten, and I will never forget the look of hatred my playmate gave me when I told her I celebrated Hanukkah instead of Christmas. I don’t know, I just don’t think I’ll ever get over what different lives people will live - which I know sounds silly. I don’t remember really not knowing what a swastika is. It stood for the people who hated us, who wanted to kill or maim us, make us go away - people who’d tell a child the nazis should have finished the job - which is something you understand too, as an adult. But it’s just crazy to me anyone could be raised without understanding what it means, what it makes their Jewish classmates feel, when they scratch swastikas into the walls.


A yes, famously bullied, powerless and constantly the underdog: the police.


If the police have tanks, we should have tanks.


I would wholeheartedly support big gay glitter tanks.


Because without cops, who would've been there to pepper spray and beat protestors fighting for their civil rights?


Why do some straight people feel the need to make everything about themselves?


When you live a priveleged life (any sort of priveleged, not limited to finances, but also not being a minority) equality feels like oppression.


Its a state of mind that is directly linked to their inability to empathize with strangers. Anyone who suffers, that they don't know, deserves it somehow. When someone says "black lives matter", they don't see it as a plea to improve peoples lives, they see it as an attack on their own. Their only response is to attack back (anecdotally i've seen that argument style from many right-leaning people. As soon as a point is lost they shift focus and attack a different angle), so their response that "black lives matter" is "blue lives matter", giving them some sort of response tl;dr: attack instead of empathy.


Wearing the American flag, such as he is, is disrespectful.


Altering the American flag for a political statement is disrespectful.


Meanwhile, they scream, 'ReSpEcT tHe FlAg!'


More likely that mom saw other kids coming out of school with their pride flags, it hit a nerve and she bullied her son into doing this.


A kid at my school did this, and the next day he was suspended for talking about burning pride flags.


So, during Pride month, he decides to say that he supports cops more than the LGBTQ community? Cops like the ones that beat up gay people at the Stonewall Inn leading to the Stonewall Riots (which is why June is Pride month)?


Somehow I doubt he knows anything of Stonewall. Or he and his ilk could even spell it


Why do I feel like that was not that child's decision?


He definitely didn't buy the flag with his own money.


That kid really wants that new iphone


"tell me you're a republican without telling me you're a republican"


Or just don’t wear the US flag as a cape in general. Or alter it with added colored lines etc. I am definitely an outlier these days(?), but as an old vet I don’t care for wearing the US flag as clothing. People are free to do so, just wish they wouldn’t. (Pride flags or flags purpose-built for causes are fine to wear as capes).


My dad was a cop for decades. He would have hated this person. Not all cops like the blue line nutbags.


Same. I grew up with the impression that the thin blue line was for LEOs that died in the line of duty. Just like the red line for firefighters. Awful that it’s now become associated with all the blue lives matter bullshit


Bastardizing the U.S. flag for your own political cause sounds like something "true patriots" should be VERY against.


Nice of police to give people a symbol to rally against. No surprise they defaced the flag to do it.


Ew. That poor kid.


Police are already viewed in a positive light. Most people do not wish to hurt them. Many like to help. I have bought lunch for police officers in a sandwich shop. Plus I pay their salary with my taxes. Gay people are a target for a significant part of the population. They are ridiculed, discriminated against, sometimes assaulted merely for being (or looking) gay. They need support, far more than do the police.


And a new Kyle Rittenhouse begins his middle school life...


He'll take it off after the first 5 minutes of hazing.


The hazing will just be glitter bombs and being offered baked goods and he will STILL go on Fox News to tell them about how oppressed he is. “They tried to make me gay just like the damned frogs! They tried to make me eat a RAINBOW COOKIE!!”


*proud mama moment* jfc /vomit


Tell me your parents are racist Trump supporters without telling me they’re racist Trump supporters


Letting all his classmates know who to suspect when someone spray-paints swastikas on the school.


Tell me you’re racist, without TELLING me you’re racist.


This is the thing that gets all flags banned from a school. It’s almost exactly what happened in mine


Proud to disrespect other people for having different opinions. Great parenting skills there.


Also disrespecting the country by altering its flag


Absolutely, but this “proud mama” isn’t thinking about that. She IS thinking about hating some LGBTQ kids though, and passing that hatred to her son.


I don't think anyone wearing a flag or cape of any kind in my public school days would have escaped ridicule, scorn, and unmerciful bullying. I pity this child.


And now the girls know who not to date. Thanks!


It’s pride month, so the boys and non-binaries now also know who not to date